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feb 18th 2013

January 29th City of Neenah
A 23-year-old man sought police assistance at his apartment after he found a bone in the wall of his kitchen. The bone was exposed when the man’s son knocked off a portion of a board while playing. Investigators sent photographs of the bone to a University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh anthropologist, who identified it as a rib bone from a pig.

February 14th City of Shawano
A woman called police and reported that someone had broken into her home, stole her cigarettes and replaced them with different ones that looked just like hers.

February 11th City of Shawano
Police received a report of a pregnant cat that was walking funny.

February 9th City of Portage
Police responded to a report of the theft of a cake shaped like Spongebob Squarepants.

February 4th City of Mayville
Police responded to Mountin’s Piggly Wiggly where an 82-year-old man was caught in the act of stealing a copy of USA Today. The man admitted to stealing copies of the paper sporadically over the last two years. He immediately paid $104 in restitution. The manager told him he was not allowed to return to the store which upset him more than paying the restitution.

February 3rd City of Wauwatosa
A 37-year-old Milwaukee woman was arrested for punching another woman at Mo's Irish Pub. She accused the woman of bumping into her without saying “sorry”.

January 31st  City of Wauwatosa
Police arrived on the scene of a car accident to find the driver pleading with a witness to not arrest him. The witness informed the driver he was not a police officer. A police officer, however, did arrest the man after he blew a .25 on the Breathalyzer.

January 26th City of Waukesha
A woman called police and requested assistance in removing a “a naked picture of her 17-month-old daughter on Facebook. The picture of the toddler was posted by her grandma and she is refusing to take it down.”

January 31st City of Waukesha
A “hysterical 13-year-old” boy called police because his mother was “upset with him for being mean to her.” The boy told police this mother had taken away his iPod because he called her “stupid”. He wanted police to make his mother return the iPod.

January 30th City of Waupun
A person at the Kwik Trip recorded two instances of shoplifting, one on January 27th and the other on January 29th. On each accession, a man that they know was with a woman allegedly  stole a “Lunchable” snack pack.

February 1st City of Stevens Point
A 20-year-old woman was cited for excessive noise. The woman told police she was having a loud party to get back at her neighbors, who have loud parties.

February 6th City of Stevens Point
A 15-year-old boy was cited with retail theft after police say he walked into the dining area at a grocery store where he ate two doughnuts and Cheese Whiz, then left without paying.
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feb 4th 2013
January 20th City of Waukesha
A caller reported a “vehicle in the area that has the gas nozzle hanging out of the gas tank.” A woman “drove out of the Speedway with the gasoline nozzle still in the vehicle. She then put the nozzle in the back of seat because she “had to get home for a bowel movement.” The nozzle was returned to Speedway.

January 30th City of Shawano
Police received a report of a “strange man” that has been coming by Sacred Heart School on more than one occasion. The man claimed he needed to see a priest because he had the devil inside him. He was initially given some Bible information about the devil.  However, he returned and  spoke with a priest and according to police dispatchers that  may not have ended well.

January 24th City of Oak Creek
A convenience store employee called police after a 51-year-old man became loud and boisterous, kicked a shelf over and chased the employee around the store with his wheelchair after he found out his lottery ticket wasn't a winner.

January 30th Village of Mattoon
Police received a call from someone at Donna’s Village Pump where a drunk man reportedly walked in, grabbed a beer out of the cooler and just sat there drinking it.

January 20th City of Glendale
Police were called to a home where obscene drawings were made on the driveway using either whipped or shaving cream. Police report that some rubber bands were also found on the driveway and lawn.

January 26th City of Greenfield
A resident called police after he heard a man singing Christmas carols very loudly. Officers checked the area but were unable to locate the late January caroler.

January 20th City of Waukesha
A woman called police to report that her 12-year-old daughter was “throwing furniture and biting the cats.”

January 26th City of Beaver Dam
Police received an anonymous report that a man was exposing himself at the Wal-Mart Supercenter. Police made contact with the 26-year-old man who told officers that his pants had fallen down accidently and that it was not intentional. The police report did not indicate if the man was at the store to buy a belt.

January 28th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A caller told police a woman was microwaving cats and then putting them in the freezer. Authorities believe the call was unfounded.

January 29th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police to report the front door of her neighbor’s house was open. Investigating officers found the people inside were hot, so they had opened the door.
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feb 1st 2013
January 30th, Orange City, Florida
A 19-year-old man was arrested on drug paraphenalia possession charges while driving a tow truck.  Police say dispatchers overheard a conversation about drugs on their radios and one of the men involved mentioned the word Harry and said he was driving a tow truck.  Police pulled over the suspect a few minutes later, searched the tow truck and found a crack pipe. Police say the man wasn't hard to find, since the sign on the side of the tow truck read "Harry's Towing."

January 6th Hungry Horse, Montana
A man who called to ask for police assistance indicated that he could not physically detach his drunken girlfriend from himself. The man told police that his girlfriend was really drunk and would not let go of him.

January 11th Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Officers helped a drunken man who was jaywalking and got stuck in the snow on a median. The man was given a ride across the street by police.

December 19th Evergreen, Montana
A man called police to report that his ex-wife attempted to run him over in a parking lot. At the time of the call he did not want to press charges against the ex-wife because they were grocery shopping together.

December 17th Athens, Georgia
Police were called to the scene of a domestic dispute between a woman and her naked boyfriend who were embroiled in an argument about “Democrats and Republicans. When asked why he was naked, the boyfriend explained he had just lost at a game of strip beer pong.

