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oct 27th 2015

October 12th City of Beaver Dam
A Gould Street resident called police to report that a woman near the Family Center Ice Arena was dancing on the sidewalk and “shaking her booty” at passing vehicles.

October 20th City of Rice Lake
A deputy responded to a callers report of a "crazy" neighbor throwing stuff on the caller's porch. The deputy spoke with both neighbors who agreed to stay away from each other and their residences and to quit putting mental health counselors' business cards on each other's lawns.

October 4th City of Appleton
Police assistance was requested at the intersection of Plank and Midway Roads where a man and his son were trapped in a Porta-John by a large dog.

October 24th City of Sheboygan
Police were called to handle a disturbance involving "the most uncooperative 10-year-old girl I've ever met".

October 17th Hales Corners
A customer at A&W ordered a root beer and then stole the mug it was served in. When the customer, a 51-year-old woman, returned the mug to the Hales Corners Police Department and ask them to return it to the business, she was cited for theft.

October 21st Town of Marshfield
A resident called 911 and requested to go to prison.

October 20th City of Marshfield
Police responded to the parking lot of Pick 'n Save for a report of a physical altercation. A cabdriver told police that when he reached toward the back seat to accept cab fare, a passenger told him “you think you’re god’s gift to men” and then slapped him in the face. The cab driver said he did not know why the woman was mad. A witness confirmed the story to police, and a disorderly conduct citation was issued against the woman.

October 9th City of Beaver Dam
A man called police and reported that a student in Beaver Dam Middle School was shining a laser pointer at other students.

October 17th City of Beaver Dam
A 55-year-old man reported that a 62-year-old man was yelling insults at him. The 62-year-old man was upset because, he said, the other man was staring at him.

October 16th City of Juneau
An officer responded to a report of a loose rooster. The officer reported he had no means by which to capture a loose rooster and was unable to determine where the loose rooster came from or how it became loose.

October 10th Village of Hartland
Police are seeking disorderly conduct charges against a 42-year-old woman after she reportedly got into a drunken argument with her husband and flung a DVD case down some stairs inside their home. According to the incident report, both the man and woman had been drinking in the evening while watching a DVD and started arguing when she threw the case the disc was in down the flight of stairs.

October 16th City of Wisconsin Rapids
The grandmother of a 34-year-old man called police saying he was hallucinating and sweating, under the influence of something, and running around the house in his underwear.

October 11th City of Waupun
Police received the report of someone in the National Bank outside of regular business hours. As they investigated, a woman ran and hid in another room of the bank. After police located the woman, they learned she was an IT employee working on a problem. She told them she ran and hid because she was startled there was someone else was in bank outside of regular business hours.
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oct 21st 2015


10. Free baskets of pig wings and hell ice collected when his party unites.

9. Use of the Harry Potter invisibility cloak that apparently Governors Bobby Jindal and Jim Gilmore have been using since they started running for president.

8. Free health care to treat the wounds sustained falling on his own sword.

7. Some of whatever Ben Carson’s been smoking.

6. A home swimming pool filled with the tears of the former Speaker of the House.

5. They'll stop playing the theme from the Munsters every time he walks into a room.

4.  Free career advice from Carly Fiorina, if this job doesn’t work out. 

3. The secret to immortality possessed only by former Vice President Dick Cheney.

2. A couple hours left alone to gently nuzzle Reagan’s corpse.

1. Unlimited access to the party's vast supply of Oopma Loompa blood Trump and Boehner use to keep looking like ripe papayas.
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oct 20th 2015


Han Solo…. used to make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. Now it takes him damn near a full parsec just to make the bathroom run twelve times every night.

Chewbacca…his hair would be totally gray if he wasn’t coloring it with “Just for Wookies”.

Princess Leia…still wears the metal bikini but keeps bruising her knees on the bra.

Luke Skywalker…Now, just to get around, needs a Skywalker-walker.

C3PO…to keep from rusting, goes through more lube than Hugh Hefner.

The Stormtroopers…despite them all now wearing bifocals, still can't hit the broad side of a Death Star.

Bobba Fett…still a bounty hunter in that he always seems to be hunting for his roll of Bounty to clean up embarrassing spills from his colostomy bag.

Admiral Ackbar…now when heard yelling his iconic phrase “It’s a trap”, he’s usually warning against buying the over-priced extended warranty on mobility scooter.

