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oct 31st 2016

October 14th Town of Brookfield
A man was cited for disorderly conduct at Motel Six. A hotel desk clerk reported that the man, who was a guest, had approached her and told her that he loved her and asked her for a kiss. The employee declined. The man then went into the parking lot where he ate a flower before returning and telling the employee that he wanted to make love to her.

October 13th City of Waukesha
Police decided that there was no credible threat to a woman who called to tell them she thought she was at risk because she is "better than God".

October 27th City of Green Bay
A man in his 50s, riding a bicycle on Doty Street stole a case of beer right out of a beer truck and rode off with it.

October 28th City of Portage
Someone dressed as Pennywise the clown was sitting on a bench near the levee in the middle of the afternoon. Officers cruised past a couple times but did not confront the clown who was reportedly well behaved and posed for pictures with curious passersby. There were no reported incidents other than a couple motorists who flipped the clown off.

October 15th City of Waukesha
Officers responded to a report of a male in a cape holding a light saber and playing in a field.

October 16th City of Waukesha
A man told police he was concerned the "Mexican mafia" was following him for a few days and asked for police assistance. The man told officers he had "no idea" why the mafia would be following him but was concerned about it nonetheless. Police did not find any evidence to suggest the report was true.

October 10th Village of Fox Crossing
Officers were dispatched to a business on Holly Road where a naked man was seen climbing a fence.

October 19th Village of Germantown
Police went to a residence after a caller reported that a 3- or 4-year-old child with blonde hair was covered with a red blanket and sitting at the end of the driveway. The responding officer discovered the “girl” in question was a Halloween decoration.

October 27th City of Manitowoc Police
were called to a business near the airport. Investigators believe at least two suspects broke into a locked vehicle and stole more than 500 medium-sized bags of Frito Lay chips.

October 16th City of Brown Deer
An employee at Pick N Save reported the theft of a 72-piece order of fried chicken. A woman had ordered the chicken and then walked out without paying.

October 22nd City of Oconomowoc
Police cited a woman for disorderly conduct after receiving complaints from a neighbor who said she would not stop knocking on her door. The complainant said the woman had been knocking on the door day and night for several months.
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oct 28th 2016

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…a Platteville man who this week was caught on security camera drunk, in his underwear using a blowtorch to vandalize the Trump sign in his neighbor’s yard.

Two passersby did catch the man in the act, but instead of stopping him or contacting police, only gave the perpetrator a fist bump and continued on their way.


For destroying a Trump sign using an instrument almost as incendiary as his own rhetoric.

For doing the most embarrassing thing you can get caught doing in your underwear shy of popping a boner watching the Golden Girls.

And for vandalizing the sign of a politician you don’t support which is un-American but doing it drunk with blowtorch in your underwear which virtually screams “‘Murica!” It’s just too confusing!!!

We are proud to name the drunken, underwear clad Platteville man who torched his neighbors' Trump sign with a blowtorch as this week's Rick and Len Show...WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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oct 21st 2016

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…32-year-old Christina Ferguson of Amherst Junction, an anti-Trump person who Monday night lashed out against people she thought were attending a rally for the Republican Presidential candidate by spreading peanut butter over 30 of their cars.

When Portage County Sheriff's Deputies questioned Ferguson at her apartment, she claimed she had stayed home that night — but was repeatedly licking peanut butter off her fingers in front of the officers while speaking to them. After her arrest, Ferguson reportedly told deputies that “peanut buttering is better than firebombing, and Trump plans on firebombing everybody in other countries.”

Deputies identified Ferguson’s alleged weapon of choice as a family-size jar of low-sodium, creamy natural Jif. One deputy at the scene was quoted as saying “Fortunately it wasn’t chunky peanut butter, so vehicles didn’t get scratched.”

When informed that the vehicles she nutted on actually belonged to members of a conservation club, NOT attendees at a Trump rally, Ferguson, who blew a .218 on the Breathalyzer, apologized and said she was “just fed up about the entire election.”


For choosing a “weapon” that’s damn near as nutty as she is.

For not understanding that getting busted using the CREAMY peanut butter to vandalize cars still doesn’t make her a “smooth criminal”.

For proving that not only “choosy mothers choose Jif” so do alcohol addled, tiny hand-hating Wisconsin liberals.

And for using peanut butter to earn this distinction which makes her the first EVER weenie that sticks to the roof of your mouth.