December 12th Rome, Georgia
A 27-year-old man named Bill Cook was arrested after a manager at the Wendy's restaurant on Martha Berry Boulevard complained that he was acting strange and disturbing other customers.  When police asked for the man’s ID, he provided bogus information. In a search, officers found a note in his pocket, reading, "How Bill Cook intends to rob the Wendy's on Martha Berry Boulevard and get away with it," followed by lists labeled "Plan A" and "Plan B."
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jan 21st 2013
December 30th City of Neenah
A Chestnut Street resident asked for police assistance to investigate footprints going from her back yard to her father’s truck. An investigating officer determine the footprints were rabbit tracks.

January 4th Town of Menasha
An officer was called to American Drive and Watermark Court to check on the welfare of a 42-year-old man sitting in the roadway with both arms raised to the sky. The man, told police he had been driving through the area and a powerful spiritual energy came over him and he felt the need to pray. The man was warned not to sit in the lane of traffic and that he could continue on the side of the road. A short time later, police got several more calls about the man, and the officer returned to find him still on the side of the road. He was asked to pray elsewhere since people were concerned for his wellbeing.

January 13th City of Shawano
Sheriff’s Deputies were called to the scene of a disturbance on North Moh He Con Nuck Road. A party was in progress at the address and someone apparently vomited on the floor. Physical force and threats were reportedly used to try to get someone to clean up the vomit.

January 14th Town of Grand Rapids
A woman called police to report seeing a strange object with a string attached in the snow by a mailbox. The responding officer found the mysterious object to be a broken appliance.

December 30th City of Glendale
A 23-year-old woman was arrested for disorderly conduct and criminal damage to property at the bowling lanes. The woman made an obscene gesture at some women, threw bar glasses on the floor breaking them, kicked and broke a glass monitor and next picked up a bowling ball and acted as if she was going to throw that as well.

January 15th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police to report being bitten while she and her dog were fighting over a pork chop.

December 20th Town of Larabee in Waupaca County
Police received a report that someone entered a garage on County Road DD and stole some bacon and a cheese and sausage tray from a refrigerator.

January 12th City of Portage
Police cited a 50-year-old Poynette with disorderly conduct at Papa Murphy’s after he became upset and knocked over a container of red pepper flakes during a delay in customer service.

January 6th City of Chilton
A theft was reported on Diane Street. The caller told police someone entered their unlocked home and stole a ham out of their freezer. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that the caller’s sister had stopped over and took the ham. No charges were filed.

January 17th Town of Grand Rapids
A girl phoned 911 after her parents ordered her to clean her room.

January 17th City of Juneau (Dodge County)
Dodge County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to the scene of a fight at the Silk Exotic Gentleman's Club. Two dancers reportedly got into a physical fight on stage over a one dollar. A customer was trying to give the dollar to one of the dancers but the other took exception to it and felt she had 'earned' that dollar. The strippers punched and slapped each other, and some hairs were pulled out, before other dancers and customers broke up the fight.

January 1st Town of New Holstein
Police received a report of a horse running loose. The horse had just recently been sold and it was believed he was just running home to his original owner.

December 27th  City of Waukesha
A woman called police to report her boyfriend hit her with a roll of toilet paper. The woman did not sustain any injuries from the impact of the toilet paper roll.

January 2nd City of Chilton
Police received a report of a male subject, possibly wearing a hoodie, running out of a store. The area was checked by officers and no males in hoodie were seen running in the area.
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jan 8th 2013
December 17th City of Germantown
A passer-by called police to report a mannequin in a Chicago Bears jersey was hanging upside-down from a railroad crossing The Chicago Bear mannequin was removed and properly disposed of.

December 12th City of Neenah
Officers responded on a report from a business on Opportunity Way of a client threatening to shoot staff and making a gun with his fingers and yelling “bang” while pointing at people.

December 31st City of Shawano
A man called the Sheriff’s Department and asked to have someone take my drug addled wife. The man told the dispatcher that his wife is “all high” and being a “crabby bitch”.

December 30th City of Shawano
Police received a report just past midnight of someone in a red Chevy traveling down South Airport Drive on the wrong side of the road….in reverse.

December 25th City of Schofield
A 31-year-old man arrested on a charge of domestic disorderly after police were called to a report of a man who threw a potato peeler through the window of a home.

December 24th City of Menomonee Falls
A 48-year-old woman was arrested for disorderly conduct for ripping lights off a Christmas wreath at her mother’s house.

December 6th City of Brown Deer
Two 15-year-old girls were mailed citations for disorderly. One of the girls was drinking juice from a box when the other girl confronted her about which was the best juice to drink — a generic or a brand juice? That girl then knocked the juice out of the other’s hand. No injuries were reported.

December 22nd City of Waukesha
A woman called police about a domestic dispute over her husband being “unreasonable” in his requests regarding her cooking for his family for Christmas dinner.

December 23rd City of Waukesha
A resident called police to report hearing arguing and “things and/or people being thrown around” in a nearby apartment. Police made contact with a male and female who said they were arguing “over the fact that he did not propose to her.” The man said he was going to propose the in March when the couple goes to Las Vegas.

December 26th  City of Waukesha
Police responded to a report of a man in a Mercury reportedly yelling, swearing and throwing snow at a snow plow driver. The man told police he sees the snowplow drivers 'sloughing off' all the time and he was 'pissed' off about it.

