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sep 13th
According to Jordy Nelson, while the Packers were on their way to the stadium Sunday, Philly fans used sling-shots to pelt their bus with eggs. By the time they reached Lincoln Financial Field the bus was:
a. severely damaged.
b. beyond recognition.
c. covered in more gooey protein than Ricky Martin at an Elton John pool party.

The reason Philly fans used eggs to pelt the bus was:
a. to show they thought the Packers were a yolk.
b. an attempt to beat the team by boosting their cholesterol.
c. they were all out of batteries.

During Sunday\'s Packer game, Justin Harrell suffered what appeared to be a season ending knee injury. Harrell suffering a serious injury is:
a. a massive blow to the Packer defense.
b. a set back for Harrell’s career.
c. as predicable as an episode of Walker: Texas Ranger.

At last night\'s MTV Video Music Awards, Kanye West performed a song toasting a-holes, scumbags and douchebags. The song is expected to be:
a. controversial.
b. a hit.
c. the new theme for British Petroleum.

At the Video Music Awards\'s, pop star Lady Gaga wore a dress made entirely of raw meat. The meat dress was designed to:
a. attract attention.
b. annoy PETA.
c. keep the flies off Lindsey Lohan.

After wearing the dress of raw meat, Lady Gaga is expected to change her name to:
a. Lady RawRaw
b. Lady Tartar
c. Mrs. Guy Zima

Tourism officials in Mexico City are starting a campaign to attract gay honeymooners. This move will make the Mexican capital the perfect place to go if you’re looking for:
a. an open minded vacation spot.
b. fabulous parties.
c. steamy Juan on Juan action.