Jabba the Hut…despite slimming down with gastric bypass surgery, remains one of the most reviled characters in the universe after marrying a Kardashian.

The Force…while once was a metaphysical, spiritual, and ubiquitous power able to accomplish miraculous feats, now has to send Jedis to NuMale Medical just to help them get their light sabers up.

Yoda…the ever wise puppet is now almost 940 years old. Even Elton John hasn’t had a hand up his butt that long.
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oct 19th 2015

October 14th Village of Tigerton
Police were called to Tigerton High after someone Saran Wrapped a naked blowup doll to a post in front of the school.

October 11th City of Bayfield
A man called police to report  several people were drinking at the bar. He says it boggled his mind that he went to the bar to watch the game and he was drinking Pepsi while everyone else was drinking alcohol.

October 14th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A child called 911 and told police she was excited and happy about being a butterfly for Halloween and about being a big sister to a new baby.

October 6th Village of Pulaski
A resident called police to report a woman at whom he had hurled insults, "flipped him the bird".

October 13th Village of Biron
Police responded to a report of somebody in a park making howling sounds….and kicking leaves.

October 4th City of Waukesha
A caller told police her dog was being blamed for feces in the basement of an apartment building. However, the caller said it appeared to be human feces so she wanted officers to look at the feces and determine it came from a dog or human. Police determined the feces was from a dog but were unable to identify from whose dog the mystery feces came.

October 5th City of Germantown
A restaurant operator called police to report the theft of used cooking oil from a 2,500-gallon drum kept by the dumpster.

October 12th Village of Saratoga
A resident called police to report someone wrote "wash me" in the dirt on their car.
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oct 16th 2015

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the week…26-year old Jessica Pedretti of Jefferson who was arrested Saturday after she reportedly left her 3-year-old daughter in the car for an hour while she gambled at the Ho-Chunk casino in Madison. A casino patron contacted authorities after noticing the child "bawling her eyes out" in the parking lot.


For hitting the bad decision jackpot.

For “crapping out” when it comes to being a parent.

For wasting her money on slots and table games when she was already gambling for free…with her child’s life.

We are proud to name Jessica Pedretti, the mother who allegedly left her 3-year-old in the car while she gambled at the Ho-Chunk Casino in Madison as this week’s Rick and Len Show…WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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oct 14th 2015

August 18th Village of Oregon
A 47-year-old man reported someone put shaving cream, condoms and a lobster on his car. The man said it is an “ongoing problem”.

September 28th City of Brookfield
Police were called to a residence after a report of a vehicle parked in the driveway with its doors open for two days. Upon arrival, officers met with a 17-year-old boy who claimed to be practicing a Jewish tradition in which he has to use his car as a hut and eat in it while utilizing no electricity.

October 9th City of Sheboygan
A woman call police to report her son left on his skateboard because she wouldn't give him the Wi-Fi password.

October 8th Village of Clyman
A woman called police to report that two kids vomited in the back of her vehicle then took off on foot.

September 26th City of Waukesha
Someone called police to report people had been throwing cake in each other's faces for fun during a birthday party/rummage sale. The caller did not appreciate people throwing cake at one another for fun.

September 28th City of Waukesha
A man walked into a beauty salon and said the rumors need to stop and that he "is not the devil nor is he Satan".

October 1st City of Rice Lake
A caller reported a neighbor who kept playing the song "Glory, Glory Hallelujah" over and over and over again. Officers responded to the area and said they could hear only dogs and trains.

October 4th Village of Saratoga
A woman called police and reported her husband had left home to get milk between 2 and 7 p.m. and had not returned. Responding officers found the husband in another room of their home.
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oct 13th 2015
Wednesday morning on the Rick and Len Show, we will auction off this full size Packer helmet signed by Clay Matthews with display case! Bidding starts at 6am on the studio lines and the Rick and Len Show Facebook page and ends just before 10am.

The helmet is provided by Bergstrom Automotive and all money raised goes to Make-A-Wish. It's all part of Neenah Ford's "Lube-A-Thon" going on Saturday where all oil changes are FREE with a donation to Make-A-Wish.