January 2nd City of Portage
Police responded to a report of a 77-year-old woman who was yelling and throwing barstools because she was upset about ice in an ally.

January 3rd City of Portage
A 29-year-old woman was arrested on a charge of domestic disorderly conduct after she allegedly struck a man three times because she was upset at not getting what she wanted from Taco Bell.

December 30th City of Fond du Lac
A 54-year-old allegedly left a threatening message on the Fond du Lac public works director’s phone. On the message, the man stated he was very upset about the city pushing snow into his driveway while plowing. The man stated that “somebody is going to get hurt,” if snow continued to be pushed into his driveway by snowplows and he was “going to find the snowplow operator and it’s going to be ugly.”

December 31st Town of Grand Rapids
A caller reported a man on a riding lawnmower trying to get out onto the ice on Lake Wazeecha. An officer talked to the man, who said he was riding the lawnmower out to get his tip-ups.
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dec 17th 2012
November 15th City of Chilton
A welfare check was requested for a 23-year-old woman who had been sitting in a lawn chair in front of the movie theater for four and a half hours. The woman told the responding officer that she HAD to be the first person in the theater for the premier of the new Twilight movie.

December 11th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A caller reported someone in a Santa suit throwing snowballs at vehicles and making inappropriate hand gestures…especially for Santa Claus.

December 9th City of Fond du Lac
An employee of the Gemini Circle group home called police to report the theft of a 7-foot gingerbread man. Anyone seeing a suspicious-looking 7-foot gingerbread man is encouraged to contact the Fond du Lac police.

December 11th City of Portage
Police responded to a report of a man running up and down an apartment hallway while yelling. Police were told the man was also throwing CD cases and disposable razors.

December 6th City of Waukesha
Police received a report of a man opening packages of women's underwear in a Family Dollar Store. The man said “he was purchasing the underwear for his girlfriend and wanted to see the actual size.” The man paid for the four packages of open underwear and left.

December 8th City of Waukesha
Officers responded to a report of a man and a woman “having oral sex in the laundry”.

December 12th City of Wisconsin Rapids
Police received a report of a disturbance with a lot of yelling and a chair flying. Officers determined it was just a loud discussion.
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dec 5th 2012
November 23rd City of Portage
Officers responded to a 911 hang-up call from someone who was upset because they could not find the show “Ghost Hunters” on television.

November 14th City of Neenah
Police cited a 32-year-old Menasha woman for shoplifting after she confessed to stealing 13 plastic bookmarks from a store.

November 14th City of Neenah
Officers responded to a 911 call for a disturbance and heard a woman screaming upon arrival. Officers determined the woman and her live-in boyfriend were arguing over what TV show to watch. Both were warned about their behavior.

November 19th City of Hales Corners
A woman called police to report the theft of her socks and kitchen strainer. An extra police watch was requested for her home.

November 17th City of Waukesha
A caller reported a possible drug deal in progress after seeing five cars pull up next to a silver Blazer and pull away. Responding officers found a group of cheerleaders participating in a scavenger hunt.

November 19th City of Waukesha
A caller reported seeing a man was reportedly walking wearing all black and carrying a samurai sword. Police questioned the man and found he was he was walking to work as he regularly does and carrying an umbrella, not a sword.

November 20th City of Waukesha
A caller reported a man and woman arguing and “slamming things around the apartment”.  Responding officers found the man was apparently worked up over a basketball game on TV and throwing a stress ball off the wall, while the female was yelling at him to stop.

November 23rd City of Portage
Police investigated a report of a person who called a local retail outlet and said he would have a gun in his car if the store did not have the television advertised in a Black Friday sale in stock.

November 13th City of Brown Deer
An 18-year-old man was arrested for theft from his employer, Pick ’n Save. The man admitted “discounting purchases” made by another man who most often purchased corn beef saying that man was “a very good cook” and fed the employee.
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oct 15th 2012
October 6th City of Hales Corners
A resident called police to report that seeing a man sucking on a cucumber near a playground. An officer was unable to locate alleged cucumber sucker.

October 7th City of Shawano
A South Lafayette Street resident reported a bag of kids toys and coloring books taken from a vehicle.

October 7th City of Shawano
Police were called to West Eagle Street where a homeowner reported soda, beer, and wine coolers were stolen from the garage however some coloring books were left behind.

October 2nd City of Germantown
Police were called to TJ Maxx where someone attempted to set off a stink bomb.  Officers recovered an opened “Fart Bomb” package inside the store, but did not locate a suspect.

October 2nd City of Oak Creek
A female employee at an local café called police to report that a new employee of the restaurant had given her a bear hug and that the force of the hug broke on of her ribs. No charges were brought because the rib appears to have been broken accidentally.

October 7th City of Greenfield
A 12-year-old boy was arrested after allegedly lying to the  manager of an indoor amusement place and claiming to be part of a birthday party group so he could ride the go-carts for free.

September 29th City of Waukesha
Several streets were blocked off after a woman reported seeing a man waving a rifle on a balcony. Police eventually determined it was actually just a man shaking dust off a broom.

September 29th City of Waukesha
A caller, who indicated he has a concealed carry permit, reported that an argument ensued after he drew a gun on four subjects he had confronted for driving recklessly. The caller told police that after the subjects moved on, he “reupholstered his weapon”.

October 5th City of Portage
A Herman Street resident called police to report someone had left a toilet on their front step.

