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jun 17th
We are proud to name as this week\'s Rick and Len Show Weenies of the Week...Jonathan and Jared Pippert, the 32 and 27-year-old Sheboygan brothers who live with their mother and were charged Monday with disorderly conduct for fighting over a bottle of shampoo.


For letting a little shampoo get them worked into a lather.

For getting into a physical altercation that left them both black and Selsen blue.

And, for in a week with many solid Weenie candidates, engaging in behavior that put them Head and Shoulders above the rest.

We are proud to name Jonathan and Jared Pippert, the adult Sheboygan brothers who were arrested after getting in a fight over a bottle of shampoo as this week\'s Rick and Len Show...WEENIES OF THE WEEK!