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jun 30th 2017


10. Going to do his part for the Green Bay Packers by nightly driving Letroy Guion home from the club.

9. Will once again celebrate Independence Day by shooting bottle rockets out of his ass but, unlike last year, this time he'll put them in facing the right direction.

8. He'll try to prove to Len that he can too count the EXACT number of orange barrels from Oconto to Omro.

7. He's going to call and write his congressman to show his support for new legislation that will replace the death penalty with a much worse punishment of making convicted murders spend 6 months as Trump’s Press Secretary.

6. He'll try to clear his good name by finally finding the one-armed man who killed his wife.

5. He's gonna personally model the thong he knitted himself using hair from Mayor Jim Schmitt's eyebrows and Alderman Guy Zima's taint stubble.

4. He'll be picking up a new tape measure to see exactly how far 500 yards is from Channel 5's Brittney Falkers.

3. He's going to be shopping for a silver barbell stud tiny enough for his new Prince Albert piercing.

2. Finally naming his hemorrhoid.

1. Just hanging around at Washington Middle School cowering from 12-year-olds.
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jun 30th 2017

We are proud the name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…Robert J. Krueger of Manitowoc. Krueger was found sleeping in his car, parked in the middle of a field behind a fitness center. When police woke Krueger he told them he was just going to the grocery store to get something to drink and didn’t know why he was parked in a field.

However, police suspect it has something to do with all the meth the man reportedly told them he’d smoked over the last 2 months.


For not understanding that he’ll never be outstanding in his field if he spends all his time out passed out in one.

For not realizing that it’s better to park on meth while sleeping off grass than it is to park on grass while sleeping off meth.

For not getting that just because you are passed out behind a car in a FITness center, it doesn’t make you a FIT driver.

We are proud to name Robert J. Krueger of Manitowoc as this week’s Rick and Len…WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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jun 23rd 2017

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…Green Bay Packer Letroy Guion who was arrested Wednesday in Hawaii and charged with driving under the influence. This is Guion’s THIRD exhibition of questionable behavior since becoming a Packer.

In 2015 officers stopped him after he was spotted swerving across the center line and found a gun, $190,000 in cash and three-quarters of a pound of weed in his vehicle.

In 2016, he was found to have violated the league's policy on performance enhancing substances. And it should be noted, Guion also had three arrests before signing with the Packers


For proving that if he were as good at running down ball carriers as he is at running afoul of the law he’d be a Pro Bowler.

For having the number 98…which is apparently the number of chances he thinks the NFL is going to give him.

And for being in handcuffs so often, he’s been offered the lead in the next 50 Shades of Grey movie.

We are proud to once again name Green Bay Packer Letroy Guion, this time for driving under the influence, as this week’s Rick and Len Show….WEENIE OF THE WEEK.    
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jun 20th 2017

The nice gentleman in the picture is suing the Chicago Bears because this past season they banned him from appearing on the edge of the field during pregame warmups in all his Packer paraphernalia.


10. Impersonating a professional football team, obviously.

9. Leaving wet clumps of vajayjay sand on Lambeau every time Cutler played here.

8. To seek reimbursement for optical bills incurred by fans who attended games in Chicago and had to look at that eye sore they call a stadium.

7. For their fans coming to our state and defiling Green Bay, Door County and the Dells with their putrid FIB stank.

6. Seeking damages incurred to the Lambeau visitor’s locker room by flooding from post-game Cutler tears.

5. Want settlement to repair structural damage to buildings throughout the upper Midwest caused by the earth quaking when George Halas rolls over in his grave every time the Bears lose to the Packers at home.

4. For years they had a coach whose poor performance sullied the good name of Mrs. Thurston Howell the 3rd.

3. For the pain and suffering caused by Mike Ditka making that style of moustache so popular in Chicago, poor Wisconsinites can't tell if they're meeting a Bear fan or a gay 70's porn star.