October 10th City of Shawano
A clerk at a grocery store on East Green Bay Street called police to report a man who kept walking around the store and ducking into the women’s bathroom.

October 5th Village of Biron
A caller reported a slow driving vehicle driving on South Biron Drive. A responding deputy found in the occupants of vehicle were Boy Scouts selling popcorn.
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sep 10th 2012
August 26th City of Waukesha
A male driver who was stopped in traffic told police his 90-year-old mother in the car was pregnant. The man then told police he would take his mother home after realizing that she was not actually with child.

September 7th City of Shawano
A West Oak Avenue caller told police a man stuck his hand inside her dog door and asked if he could use her phone. The woman declined. Since all she saw of the man was his hand, the best description she could give police was “he had really long fingers.” 

September 7th City of Fond du Lac
A 21-year-old man was cited for shoplifting after being recognized on surveillance footage because he had filled out an employment application to work there earlier that week.

September 7th City of Sheboygan
Police received a call concerning a candy bar that was reportedly stolen from a van by a passenger.

September 6th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A person near the intersection of 11th Street North and Baker Street called police to report seeing a man throw a fish down the sewer drain.

September 3rd City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police to report someone had left a picture of a cat in her yard.

September 2nd Town of Saratoga
A resident on South Young Street reported a car at the end of the road had been there for four hours. A man inside the car said he was just listening to the radio and would call his parents for a ride when he was done.

September 4th  Town of Saratoga
A woman called police and reported someone threatened her and stole a pink cow from her yard.

September 5th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A caller reported a woman acting “not normal” at a local business. She was reportedly walking fast and screaming at children. A responding officer determined the woman was just excited.

September 6th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A 22nd Avenue resident called police to report hearing yelling and fighting. Police found the source of the noise was children playing in the bathtub.
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aug 31st 2012
August 6th Town of New Holstein
Officers responded to a noise complaint near Fur Farm Road. The owner told police she was playing the radio loudly to keep the raccoons out of her corn field. While she wanted to keep playing the radio to ward off the raccoons, she agreed to turn it down.

August 11th City of Waukesha
Police responded to a call from a woman who was upset because someone had written on her car window. The woman was able to remove the writing without any damage to the vehicle. The message written on the window read “douche learn how to park”.

August 12th City of Waukesha
A man called police and reported his ex-girlfriend was drunk and trying to “maliciously” grab his testicles.

August 15th City of Waukesha
Officers responded to a report of teenage boys yelling obscenities and chasing turkeys with shovels.

August 16th City of Wauwatosa
A Powell Place resident reported someone stole his box of catheters.

August 19th City of Beaver Dam
An East Davis Street resident reported that their neighbor had put an old sofa on the curb for garbage pick-up and now there was a man passed out on it. 

August 21st City of Shawano
Police responded to a report of two girls near Zion church acting “giddy”. According to the caller, the two girls have been “giddy” "for the last half hour". So "Something must be wrong with them."

August 21st City of Wisconsin Rapids
An employee at Copp’s called police to report that a man wearing a stocking cap had dropped his pants in the meat department.

August 20th City of La Crosse
An officer was about to stop a black SUV after noticing a burned out headlamp when the driver pulled into the parking lot outside police headquarters. The driver told the officer she had picked up her husband on Island Street and wanted to drop him off because he was "talking stupidly". The husband was arrested for two outstanding warrants. His wife received a warning for the headlight.
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jul 5th 2012
June 17th City of Portage
A woman on Armstrong Street called police to report a theft of French fries. The woman told police she was walking from the Friendly Tavern with an order of fries when someone approached her and told her she either had to give him the fries or get into a truck. She told the officer she chose to give the man the fries.

June 14th Town of Harrison
A Firelane 9 resident called police to report someone put a homemade Scott Walker sign in their yard without their permission nine days after the recall election. The caller told police they have a suspect in mind.

June 22nd City of Waupun
Police responded to a report of parents lighting sparklers for their children on East Main Street. Police found no laws being broken.

June 11th Village of Sherwood
Police responded to a report of a large black umbrella lying in a ditch.

June 24th Village of Bowler
Police received a report of a porcupine named “Spike” gnawing on the foundation of the Education Center on the Stockbridge Munsee reservation. Shawano County Sheriff’s Deputies were told the porcupine would be difficult to capture because he is quite intelligent.

June 29th City of Mequon
An 82-year-old man was cited for disorderly conduct at a water park. The man became angry with a woman who was sitting on the edge of the pool with her legs in the water, saying she was blocking his swimming lane and cursed at her in both Russian and English.

June 23rd City of Beaver Dam
Police investigated a report that a man dropped off a live animal in a trap on Park Avenue. Police found the “live animal” in the trap was actually a bag of soda cans.

June 22nd City of Wauwatosa
A 48-year-old man was arrested for retail theft after allegedly stealing a package of breast pump bags and then returning them for a refund.

June 21st City of Wauwatosa
Police received a report of a man “wearing a full winter hat, two shirts and heavy green overcoat”. The man told the investigating officer he just always wears coats and he was wearing a hat because he HATES his hair!

June 16th City of Glendale
A 72-year-old Neshkoro man was arrested for disorderly conduct during a recital at Cardinal Stritch University. The woman sat in front of the man and while whispering to friends, he yelled at her to quit jumping around. When she whispered again to a friend, he smacked her on the back of the head.

