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may 10th
We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…the person at Valley Transit, the Fox Cities regional bus line, who, according to my reports, decided that their drivers can no longer listen to the radio while on duty because it’s too big of a distraction. That’s right. All day behind the wheel with nothing to listen to but the sound of their voices in their own heads thinking about how much they hate their employer for not letting them listen to the radio. This should end well.


For making their drivers turn off their radios…when making people turn their radios off is something at which WE already excel.

For not caring that if everybody behind the wheel of a moving vehicle had to turn off the radio, we’d have fewer listeners in the morning than the Kardashian family has virgins.

And for trying to prevent any distractions on the bus by outlawing radios, when if they really wanted to eliminate distractions to the drivers they’d eliminate passengers…which from the sight of some of the empty buses I’ve seen around town, they may have already started doing. 

We are proud to name whomever banned drivers on Valley Transit from listening to the radio as this week’s Rick and Len…WEENIE OF THE WEEK!