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jul 11th 2011
July 3rd City of Manitowoc
A 21-year-old woman called to report that she bought a 20-pack of beer the previous evening and set it on the porch of her south-side home. When she went back to check, the beer was gone. On Sunday morning, the woman found the case had been returned with empty beer bottles and a thank you note scrawled on it. She told police she was upset and asked if a DNA test could be done to find out who drank her beer.

July 4th Town of Lamartine
A woman on Fairview Road called the Fond du Lac Sheriff's Department after she saw a 63-year-old man working outside his home naked. The woman said the man had no clothes on when he picked up a hose and put it back on a reel. A sheriff's deputy reported the man was cooperative when he was informed to either change his behavior or put up a high fence.

June 21st Village of Hilbert
A welfare check was requested at a Stephan Avenue residence where there was reportedly an open grill with flames shooting out in a front yard and young child was riding a bike around the grill without clothes on.

July 8th City of Wisconsin Rapids
An anonymous complaint was received by police regarding a couple in their 60s at the Wisconsin Rapids City Zoo drinking alcohol in front of the lemurs.

June 7th City of Green Bay
A 25-year-old man was cited for unlawful use of a telephone after threatening his girlfriend's assistant manager at a local restaurant. The man reportedly often calls the girlfriend at work and got upset when the assistant manager told him to stop calling and that his girlfriend was dead.

July 1st Village of Winneconne
Police cited a 22-year-old man for disorderly conduct after he spoke profanely to a Main Street convenience store clerk when she refused to sell him cigarettes because he could not produce an ID. When confronted the man admitted to speaking profanely. He told police he had gone to the store to purchase cigarettes for an intoxicated friend.

June 6th City of Green Bay
A 20-year-old Kastle Park employee was cited and fired after allegedly overcharging customers for mini golf and pocketing the extra cash.

June 15th Village of Sherwood
Police received a report from a Spring Hill Drive resident that someone was ringing doorbells and running off. Extra police patrol was provided.
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jun 20th 2011
June 1st City of Brown Deer
Police responded to an incident at Brown Deer Middle School where a girl left a classroom with a plastic bag holding a dead frog. Her teacher told her she could not take the frog and must return to class. The girl kept walking saying the frog was hers because she paid for it. An officer at the scene and told the girl if she left school she would be arrested. The girl left and was arrested.

June 15th City of Appleton
Police were called to the Taco Bell at the intersection of Richmond Street where a man suspected to be drunk was passed out behind the wheel of his running vehicle in the drive-through lane. When police finally got the man to wake up by knocking on his window, he turned up the volume on his car stereo and started bobbing his head to the music while ignoring officers. During the incident, the man repeatedly referred to a female officer as "baby" and "honey". When the officer asked the man to submit to field sobriety tests he replied, "C'mon, we're not all stupid here. Do you even need to do these on me? Serious. C'mon."

June 8th City of Oak Creek
A 48-year-old woman was arrested for drunken driving after she was seen getting out of her car and pooping in the bushes outside of Fleet Farm.

June 10th City of Wisconsin Rapids
Police received a report that a man on Pepper Avenue threw a chair in the garbage!
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may 31st 2011
May 24th Shawano County
The Shawano County Sheriff’s Department responded to a report from the Waupaca County Sheriff's Office about a Clintonville man who they say keeps calling their office to ask them to do something about his daughter-in-law who he claims abandoned her pot-bellied pig. Shawano County Deputies were dispatched to the man’s home to tell him to stop calling.

May 10th City of Chilton
Police assistance was requested by an elderly woman being harassed by a muskrat.

May 20th City of Beaver Dam
Police received a report from an employee of Kritter Kuts Beauty Shop that there was a man sleeping in their flower bed.

May 10th City of Neenah
A 52-year-old East Wisconsin Avenue woman told police that while on her walk, a man riding a bicycle passed her three or four times and at one point yelled out "vulgar compliments".

May 22nd City of Oshkosh
A 67-year-old woman on Mason Street was arrested for domestic disorderly conduct and battery after she allegedly hit her husband in the knee with a club and may have wrapped a cord around his neck. According to police, the two were having an argument over a television show.

