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jun 29th 2015

Here's the full listing!
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jun 29th 2015

Hey look! Its Aaron Rodgers working on his swordfighting technique along sing GF Olivia Munn who is trainig for for her role as Psylocke in the upcoming X-Men movie. Click here to see him in action!
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jun 26th 2015

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show WEENIE OF THE WEEK…Greg Bell… who after today deserts his post as our general manager here at WAPL and as Vice President of Broadcast operations for our parent company Woodward Communications. Greg is retiring after working here…being employed here since 1983?


For being our fearless leader here at WAPL, which is sort of like being the driver of a short bus with no brakes that's on fire careening down a mountain toward a cliff into a pool of sharks with frickin' lasers.

For spending more years working with Woodward than even Bernstein.

For being the guy responsible for hiring me here at WAPL in 2003…after being the guy who fired me here at WAPL in 2002…proving everyone is entitled to ONE mistake and his was clearly the more recent of the two. (compounded by the fact that he brought Len back, too.)

We are PROUD to name our retiring General Manager and V.P. of Broadcasting... Greg Bell as this week’s Rick and Len Show WEENIE OF THE WEEK!

Thanks for everything! Enjoy your retirement. You've earned it!
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jun 26th 2015

A tip of the hat to Jeannette Merten of the Oshkosh Northwestern for this photo from Country USA. Merten clearly deserves a Pulitzer for news photography for so beautifully capturing on film EXACTLY what my  image of the festival has always been in my nightmares. Additionally, Merten deserves a second Pulitzer for nature photography for also capturing on film the likeness of the elusive male camel toe in it's natural environment.

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jun 25th 2015
I golf lots but because of my job in media and particularly with the radio powerhouse which is 105-7 WAPL, I get to experience some of the best golf in the world. I was invited to Erin Hills Golf Course yesterday for a press conference about the 2017 men's U.S. Open which Erin Hills will host and, of course, it included an opportunity to play the course.
This is a world class track which is ranked at the eighth best public course anywhere. It is going to provide some of the best spectating for a major tournament ever because the course is located among the natural eskars of the Kettle Moraine area of Wisconsin. That means lots of ridges, hills and other awesome vantage points from which to watch the best players in the world compete for the title.
I played from the green (middle) tees which still measure a healthy 6700 yards. The pros will play tees hwich can stretch it to 8200-plus. That's insane. The 18th hole can be played at close to 700 yards!
We'll keep you up to date on when tickets go on sale because I don't want you to miss this chance to see history in the making. The 2017 OPen will mark the first time this tournament will be played in Wisconsin.
It's going to be epic.
I'd like to thank the USGA and everyone at Erin Hills for a special day...and thanks as well to my caddy, Cam, who earned his keep tracking down my many errant shots.
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jun 25th 2015

They just announced they are adding MASSHOLE, a term of contempt for someone from Massachusetts. WHY NOT FIB? Click here to sign...

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jun 24th 2015


10. Left a trail of empty Keystone cans from Lambeau field to Oshkosh to make it easier to find their way back to Green Bay.   

9. Picked up a couple gallon bucks of lard or some other kind of lube.

8. Gotten one of the those handy hat-to-penis conversion charts illustrating just how big a cowboy hat has to be to compensate for having a comically small wiener. (3 inch penis = 10 Gallon hat)

7. Bought an MP3 player and a set of noise cancelling headphone so they could listen to some decent music while the concerts are going on.

6. Stocked up on confederate flags that they can resell on the soon-to by-hot secondary racist banner market.

5. Picked up a late father’s day gift by having one of the festival’s local artisans fashion a life size bust of dad from fresh cow manure.

4. Loaded up on great CD’s by AC/DC, Def Leppard, and Motley Crue so they can hear the original superior versions of the songs that country artists will no doubt be butchering all week.''

3. For your friend who just had a child, bought a Country USA 2015 souvenir Baby's First Spit Cup.

2. Bought “It’s not a beer belly. It’s a solar panel for a sex machine” t shirts for their sister, wife and daughter…which in some cases might all be the same person”.

1. Paid someone to paint a bull's eye on their shirt to make them an easier target for drivers leaving the Country USA grounds.
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jun 24th 2015
Creepy or cute? You be the judge!

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jun 23rd 2015

Sports Illustrated has released the names of the 24 athletes who will appear in their soon to be released all naked "Body Issue".

-NY Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

-Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper

-U.S. Women’s Soccer player Alie Krieger

-Phoenix Mercury center Brinney Griner

-Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love

-Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan

-Olympic gymnast Aly Reisman

-Dallas Stars center Tyler Seguin

-Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin

-French Open champion tennis player Stanislas Wawrinka

-Indianapolis Colts offensive linemen Anthony Castonzo, Jack Mewhort and Todd Herremans

-U.S. Men’s National Team soccer player Jermaine Jones

-Wakeboarder Dallas Friday

-Rugby player Todd Clever

-Skateboarder Leticia Bufoni

-Golfer Sadena Parks

-Archer Khatuna Lorig

-Olympic field hockey player Paige Selenski

-Olympic hammer-thrower Amanda Bingson

-Olympic heptathlete Chantae McMillan

-Beach volleyball player Gabby Reece

-Surfer Laird Hamilton (and Gabby Reece’s husband)
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jun 22nd 2015

June 21st City of Oshkosh
Authorities were called when a 21-year-old male became ill after reportedly eating a live mouse.

