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mar 5th
We are proud to name as this week\'s Rick and Len Weenies of the Week...the folks at the Appleton Post Crescent, who, in a caption on page A-5 of yesterday\'s paper, identified Appleton Mayor Tim Barack Obama. Well, to be accurate (which when talking about the Post-Crescent is kind of ironic), the caption just said "Obama". We\'re giving them the benefit of the doubt that they mistook the bespectacled, so-white-he\'s-almost-translucent Hanna for President Barack Obama and not for Michelle, Sasha or Malia.


For mistaking a guy who is half black for a guy who is half-assed.

For this week being known for the caption they put under a photo, when they\'re usually known for being the paper you put under a puppy.

And for not being able to tell the President of the United States from the Mayor of Appleton...which, at least, is a step up from their usual default position of just not being able to tell their asses from a hole in the ground.

We are proud to name the folks at the Appleton Post Crescent as this week\'s Rick and Len...WEENIES OF THE WEEK!