May 22nd City of Menasha
Police were called to a Ahnaip Street residence where a woman reported that her neighbor has just mowed their lawn and some of the grass clipping landed on her side of the property line. The responding officer instructed the offender to pick up the clippings from her neighbor’s yard.

May 20th City of Beaver Dam
Employees at ShopKo called police to report that a man came into the store and was yelling at employees. He told the employees he was going to "karate chop" a psychiatrist before leaving in a silver SUV with Florida license plates.

May 21st City of Beaver Dam
Police received an anonymous report that there were girls in bikinis who were walking up and down the street near the intersection of Madison and Curie streets. The man was told that walking in bikinis is not illegal.
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may 23rd 2011
May 17th City of Stevens Point
A resident on Sunset Boulevard called police to report receiving a bag of urine in the mail.

May 15th City of Stevens Point
A 21-year-old Oshkosh man was cited with disorderly conduct after admitting to pushing a woman down on her bed and urinating on her walls.

April 29th City of Green Bay
Police responded to an accident on the fourth floor of the Cherry Street parking ramp. The woman left the scene when officers arrived but was later cited for drunken driving after she was found at a nearby nightclub. While she was handcuffed in the back of the police car, the woman offered to have sex with the arresting officer.

May 18th Town Of Burnett
A 72-year-old man told Dodge County Sheriff's Department deputies that someone left a note in his mailbox threatening to spray a weed killer on his asparagus patch.

May 10th City of Glendale
Police responded after a large trampoline was blown about 30 feet in the air and got stuck in a pine tree.

May 13th City of Germantown
Two 18-year-old men were arrested for shoplifting and possession of marijuana with intent to deliver at Walmart. The men had accidentally dropped the bag of marijuana while shoplifting at the store. The men were arrested after returning the store to look for their marijuana.

May 13th City of Brookfield
A 52-year-old woman was told not to return to the Splendid Salon, after an altercation with a hairstylist. The stylist called police after the woman, who was upset about her haircut, stood on the sidewalk outside the salon and made obscene gestures at the business.

May 10th City of Franklin
Someone rigged the latch on the garage door of a home on West Sharon Lane so it would not close properly. Then, sometime during the night, they entered the garage and ate an entire bag of chocolates.
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may 16th 2011
May 7th City of Beaver Dam
At 3pm, police received a report that there were two people lying on the ground in the community garden. Police made contact with the man and woman and asked them to leave.

May 1st City of Cudahy
A 30-year-old man was arrested for disorderly conduct after a neighbor heard four gunshots fired in a backyard on Manitoba Avenue. The man told police he fired the gunshots into the ground to celebrate the news that Osama Bin Laden had been killed.

May 14th City of Green Bay
Police apprehended a naked man who fled St. Vincent Hospital on foot just after noon. The naked man, who reportedly ran through the hospital cafeteria before exiting the hospital, was able to elude police for some time. Eventually, Green Bay Police, with help from Brown County Sheriff's Deputies, set up a perimeter west of the hospital. But police still couldn't catch the naked man because he kept slipping ahead of the perimeter. Acting on a tip, police found the naked man hiding in a back yard on South Webster Avenue, about a block north of the hospital. Police suspect the naked man was under the influence of drugs.

May 11th City of Wisconsin Rapids
Officers responded to a report of two women rolling around on the ground and a man taking pictures of them on George Road. The officer issued them a verbal warning.

May 8th City of Portage
Police responded to a report of someone throwing a bicycle into the canal near the Wisconsin River. A responding officer found a 21-year-old man nearby. The man told police the bicycle was his and he threw it in the water because he was angry with it.

May 12th City of Shawano
Shawano City police investigated a report that women were being propositioned by a man while shopping in the Friends for Christ store in Shawano.

May 9th Village of Bonduel
Deputies attempted to locate a man who was suspected of shooting up as he was going through the drive-thru at Burger King. According to a Burger King employee, the man had the needle in his arm and sounded strange over the intercom. It is not known if the man received his order.
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may 9th 2011
April 16th City of Eau Claire
A Hair Salon owner called police to report the theft of a 4-foot tall fiberglass hand shaped like a chair covered with images of country music star Keith Urban. Keith Urban is offering a reward for the safe return to the giant fiberglass hand.