June 13th City of Mayville
A 45-year-old man called police to report that he believed he was playing his music too loudly. The man said that he is arguing with himself and thought he would report himself before someone else did. The man said that he did not want an officer to respond but that he would call back if another one of his personalities caused him trouble. The man told the officer that he was going to talk to his other personality to see if the music is too loud and would call back if he needed further assistance.

June 20th City of Green Bay
Police assisted a man complaining of a backache after getting kicked in the ass at the Kenny Chesney concert.

June 12th City of Brookfield
Police responded to a residence after a 59-year-old man stated that he had been poisoned with cyanide on his toothbrush. Upon arrival, the caller's family explained that the caller had been watching a scary movie on television about people poisoning each other and became alarmed when he was brushing his teeth and his toothpaste started to foam up.

June 18th City of Green Bay
A resident called police to complain that their apartment smells like eggs.

June 9th City of Waukesha
A caller felt it was suspicious that a man keeps honking his horn and driving up and down his own driveway. When police arrived, the man in question told them "the horn had a mind of its own" and he was just trying to fix it.

June 10th City of Waukesha
Police were called to an intersection where a man was yelling racial slurs at the top of his lungs. When officers arrived, the man told them he didn't see what the problem was because while he was, in fact, yelling racial slurs, he wasn't yelling them at anyone in particular.

June 11th City of Waukesha
A woman called police to report that her neighbor was upset because she didn't cut the grass when she said she was going to. The woman and her neighbor have shared responsibilities of mowing. She said she believed her neighbor was so upset about her not mowing when she said she would, he knocked over her flower pots.

June 13th City of Brookfield
A 76-year-old man was arrested for indecent exposure at a hotel. The man had called for room service to clean his room but repeatedly answered the door with no pants on. The man was told that for room service to clean his room, he would need to put on pants. Eventually, the man answered the door with pants on; however, while the housekeeping manager was in the room, the man proceeded to remove his pants again. When police arrived at the room, the man answered the door with no pants and was arrested.

June 12th City of Mayville
Police pulled over an 18-year-old man that they knew did not have a valid driver’s license. The man told officers that he was only driving because he wanted to do a burnout in front of a house that he had been accused of burglarizing. Witnesses confirmed that the mad had done a burnout in front of the house.

June 13th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police to report that a man living with her was defecating in a garbage can in his bedroom.

June 13th City of Wisconsin Rapids
Officers responded to a report of three people throwing things and making a scene in the frozen food aisle of the Walmart.

June 16th Town of Seneca
A man called police and reported his wife was angry with him, hit him a couple of times and left with his boots.

June 12th City of Delafield
A man called police to report the theft of 85 cents from his vehicle. Surveillance footage from city hall, which is near the man's home and might have captured what happened, is being reviewed by officers.

June 17th City of Marshfield
A man called police to report receiving a threatening voicemail message. An officer listened to the message and determined that it was vulgar but not threatening. The vulgar message was from a man who did not want the recipient to sit next to him at church anymore.

June 2nd Town of Kickapoo
A goat was reported stolen from a residence with the culprits leaving behind $8.00 cash in the goat's water dish. After further investigation, the goat was located in a vehicle parked outside Pat's Corner Bar.
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jun 22nd 2015

Press Gazette photo

According to the Press Gazette, 22 people were arrested and a countless number ejected from Lambeau Saturday night.


Anyone who spent over $100 on their tickets charged with public urination for pissing away their money.

Several concertgoers from Illinois arrested for assault after they tried to do what their Bears have never done, put up a fight at Lambeau Field.

Concertgoers threatened each other with violence in exchange for cash after seeing Lambeau prices for beer and assuming that here highway robbery must be legal.

Got in fight with a bunch of other country music fans and knocked their tooth out.

Didn’t realize that women who aren’t their sister don’t like it when you grab their ass.

Caused a scene because they felt ripped off after learning that the Horse Collar Sausage Sandwich they bought at the concession stand wasn’t made from an actual horse.

Several attendees drank too fast because they couldn't wait to find out what it’s like to use an indoor toilet.
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jun 22nd 2015
Wisconsin weather could get serious today! How do I know? Frankie MacDonald has put the warning out!

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jun 22nd 2015

Check out TMZ's video of a fight breaking out between stars of the TV show Storage Wars. Language REALLY NSFW! The cursing starts here!

