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mar 25th

Vice President Joe Biden has had to start shopping at Payless to cut down on the cost of the shoes he ruins when he puts his foot in his mouth.

Michael Phelps has been forced to postpone costly efforts to convert the swimming pool at the U.S. Olympic Training Center into a 600,000 gallon bong.

Lindsey Lohan has had to dropped plans to get a new carpet and will just continue to lick the one she has.

R&B star Chris Brown had to ask the judge to set lower bail.

Brett Favre can now only come out of retirement to join teams located in cities with a below average cost of living.

FOX 11\'s Tom Milbourn has lost his lovely home and he and his family are living in one of his old hats.

Joaquin Phoenix is going to have to start traveling coach instead of first class when riding the express train to crazy town.

Paris Hilton is going have to wait another year before replacing the pricey, over-worked “take a number” dispenser on her bedroom door.

The Octomom is going to wait another year before replacing the expensive overworked revolving door on her who-ha.