May 3rd City of Waukesha
Police responded to a report of a man running nude through the downtown area. When apprehend by police, the man promised he would not run around naked again. However, he informed officers that the voices in his head were telling him he should have sex with a horse.

April 30th City of Oshkosh
A 65-year-old man, who was playing basketball on a court on West 20th Avenue, was arrested for disorderly conduct after he began yelling and swearing obscenities at children who also were also on the basketball court.

April 24th City of Menasha
A man called police to report the theft of a large sum of money from inside of his freezer.

April 28th City of Brookfield
Five women were cited for disorderly conduct for yelling obscenities at security officers and customers in a mall. The women were upset that they were not allowed to return items to a store.

April 28th City of Beaver Dam
A man called police to report that there were teenagers standing on the sidewalk. Police informed the man that the sidewalk is public and as long as they yield to foot traffic it is legal for teenagers to stand there.

May 1st City of Oshkosh
Police issued a citation for disorderly conduct to a 36-year-old man at a South Koeller Street business after he began yelling and swearing at an employee of a business who was unable to fix his video game system.

April 30th City of Beaver Dam
A MacArthur Drive woman reported at approximately 7:00pm… a carpet was left on her front steps.

STCW UPDATE: April 24th Village of Fox Point
A concrete statue of a pig valued at $75, that two weeks ago we reported was stolen from the front steps of a residence on North Poplar Drive, has been returned . As you may recall, a note was left at the scene reading. "We have your pig. The pig will die if you call the FBI." Despite, police intervention, the concrete pig was returned intact.
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may 3rd 2011
April 27th City of Shawano
A South Bartlett resident called police to report that an unknown person has been tying balloons to their plants with sexually explicit messages written on the balloons.

April 16th City of Shorewood
A 21-year-old man was arrested for theft at Pick 'n Save after he was seen stuffing two bottles of gin and two bottles of vodka into the girdle he was wearing.

April 21st Village of Arpin
A woman on Richfield Road called police and reported that a neighbor's goat caused damage to her car and pooped on her deck.

April 26th Town of Gresham
A man called the sheriff's department and told them his Texas Long Horn cow broke its chain. The man said he wanted deputies to shoot the cow, slit her throat, and then give him a back.

April 22nd City of Brookfield
Officers were called to a parking lot where someone reported seeing a 27-year-old man in a car was watching pornography on a cell phone. Officers found the man in question was watching... an episode of the TV series Nip/Tuck.

April 24th City of Wauwatosa
Police arrested a 21-year-old man for drug possession. The man repeatedly swore at officers and insisted on taking his pants off during his booking photo.

April 23rd City of Wausau
An officer arrested a man for violating the terms of his probation after the man was found drunk and sleeping in a garbage can.
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apr 25th 2011
April 12th Village of Fox Point
A concrete statue of a pig valued at $75 was stolen from the front steps of a residence on North Poplar Drive. According to police, a note was left at the scene reading. "We have your pig. The pig will die if you call the FBI."

April 13th Village of Omro
Police cited two Waukau Road neighbors with disorderly conduct after a dispute over a garbage can turned physical.

April 20th City of Marshfield
A 69-year-old Nekoosa woman reported a 69-year-old Arpin woman directed profanity at her and pushed her to the ground. The 69-year-old Arpin woman said she did it because the 69-year-old Nekoosa woman wouldn’t move fast enough.

April 18th City of Beaver Dam
A 32-year-old woman came to Beaver Dam Community Hospital with a rat bite. The woman told police she planned to keep the rat that bit her for three weeks until it has babies and then would feed it to her pet snake.

April 13th Village of Omro
Offices referred a 12-year-old to juvenile authorities after his parents called police to report he was out of control and swearing at them.

April 17th Village of Omro
Police responded to Kwik Trip to investigate a report of a suspicious person. According to police, the man reportedly had been asking other customers to buy him things.

April 13th City of West Allis
Police responded to a store where security had apprehended a shoplifter. Officers charged the 45-year-old man with attempting to steal three boxes of Ho-Hos and three boxes of Ding Dongs.

April 22nd City of Wausau
A 38-year-old woman was fined $300 for putting half a box of Ex-Lax in the cookie batter. She left the cookies outside the office of her University of Wisconsin-Marathon County biology professor.