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jun 20th 2015

Bill Cosby… Wanted to play in the Woodward Radio Group golf classic...however he can only put it in the hole when his partner is sleeping.

Kaitlyn Jenner...wanted to play in the Woodward Radio Group golf classic...but after going public it became apparent her balls are too big for this group.

Brian Williams… Wanted to play in the Woodward Radio group golf classic… But his helicopter came under fire over Suamico in route to the event.

Harrison Ford… Wanted to play in the Woodward Radio Group golf classic...but the last hole he made on a golf course was with an airplane.

Tom Brady... Wanted to play in the Woodward Radio Group golf classic...but he hasn't figured out a way to let air out of a golf ball.

LeBron James… Wanted to play in the Woodward Radio group golf classic… but in the end, decided game four of the NBA championship series was a better place to show off his putter.

Hillary Clinton… Wanted to play in the Woodward Radio group golf classic… But she accidentally deleted the invitation while she was accidentally deleting 60,000 other emails.

David Sweat and Richard Matt… The two fugitives from that maximum security prison in New York… Wanted to play in the Woodward Radio golf classic… But while they were willing to climb through sewers to escape, the thought of driving through the morning Kaukauna air to get here just grossed them out.
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jun 20th 2015

At this year's Woodward Radio Group Golf Outing we learned that there are some signs ...


If your ball has fewer dimples than the combined members of the Duggar family… You might want to spend some money in the pro shop.

If the colors of your golf pants clash less than protesters with Baltimore police… You might want to spend some money in the pro shop.

If your tees are as splintered as the loyalties of Republican presidential voters… You might want to spend some money in the pro shop.

If your drive hooks so often it has a permanent room at the Motel 6 in Grand Chute… You might want to spend some money in the pro shop.

If your golf gloves have had more fingers in them than a lesbian porn star… You might want to spend some money in the pro shop.

If the shafts of your drivers are as crooked as members of the FIFA Executive committee… You might want to spend some money in the pro shop.

If your golf towel has wiped more balls than the hair on George Michael's chin… You definitely want to spend some money in the pro shop.
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jun 19th 2015
This is wrong and everyone involved should be abolutely ashamed of themselves! It's also very funny!

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jun 19th 2015
A big thanks to everyone inviolved in yesterday's Woor Radio Forgotten Fire Winery Golf Outing! We raised a ton of money for the Old Glory Honor Flight program and had a blast on the course at Mid-Vallee.
We saw lots of really bad golf shots at the WAPL hole (they had to be bad because lot sof teams ended using Len's drive) but met lots of really generous and nice people.
Props to Joe Callow and his crew at Forgotten Fire Winery for stepping up as the event's title sponsor. Thanks also to our associate sponsor, Certa Pro Painters who presented a $2500 check for the charity. And we appreciate the Oval Office Gentlemen's Club for sponsoring the Rick and Len Show broadcast from the clubhouse and to Eis Implement for sponsoring the hole-in-one contests and the great food during and after the golf.
It looks like the final tally will be in the neighborhood of ten grand for the Old Glory Honor Flights and that means another 20 WWII and Korean war veterans can take the flight they so richly desereve!
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jun 19th 2015

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenies of the Week… Clint Stutzman of Kaukauna, the 53-year-old man police believe has been letting air out of the tires of vehicles in Kaukauna, Little Chute, Wrightstown and Kimberly over the last several weeks.


For apparently going to great lengths to prove he's got what it takes to work for the New England Patriots.

For reporoedly giving a new meaning to PSI...Prison slated individual.

And for allegedly releasing more stagnant air than the winner the day after the Van Camps Baked Beans eating competition.

We are proud to name alleged tire deflator Clint Stutzman of this week's Rick and Len Show...WEENIE  OF THE WEEK.

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jun 19th 2015


Golf was invented in the early 19th century by a California man named Todd Golf.

The chances of making two holes-in-one in a single round of golf are one in 67 million which is roughly the same as your odds of driving through the Fox Cities without encountering road construction.

Tiger Woods scored his first hole-in-one at the Winter Haven Golf Course during the second trimester of his mother’s pregnancy.

Per the United States Golf Association, regulation golf balls must to be 1.68 inches in diameter, weigh no more than 1.62 ounces and have no more than 240 calories.

The putter is so named because, in the early days of golf, after the ball reached the green, golfers were required to knock it in the hole using only their penises.

Scientists have proven that not only do balls travel significantly further on hot days but they are also 90% more likely to stick to the inside of your thigh.

The depth and circumference of a standard hole on a a golf green is based on the exact dimensions of King Henry the 8th's anus.

Golf is the only sport ever played on the moon… Not including astronaut Eugene Cernan 's ill-fated attempt at topless curling.

Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt worked his way through college caddying at miniature golf courses.

Woodrow Wilson was such an avid golfer he had balls painted dark colors so he could play in the snow making him the only president until Barack Obama to play with black balls.
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