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jan 25th

Here\'s our Top Ten Reasons for Brett Favre to finally retire...again.

10) So he can unretire and then skip most of training camp before joining team president Mike Holmgren\'s Cleveland Browns.

9) Did you see that roll out and then throw all the way back across the field into traffic pass for an interception at crunch time he threw last night? There\'s your reason to retire right there.

8) So he can devote more energy to his secondary career as a commercial spokesman...for mobility scooters.

7) So he can spend more time with his family. That may not be true, but that\'s what everybody who retires says.

6) So he can pull a weekend shift at Favre\'s Steakhouse once in a while. Good help is hard to find.

5) So he can watch the new big screen TV he finally decided to buy from the little weasel of a sales guy in the Sears commercial.

4) Because Deanna\'s Honey-do list ain\'t getting any shorter.

3) So he can start leaking rumors about changing his mind and making a comeback again because, y\'know, having your own category on the sports crawl at the bottom of the screen is so freaking cool!

2) Because he has nothing left. If what I heard is true, he left it all on the field last night, and since it was in New Orleans, somebody stole all of it. Nothing left.

And the number one reason Brett Favre should retire for good...
He\'s now old enough to get Medicare and no longer needs employer-subsidized health insurance.