June 20th City of Portage
Police investigated a report of the theft of $2 in cash from a Henry Drive home. A 29-year-old woman was cited for obstructing an officer after she allegedly lied to police during the investigation of the missing $2.00.

June 24th City of Portage
Police investigated a report of overly aggressive sales tactics by children selling Kool-Aid on West Franklin Street.

June 20th City of Wauwatosa
A 32-year-old man was arrested for vandalism after he spread honey across a desk, damaged a computer mouse pad and threw a Bible and religious brochures on a desk at Hall Automotive. A nail had been driven through the bible, the brochures and the mouse pad to bind them together. When apprehended and searched, the man was found to be carrying a backpack full of chicken bones.
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jun 25th 2012

May 31st City of Menasha
Police responded to a report of a dispute between a man and a woman on Third Street. The woman told police that the man became upset when she wouldn’t get the salt shaker for the man’s egg salad sandwich.

June 16th City of Portage
Police were called to an apartment to take care of a large bug in the living area. Responding officers say they could not find the offending bug.

June 9th City of Glendale
Police responded to a report of a naked man standing in the grass “whipping a string around”.

June 10th City of Waupun
A man at Family Dollar called police to report an irate 73-year-old customer was throwing bags of merchandise at him because the customer didn’t get something for the price he wanted.

June 17th Town of Wescott
Shawano County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a report from North Bay Circle where a 50-year-old couple was sitting outside naked.  

June 10th City of Waukesha
A resident called police to report  “male  screaming and two other males filleting a fish on the trunk of a car and dropping fish guts on the street”.

June 7th Village of Sauk City
A resident reported a man was passed out in the bushes. Police made contact with the 24-year-old man, who thought he was at home in bed.

June 19th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A caller told police his car sustained damage to the rear driver’s side when a naked man threw a yield sign at him.

June 7th Village of Sauk City
A resident reported that six juveniles were misbehaving on the Spruce Street Elementary School playground equipment. The resident told police one boy was going down the slide wearing only his boxer shorts.

June 15th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A man requested police assistance after his young daughter locked herself to a coat rack with handcuffs.

June 19th Town of Greenville
Employees of an area retail shop called the Outagamie County Sheriff’s Department to report a man who stops in the store wearing only a T-shirt and Speedo. After speaking with a deputy, the man agreed his attire probably wasn’t the best choice and he would dress more appropriately if he returned to the store.

June 10th City of Waukesha
Police received a report of a 50-year-old man who was “passed out and covered with mulberries”.

June 18th City of Menomonee Falls
Police charged a 56-year-old woman for allegedly attacking her husband after she found publications she considered to be pornography in the trunk of his car. The two “pornographic” publications she discovered were the Milwaukee alternative weekly newspaper the Shepherd Express and the satirical newspaper The Onion.
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jun 13th 2012
May 26th City of Neenah
A motorist at the intersection of Breezewood Lane and U.S. 41 asked police to check on a turtle that was in the middle of a roundabout. A car ran over the turtle before an officer arrived. The officer disposed of the body after a short memorial service.

May 31st City of Franklin
A 34-year-old man was arrested for shoplifting a Motorola Bluetooth earpiece at Wal-Mart. The man stole the earpiece by wrapping it in toilet paper and sticking it inside his rectum.

May 24th City of Horicon
A caller notified police of seeing people riding on top of a mattress on top of a car. The driver, a 19-year-old woman, told police two men were sitting on the windows of the car holding the mattress on the top to move it.

June 5th City of Waupun
A caller on Hillyer Street told police there was a large snapping turtle in the road and some children were trying to play with it and he was concerned with their safety. Police told the children to leave the turtle alone.

May 31st City of Oak Creek
A 41-year-old man called police after employees at a restaurant refused to give him a refund for a rib dinner he was unsatisfied with.

June 5th City of Beaver Dam
A woman on DeClark Street called police to report someone had been throwing gnomes at her political signs.

June 1st City of Portage
Police investigated a report of an intoxicated man who was out of control and broke a rosary.

May 31st Town of Leopolis
A caller reported seeing two people walking on the snowmobile and believed they were suspicious because one was wearing all black while the other was wearing all black except for a white hat. They told police they thought the two might be up to no good or perhaps they’re just taking a walk.

June 5th City of Shawano
Police received a report of a potential scam. The caller reported receiving a call from someone identifying themselves as working for the Shriner’s Circus. When they agreed to make a $20 donation, they were instructed to write a check and leave it under their doormat. The caller thought this seemed suspicious.

May 23rd City of Glendale
A 15-year-old girl was arrested for disorderly conduct for spitting at the driver of a county bus. The girl was angry when she and other juveniles boarded the bus with expired transfers and were told they had to pay or exit. A large amount of spit was found on a window next to the driver. The girl denied spitting but admitted sneezing saying the spit might have come out accidentally when she sneezed.

May 23rd City of Bayside
A 23-year-old woman was arrested for drunken driving after she ran from the car into a lot, telling police she had to pee. She also said she was driving because her friend was too drunk to drive. At first, she refused to take a breath test but changed her mind because she was just curious to see what her blood alcohol content was. Turns out it was 0.15, almost twice the legal limit.

June 6th City of Wisconsin Rapids
An employee at Rapids Rental and Supply called police to report an irrational customer had threatened to cut the store displays in half with a chain saw.

May 15th City of Green Bay
An 18-year-old man was cited by police after he took a needle from a $1.99 six-pack of needles at Mill’s Fleet Farm West. The man said it was a stupid decision but he was just going to use the needle to pierce his ears.

