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nov 18th

November 5th City of Waukesha
Police were dispatched on a report of a man and woman fighting. The caller said there were items being smashed. When police arrived they discovered the woman was screaming because there was a mouse in the house. The banging was apparently the mouse being pummeled by a broom. The mouse carcass was observed and confirmed by police.

November 3rd Town of Menasha
Police responded to a theft at a Holly Road hotel. Hotel management told police one of their guests pawned the room's television, microwave, and mini fridge.

October 27th City of Cudahy
A 25-year-old man was taken to an area hospital, after he kept telling people that he was a horse and “everyone is pretty”. The man refused to cooperate with officers and medical staff but eventually revealed he had “injected mushrooms”.

November 9th City of Portage
Officers responded to a report of a man and woman fighting and screaming. The woman allegedly threw a bottle of ranch dressing spilling its contents.

November 15th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police to report hearing screaming from a neighbor's apartment. Responding officers discovered the screening was coming from a child who was upset over a video game.

November 13th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A resident called police and reported someone stole a lawnmower from his yard. A responding officer located the the resident's yard.

November 13th City of Monona
Recycling plant workers called police to report finding what appeared to be a severed human hand in the trash. A detective examined the hand more closely, counting six fingers but no thumb. A forensic anthropologist confirmed it was a bear paw. According to a police Sargent, “When it doubt, count the fingers, or in this case, the claws.”

November 14th City of Juneau
A woman called the sheriff's department to request a deputy check on the wellbeing of a friend who had been so sick for a couple days she was unable to get off the couch. The deputy checked on the woman and found her to be in better health and arrested her for violating her parole.