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dec 16th 2016

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…a 50-year-old Manitowoc man who reportedly assaulted his 50-year-old male roommate after the victim failed to properly wash a pizza pan after using it. The victim claims the man pulled a dirty pan he had used out of the oven and asked, "Don't you know how to do your dishes, bitch?" before lunging at the victim and punching him in the mouth. 

The victim told officers he did not know the reason his roommate was so upset about the dirty pan. He said he fell to the ground, and then his roommate poked him in the eye.  The roommate then allegedly went into the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and told the victim that if he ratted him out to his parole agent about his, and he ended up going to prison, he was going to kill the victim...ALL THIS OVER A DIRTY PIZZA PAN.


For not realizing that if dirty dishes were a punishable offense, I would be sitting on death row.

For allegedly threatening to kill the victim over the dirty pizza pan without asking him, What do you want on your Tombstone?

For allegedly assaulting his roommate over a dirty pizza pan but failing to make this even funnier by saying "You wanna pizza me?"

And for not understanding that his alleged offense more than just despicable ... it DeGiorno!

We are proud to name the Manitowoc man who reportedly assaulted his roommate over a dirty pizza pan as this week's Rick and Len Show....WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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dec 12th 2016

December 1st City of Waukesha
A man nearly caused an accident and almost struck the curb various times. According to police, the caller who reported the incident believed the man was driving drunk. However, the driver passed every field sobriety test police administered. The man explained to officers that he was probably swerving because he was filling out a job application while driving.

November 3rd City of Antigo
A woman reported to police receiving a call from a woman who told her she would send her a bill for $500 if she didn't renew her subscription to TV Guide. The caller told the officer she gave the woman her credit card number but later thought it might be a scam and canceled her credit card.

November 20th City of Menasha
A caller on Broad Street wanted to report an after-the-fact disturbance. He told police that he was not getting along with his ex-girlfriend and she was calling him names. She also took the crackers he was eating and threw them on the ground.

November 21st City of Glendale
Police arrested a shoplifting suspect after he was spotted shoving cookie dough down his pants.

November 15th City of Neenah
A caller witnessed a bus driver get out of his bus and walk down the street “checking garbages”. The driver was warned about his behavior.

November 28th City of Waukesha
Staff at an elementary school counseled a third-grade student after the boy threatened to bring a gun to school. A police report said the school staff eventually determined the boy was talking about a Nerf gun and the issue was resolved.

November 28th City of Waukesha
Police were called after two men got into a shouting match inside a public restroom when one of them became upset about how much time the other was taking while using the stall.

December 2nd City of Oak Creek
During a traffic stop, police noticed an unlicensed 9mm handgun with loaded magazine concealed in a child safety seat occupied by the driver's infant son.

December 6th Village of Grand Rapids
Police responded to a report of a man who had gotten out of his vehicle and was waving at passing drivers.

December 6th Village of Nekoosa
A man called the police and reported there was a white man with tattoos on his arms "bouncing around the convenience store".

December 7th City of Sheboygan Police responded to a report of a car accident on Knepprath Road. One vehicle was overturned and on its hood. The driver was uninjured but refused to get out of the overturned car because it was too cold outside.

December 3rd City of Beaver Dam A resident reported to police that someone stole a roll of toilet paper and placed a dirty diaper in a cupboard.
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dec 9th 2016

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week… Nathan Meleski of Slinger who reportedly got drunk, lost his cell phone and then couldn't find his friends at Lambeau Field after the game on Sunday. Meleski convinced a Yellow Cab driver to take him 111 miles to Richfield on a promise to pay on arrival. Meleski had the driver drop him at a truck stop in Richfield where he said he was going to withdraw the money from an ATM for the cab fare which was $475. Instead, Meleski slipped out the back of the truck stop and fled.

The taxi driver called police who had no way to of tracking down the culprit. Or rather, they wouldn’t have had a way to track the culprit…if it hadn’t just snowed. With the fresh snow on the ground, police easily followed Meleski’s footprints to a downtown bar where they found and arrested him.


For leaving more tracks than Keith Richards’ favorite needle.

For defrauding a cab driver taking you home from a football gave which should get you relegated to the "taxi squad".