We are proud to name Christina Ferguson of Amherst Junction, who slathered peanut butter on the cars of 30 people she mistakenly thought were attending a Trump rally as this week’s Rick and Len Show…WEENIES OF THE WEEK.
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oct 19th 2016

(NOT the actual clown painting from Shorewood)

October 3rd Village of Shorewood
A resident called police to report she was “scared of a clown painting” her roommate had brought home. Police told her there was nothing they could do about her roommate’s clown painting or her taste in décor.

October 9th City of Green Bay
A resident misdialed, accidentally calling 911. The caller told the dispatcher they accidentally dialed 911 while trying to get the phone number for Ben Carson's presidential campaign.

September 27th City of Chilton
A Robin Avenue resident called police to report they believed their television remote control was stolen. They told police they believed it was taken by a known party who was visiting for dinner. The remote was later located.

September 30th City of Sheboygan
Police responded to a call place from the west side McDonald's. A female customer was causing a disturbance and yelling something about ice cream.

September 30th Village of Jackson
A landlord called the police to inform them that one of his tenants was claiming that people were climbing over her balcony to steal spices.

September 15th Village of Jackson
A resident called police to report that his 89-year-old neighbor wanted him to remove some plants from his yard, insisting they were ragweed. He tried to explain that they were goldenrod plants and not harmful. The neighbor then cut the plants down and left a note, “This is ragweed and it causes hay fever. You have been warned and the cops have been called”.

October 13th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police to report someone posting inappropriate things on social media. The woman told police the unknown person was posting under the name "Zippy the Zipper Klown".

October 12th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A caller reported a clown on a swing set. Police determined it was a monster, not a clown, and that everything was all right.

October 13th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman reported seeing a man spray something on the street, drop the spray bottle and run. The man then came back and picked up the bottle. When police arrived, the man explained to officers that someone had stolen his gaming system and he was wetting footprints in the sand to see which direction the thief was heading.

September 30th City of Waukesha
Police responded to a report of a small group of protesters outside a bar using a bullhorn to warn against drinking and to preach about God.

September 25th City of Waukesha
A man reported that his 11-year-old daughter was "offended" by the sight of their elderly neighbor picking up sticks in his yard while wearing only a Speedo.

October 3rd Village of Pewaukee
Police were called to the County Technical College to meet with a teacher who said he made a student turn in “the crude beginnings of a 24-inch sword.” The teacher said it was unknown who made the sword, and it is against school policy to build weapons in class.

September 26th City of Sheboygan A resident called police to report that there was a man wearing a backpack in the parking lot of the Kwik Trip mooning passersby.
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oct 17th 2016

You may have THOUGHT you heard fan "boos" last night at the game. An easy mistake.

THOSE WEREN’T BOOS. THEY WERE JUST YELLING…. in, if the Packers keeps playing like this, I’m going to need a lot of BOOZE. BOOOOOZE!

EXCUSE…as in, the fact that Aaron Rodgers is playing like he’s Jay Cutler’s twin sister, there is no EXCUSE! EXCUUUUUSE!

FUSE…as in, if LaDarius Gunter gets burned one more time, I’m going to blow a FUSE! FUUUUUSE!

SHOES…as in, Brett looks ready to go. Somebody get him a helmet, a jersey and some SHOES. SHOOOOOES!

GLUES…as in, maybe Aaron would stop fumbling the ball, if you covered his hands with some GLUES. GLUUUUUES!

CLUES…as in, what the hell McCarthy was thinking when he used two time outs instead of running out the clock at the end of the first half, we don’t have any CLUUUUUES. CLUES.

CRUISE…as in, if you think this team looks like they’re heading to the Super Bowl, you must be crazier than Tom CRUSE. CRUUUUUISE!

MOOSE…as in, this team is stinking up the stadium like a herd of fecally incontinent MOOOOOOOOSE!

CHOOSE…as in, I wish she had made a different decision, when Dom Capers’ mother was pregnant and had the right to CHOOOOOOOSE!

LOSE…as in, I almost wish there were another debate between two horrible, crazy people I could switch over to like last week instead of watching the Packer LOSE! LOOOOOOSE!
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oct 14th 2016

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenies of the Week…the couple who were arrested for clowning around near the intersection of Appleton and Midway Roads in Menasha about 4am last Friday. The 29-year-old man and a 20-year-old male friend were dressed as scary clowns and allegedly chasing passing cars while his girlfriend apparently watched.

When police arrived they determined that the 29-year-old man and his girlfriend had left their 4-year-old child home alone for hours while they were engaged in their early morning Bozo-based antics.

So, For, by comparison, making Juggalos seem like responsible clown mask wearers.