April 21st City of Oshkosh
Police and firefighters were called to a Grand Street residence where a small dog was in distress. The dog's owner said they had been giving the dog a bath when it's paw became stuck in the sink drain. Firefighters were on the scene about 30 minutes using a reciprocating saw and a small cutting tool to remove part of the drain to free the doggie's stuck paw.
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apr 18th 2011
April 14th City of Shawano
Authorities received a report of a DNR violation concerning a Tigerton man who, after seeing a bear hit by a car on US 45, picked up the bear and took it to his home to make sure it was okay. A DNR official cautioned the man about the dangers of giving rides to injured bears.

April 8th City of Wauwatosa
A 50-year-old woman nearly struck a security guard's vehicle with her van for the second time in the past few days. During the first incident, her car stalled just before she struck him. The second time, her car came to a stop close to the vehicle and she shouted and waved her arms at the guard before backing up and parking. She told officers that the security guard's vehicle was equipped with a device that turns her car on and off and that it was making her angry. She said the Milwaukee Police Department plays the same tricks on her with its patrol cars.

March 31st City of Menasha
A man reported that he was fishing at Jefferson Park when an unidentified male in his mid-20s approached him and asked for a dollar. The man who was fishing didn't have his wallet with him and the suspicious male left the scene...only to return later and push the man into the water.

April 5th City of Oak Creek
Police were called to a West Sycamore Avenue location where school children were drawing likenesses of genitalia on the sidewalk with chalk.

April 2nd City of Muskego
A woman called police to report that when she looked outside her home, a man urinating on her lawn smiled at her and waved.

April 15th City of Stevens Point
A caller on First Street called police to report that boys her son did not get along with were outside their residence lobbing burritos at their house.

April 5th Village of Fox Point
A 75-year-old man was cited for violation of a sign ordinance after he put up signs in his front yard making negative comments about his neighbors.

April 1st City of Brown Deer
Police pulled over a 41-year-old man with the intent of giving him a warning for speeding 53 mph in a 40 mph zone. While writing the warning, the officer routinely asked the man if he had been drinking, to which he replied, "Obviously." A breathalyzer followed with the man blowing a .153 and was arrested.
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apr 11th 2011
March 31st City of Waupun
A woman living on Carrington Street caught a live rat in a container and demanded police come over and shoot it. When police explained why they wouldn't shoot it, she said she was going to sue the city.

April 2nd City of Wisconsin Rapids
A man called police because his ex-girlfriend refused to let him leave Perkins Restaurant.

April 3rd City of Beaver Dam
Police received a report about a man acting suspicious outside of Park Avenue Sports Bar. The man was acting strangely inside the restaurant and then went outside and started peaking inside while hiding in a bush.

March 25th City of Glendale
Police were called to a room at the La Quinta Inn occupied by a 42-year-old man and a 21-year old woman on a report of possible prostitution. In the room, police found about $2,000 cash, two boxes of sandwich bags and an unusually large amount of lingerie. The man said he had the cash from his job cutting hair and said the bags were to make sandwiches for the woman although no food was found in the room.

March 30th Village of Bayside
Police and firefighters responded to a report of a child "stuck in a toy". The girl was found caught in the doorway of a plastic play kitchen. The plastic was cut and she was removed unharmed.

March 23rd City of Menasha
Officers were called to a Third Street location where an elderly man had stolen some salt.

March 24th Village of Fox Point
Police were called to a North Seneca Road residence where a man reported a woman who was his ex-girlfriend had thrown a bottle of spaghetti on the carpet.

March 3rd Village of Pulaski
A complainant reported feces and other items scattered in his apartment on West Pulaski Street. A police officer said the complainant appeared intoxicated and looked like he was in a fight. The apartment appeared normal except for the feces on the floor. The complainant said he didn't know how it got there, and no citations were issued.
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apr 4th 2011
March 26th City of Franklin
A 37-year-old Illinois man, who was staying at a nearby motel, called police and reported he spent $1,000 on lap dances from two dancers at the On the Border Gentlemen's Club. The man told police that the women promised him they would come to his hotel room later that morning for private lap dances "on the house" but they never showed up and he felt cheated.

March 30th City of Waupun
Police responded to an alarm at the Dollar General store on Main Street. Responding officers found the alarm was triggered by a stray decorative balloon.