For thinking he was getting away clean when, in fact, he was making himself easier to follow than the plot of an episode of Murder She Wrote.

We are proud to name … Nathan Meleski of Slinger as this week's Rick and Len Show....Weenie of the Week!
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dec 5th 2016

November 9th City of Menasha
Officers were dispatched for a report of damage done to the roof of a building on Main Street by an individual burning crayons.

November 30th City of Delafield
Police received a report at about a suicidal woman on the phone with the Internal Revenue Service. Police contacted the woman who said she is not suicidal. She had only told the IRS employee that “just talking to them makes her want to kill herself.”

November 1st Village of Jackson
A cell phone caller reported to police that women were exposing themselves inside a school bus she was following. An officer stopped the school bus. The driver said that the passengers were returning from Australian Thunder from Down Under, a Vegas-style show featuring scantily clad, chiseled-featured young men gamboling about the stage. “The women, though bouncing off the ceiling like kids who overdosed on Peeps, denied exposing themselves”.

November 22nd Village of Brown Deer
A resident called police and asked for assistance after she said her husband, who is “an international oil driller” working in Ghana, had sent her $3.5 million that was being held for her at O’Hare Airport in Chicago and she must send $8,500 in order to get the money. She had previously wired $20,000 to her husband, whom she had never met,but only talked with and married over Skype. Police informed the woman that this was a scam and that she's not married.

November 24th City of Waukesha
A resident called police after finding a carton of eggs on their porch with a threatening message written on it. According to police someone had written the words “This is your last warning” in black letters on the egg carton.

November 23rd Village of Germantown
Officers responding to a call removed a male customer from the Wal-Mart. The customer was apparently upset and causing a disturbance because he did not receive black Friday deals a day early.

November 12th Village of Omro
A caller informed police they had heard people talking and voices coming from the drain pipes.

November 9th City of Neenah
A caller on Adams Street called police to report someone had stolen her cat and she has a suspect in mind. The cat was eventually located… in the caller’s home.

November 20th Village of Brown Deer Police were called to check on the well-being of a man seen along the side the road yelling and waving his arms. Responding officers found that the man was fine; just listening and dancing to music on the roadside.

November 21st City of Greenfield
Police responded to a report of a gas station robbery. According to reports, the suspect was brandishing a semi-automatic weapon and was dressed as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

November 23rd City of Oak Creek
An officer went to the Motel 6 after a caller reported hearing arguing and slapping coming from an adjoining room. The responding officer determined that the two people in the room were both deaf and slapping each other’s hands while they were signing during an argument. The officer advised the deaf couple to not make so much noise.

November 30th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A man called 911 and aid something woke him up and then he hung up the phone. An investigating officer discovered the man had been awakened by a bird that had flown into the side of his house.

December 27th City of Marshfield
A woman reported a dispute between her two teenage sons that resulted in them "wrestling around." An officer determined their alleged "wrestling around" was not a domestic abuse incident.

November 13th Village of Omro
A resident called police to report that while they were sleeping, they were awakened by their doorbell ringing. However, when they went to the door there was no one there. Police responded and also found no one at the door.
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dec 2nd 2016

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…. Milwaukee County Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf who this week, while serving as special prosecutor in Brown County, recommended Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt be ONLY fined $4,000 and sentenced to 40 hours of community service for violating state campaign finance laws.


For not tossing the mayor in jail...a development as big a disappointment to me as I always was to my parents.

For sentencing him to 40 hours of community service when serving the community is the very definition of a mayor's job. It's like sentencing a truck driver to drive truck, a paper maker to make paper or a highway worker to lean on a shovel.

And for ignoring all of our suggestions for punishments that included but were not limited to...

          Lifelong suspension from the Lollypop Guild.

          Making the mayor to resign from office and return to his old job, chasing after the kids who stole his Lucky Charms.   

          Forcibly shaving his eyebrows and using the hair to make fur coats for baboons going through chemotherapy.  

          And putting one of those "You must be at least this tall" signs on his wife.

We are proud to name the special prosecutor who recommended Mayor Jim Schmitt only be fined $4,000 and sentenced to 40 hours of community this week's Rick and Len Show...WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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