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nov 30th 2010
25 and 3/4 years ago, a bunch of music's biggest stars recorded We Are the World to fight world hunger. Now, a bunch of comics, some actors and one or two actual singers have re-recorded it poorly to raise money for the LA Food Bank. The line up includes Sarah Silverman, Kurt Russell, Weird Al Yankovic, Kevin Nealon, and some old friends who've graced our studio and appeared on the Rick and Len Show like Doug Benson, Jimmy Pardo, Maria Bamford and Matt Braugner.

Who knew Kurt Russell was this funny?
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nov 29th 2010
This video of a woman who reportedly tried to cut in line at the Grand Chute Menard's on Friday was one of the most viewed vids today on YouTube! We couldn't be more proud! WARNING: Language may not be safe for work.
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nov 29th 2010
November 21st Village of Bonduel
A woman on East Mill Street called police to report that a dog belonging to a neighbor has been running around and had "crapped by her mailbox".

November 17th City of Portage
Officers were called to Walgreen's where a 34-year-old woman was caught in the act of shoplifting a Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball.

November 23rd City of Shawano
Police were called to the Shawano County Job Center on East Elizabeth Street where a potential job seeker was using the Job Center computers to look at porn.

November 20th Village of Bonduel
Police were dispatched to a North Cecil Street residence after receiving a call from a woman who wanted to report that her husband is hiding her glasses, pouring water on the bed and taking the blankets.

November 21st City of Waupun
A woman called 911 to report that her hat and gloves were stolen from the bowling alley on Main Street. She refused to give her name or tell police where she was. According to police, she sounded very intoxicated and just kept yelling and swearing.

November 11th Village of Mukwonago
Parents were notified and extra patrols were added to the area around Rolling Elementary School after a suspicious incident where a man in his early 50's on highway NN threw a ball over the fence of the school grounds. After the incident made the news, a local pastor came forward and explained that he was driving down the road when he saw the ball in a ditch and as a good deed threw it back over the fence. No charges were filed against the pastor.

November 26th City of Madison
A 21-year-old Middleton woman was arrested when she threatened other shoppers while waiting in line at the Toys R Us store. Several hundred shoppers were in line just after 10 p.m., when the woman attempted to move to the front of the line. When she was confronted by other shoppers, she made threats to retrieve a gun and shoot the shoppers. No gun was found, and the woman, who was not named, was arrested and taken to the Dane County Jail. According to police, "She's now spending her shopping money to post bond".
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nov 28th 2010
Actor Leslie Nielsen died Sunday at age 84. A big monster came and took him to daddy heaven. Here's a scene from his awesome, little seen and short lived TV series Police Squad.
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nov 28th 2010
NOW THROUGH CHRISTMAS, every weekday morning you'll have multiple chances to win spins on the Rick and Len Wheel of Christmas Wonder!

What can you win? Oh boy, take a look!!!!


Limited Edition Super Mario 25th Anniversary Red Nintendo Wii Console (with two games).

iPod Shuffles (latest generation).

Bryan Adams tickets for his show at the Weidner Center December 7th (including a pair of front row seats).

WWE Smackdown Tickets for February 8th at the Resch Center (both lower level and f'n ringside seats!!!!)

2 day snowmobile rental with pick-up and delivery from Power Sports Rental Network.

Stinky the Garbage Truck (click to watch super cool video!)

Private Dancer Pole Kit from Shannon'

WAPL Christmas Bash Tickets.

Smart Planet Corn Dog Makers.

Star Trek Starship Enterprise Pizza Cutter (click to check out the cool video!)

Rolling Stones Monopoly and Rolling Stones Trivial Pursuit.

Claymaker (Clay Mathews) t-shirts.

Green Bay Packers Mr. Potato Head dolls.

KISS miniature replica guitars.

Keith Richard's new book, Life.

Doc's Harley Davidson of Shawano gift cards.

Timeline Saloon and BBQ gift cards. (next to Doc's)

Star Wars Scanimation Books.

$50 Cellcom gift card.

Digital Photo Frames from Cellcom.

Bluetooth Text Ready Headsets from Cellcom.

Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010 DVD set.

Wisconsin Badgers 24kt gold coin etched acrylic with base.

Tickets for the Cool Waters Band December 11th show at Tanners in Kimberly.
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nov 24th 2010
We are proud to name as this week's Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week...Appleton Department of Public Works Director Paula Vandehey who issued a notice that people planning to attend the Downtown Appleton Christmas Parade would not be allowed to leave chairs or blankets on the street this year to reserve their spots any earlier than 9am yesterday morning. Vandehey indicated that the department would collect anything they found left out earlier than that. Vandehey receives this dubious honor for two reasons. 1.) She didn't make the proclamation until 11:40 Monday morning and was then surprised that many people did not get the message. And 2.) For not acting on her threat to collect the items left out before 9am, thus, penalizing those who followed the rules and, in doing so, lost their prime viewing spots to those who did not.


For making a decision that left more people standing out in the cold than the Wisconsin smoking ban.

For making a threat emptier than the heads on the set of Jersey Shore.