March 27th City of Waupun
A woman at the Waupun Citgo said a female pulled up with a baby in the back seat and the baby's hat was covering it's face. She thought police should investigate.

March 25th City of Beaver Dam
A 19-year-old woman on Walnut Street called police to report that her mother-in-law had some of her DVDs and is at work and the woman wanted to watch them now.

March 29th City of Stevens Point
Police were called to Ben Franklin Junior High School where two 13-year-old boys were fighting over whether or not "rednecks suck".

April 1st City of Fond du Lac
An East Second Street resident called 911 to report a fire at his home. The caller told the dispatcher a friend had called him and told him there was smoke coming out of a second story window. Upon arrival at the home, police and fire crews found nothing. That's when the friend called the homeowner back and told him it was an April Fool's joke.

March 12th Village of Howard
A 33-year-old woman was found wearing only her underwear on Tulip Lane. The suspect allegedly drank a few beers, two shots of tequila and a Red Bull with vodka earlier at an area bar. The woman drove her car, got out and damaged the outside property of three nearby businesses on Alta Street while taking her clothes off along the way.

March 31st City of Shawano
Police received a call from a resident indicating that someone on South Franklin Street has a video tape of their birthday party and they are now threatening to put it on You Tube.

March 18th City of Glendale
A 16-year-old girl was arrested for fighting with another girl at Nicolet High School. The fight started after a verbal argument over the correct way to spell and pronounce "twelfth."
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mar 30th 2011

March 22nd City of Shawano
A caller complained to police that someone was using an unknown pink liquid to taint their maple syrup.

March 19th City of Waupun
Police were called to the Waupun Community Center where tempers flared between two people attending an ice skating show.

March 19th City of Waupun
An employee at McDonald's reported to police that three men in a red car were just in the drive-through asking for sexual favors from the female employees. They took off on Highway 49. Police made contact, and the driver said it was just his friend joking around, and he didn't mean anything by the comments. The friend was given a warning.

March 15th City of Mequon
A 45-year-old woman was arrested for drunken driving and failure to stop for an emergency vehicle. A squad car pulled in front of the woman but she drove around it and continued while being followed by the squad car with lights and sirens. When stopped, she admitted having one glass of wine at a bagel store which doesn't sell wine. She then began grinding her teeth very loudly saying she always did that when she was nervous.

March 12th City of Whitefish Bay
A 60-year-old woman was arrested for hit and run and failure to report an accident. Two witnesses saw the driver run into a tree, swerve onto the medium and hit bricks and a power box. She stopped her car, got out, smiled and waved at the witnesses and then drove away.

March 10th Calumet County
A caller living on Highway 10 told police there is a light that flashes 5-6 times a night from somewhere behind his property. The area was checked and nothing was found. Hanging a heavier curtain on the window was suggested by police.
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mar 21st 2011
March 18th City of Oshkosh
Police responded to Kelly's Bar where two 21-year-old women got into a fight after one of them took too long inside the bathroom. One of the women was using the bathroom while the second waited impatiently outside. The woman in the bathroom came out swinging her fists, and was thrown out of the bar by bouncers. The second woman then went after the woman who took too long in the bathroom and wound up hitting her head on a cement parking block, an injury which required stitches.

March 17th City of Beaver Dam
Police received an anonymous report of a broken bottle on the sidewalk in the 300 block of North Spring Street. The caller said there was glass all over. However when police arrived they found that the bottle was actually plastic and unbroken. The scene was cleaned up by police.

March 15th City of Waupun
Police received a report of possible abuse from a caller who said he was driving on East Franklin Street and that he heard a 3-year-old girl who was outside yelling. Police found there was no abuse going on. The child was just playing on a trampoline.

March 12th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police to report her mother would not stop texting her.

March 5th City of Mequon
A resident reported that sometime before midnight the previous night, someone covered her vehicle with syrup and tampons.

March 12th City of Oak Creek
An 18-year-old man was cited for urinating in public on the Oak Creek police station. The man was dropped off at the station to secure a ride after the person he was riding with was pulled over without a valid license. The 18-year-old man went outside the police station and urinated on the building despite there being public restrooms in the lobby.