May 3rd City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police to report a man would not return her Season 1, Disc 1, of The Dukes of Hazard.

May 3rd Village of Biron
A man called police an deported someone took the newspaper out of his mailbox in. An investigating officer learned the man didn’t subscribe to the paper and when the route driver realized she had inadvertently put it in his box, she took it back.
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jun 5th 2012
May 28th Village of Ashwaubenon
The 34-year-old man fired several rounds through his garage wall. One bullet hit the window of a nearby apartment on Pilgrim Way. The man told police he had recently purchased a .380 caliber handgun with the intent to apply for a concealed carry permit. He said he didn’t know anything about guns but wanted to try it out before class.

May 29th City of Oshkosh
Police responded to a call from an employee of the Nails Plus Salon on South Koeller Street after a deer strolled in through the open front door, startling both the staff and customers.

May 12th City of Menasha
A woman reported that someone stole her Blessed Virgin Mary statue from the front of her apartment building. Family members checked the neighborhood, but there was no Virgin to be found.

May 24th City of Oak Creek
Police responded to a report of a goat at large. An officer found the goat nibbling grass and tied the goat to a stake in the ground at its residence and left a note for its owner, who was not at home at the time the goat escaped.

May 22nd City of Franklin
A caller reported the theft of $300 by a woman he invited into his residence. The caller told police he paid $300 to a woman he met at a local gentlemen’s club to dance for him at his home, and when she went outside to have a cigarette she left without dancing for him.

May 20th City of Waukesha
A woman called police to report that her 18-year daughter is “acting up and throwing things and stole her mother’s cat.”

May 21st City of Waukesha
A caller reported “a verbal altercation with her brother … about toilet paper”. “They were advised, if they can’t get along, they need to not live together.

May 26th City of Wauwatosa
A 30-year-old man was taken to Froedtert Hospital to get stitches on his chin after he was tackled behind Longfellow Middle. The man and his friend were tossing a football around when another man whom they didn’t know asked if he could join in. After a few throws, he tackled the other man then punched him in the face. The two friends chased him until the suspect ran into traffic.

May 31st City of Shawano
A woman called 911 from a soccer game at Eberlein Park to report a man who always parks his vehicle on the wrong side of the barricades. The woman was informed that the 9-1-1 line is intended for emergencies and a person parking on the wrong side of a barricade at a children’s soccer game does not qualify as an emergency.

May 18th Town of Harrison
Police responded to a report of a mother on Easter Lily Drive who used orange traffic cones to block her street so her kids could ride their motorized vehicles on the road. The cones were removed and the mother was spoken to.

May 19th City of Chilton
Police received a report of a man in dark clothing laying on the sidewalk near the intersection of Irish Road and Calumet Street. Responding officers found there was no medical issue. The man was just lying in the middle of the sidewalk to get some sun.
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may 29th 2012

May 27th Village of Bowler
Sheriff’s deputies received a report of a guest at The Konkapot lodge on Highway A who made off with a pillow from the lobby and a large stuffed beaver.

May 6th City of Green Bay
Police dealt with a fight between two inmates at the Brown County Jail. The two men, ages 22 and 27, were reportedly arguing over a gambling debt involving desserts.

May 14th City of Waukesha
A male subject, about 65 years old, was believed to be deceased after he was reportedly “hanging upside down from a split rail fence” for about an hour. Police responded and determined that the man hanging upside down from the fence was merely intoxicated, alive and not injured.

May 21st Village of Cecil
The Sheriff’s Department received a call from an Illinois man who claimed he had purchased 20 brats from a Cecil gas station and when he got home to Chicago, he discovered they were rotten. The clerk at the gas station told an investigating deputy that he hadn’t sold 20 brats at a time to anyone that day. According to the dispatcher, when the man first called, he was pretending to be his aunt.

May 21st Village of Birnamwood
Loose chickens were reported just off West Kildeer Lane. According to reports, the loose chickens strayed into a neighbor’s yard when the neighbor began shooting them with a 22. Deputies described the problem between the neighbors as “on-going”.

May 20th Village of Gresham
Police are investigating reports of an underage drinking party.  According to the Sheriff’s Department, one parent indicted their  daughter came up “all hicky-ed up”.

May 16th City of Waukesha
Police responded to a report of two women in a Ford Focus driving down East Moreland Avenue with a life size inflatable sex doll hanging out the driver side window.
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may 21st 2012
April 25th Village of Sauk City
A resident called 911 threatening suicide. However, when an  officer made contact with the woman she told him she couldn’t remember why she called 911 and said she was mad that her apartment was messy. She also asked the officer to get her a can of Pepsi from the fridge.

May 10th City of St. Francis
A 23 year old man was arrested trying to shoplift a tube Man-Delay Maximum Strength Climax Control Male Desensitizing Gel from Pick N Save. The man, who was shopping with his girlfriend at the time, tried to conceal the theft from her.

May 9th City of Germantown
Police were called to assist with a disorderly student and parent at Kennedy Middle School. Upon officers’ arrival it was determined that neither the student nor his mother was being disorderly; the mother just did not agree with the three-day, out-of-school suspension her son received for spraying “fart” spray inside the school.

May 4th City of Neenah
A complainant o Professional Plaza reported that a resident was smoking marijuana in an apartment. Police responded but only smelled an air freshener.

May 12th City of Portage
An Armstrong Street caller contacted police to report someone entered their residence and stole their lizards.