For the man apparently being such a crazy bad father you could call him the Insane Clown...Papa.

And for behavior that's so embarrassingly stupid both their faces should be as red as his nose.

We are proud to name the Menasha couple who left their 4-year-old child unattended for hours early last Friday morning while they trying to frighten drivers, while the guy and his friend were in clown costumes as this week's Rick and Len Show...WEENIES OF THE WEEK.
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oct 14th 2016

September 26th City of Waukesha
Police spoke to a man who was walking around while examining a pair of women's underwear and reportedly put them on over his pants. A police report said the man told officers he found the underwear "a long time ago" and could not explain why he carries them around with him.

October 1st City of Marshfield
A taxi driver called police and reported that a woman recently complained to his boss about a cab ride he gave her. The woman told his boss that he told her that if she gave him a kiss and showed him her breasts, the cab ride would be free. The man told police this conversation never took place and that the woman was just upset with him because he would not take her through the drive-thru at McDonald’s.

September 22nd City of Neenah
A caller on Elmwood Drive complained to police that it appears as though someone broke into her house. Several items were misplaced, a table was moved and a cabinet door was left open. It was eventually revealed that the woman's husband was moving things around and didn't tell her.

October 3rd City of Sheboygan
Officers responded to a report of a drunk man dancing on top of a railroad car.

October 1st City of Beaver Dam
A 33-year-old man reported that a woman ran out of a house naked and slapped his car.

September 27th City of Greenfield
Police responded to a residence after a 911 caller reported her cat was stuck in her cabinets. After the cat was rescued by police, the caller was warned and advised about the proper use of 911.

September 26th City of Mequon
Five girls were cited for disorderly conduct after fighting in a hallway outside the cafeteria of the high school. The fight broke out after one of the girls tweeted that one of the other girl's had an ugly baby.

September 30th City of Marshfield
A man reported someone entered his home and took money, a cellphone charger, an extension cord, garbage bags, toilet paper, chicken breasts, and a frying pan.
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oct 10th 2016

This week, we dedicated one of our Wisconsin Small Town Crime Wave segments to just some of the state's clown stories from the last week. 

October 5th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A local resident called police and asked to speak to an officer about clown activity in Wisconsin.

October 4th City of Beaver Dam
Someone told police that a person is dressed as a clown near Beaver Dam Middle School.

October 9th Village of Kimberly
A clown dressed in camouflage and carrying a hammer was spotted in Sunset Park.

October 8th City of Sheboygan
Police responded to a report of three clowns on 17th Street squirting mustard on vehicles.

October 4th City of West Bend
A seventh grade student representing herself as a clown, allegedly sent messages to six classmates. The messages from the "clown" included statements like "Do you want to play?" and "if you see a red balloon just know I was there". Police took the 12-year-old girl in to custody after she admitted sending the messages as a joke.

October 7th City of Sheboygan
Police charged a 20-year-old man who earlier in the week was found running through an alleyway with a clown mask and a kitchen knife. The man originally told officers he was just out for a run but later told them he had been attacked several nights earlier by a group of clowns and brought the 8-inch kitchen knife and his own clown mask to retaliate should he encounter any more clowns roaming the streets.

October 2nd Town of Marshfield
A 15-year-old boy reported a clown was in his backyard and then came to his door and rang the bell. Responding officers determined it was the boy's grandmother dropping off a birthday card.

October 7th City of Baraboo
A police captain from Baraboo, home of Circus World and the International Clown Hall of Fame, revealed that there have not been any creepy clown sightings in his city. According to the captain, "there are no laws preventing people from dressing like clowns in Baraboo. “We’d have a lot of folks in jail if that were the case."
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oct 7th 2016

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…44-year-old Keith Dart of Pound who reportedly confessed to investigators that he, with assistance from his brother, stole more than a dozen cars in Green Bay, Ashwaubenon and Howard just to gain the respect of his meth-addicted son who only admires people who live "the thug life." Dart reportedly told police he created a crime-committing alter ego for himself so his son would start talking to him again.

For trying to earn his son’s respect…by boosting cars, a plan more poorly conceived than the West-Kardashian babies.

For hatching a plot that not only DEFIES logic, it challenges it to dual despite being totally unarmed.

And for coming up with a thugish alter ego that's less Breaking Bad and more Faking Dad.

We are proud to name Keith Dart of Pound as this Week's Rick and Len Show...Weenie of the Week.
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oct 4th 2016

If these two wacky kids can't make it work...
After only one week, Steven Avery has called off his engagement to this woman whom he only met something like 3 times. Apparently, after her appearance on Dr. Phil this week, (for which she was paid at least $5,000) he decided she might be a "golddigger". Really? I only saw a part of her appearance on Dr. Phil, but to me, her love for him seemed genuine.