March 8th City of Wauwatosa
A 25-year-old man was arrested for retail theft after he entered a woman's fitting room and put on $430 worth of women’s clothing at Macy's and attempted to leave the store.

March 16th City of Waupun
A woman on East Main Street said she just saw three girls around 14 years of age steal some letters from the NAPA signboard in front of the business. Police found the girls and returned the stolen letters to the store.

March 5th City of Mequon
Police received numerous calls reporting a toilet sitting in the middle of Mequon and Port Washington roads. Responding officers disposed of the toilet.

March 15th City of Beaver Dam
Police received a report of two fist fights going on simultaneously outside of Don Smith Learning Academy. Two boys, 15 and 17, were in a fist fight when their mothers began to throw punches at each other at the same scene. All four were cited with disorderly conduct.

March 12th City of Waupun
Someone told police that a man and woman were fighting on the Wilcox Street and it sounded physical. Investigating officers found that the sounds were several men moving furniture up and down the stairs.

March 11th City of Oak Creek
A 53-year-old Oak Creek man was arrested for disorderly conduct at Pick 'n Save after receiving a report that he was filling carts with merchandise and leaving them in odd locations throughout the store.

March 9th City of Whitefish Bay
A 40-year-old man was mailed a citation for disorderly conduct after a resident walking his dog reported the suspect threatened him verbally and also carried a hatchet in his waist band. The same man was given a warning after he yelled and swore at another resident, again, displaying his hatchet in the process. Two days later, police received a report of the same man pounding on a car. A short time later, the man surrendered his hatchet to police.
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mar 14th 2011
March 9th Village of Wittenberg
Police responded to a call from an employee of the Wittenberg Telephone Company who reported they had no shovel with which to shovel their walk after the previous day’s snowstorm. The employee indicated that they saw a neighbor shoveling his walk with what appeared to be their shovel. Police contacted the shoveler and were able to get the shovel returned to its rightful owners.

March 10th City of Shawano
A resident on Madison Way called police to report a woman turned up at her patio door and repeatedly rapped on the window. The woman then took off her pants and left them outside the patio doors.

March 1st City of Whitefish Bay
A woman on East Sylvan Avenue called police to report a 56-year-old man who approached her about 2 p.m.. The man asked the woman if he could shovel her walk, take her to dinner and cut her hair. He left saying he'd return at 7 p.m. with his business card.

March 6th City of Oshkosh
A 27-year-old woman was arrested for theft after she rented a hotel room on South Washburn Street for two nights. When she checked out of the room, it was discovered she stole two comforters off the beds and a toilet paper dispenser.

February 16th City of Germantown
Police responded to a call from Germantown High School where a 15-year-old boy had dumped a container of milk on another student’s head.

February 22nd City of Stevens Point
Police responding to a fender bender found sunflower seeds scattered inside one of the cars. The 47-year-old woman driving the car confessed to police that she had been eating sunflower seeds just before the crash.

March 6th City of West Allis
Two men, ages 31 and 25, were thrown out of Crazy Horse Gentleman's Club and then assaulted by three unknown men. One of the victims told police that, during the assault, he had a "rotten tooth knocked loose".
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feb 21st 2011
February 16th City of Oshkosh
A 23-year-old man was cited for retail theft after he was caught trying to leave the store with a package of needles he had not pair for. The man admitted to police that had grabbed the needles off the shelf before going into the restroom and using them to pierce his own lip.

February 16th Village of Bellevue
A 61-year-old Wal-Mart cashier was fired after she was caught on camera stealing $20 from a register and eating bags of M&Ms while working.

February 14th Town of Grand Rapids, WI
Police received a report from an Abby Lane resident that someone damaged a snowman they had made in their yard.

February 12th City of Waupun
A woman said someone has been throwing a tire in the middle of the railroad tracks. She has moved it twice now, but someone keeps moving it back.

February 11th Village of Winneconne
A 57-year-old Winneconne woman called police to report finding a harassing letter from an unidentified neighbor in her mailbox. The letter, signed by a "very disgusted and angry neighbor", criticized the woman for walking her three Shih Tzus unleashed and not cleaning up after them. In the letter, the neighbor threatened to take video images of the woman and turn them in to authorities. Police responded by telling the clean up after her dogs.