2. They want reparations for injuries sustained to hundreds of thousands of fans' tympanic membranes when, in mass, they jammed pointy objects in their ears to avoid listening to the Super Bowl Shuffle.

1. Just trying to recover cost of all the daggers Wayne Larrivee has gone through announcing Packer-Bear games. For their fans coming to our state and sullying Green Bay, Door County and the Dells with their putrid FIB stank.
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jun 19th 2017

June 11th City of Waukesha
A 32-year-old prostitute (pictured) allegedly stabbed a 70-year-old man with whom she had agreed to have sex for money. The woman stabbed the man in the shoulder after they had sex and he attempted to pay her with two dollars in quarters and a pair of edible panties. The man said he didn't have any more money. The woman saw that the man had two additional pairs of edible panties and asked for those as payment. The man refused to give the woman the additional edible panties, that cost nine dollars each, because he said they were for other women. After stabbing the man, the woman fled with one pair of the edible panties.

June 9th Town of Union
A 36-year-old man became the first person ever arrested in the three-year history of the Blue Ox Music Festival. The man was arrested after he was found in a restricted area, "lying on the ground like he was on the cross on which Jesus hung". When police arrived, the man refused to get off the ground or identify himself. Officers were later able to identify the man from his driver’s license, which bears a photo of him wearing a spaghetti strainer on his head.

June 15th City of Green Bay
Police were called to Kohl's East where a man wearing a blue shirt, khaki pants and baseball hat was putting earrings in his mouth.

June 4th City of Neenah
Two women on Tullar Road were reported as being in the bathroom a long time. When the caller checked the bathroom, she said she found feces smeared ALL OVER. An officer confirmed that it is NOT fecal matter and not as extensive as the caller made it sound. It was actually a spot of mud on the wall about the size of a dinner plate.

June 6th City of Manawa
A woman was arrested after a nearly 3-hour standoff resulting from her anger over her lawn being mowed. After reportedly failing to comply with repeated warnings to clean up her yard and mow the lawn, two city workers were dispatched to do the job. After the job was nearly finished, the woman came running out of the house screaming obscenities and pointing her middle finger at a police officer who was standing by. The woman then went back inside the house and threatened to shoot police officers beginning the three-hour standoff.

June 12th City of Green Bay
Police checked on a man who had been sitting on a park bench all day on Jackson Street and was now swearing AT the storm.

June 10th City of Waukesha
A man in his 20s fell into a food freezer at Walmart while looking at a box of waffles with his eyes closed.

June 15th City of Green Bay
Officers responded to a report of a man on Knoll Terrace dancing outside in his underwear to really loud music.

May 30th City of Franklin
An alert resident contacted police after taking a photo of an 82-year-old man in the act of stealing coupon magazines from area mailboxes. Police attempted to pull the man’s vehicle over, but he sped off and was later taken into custody at his home. Police found coupon magazines belonging to 12 different people inside the suspect's van.

June 11th City of Oak Creek
A group of people who became annoyed by an angry, obnoxious drunken friend dropped the man off in the lobby of the police department.

June 2nd Village of Thiensville
Police were called to a nail salon where he woman was out of control and yelling and screaming at employees. When police arrived, the woman continued to yell and scream and fought with officers injuring two of them in the process. The woman was reportedly angry because the salon was booked and not able to do her nails that day.

June 8th City of Glendale
Two men who robbed a bank in Brown Deer were arrested after they attempted to cut through the front and backyards of a riverfront home in an effort to avoid police and drove their car right into the Milwaukee River.

June 5th City of Port Washington
A woman called police and reported they heard loud pounding and thumping on the door at her residence and she was not expecting anyone. A responding officer found the pounding and thumping was the woman's door blowing in the wind.

June 4th Village of Saukville
A Piggly Wiggly employee called police to report a man shoplifting in the store. Store employees said the man went to the meat department and ordered two fresh chickens and requested that the chickens be wrapped separately in only butcher paper. The man was then seen shoving the two chickens down his pants in the freezer aisle. When police confronted the man, he claimed he had left the chickens in the cheese department. According to police, the chickens were never found.