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oct 7th 2015
Congrats to Brian Zahn from Gillett who is believed to be the first football player EVER to intercept a an opposing quarterback’s attempt to spike the ball and stop the clock in their game against Crivitz. In this clip, Yahoo sports compares him to Neil Armstrong, Dan Marino and Sandra Day O'Conner (even if they do butcher the pronounciation of Gillet).

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oct 6th 2015
Drunk Kid Wants Mac and Cheese

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oct 6th 2015

photo from Uproxx.

Sunday, Chicago Bear Martellus Bennett raised eyebrows when he posted a Tweet that compared his Quarterback with Jesus saying, "They threw rocks at Jesus, & Jesus was an excellent guy who did a lot of awesome stuff." So, we thought we too would compare and contrast Jesus and Jay.

Turned water into wine.
Turns most post game press conferences into whines.

Calmed a storm with the wave of his hand.
Has quieted Soldier Field with the toss of an interception.

Walked on water.
Has cried enough tears to make Jesus his own running track.

Was crucified by the Romans.
Has also been nailed…usually by Clay Matthews.

Preached about forsaking riches.
Gives up most his possessions.

Converted the masses and saved their souls.
Can’t convert a third down to save his own soul.

Rode into Jerusalem on an ass.
Let me put it this way, if Jesus were alive today, would ride into Jerusalem on Jay Cutler.
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oct 5th 2015

October 4th City of Menasha
A Main Street resident called police to complain that her neighbor keeps peeking in her windows and every time the neighbor sees that she is sleeping, calls 911 and reports she's dead.

September 30th City of Kenosha
Police cited a man for inattentive driving after a rollover accident that occurred when he was dipping a chicken nugget into some sauce while driving.

September 21st City of Waukesha
A caller told police that a customer of Marco's Pizza was offering marijuana to employees to get them to deliver his order faster. Police called the man and told him to stop offering drugs to Marco's delivery drivers.

September 6th Village of Omro
A West Larrabee Street resident called police because he feels his neighbors are picking on him.

September 26th City of Hales Corners
A 19-year-old man was cited for disorderly conduct after he intentionally dropped his pants and exposed his derriere inside the George Webb Restaurant WHILE police were tending to an employee who was having a medical emergency.

September 19th Village of Bayside
A man called police to report someone hacked his credit card and used it to buy a membership on

September 29th City of Pittsville
Someone at a local manufacturing plant called police to report an employee was threatening to get a gun unless someone returned his missing sandwich.

September 21st City of Waukesha
A man pressed his medical alarm and could be heard yelling and screaming in the background. The man told the medic alert operator that he wanted an ambulance to come to his home and put him to bed because his girlfriend refused to do so.

September 29th Town of Marshfield
A caller reported to police that someone left a fish tank at the end of their driveway on…Trout Drive.
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oct 5th 2015


10. Pilots were probably suddenly hightailing it to San Francisco after just learning it was an away game. Oops!

9.  The U.S. was must be just launching a pre-emptive strike against Canada to clear the way for Governor Walker’s wall.

8. Pilots are probably flying low as possible to more easily pick up the game here on 105.7 WAPL…your FM home for Packer football.

7. Flyover must be headed to Milwaukee to help Brewers celebrate their 94th loss of the season!

6. The mother ship has finally arrived to return Tom Milburn to his home planet.

5. Military probably headed to Chicago to contain out-of-control celebrating by Bears fans who were shocked they won one game this season.

4. Don't know what that was but I bet it had something to do with Trump.   

3. Assumed Appleton Mayor Tim Hanna ordered a drone strike on homes of the alderman from Human Resources Committee who voted to cut his salary by 10 grand.

2. Pilots must been in a hurry to get to a bathroom after eating one of those black Burger King Whoppers.

1. Air Force apparently launched an emergency rescue mission bound for Green Bay to air lift out lost hikers stranded in the thick, over-growth of Mayor Schmitt’s eyebrows.
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oct 2nd 2015

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenies of the Week…The Wisconsin DOT who have delayed completion of the U.S. 10/State 441 construction project by two years and the members of the Wisconsin legislature who caused the situation with its poor handling of the state budget.


For pissing off more Wisconsin drivers than a car with Illinois plates.

For being responsible for more blockages than the concessions at Little Chute Cheese Fest.

And for making driving an already dangerous stretch of highway more risky than unprotected sex with a Kardashian.