February 10th City of Brookfield
Police were called to a clothing store where an intoxicated man reportedly struck a manager in the face with a plastic bag containing a hat.

February 13th City of Brookfield
A 46-year-old man was cited for misuse of an emergency number for calling 911 to report that a restaurant refused to deliver pizza to his house.

January 28th City of Oshkosh
Police investigated a retail theft on South Koeller Street where an 18-year-old woman was caught stealing clothing. The woman told officers she had no money and needed the clothes for her baby. From an examination of the stolen merchandise, she apparently has a very large baby since most the stolen clothes were the same size as those worn by the mother.

February 8th City of Greenfield
A 22-year-old man was cited for possession of heroin after he passed out using the drug in the bathroom...of the brain injury unit at Mount Carmel Nursing Home.

February 13th City of Beaver Dam
A woman reported that someone walked into her home on East Circle Drive the night before and took an aspirin from her pill box.

January 26th City of Oshkosh
A caller notified police of seeing a car leave the road and crash into a ditch on West Ninth Avenue. When police arrived on the scene, the driver told them, "I'm drunk. I was driving reckless at least 14,000 miles per hour and I'm in Appleton."

February 16th City of Portage
A 36-year-old man was arrested for violating an absolute sobriety condition of a misdemeanor criminal bond after police received a report that he was drunk and throwing snowballs.

February 14th Town of Saratoga, WI
A woman called police to report someone entered her home… and stole her fish tank.

February 13th City of Waupun
A woman on Reids Drive called to request police assistance. She told them her parents and her oldest brother were visiting her home and they won’t leave.
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feb 7th 2011
January 4th Village of Brown Deer
A woman at the Brown Deer Village Hall called police to report someone took her 24-ounce bottle of soda from the refrigerator in the employee break room. Police arrested a 19-year-old man for the crime. The man admitted to police that that he had taken the soda but said he had been told it was OK to take it.

January 27th City of Waupun
Police confronted a man who attacked a snowplow with a shovel. Police say the 63-year-old man was shoveling his driveway on Wilcox Court when a Waupun Public Works snowplow drove by filling his driveway with more snow. The man reportedly became upset and ran after the truck striking it with his shovel. Officers agreed to not cite the man because he apologized to the driver for hitting his plow. The plow did not sustain any damage.

January 23rd Calumet County
Police received a call from a location near County Highway KK and Military Road. The caller was in the trunk of a car and was not sure how he got there. He told police he thought he might been in the trunk of his own vehicle but wasn’t sure. He stated that he had been out drinking the previous night and that may have contributed to him being in the car trunk.

January 29th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman on Eighth Street called police to report seeing a boy and a dog sitting on a snow bank.

January 3rd City of Brookfield
A 34-year-old man is being investigated for disorderly conduct after lashing out at a referee at Brookfield Soccer. The man is accused of losing his temper when the referee asked him to wear shin guards during a game. The man reportedly responded to the request by cursing at the referee, throwing the referee's personal items into a garbage can and spitting on them.

January 27th City of Mequon
Police cited a 14-year-old boy for disorderly conduct after he smashed a plant and threw a cup causing minor damage during an argument with his 17-year-old brother over peanut butter.
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jan 31st 2011
January 18th City of West Allis
Police responded to a crime in progress at the Pick N Save. Officers arrested a man caught in the act of attempting to steal a package of over-the-counter wart remover.

January 1st City of Neenah
A Ninth Street resident called police to report hearing a lot of gunshots shortly after midnight. Police determined that the noise coincided with Menasha's New Year's celebration which included fireworks.

January 22nd City of Beaver Dam
A woman on Gould Street called police because her 28-year-old son was attempting to bite her husband.

January 19th City of Waupun
Police were called to an East Brown Street residence where a woman told them her grandson was refusing to get dressed for school.

January 21st City of Beaver Dam
A woman on Bogert Street called police to report that some time that morning someone left jalapeno peppers on her vehicle.

January 18th City of Brookfield
Police questioned a 13-year-old student of Pilgrim Park Middle School after a school official reported overhearing the boy talking about explosives. The police investigation revealed the boy was talking about using explosives in a video game.
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jan 10th 2011
January 6th City of Stevens Point
Two people were arrested after an argument at China Wok. A 22-year-old man who was dining at the restaurant reported that a 27-year-old woman threw water on him, hit his head with a glass yu7man and his friend were making derogatory comments about the waitresses and when she told them to stop, the man hit her in the head with a fortune cookie and called her a "stinky bitch".