June 11th Town of Saratoga A woman called police to report a fire in progress. The woman called back several minutes later when she realized that what she thought was fire was just the moon shining through some trees.
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jun 16th 2017

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…. Anthony D. Guerrero, a 32-year-old Fond du Lac man who has been charged with making a “terrorist threat” that closed down the city’s only Applebee's for an evening.

According to Fond du Lac police, Applebee's corporate offices in Waukesha contacted them after receiving a letter from an alleged Applebee’s employee who threatened to shoot another person at the Fondy restaurant. The two-page letter contained numerous expletives, and indicated the writer planned to: "gun down the next f’n idiot that crosses the line with me."

After comparing handwriting samples, police cleared the employee whose name was signed to the threat and turned their attention to Guerrero who had had a recent dispute with the that employee. When questioned by detectives, Guerrero admitted to writing the letter, pretending to be the other employee, because he apparently wanted to get the other employee fired or in trouble and because he himself was "having a really crappy day."


For apparently being just as brainless as the Applebee’s wings are boneless.

For reportedly having a mental meltdown that would put Applebee's Triple Chocolate Meltdown to shame.

And for not realizing that if you have a problem with a co-worker you don't try to frame them for making just give them a good ribbing...or in the case of an Applebee's employee...a good riblet-ing.

We are proud to name Anthony D. Guerrero, the Fond du Lac man who confessed to writing a threatening note to Applebee’s, signing a co-worker’s name in an effort to get the co-worker in trouble, as this week’s Rick’s and Len Show….WEENIE OF THE WEEK!

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jun 12th 2017

June 1st City of Waukesha
A woman told police she was afraid her neighbor might injure her or children after her neighbor "whistled a threatening tune from a Clint Eastwood movie" at her.

June 9th City of Neenah
A caller on Lake Street requested police assistance after she had walked away from her car to look at the fire department’s "flashy lights" and now is afraid to walk back to her car because it's dark out.

June 7th City of Weyauwega
A resident called police to request assistance because she was trapped inside her car. The caller’s neighbor’s pet turkeys had completely surrounded the woman's vehicle and wouldn’t let her get out.

June 29th City of Beaver Dam
A woman on Front Street waved down a police vehicle. She told the officer she was upset because her partner was not pulling his weight with chores at home and wanted police to talk to him about it.

May 28th City of Port Washington
Police spoke with four teenage boys after receiving a report of someone finding a slice of cheese on their vehicle and seeing the teenagers run inside a house. The boys removed the cheese.

May 21st City of Menasha
Police were called for a small dog urinating on the caller's vegetable garden.

May 23rd City of Waupaca
Police were called to the Dairy Queen where a male and female were reportedly “out of it”. The male was described as wearing a pink sweatshirt and yoga pants the female was slumped over the Dairy Queen counter.

May 28th City of Waukesha
An anonymous caller reported seeing a woman picking at her skin and believed she must be under the influence of drugs. Officers arrived to find the woman was not on drugs but was merely peeling dry skin off her sunburned legs.

May 28th City of Waukesha.
A man told police he saw what he believed to be three UFOs flying overhead around 10 p.m. According to the police report, the man described the UFOs as "red balls of light" speeding toward the moon and told officers he was concerned for airport traffic safety.

June 7th City of Weyauwega
A resident called police to request assistance because she was trapped inside her car. The caller’s neighbor’s pet turkeys had completely surrounded the woman's vehicle and wouldn’t let her get out.

June 1st Village of Germantown
Police went to a residence after a man reported his neighbor was blowing an air horn to agitate his dogs. Police spoke to the neighbor, who said he was blowing the air horn because the dogs were barking. The neighbor was warned about blowing an air horn, and the caller was warned about his barking dogs.

June 4th City of Greenfield
Police were called George Webb's were a female patron threw a glass of water at a man who had spilled water on her table and then squirted ketchup on a female patron just for fun.

