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oct 6th

Offensive line should be well rested for Lion\'s game not having wasted a lot of valuable energy by, you know, blocking.

Team saved hundreds of dollars on costly Gatorade by not creating the need to dump a barrel of it over anybody’s head.

There are guys in San Francisco who\'d pay big money to have a big, sweaty man like Jared Allen throw his arms around them and ride them to the ground and Aaron Rogers got that for free all night long. (Not that he seemed to enjoy it)

By allowing Brett to complete 3rd so many down passes, the Packer defense didn\'t have to wear themselves out running off the field.

If he keeps playing like he did last night, by November 1st game, Brett Favre will be too exhausted from celebrating touchdown passes to even play.

Donald Lee\'s hands are reportedly "baby soft" after apparently applying generous dollops of cocoa butter to them before 4th and 1 play in the 3rd quarter.

Thankfully, the Packers let Brett Favre "retire" since if a man his age had faced the Vikings with the Packer\'s current offensive line, today there would be a chalk body outline with the number 4 on the Metrodome turf.

After the game, manufacturers of tar and wholesalers of feathers saw marked increase in sales of their respective products to angry mob massing outside of home of Ted Thompson.