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jan 15th
What a tough week? How does one decide who is more deserving of Weenie of the Week? Administrators in Brillion and Valders who didn\'t cancel school in 40 below zero wind chills. Or, is whomever decided to just delay classes by 2 hours in Laona even worse? What did they think Laona was going to have an isolated heat wave after 10am?

And how do either of those decision makers stack up against the jackasses who ran down the deer with their snowmobiles in Waupaca County? Or the other jackass on a snowmobile who ran over and killed 57 duck in Fond du Lac.

Both the snowmobilers and the school administrators are deserving but for such very, very different reasons. Join us Friday morning between 6 and 10 to find out who has earned the distinction of being this week\'s Rick and Len...WEENIE (or WEENIES) OF THE WEEK!