June 7th City of Marshfield
Police were called after an intoxicated man walked into a business three times and each time demanded to know, “what all the hollering was about?"

June 6th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A resident called police after they caught a woman stealing the caller's freshly laundered sheets and pillow cases right off the caller's clothesline.

June 3rd City of Sheboygan
Officers at the county jail were having problems with a prisoner who "wants to pee on everybody".

May 31st City of Antigo
Officers received a call reporting a man who was naked in the window of an area hotel while the caller's daughter had been outside mowing the lawn. Officers talked to the man who admitted to standing in the window naked but said he wasn't doing anything lascivious. Officers spoke with a female who witnessed the subject in the window. She told police she believes the naked man was just watching the girl mowing the lawn.
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jun 9th 2017

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week… Preston Bierhals, an 18-year-old man who early Sunday morning, while driving home from a graduation party, crashed his car into a light pole in Ashwaubenon, earning his first DUI.

Beirhals already had a suspended license, failed field sobriety tests and blew a .157 on the breathalyzer. The .157 was .036 higher than when he got his second DUI…2 ½ hours later when an officer who was working a traffic detail for a triathlon saw him driving around and recognized him from his arrest earlier in the morning.


For proving that the old adage “if you don’t succeed at first try, try again” doesn’t apply to trying to drive home drunk.

For apparently not realizing the even in Wisconsin, driving while impaired with a suspended license is not one of the three events in a triathlon.

And for getting his second DUI without crashing his car…which, around these parts, is considered learning from your mistake.

We are proud to name Preston Bierhals, the 18-year-old man who Sunday, in just 2 1/2 hours, got his first and second this week's Rick and Len Show WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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jun 6th 2017


10. January spearing on Lake Winnebago will be made more difficult as sturgeon are scared off by all the water skiers.

9. Salt purchased for Appleton winter roads will be used to rim Meade Park municipal pool in effort to convert it to Meade Park municipal margarita.

8. Testicle Festival in Dundas will be cancelled due to all the cattle having sweated their balls off.

7. By the time Green Bay alderman Guy Zima gets home from the grocery store, the steaks in his pants will be already broiled.

6. All Oshkosh meth labs will be converted to make sunscreen.

5. After Wisconsin Dells parks close due to lack of water, Fond du Lac will become a popular destination for tourists who just want to splash around in the yellow puddles.

4. To avoid heat stroke, Packers will play the NFC Championship game at Lambeau on anniversary of famed Ice Bowl in just their undies.

3. Residents of homes in Menasha that get shot up by drive-by shooters will be thankful for the additional ventilation.

2. Little Chute Cheese Fest has no choice but to become Little Chute Fondue Fest.

1. When Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt is all red-faced it will be from sunburn not just because he's mad at me for revealing he gets all his tiny suits by robbing baby coffins.
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jun 2nd 2017

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Weenies of the Week…whomever is shooting up Menasha. Twice in the last week someone or, more than likely some ones, have done drive-by shootings in Menasha.

In the first case, someone fired seven shots into a home early Tuesday morning, injuring one person. In the second case, someone fired a number of shots at a couple empty vehicles early Thursday morning. Police say the shell casings from the two incidents do NOT appear to match.

And Menasha being the trendsetter it is, the next thing you know, somebody will start shooting up Oshkosh. Wait. What? Are you kidding me? Early this morning someone fired a bullet into a home and vehicle on Sunnyview Road in Oshkosh. Will people JUST STOP SHOOTING THINGS AROUND HERE!


For leaving Menasha riddled with more nasty, gaping holes than have been seen by the staff gynecologist on The View.

For leaving behind more shells than were found when they cleaned all that sand out of Jay Cutler’s va-jayjay.

And for not understanding that if you're going to fire a gun in fire it at Neenah! (JK)

We are proud to name whomever has been shooting up Menasha (and now Oshkosh) with senseless drive-by shootings (this isn't south Chicago for cripes sake!) as this week's Rick and Len Show....WEENIES OF THE WEEK!
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