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oct 26th 2011
Even before the Les Stumpf Ford Halloween Party for Children's Hospital of WI on Friday night at Waverly, we're going to raise a few bucks with an auction.

Bid on a used CD jukebox (loaded with 100 CDs!) from Amusement Devices Inc. (The jukebox you are bidding on may differ from the model in the pic).

Or bid on a brand new Millermatic® 140 Auto-Set™ from Miller Electric. All-in-one wire welder that welds 24 gauge - 3/16 in. (0.8-4.8mm) mild steel. The simplest Millermatic to set-up and start welding.

Post your bid on the Rick and Len Show Facebook page or by calling the rock lines. 281-ROCK in Appleton, 281-ROCK in GB or 877-453-ROCK for elsewhere. Bidding starts at $50.00.

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oct 10th 2011

If you watched the Brewers throughout this season, you've probably noticed a sexy woman (and frequently her delightful cleavage) sitting in the front row behind the dugout. She's especially visible on TV during at-bats on the regular season broadcasts. She's come to be known as Front Row Amy. We'll talk to her at 8:15 this morning about her love of the Brewers, yesterday's game and, more than likely, her cleavage.

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oct 3rd 2011

September 21st City of Madison
Police received a report of a man armed with a frying pan breaking windows in homes on Dickenson and Williamson Streets.  When responding officers found the man, he was in fact, armed with a saucepan. According to a police spokesman, "it was clear this was no frying pan and was a saucepan.". Upon questioning by police, the suspect was unable to provide any clear motive as to why he was smashing the windows with a saucepan. He told officers he wasn't angry with anyone, but this was just what he felt like doing.

September 21st Village of Howard
A woman and a man received minor injuries after their car crashed into a home on Chapel Hill Circle while they were bickering. The man and woman were reportedly arguing outside a friend’s house when the man tried to jump in an open window of the car while the woman tried to drive away. The woman drove by three to four houses before she crashed into the basement of the home.

September 18th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A caller on 13th Street called police to report three girls throwing apples at boys on bicycles.

September 16th City of Manitowoc
Police received a call about a woman who stopped at Lincoln High School where she asked for some milk. The woman then continued on to the offices of Manitowoc Public Utilities, argued with the front desk person about paying a dollar on her account and then claimed the utility company was forcing her to eat her money.
September 16th City of Neenah
Police cited a 32-year-old Oshkosh woman for shoplifting after she stole a pair of jeans from a department store on Green Bay Road. The woman exited the store wearing the new jeans and left her old jeans in a fitting room. When a security officer confronted the woman and pointed out a sale sticker still attached to the jeans, the woman ripped it off, asked the officer "What sticker?" popped in her mouth and ate it.

September 12th City of Marshfield
Extra patrols were requested on North Hills Avenue after a resident reported someone rearranged the solar lights in his front yard and left a pizza box filled with dog feces on his front step.

September 14th City of Brown Deer
A 54-year-old man, who attempted to apply for a job at the offices of FIS Career Opportunities, was informed he needed to make his application on-line. The man responded by going out to his car, taking a tank of gas out of the trunk and pouring it on the plants outside the FIS offices.

September 23rd City of Brookfield
A former employee of Vino Cappuccino that a manager had pushed him and used profanity because he had mistakenly filled the hand sanitizer dispenser with floor cleaner.

September 16th City of Wauwatosa
Students at Longfellow Middle School informed police that a man pointed a knife at them and threatened to steal their bicycles. The students told police the man identified himself as “The Son of God”.

September 25th City of Franklin
A resident on Drexel Avenue called police to report a turtle was on the sidewalk in front of her residence and she was afraid it might run into the road.

September 21st City of Waukesha
Police were called to break up an argument between a man and woman that started with the man belching while watching TV.

September 6th Calumet County
A cow was reported to be outside the fence on Hwy. 57. The cow eventually got scared and jumped back over the fence before the owners returned home.

September 18th Clark County
Two Neillsville brothers lead police on an extremely slow speed chase with their horse and buggy. With nearly 10 cars lined up behind the buggy and police car, an officer pulled alongside the buggy and yelled at the men to pull over. They ignored the command but finally turned into a driveway almost a mile later, and the brother of the driver ran off.
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