And for leaving College Avenue littered with so many old, dirty lawn chairs and filthy blankets, they might as well make downtown Appleton an alternate site for Country USA.

We are proud to name Appleton Department of Public Works Director Paula Vandehey as this week's Rick and Len...WEENIE OF THE WEEK.
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nov 22nd 2010
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nov 22nd 2010

10. "Perhaps you didn't hear the play I called over the sound of the fat lady singing."

9. "Do we need to send three players to your house to talk you into quitting, too?"

8. "Too bad you didn't come to training camp where we discussed the importance of throwing the ball to the guys in the purple uniforms."

7. "You're not just done. You're Vica-done!"

6. "Hey, are the pants the Packers are beating off of you, Wranglers?"

5. "Bet Randy Moss would have caught that one."

4. There is no number 4. Just like yesterday, Number 4 didn't show up.

3. "We're going to miss you, too, Brent."

2. "I'd call you a big dick but I've seen the pictures."

1. "Boy, was Ted Thompson right!"
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nov 19th 2010
November 10th City of Beaver Dam
An intoxicated man called police to report finding a counterfeit penny. Police determined that the item described was not a penny, but likely a token of some sort.

November 10th Village of Shorewood
A 70-year-old man was arrested after he grabbed a police officer's "buttocks and squeezed two times" while in Municipal Court.

November 19th City of Stevens Point
A side door was damaged and construction materials at the Central Wisconsin Children's Museum were strewn about during the night. Someone had also defecated on a chair.

November 4th City of Brown Deer
A man called police to report a woman stole from him. When they arrived, the man told police he had picked up the woman on a corner, not for sex but to just play cards. Eventually both admitted the man offered to pay her $30 for a specific sexual act that she refused to do.

November 11th Village of Shorewood
A woman on North Larkin Street called police to report someone was trying to open her balcony door. Police found it to be a pizza delivery man who climbed up to the second floor balcony in an effort to deliver a pizza.
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nov 19th 2010
We are proud to name as this week's Rick and Len Weenie of the Week...66-year-old Steven Cowan of Black Earth, Wisconsin, near Madison, who this week threatened his wife and shot his television set while keeping police at bay for 15 hours all because he was angry that Bristol Palin is on Dancing with the Stars. Cowen was reportedly upset because he believes the young Palin is not a good a dancer and the only reason she is on the show is "f'n politics".


For destroying his television set meaning Sarah Palin can now see Russia from her house better than he can see her daughter from his living room.

For putting a bullet through his TV while watching Dancing with the Stars where as a normal man would have put it through his head.

And for realizing what tens of thousands of Wisconsinites have not, that there is no need to brave the cold, wet northern woods this weekend in search of a 30-point buck when he could stay at home and bag a 30-inch Zenith.

We are proud to name 66-year-old Steven Cowan of Dane County who shot his TV and staged a 15 hour police stand off because he was upset that Bristol Palin was on Dancing With the Stars as this week's Rick and Len Show...WEENIE OF THE WEEK.
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nov 18th 2010
Mike Lukas returns to the Rick and Len Show Friday morning. He'll join us on-location at Appleton Power Sports during the Rock for Hunger Food Drive about 8am (and presumably make jokes about snowmobiles and canned goods).

I saw Mike Wednesday night at Skyline and he made me laugh so hard I steamed my glasses twice. Seriously!

See Mike tonight at the Skyline Comedy Cafe in Appleton and 2 for 1 admission because it's WAPL Night. Call 734-JOKE (5653) to make your reservation. Full (but still very reasonable) price on Thursday and Friday. Hey, laughter is the best medicine and Skyline Comedy Cafe is a lot cheaper than a colonoscopy (and twice as much fun!).

Here's a little taste of Mike from the Tonight Show...
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nov 16th 2010
Wednesday night see TEN of the Midwest's best comics at the Skyline Comedy Cafe in Appleton competing for a spot at one of the nation's most prestigious comedy festivals. That's right, TEN comics for $10.00!!!!!

Skyline is one of 25 clubs throughout the country that this week will be hosting preliminary round competition for the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival next April in Atlanta. The top two comics from this show will compete in Atlanta for cash prizes and some prime bookings at top comedy clubs around the country.

These ten comics were chosen from hundreds who submitted tapes of their work to the festival. See them in action, plus your very funny emcee for the evening, Steve Hartman. (So, that's actually 11 comics for $10!)

Call Skyline to make your reservations for this one night only experience, Wednesday night at 8pm! Call 920-734-JOKE! Box office opens Wednesday morning at 10!

(I get to be one of the 3 judges, so I guess I'll see you there!) -Rick-
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nov 16th 2010
Have you seen the video of the California man's confrontation with a TSA agent who was about to pat him down? The guy had opted for the pat down instead of going through the new x-ray screener and tells the agent "Don't touch my junk or I'll have you arrested". (If I'm not mistaken, those are words first utter by Fred Sanford.)

It must be hard for TSA agents to know where to draw the line between being thorough and being "handsy". Here are some guidlines:


If his hands have touched so many packages, they let him wear a UPS uniform to work...your airport security agent might be too intrusive.

If after looking in your luggage and patting you down, he informs you that the condoms in your toiletry bag are the wrong size...your airport security agent might be too intrusive.