Well, about as genuine as...

A $10 Rolex.

A Ryan Lochte robbery report.

A Brian Williams’ war story.

A soccer player’s injury.

A Wells Fargo apology.

That Nigerian prince who just wants your bank account number so he can deposit his millions in it.

A Ryan Braun steroid denial.

The smile on the face of a TV preacher.

A Minnesota Viking Super Bowl ring.

Dolly Parton’s boobs and Betty White’s teeth.

Trump’s tan and Hillary’s sincerity.

An IRS agent who demands payment in the form of iTunes gift cards.

As the numbers on a Jim Schmitt campaign finance report.
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oct 3rd 2016

September 27th City of Waukesha
Police responded to a 911 call about a domestic disturbance in progress. When police arrived at the home, they found the sole resident watching a replay of Monday night's presidential debate and screaming profanities at Hillary Clinton. The man’s anti-Clinton yelping was “so loud that it could be heard throughout the building where other tenants thought there was a domestic altercation occurring". The man told police he was just yelling the obscenities to prep himself for attending a Trump rally later in the day.

September 28th Village of Bellevue
Police arrested a 44-year-old Pound man who told investigators he stole more than dozen cars in Green Bay, Ashwaubenon and Howard to gain the respect of his meth-addicted son. The man told police he and his brother committed the thefts out of desperation to impress his 16-year-old son, whom he said admires people who live the "thug life," and would no longer talk to his father. The man said he created an alter ego for himself that committed crimes so his son would start talking to him again.

September 22nd City of Beaver Dam
A 51-year-old woman told police that she thinks her neighbor is stealing her cable and providing it to ISIS.

September 19th City of Greenfield
A resident reported a man came into his home and stole his dead wife’s ashes and rosaries. The victim told police the suspect, who said he was the son of the person who installed the victim’s roof a year ago, stated he needed to get inside the home to check on the status of the roof. The suspect was last seen leaving the area in a newer blue Chevy pickup truck while presumably in possession of the rosaries and the dead woman's ashes.

September 19th City of Waukesha
A woman told police someone was trying to kill her with "potato skins".

September 17th City of Mequon
A 57-year-old woman was cited for disorderly conduct after yelling profanities in the drive-thru window at McDonald’s. The woman, who was described as intoxicated, reportedly was angry because her order was taking too long and because they “didn’t have f'n lemonade.”

September 19th City of Greenfield
Police went to a home after a caller reported there was a suspicious, occupied vehicle parked in the back yard at about 1:15 a.m. The man inside the vehicle told police his son, who lived in the home, gave him permission to park there to catch raccoons that were eating plums off his son’s plum tree.

September 22nd City of Marshfield
The manager of a car wash reported a man had dumped an orange substance down the drain in one of the wash bays. The manager reviewed the security footage and said the suspect had several large commercial grade plastic bags containing what looked to be orange juice. The manager asked officers to identify the man and to tell him to stop dumping bags of orange juice in the drains of his car wash.

September 27th City of Wisconsin Rapids
Officers on patrol encountered a man dressed all in black and crouching. The man told police he was “being chased by a lunatic”. The man then ran away into the woods.

September 23rd City of Wisconsin Rapids
A caller informed police that a man was kicked out of the strip club for "doing a line of coke on the bar" AND threatening to kill another patron.

September 25th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman told police her son took a chainsaw after a relative allegedly agreed to trade him a chainsaw for a sweatshirt.

September 30th City of Sheboygan
Police responded to a call place from the west side McDonald's. A female customer was causing a disturbance and yelling something about ice cream.

September 30th City of Sheboygan
A 20-something male on St. Clair Avenue called police because he believes a spider bit his big toe.

September 29th City of Sheboygan
Police received a report of a female wearing only underwear chasing a man down 11th Street.

September 1st Village of Jackson
A passerby reported that two teenagers appeared to be having sex inside an SUV parked outside of Subway. An officer found the couple in the backseat of the SUV "vigorously entwined".

September 29th Dane County
A cased rifle belonging to an officer has been returned. The officer had placed the rifle on the back of his squad car and inadvertently forgot to move it back into the squad car and the gun fell off into the roadway when he drove away. Realizing what had happened, the officer immediately went back to retrieve the weapon only to find someone had picked it up. The person who found the weapon has now been located in the rifle returned.
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