December 26th City of Green Bay
Police responded to a report from a Hubbard Street residence where an intruder had broken in, stole about a $1000 in merchandise, watched TV and cooked and ate a frozen pizza.

December 22nd City of Green Bay
An officer who found a man lying near the entrance of Anderson, Tackman & Company on Cherry Street with open intoxicants, gave the man the choice of receiving a citation or relinquishing his 11 remaining cans of beer. The man chose to take the citation.

January 3rd City of Beaver Dam
A male Pizza Hut delivery driver reported that a 20-year-old man on South Lincoln Avenue came to the door naked to get his pizza, and then invited the driver to return to the residence after he was done working.

December 13th City of Neenah
A Higgins Avenue woman reported that her husband left their house to go for a walk about 8pm and had not returned by 11:30pm. Policed located the man about 1am at a tavern. He was OK and declined a ride home.

January 6th city of Shawano
Police were called to Wal-Mart where a man who was passing out CDs to shoppers suddenly changed his mind and wanted them all back.

January 4th City of Portage
An Associated Bank employee called police to report someone had two carnation flowers were duct-taped to the outside of a door to a storage room.

December 29th City of Brookfield
Police were called to Brookfield Central High School where a 14-year-old boy was allegedly throwing candy at a basketball game.

December 29th City of Greenfield
A South 69th Street resident called police to report that during the night or early that morning, someone had thrown two hot dogs on their driveway.
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jan 3rd 2011
December 18th Calumet County
Police received a report that a muskrat was in the basement of a home on School Street. The caller told police the muskrat was stabbed with a screwdriver, but they wanted an officer to shoot it. Instead, the muskrat was put in a bag and taken out of town.

December 8th Town of Menasha
An off-duty officer from another community reported a vehicle that was driving recklessly through the parking lot on West American Drive, nearly striking another vehicle. He attempted to make contact with the driver, a 30-year-old Appleton man, who made an obscene gesture at the officer and left the parking lot, squealing his tires. Contacted later, the driver admitted to having a bad day.

December 6th Town of Menasha
Officers were called to a residence on Meadowview Drive on a report of a couple arguing over dishware and utensils.

December 11th City of Neenah
A complainant told police he was attacked while inside a tavern on Main Street and had choke marks on his neck. When police arrived, the man was gone. Others in the bar told police no altercation occurred and that the man was just intoxicated and mad about losing a game of pool.

December 16th City of Waupun
A woman on North Drummond Street called police to report someone stole her snow shovel and she thinks she knows who did it!
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dec 20th 2010
December 5th City of Neenah
A man reported to police that he was leaving his residence on Sixth Street because he and his wife had a verbal argument during which she threw a stuffed Winnie the Pooh doll at him.

December 7th City of Mayville
A woman reported to police that a 74-year-old woman gave her a bad check for an order of Tupperware.

December 9th City of Beaver Dam
Police received a report of "bad words" written on the ice on the pond at Swan City Park. Police decided to leave the bad words on the ice since they believed the snow would be covering them shortly.

November 30th City of Neenah
A man called police to report his wife was freaking out and running around the neighborhood.

December 12th Village of Suamico
A Pulaski High School student was fired from Subway on Velp Avenue after the owner allegedly found him with a pipe to smoke marijuana that had been made from a sink faucet nozzle and the store's plastic sauce dispenser.

December 14th City of Beaver Dam
A 14-year-old boy called police to report that the person he was shoveling for on Denning Avenue yelled at him and refused to pay him as much as he was expecting.

December 8th City of Neenah
A homeowner on Bosworth Lane reported that someone stole a white bear on skis. The culprit left behind the skis and one of the bear's legs.

December 15th City of Sheboygan
A man reported finding a 45-pound gray pygmy goat lying in the snow. If you have recently lost your pygmy goat, Sheboygan Police would like to talk you.

November 29th Town of Menasha
A man reported that his wife had struck a mailbox on Kees Road with their Chevrolet Uplander but she was too excited to report it.
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