May 6th City of Glendale
A 20-year-old man was arrested for stealing three items valued at $308 from Kohl’s. The man allegedly hid three shirts in his jeans. That man told police he needed a new shirt for “a special occasion” and couldn’t decide which of three he liked best so he stole all three.

May 4th City of Cudahy
A 22-year-old woman was arrested for disorderly conduct after she confronted a she claims was talking poorly about her. During the incident, the woman, who was armed with a can opener, got into a physical fight with another woman, who is nine-months pregnant.

May 14th Village of Aniwa
Police were called to West Lake Street where a man was reportedly acting like he was going to attack his neighbor who as mowing his own lawn. The police dispatcher indicated to officers that the neighbor made like he was going to kick the lawn mowers ass twice. The lawn mower told police he had about 20 minutes before he was finished and the neighbor was now just staring at him.

May 16th City of Shawano
Officers responded to an Acorn Street residence where a neighbor boy reportedly hurled a cement block at another boy. The dispatcher noted that the block thrower "swears all the time and uses the F-word and is evil."

May 16th City of Portage
Police on Brady Street discovered someone used spray paint to write “butt head” on the road.

April 8th Village of Sauk City
Police responded to a panicked 911 call in which a female voice screamed for an ambulance over loud music in the background. When police arrived they found a drunk man passed out on a bar stool inside the bar. A nearly equally intoxicated nursing student said she couldn’t find a pulse on him and didn’t think he was breathing, so she called 911. The man was breathing and was awakened. He did not want assistance.

May 15th Town of Russell
A man called the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department to report someone broke into his garage and stole a 50 pound bag of sunflower seeds. An investigation by Sheriff’s Deputies revealed that the culprit was a bear who dragged the bag of seeds into nearby woods. The bear remains at large.

May 17th Village of Nekoosa
An officer responded to a report of a vehicle swerving all over the road. The officer discovered the driver was not drunk but rather was just unfamiliar with the area.

May 2nd City of Oak Creek
A caller told police that he and a friend were talking in a parked car when a tall, muscular man dressed in a black robe and wearing a white “Scream” mask walked out of the fog and up to his car, stood outside it for a moment, slowly backed away, then turned, crouched behind some bushes for a moment and eventually walked away. The caller told police he was unsure if it was a prank and did not know who would want to prank him.

April 29th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A Grove Avenue woman reported seven children trying to push over a portable bathroom.

May 4th City of Waukesha
A woman called police to report her 17-year-old son threw a pillow at her, almost breaking her nose.
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may 14th 2012

May 6th City of Oak Creek

A 54-year-old man was cited for lewd and lascivious behavior after officers found him naked from the waist down after responding to his 911 call. The man was intoxicated and called 911 multiple times, stating his wife had stolen his underwear and pants. He also was cited for misuse of emergency telephone numbers and was advised that his missing shorts were not a police matter.

May 6th City of Shawano

Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call from a Loon Lake residence where they found a man drunk and wandering around outside wearing only a towel  According to the police report, the man was throwing his wallet and exhibiting angry behavior since returning from a trip to the casino.

May 12th Town of Easton

A deputy was called to a location just east of Wausau where a a farmer reported a car in his field. When the deputy got to the scene, he found the car stuck in the field, and a man attempting to free it. The man was naked from the waist down, and had been covering himself and the car with mud. The man was agitated and resisted the deputy. After using his Taser, the deputy arrested the man without incident. The man did not explain to police why he was in the field, had covered himself in mud or had taken off his pants. According to a  Marathon County Sheriff’s Lieutenant,  "Something weird was going on there".

April 22nd City of Green Bay

A 29-year-old man was issued a citation for "dog napping," for taking a 7-month-old Chihuahua named Prince he found on South Platten Street. The dog’s owner spoke to the man but he refused to give the dog back and said it ran away. The “napped” dog later was found at the Bay Area Humane Society shelter and police plan to return it to its rightful owner.

May 11th City of Wisconsin Rapids

An employee at Wal-Mart requested an officer walk through the store because there was a large number of children both inside the store and flying kites in the parking lot.

May 8th Village of Bonduel

A South Jefferson Street woman called police to report that a woman keeps sending her text messages telling her she’s lazy and acting like a baby.

May 8th City of Wisconsin Rapids

An employee at Checkers called police to report a female driver just went through the drive thru but did not order because she apparently just wanted to make an obscene gesture at the cashier.

May 3rd City of Glendale

A 21-year-old woman was arrested for theft at Kohl’s. The woman admitted taking jewelry valued at $47 but was angry when arrested because “all her friends do it,” some even “make a living” doing it and they don’t get caught.

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jan 3rd 2012
December 4th City of Neenah
A West North Water Street woman called police an reported that while she was at work, someone entered her home, stole her television and replaced it with a different television. Police disagreed, noting that the serial number of the TV matched the serial number listed on the TV box that was in the complainant's bedroom.

December 22nd City of Germantown
A resident on Holy Hill Road called police to reported her coupons are being stolen from the Bargain Bulletin in her mailbox. An extra police watch has been issued in the area.

December 4th City of Green Bay
A 25-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of her second drunken-driving offense after an officer spotted her driving westbound on Mason Street near Webster Avenue with an open trunk. The officer reported cans of Bud Light were visible in the open trunk.

December 9th City of Green Bay
A 29-year-old man at the intersection of Washington and Walnut streets was cited for obstructing traffic and loitering after police say he jumped in front of an officer's car and danced strangely.

