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feb 25th
Day 3: Ixtapa (Len's Letter Home)
(Len's daily letter home)

Vacation...I mean this "work trip"...started picking up steam today. Elwood and I and some fine fellas names Mak, Greg, Bill and John hit the Marine Ixtapa Golf Club for some beer and golf. Greg was medalist with an 83. I was 2nd best with 100. Elwood says his score was about the same as his bowling average.
Many of us gathered The General's Sports Bar near the resort to watch Jimmie Johnson win the Daytona 500. A bar full of thirsty cheeseheads made for a very happy day for the general. A couple of people in our group won $100 in their race pool.

Rick and Ross joined a good-sized crew for a sunset dinner cruise while Elwood and I joined some Rockin' Apple listeners for dinner at the seafood restaurant. I had a spinach and goat cheese stuffed Pescado, which is a tasty whitefish. Combined with the lobster bisque, it was sublime. The chow here at the Sunscape Dorado Pacifico is the best I've had at any of the International Incident resorts and I think this is year nine.
The broadcasts start tomorrow (Monday_ 7 to 9 am and 3 to 5 pm). Join us vicariously.