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mar 5th
Wow, is this a wicked WAPL trip! Too much fun with a totally cool group of Rockin\' Apple listeners. I think we\'ve packed about a month\'s worth of hijinks into a few days and about a year\'s worth of drinking into every day. Tuesday was my birthday. I don\'t think anyone was made such a big deal out it since I was ten and my Dad took a bunch of us to see Bid Daddy Don Garlits race at Minnesota Dragway. Thanks to our crew here it lasted several days and I turned 48, 49 and 50. Wednesday I felt like I had turned 70.

Our resort, the Iberostar Tucan is the bomb. Everything you need and lots of it. Our friends at Fox World Travel and Apple vacations have been awesome. We have been able to avoid most uf the technical challenges we sometimes encounter in foreign lands and, considering that we are not engineers, that\'s a miracle. I\'m a drinker, not a genius, Jim.

This morning we played what we call The Vacation Game, which is like The Newlywed game except out couples have been married for 22, 25 and 26 years. But they still act like kids as do we all.

Yesterday we did the "Lay-cation Game, in which four couples ate ceviche (supposedly an aphrodisiac) and the raced to their rooms to see if it worked. Gary and Colleen were back in seven minutes and both looked very satisfied. A half hour later the other three pairs returned but `they had all switched partners. Very interesting!
Join us one more time from the Mexican Riviera Friday from 7 to 9 a.m. Roxanne and Elwood will also have the 2009 International incident wrap-up from 3 to 5 p.m.

Then we have to fly home on Saturday. My Mexican work Visa is good for a month, however, so you might not see me until the end of the month. I should have a tan by then.

We miss you guys. But not that much. Adios!