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oct 15th
Small Town Crime Wave 10-16-12
October 6th City of Hales Corners
A resident called police to report that seeing a man sucking on a cucumber near a playground. An officer was unable to locate alleged cucumber sucker.

October 7th City of Shawano
A South Lafayette Street resident reported a bag of kids toys and coloring books taken from a vehicle.

October 7th City of Shawano
Police were called to West Eagle Street where a homeowner reported soda, beer, and wine coolers were stolen from the garage however some coloring books were left behind.

October 2nd City of Germantown
Police were called to TJ Maxx where someone attempted to set off a stink bomb.  Officers recovered an opened “Fart Bomb” package inside the store, but did not locate a suspect.

October 2nd City of Oak Creek
A female employee at an local café called police to report that a new employee of the restaurant had given her a bear hug and that the force of the hug broke on of her ribs. No charges were brought because the rib appears to have been broken accidentally.

October 7th City of Greenfield
A 12-year-old boy was arrested after allegedly lying to the  manager of an indoor amusement place and claiming to be part of a birthday party group so he could ride the go-carts for free.

September 29th City of Waukesha
Several streets were blocked off after a woman reported seeing a man waving a rifle on a balcony. Police eventually determined it was actually just a man shaking dust off a broom.

September 29th City of Waukesha
A caller, who indicated he has a concealed carry permit, reported that an argument ensued after he drew a gun on four subjects he had confronted for driving recklessly. The caller told police that after the subjects moved on, he “reupholstered his weapon”.

October 5th City of Portage
A Herman Street resident called police to report someone had left a toilet on their front step.

October 10th City of Shawano
A clerk at a grocery store on East Green Bay Street called police to report a man who kept walking around the store and ducking into the women’s bathroom.

October 5th Village of Biron
A caller reported a slow driving vehicle driving on South Biron Drive. A responding deputy found in the occupants of vehicle were Boy Scouts selling popcorn.