If he tells you you're free to board the plane but suggests you get your left testicle biopsied as soon as you land...your airport security agent might be too intrusive.

If to find someone who would willingly spend as much time touching your junk, you'd have to get a phone number from Charlie Sheen...your airport security agent might be too intrusive.

If the whole experience leaves you feeling like you were Miss Black Rhode Island and he was Mike Tyson...your airport security agent might be too intrusive.

If on an average day, he touches more wieners than the quality control inspector at Berge's Whitelaw Sausage Company...your airport security agent might be too intrusive.

If he runs his hands over your nuts so many times you'd swear he was Stevie Wonder and the wrinkles on your sack were Braille...your airport security agent is definitely being too intrusive!
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nov 15th 2010
Join the guys in Annex for Tommy VIII, the annual benefit concert that puts musical instruments
in the hands of kids in Northeast Wisconsin.

The event was started after the death of bassist Tommy Steinbruecker eight years ago.

Tommy VIII is Saturday, Nov. 20th at Tanner's in Kimberly, featuring A-Town Unplugged, Rooftop Jumpers, Boxkar, Greg Waters and the Broad Street Boogie, Annex and Roadtrip.

Doors open at 5p.m. and the music starts at 6. Tickets are $10. get them at Tanner's or at Mill Creek in Appleton.

Listen to the Rick and Len Show this week for your chance to win tickets!

There is also a Green Bay Tommy VIII concert Nov. 26th at The Riverside Ballroom featuring Annex and several other groups.
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nov 15th 2010
November 8th City of Portage
Police responded to a report of an altercation on MacFarlane Road. When they arrived, they found two people allegedly swatting each other with a rolled up newspaper.

October 28th City of Appleton
An African Violet Drive resident reported that some kids had left a tube sock filled with feces outside the reporting party's door so it would be stepped on when they rang the doorbell. Extra patrol of the area was requested.

November 11th Village of Eland
A Spruce Street resident filed a trespassing complaint after hunters had hung some deer genitals on a tree on his property.

October 24th City of Appleton
A 48-year-old Detroit man told police that he returned to his hotel room after drinking in bars on College Avenue and was missing his roll of cash, estimated at $1,600, and said it may have fallen out of his pocket. Police retraced the man's route and discovered he had left the money on the bar at a downtown tavern and the money was being held for him.

October 31st City of Whitefish Bay
A North Santa Monica Boulevard resident called police to report a disorderly person during trick or treating. The caller told police that when she refused to give candy to a child not wearing a costume, the child’s mother yelled at her.
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nov 15th 2010
Len and I received this automated doll called Commode Charlie from Emily, our young friend we've met from our association with Children's Hospital. I don't care what Len and Jeanne say, IT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE ME!

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nov 12th 2010
We are proud to name as this week's Rick and Len Weenie of the Week...Nancy L. Thornburg of Fond du Lac who after being convicted of drunken driving for the eighth time showed up at her sentencing hearing...intoxicated.


For getting 8 OWIs proving that she learns so well from her own mistakes she's able to repeat them perfectly.

For spending more time in handcuffs than Harry Houdini.

And for showing up at her operating while intoxicated sentencing hearing drunk which is only slightly less inappropriate than showing up at your sentencing hearing for sexual assault with a boner.

We are proud to name Nancy L. Thornburg of Fond du Lac as this week's Rick and Len Show...WEENIE OF THE WEEK!

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nov 11th 2010
You've seen her on the Tonight Show and Last Comic Standing, Paula Bel is appearing at the Skyline Comedy Cafe in Appleton this week. She'll bring the funny to the Rick and Len Show Friday morning about 8.
Get 2 for 1 admission tonight because it's WAPL Night and we known you can use a laugh! Make your reservation to see Paula tonight (or Friday or Saturday night if you're one of those hoity-toity people who like to pay full price). Call 920-734-JOKE(5653).

Here's Paula in action:
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nov 10th 2010
Disgraced former Winnebago County D.A. Joe Paulus got sprung from federal lockup this week. Since we're pretty sure he was disbarred, it's going to hard for him to find another job where he can bang women on his desk. Plus, he still has to pay back over $48,000 in bribe money. What will he do? We've got some ideas.


10. Professional man whore. ("I was porking her and I'm loving it!")

9. Desk strength tester at Office Depot. ("I was porking her I and I'm loving it!")

8. Commercial spokesperson for McDonald's ("I'm loving it!")

7. Commercial spokesperson for Soap on a Rope.

6. There is no number 6. I accepted $48,000 in bribe money to skip number 6.

5. Ken Kratz legal adviser and/or new district attorney for Calumet County.

4. President of the United States. (Hey, the sex and the office desk thing worked for Clinton!)

3. Aerobics instructor given all the experience he must have gotten bending over and touching his toes every week for 6 years in the prison shower.

2. Opening course preparer for local restaurant since I'm sure he must have tossed a few salads in prison.

1. New Dallas head football coach since, after 6 years in prison he surely learned, like the Cowboys did last Sunday night, what it's like to be the bitch to a large group of physically imposing men.
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