We are proud to name the Wisconsin DOT together with the governor and the state legislature as this week’s Rick and Len Show…WEENIES OF THE WEEK.
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oct 2nd 2015
It's not enough to be a Packer need to live the Green and Gold Life!
Check out the Green and Gold Drinking Game plus green and gold cocktails, cool merch and other fun stuff at the Green and Gold Life website.

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sep 28th 2015

September 14th City of Greenfield
Police responded to a residence after a caller reported having issues with ghosts in his apartment. The caller stated the ghosts are not threatening, but he is frustrated because they do not say anything or have any purpose or reason for being there. The responding officer was unable to locate any ghosts inside the apartment.

September 22nd City of Oshkosh
Police responded to a report of a naked man taking an afternoon stroll near the Walgreens on Murdock.

September 21st City of Beaver Dam
A man called police from the movie theater to report he had fallen asleep while watching a film and when he woke up everyone was gone. The man needed someone to come to the theater and let him out so he would not set off the alarms.

September 3rd City of Greenfield
A resident called police to report he paid money to a telephone psychic to get rid of evil spirits but they are still there.

September 2nd City of Greenfield
Police received multiple 911 calls concerning a man in a convenience store slapping other customers with money.

September 22nd City of Wisconsin Rapids
Police responded to a report of a woman in the parking lot of Wal-Mart lying under a parked semi trailer. Responding officers discovered the woman was lying under the semi trailer because she was fighting with her boyfriend who was still inside the store.

September 11th City of Glendale
Officers were called to the Boston Store where a customer was caught in the act of stealing clothes off a mannequin.

September 19th City of Greenfield
Police received a report of somebody drawing swastikas with poop.

September 25th Brown County
Officers responded to a report of a theft of a 300 pound rock.

September 7th Town of Harrison
A man on Shepherd Lane called the Cellcom call center to complain and made the comment that he was going to the Cellcom store in Appleton and cut the sales representatives fingers off and send them to Cellcom. The man later apologized and said he was just kidding.

September 8th City of Greenfield
Police responded to a report of an elderly man who ate a large quantity of shrimp at Pick N Save and then refused to pay. According to police, there was not enough evidence to cite the man for theft, but he was told he would be cited for trespassing if he returned to the store.

September 25th City of Sheboygan
Police responded to a report of a young female screaming "help me!" as an older man was trying to get her into his car. Police discovered it was just a girl who didn't want her father taking her to school.

September 18th City of Greenfield
Police received a report of a man wandering around a neighborhood with a rifle. When police arrived, they located the man who did not have a rifle but was carrying an umbrella that looked like a sword.

September 13th City of Waukesha
A male was reportedly heard yelling that he was going to kill someone, cut them up, and throw their body in the Fox River. Police determined the argument was between the man, his sister and her boyfriend over the phone that was a result of the male moving out after an argument about the Green Bay Packers defeating the Chicago Bears.

September 21st City of Bayfield
A caller complained to police about a an ostrich running around his residence.

September 15th City of Greenfield
A caller reported hearing a female screaming in an unknown apartment in his building. A responding officer discovered the sound was coming from two people having a "tickle fight" near an open patio door.

September 16th City of Rice Lake
A landlord reported that after refunding a tenant their security deposit, the tenant returned to the apartment and stole the toilet.

September 8th City of Greenfield
A man called 911 to report he was overcharged for coffee and was "disrespected" by employees at a convenience store. An officer spoke to employees and it was determined the caller was charged the correct price for his coffee. The caller was also advised that even if he was overcharged for coffee it was not an emergency and hence, not a suitable reason to call 911.

September 11th City of Waukesha
A woman called police and said her boyfriend pinched her leg and then locked her out of their apartment after they had a disagreement over what type of music to listen to while driving home from a restaurant.

September 20th City of Greenfield
A manager at Olive Garden called police after a customer refused to leave the restaurant because his "grill," which he had wrapped up in a napkin, was accidentally thrown away by an employee.
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sep 25th 2015


10. Could have shared a ride on the Zippin’ Pippin with an area religious figure like Aaron Rodgers.

9. He cmight have helped save Door County from the forces of evil by vanquishing the FIBs that stayed past Labor Day.

8. He could have performed the world’s greatest miracle by creating a hat big enough to fit Tom Milbourn’s head.

7. Just as Jesus turned water into wine, he could have participated in sacred local tradition of turning beer into urine.