December 24th City of Kenosha
Police responded to an emergency call after a 26-year-old man played a prank on his 40-year-old roommate by hiding outside the bathroom and barking at her when she came out. The woman was so frightened by the barking, she repeatedly kicked her roommate in the face.

December 27th City of Marshfield
A 71-year-old woman was struck by a car in a parking lot. The woman said she didn’t see the car backing out of a stall because she was eating a piece of candy.

December 12th City of Neenah
A Church Street woman told police that she and her ex-boyfriend had a verbal argument and that he no longer was welcome at her house. Police located the ex-boyfriend and found he had used a razor to carve "I luv u" on his left arm and the woman's name on his right arm.

December 8th City of Menasha
A woman on First Street reported that her ex-husband sent their daughter to school in clothes she claimed were too small.

December 11th City of Neenah
A woman on Roosevelt Street requested police assistance after her sister and her sister's friend got into an argument while sending text messages from each other's cell phones. Her sister threw her friend's cell phone on the floor, and the friend slapped her sister in the face.

December 27th City of Menomonie
A 55-year-old Eau Claire woman was sentenced to 15 days in jail and a year of probation for stealing a ring off the dead body of a woman in a casket during the visitation portion of her funeral.

December 28th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman reported hearing a baby crying for about over five minutes. A responding officer found the sound was actually just two large cats fighting.

December 28th Wood County
A man told police he ordered a laptop computer online and received a board in a box.

December 28th City of Sheboygan
Police responding to a report of a man spray painting graffiti on several buildings, found a 22-year-old man with a can of spray paint in his pocket and red paint on his skin and clothes. When asked if he had sprayed buildings, the man initially said “maybe” before confessing that he sprayed the buildings because he was bored and there is nothing else to do in Sheboygan.

December 24th Town of Taycheedah
A Fond du Lac County sheriff's officer following up on a report something in the roadway blocking both lanes of County WH reported finding large pieces of cardboard and a dead cat sitting on a patio chair in the middle of the road.
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dec 5th 2011

November 16th City of Chilton
Police assistance was requested from a resident on Manhattan Street whose toilet was running over. Police advised the caller to  turn off the water, but were unable to do so. A local plumber's phone number was given to the caller.

December 2nd City of Wisconsin Rapids
A 14th Street man reported to police that someone in the neighborhood was having fun with Christmas lights.

November 28th Dodge County
A 35-year-old woman called 911 "to complain that her husband wanted to leave the bar and would not give her any money." The woman was informed that her husband not giving her money was not a 911 type emergency.

November 24th City of Racine
Police called to a disturbance during a Thanksgiving Day gathering, arrested a 23-year-old man. The man had become upset that a friend of his girlfriend was sitting on what he said was his chair. In an effort to get the woman to get out of “his chair” the man  grabbed a knife with an 8-inch blade from the kitchen and stabbed the wall, and then went after the friend. The friend picked up a broom to fight him off. The attack stopped only when someone mentioned the police.

November 21st City of Waukesha
A man called police to report his wife "was throwing knives and forks and spoons". Police responded and found the caller was drunk and his story could not be supported by evidence.

November 26th City of Oak Creek
A caller reported to police that the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer decoration was taken from his front yard between. The resident also told police that sometime last week someone placed a vodka bottle in his mailbox, but didn't think anything about it until Rudolph went missing.

November 26th City of Wauwatosa
A man paid for a washer and computer printer valued at $500 with counterfeit money at Sears. The man originally tried to haggle and had offered store employees offering $60 and a pizza for the items.

November 21st City of Oshkosh
A 62-year-old man on West Ninth Avenue who was unhappy with the progress construction workers were making was cited for disorderly conduct after he yelled and swore at the workers while they were pouring cement.

December 3rd City of Wisconsin Rapids
Officers responded to an anonymous report of a lot of banging and screaming sounds and then a loud crack At a home on First Street. Responding officers discovered people lifting weights and doing a workout.
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nov 21st 2011
November 7th City of Brookfield
A man reported that a driver threw fistfuls of pennies at his vehicle. Police say a 30-year-old Brookfield man is the suspected penny thrower.

November 11th City of Brookfield
Officers who were called to the scene for a reported explosion found and 15-year-old boy from putting mints in a 2-liter bottle of soda. He was cited for disorderly conduct.

November 12th City of Franklin
A 74-year-old man was arrested for disorderly conduct at Travelers Motel. The man was cited after he threatened to kill the husband of the owner of the motel because there were no rooms available, made derogatory statements about the owner, and then walked outside and urinated on the building.

November 17th City of Ashland
A man wearing an overcoat and sunglasses broke into the county courthouse and stole the judge’s robe.

November 4th City of Neenah
A store owner called police to report two boys, ages 9 and 11, stole $2.00 from a tip jar and used the money to buy Blow Pops and Gummi Spiders.

November 13th City of Marshfield
Police received a report from a Prairie Street resident that sometime between midnight and 8 p.m., someone entered their garage and stole with a box of chicken wings, a bag of Reese’s Pieces and one Ice Cream Cake.

November 14th City of Manitowoc
Officers were dispatched to an apartment on South 10th Street where a man became violent after his girlfriend made critical remarks about a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich he had made.

November 6th City of Chilton
Police received a report that a gray pickup on South Irish Road was losing debris out of the truck bed and baby bottles were flying all over the road.
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