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oct 11th
October 8th City of Wausau
Police and firefighters rescued a man from the frigid waters of the Wisconsin River at Big Bull Falls Park in downtown Wausau. The man, who according to police was drunk, had reportedly chased a one-legged goose into the river in his attempt to capture it. He told police he planned the roast the goose. Police arrested the man on a charge of bail jumping. The goose remains at large.

September 30th City of Beaver Dam
A man on North Center Street reported that his neighbor had his trash cans out too early and that it was causing him undo stress. An officer talked to the man and explained to him that the cans can be out for 24 hours prior to pick-up.

October 3rd City of Oshkosh
A 41-year-old Oklahoma man was arrested and jailed by Oshkosh police for substantial battery after he punched an acquaintance in the face during an argument. The two men had been arguing over who could perform a military physical training test the best.

September 25th City of De Pere
Police were called to the Burger King on Main Avenue where a woman who was not pleased with her Oreo shake allegedly tossed a Hershey\'s pie at a restaurant employee.

October 5th City of Shawano
A man was cited for a causing disturbance and banned from the Shawano Rec Center after reportedly slapping a lifeguard on the buttocks.

September 19th De Pere
A Shopko employee was cited for allegedly stealing $164 worth of candy, mascara and Old Spice deodorant.

September 26th City of Fond du Lac
A vehicle driven by a 30-year-old man crashed into a porch on North Military Road. The man admitted to police that he had slammed six beers and "floored it" because he was mad at his wife.

October 1st City of West Allis
Police arrested a 40-year-old man on South Stratton Drive after he pulled some Asian lilies out of the resident’s garden and attempted to smoke them.

October 2nd City of Oshkosh
A 23-year-old man was arrested for domestic disorderly conduct after he got into a disturbance with his girlfriend at a residence on North Eagle Street. According to the police report while sitting on the couch, the put his hand over his girlfriend\'s mouth to stop her from talking.

October 3rd Town of Menasha
While checking an abandoned hotel on Holly Road, an officer encountered three males on a second floor balcony. They told the officer they knew it was private property, but heard it was haunted and were looking for ghosts.