6. He could have taught that St. Vince dude some manners by showing him you take the big post hole digger hat off when you’re sitting in front of people at the game.

5. He could have checked to see how the Ten Commandments stack up against the new code of conduct for the Green Bay City Council.

4. He could gotten drivers on 41, 43, and 172 to use their directionals and drive the speed limit and that, my friends, would be a miracle.

3. He could tried to heal the lame, and what could be more lame than the WIXX morning show.

2. Some holy water, a little laying on of hands and a good word with the guy upstairs, he could have had Eddy Lacy and Jordy Nelson back in the game this week.

1. Just as Jesus fed the multitudes with just a loaf of bread and a couple fish, He could have tried to feed everyone at Paul’s Pantry with just the stolen meat from Green Bay Alderman Guy Zima’s pants.
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sep 25th 2015

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week… Gideon Swartzentruber of Neillsville who was in Clark County court in central Wisconsin this week after being arrested earlier this month when he was caught having sex with a donkey. When asked why he had intercourse with the donkey, Swartzentruber explained that he “got crazy and carried away” because his “privates were out of control”.


For taking the term “piece of ass” a little too literally.

For proving himself to be a ho-mule-sexual.

And for having sex with a donkey which is only considered weird in central Wisconsin because the donkey was not his sister.

We are proud to name Gideon Swartzentruber of Neillsville as this week’s Rick and Len Show…WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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sep 18th 2015

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…a 22-year-old LaCrosse area man, Vaughn Rothering, who this week was in court on charges stemming from an incident back in May. According to police, Rothering accidentally shot his roommate while using the laser sight of his 9mm pistol to tease his cat.


For shooting a hole in his buddy’s leg…which should be a good match for the one he apparently has in his own head.

For not realizing that a gun isn’t anymore a cat toy than a ball of yarn is a defensive weapon.

And for being like a virgin who accidentally discharges at his very first site of a pussy…cat.

We are proud to name Vaughn Rothering as this week’s Rick and Len Show…WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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sep 16th 2015


10. As a child was under the mistaken impression that there were female Pop Tarts called Mom Tarts.

9. During post game showers, occasionally peeks.

8. He’s only dating Olivia Munn for the free tickets to X-Men: Apocalypse.

7. Came in SECOND in poll about what person named Aaron area women most want to have sex with due to a Channel Five news anchor’s resounding popularity with lesbians.

6. Has an uncle who was a professional blackjack player until a debilitating head injury left him unable to count to 21 without taking off his shoes and dropping his pants.

5. After sustaining a brain rattling concussion in 2010 game against the Lions, spent about three hours mistakenly believing he was Captain Crunch.

4. College roommate operated an illegal drug lab until he blew all his money on cocaine and eucalyptus in an effort to create the first batch of menthol crack.

3. Is haunted by recurring nightmares about making a pinky swear with Larry McCarren.

2. His farts naturally smell like rainbows and sandalwood.

1. As a child, his family couldn’t always afford new clothes, so for Christmas one year his mother gave him an empty box that she claimed contained an invisible belt that he still puts on after every touchdown.
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sep 15th 2015

After seven seasons, American Ninja Warrior had it's first ever contestant  complete the either course. Then...another guy did it! Sounds to me like maybe it's gotten too easy.


Contestants must simultaneously build AND CLIMB OVER a wall DESIGNED by Donald Trump to be impenetrable to anyone whose skin tone is darker than “beige” on the Sherwin-Williams color wheel.

Contestants have to crawl a rope ladder over a pool of hungry sharks after chugging a beverage provided by Bill Cosby.

Contestants must traverse a gulch, gripping overhead life-like dildos starting with ones molded from Tommy Lee and Ron Jeremy becoming progressively smaller down to Brett Favre.

Contestants are obliged to have sex with multiple Kardashians without knocking one up despite using only the Chicago Bears offensive line for protection.

Contestants must walk across a body of water on a course of spinning logs. The body of water is Lake Michigan and the logs are the ones that you find near the Milwaukee shoreline whenever the sewer backs up.

Contestants, armed only with a machete and an industrial strength Weed Whacker have to try to emerge unscathed after being airlifted into the middle of Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt's eyebrows.
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