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jul 1st

June 14th City of Menasha
Police responded to a gas station on a report of a man acting strangely. The caller told police the man was sitting on the pump stands and when asked to leave refused. When police arrived, the man told officers he was upset because the gas station employee called him "'Sir', and in reality, his ancestors date back to the Queen of England so this makes him an Esquire", not a "sir".  Police told the "Esquire" to leave the premises.

June 30th City of Sheboygan
Police received a report of a juvenile stomping on the roof of a car on 6th Street. Police discovered the boy was just stomping on the car to help his dad get the convertible top closed.

June 26 Village of Tigerton
A caller on County Trunk M reported a bull chasing their grandchildren.

June 25th City of Shawano
Police responded to a report of a man  kicking trees on East Green Bay Street. The man told the responding officer that it was part of his MMA fight training. The officer suggested the man train elsewhere and noted that for an MMA fighter the man did not have very good balance.

June 25th City of Shawano
Sheriff's deputies responded to a report of a car that drove into a swampy area on North Cattau Beach Drive. The driver told deputies she lost control of the car while trying to swat a bee. The woman was not injured. The police report failed to state the condition of the bee.

June 27th City of Shawano
An employee of a business on South Main street called police to report an eight-year-old boy who refused to leave the store. The employee told police the boy was wearing a backpack, sitting on the floor in the middle of the store and would not move.

June 22nd City of Marshfield
A 19-year-old Neillsville man was cited for theft after allegedly stealing a piece of framed artwork that was hanging in the men's room of the Kentucky Fried Chicken.

June 22nd City of Marshfield
A woman on South Locust Avenue called police to report someone had entered her home and poured themselves a big bowl of cereal and water.

June 26th  Village of Port Edwards
A man called police to report a car pulled into his driveway and the driver looked in his window and knocked on his door. Officers determined that the driver was a pizza delivery man trying to locate the correct address.

June 15th City of Mequon
A 52-year-old man was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct after fighting with another man. The man, who was intoxicated, became angry when he found ferrets in a cage in the victim’s car saying they shouldn’t be locked up. He removed the cage and then attacked the victim. No injuries were reported.

June 21st City of Waukesha
Police responded to a report of two little girls seen putting ducklings in a lunch box. Police made contact with the two little girls who had two baby ducks in their lunchbox that police released. Police advised the girls against putting baby waterfowl in their lunchboxes.