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dec 9th

(Giant corn on cob pictured NOT the actual stolen giant cob of corn!)

December 3rd Town of Stockton
A who called the sheriff's department told deputies that a 20-foot tall corn on the cob and trailer were stolen from his residence. Thankfully, the 20-foot tall corn on the cob and trailer later were recovered.

November 29th City of Oak Creek
A resident of an apartment complex called police to report there was the smell of "burning flesh" coming from somewhere in her building. An officer dispatched to the building and reported that he detected the smells of fresh baked bread, taco seasoning, pumpkin pie, ham seasoned with brown sugar and cloves, several Asian spices and various candle scents. However, the officer did not detect any smell of burning flesh.

November 19th Town of Menasha
Officers were sent to a residence on Bel Air Court after receiving five 911 calls from an intoxicated female who wanted to report that her son had taken the car keys, presumably because she was too drunk to drive. The dispatchers told the 52-year-old woman she should call the non-emergency number in the future. After she made several more 911 calls after that, the woman was cited for disorder conduct.

November 27th City of Fond du Lac
An officer was following a vehicle near the intersection of Hickory and Arndt Streets when he noticed its loud exhaust. During a traffic stop, the officer smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle. Inside were two women with red, watery eyes and two young children. While speaking with the passenger, the officer noticed a bulge in her shirt. When the officer asked her if the bulge was hidden contraband, the woman grabbed her bra and exposed her breasts to the officer, proving the bulge was just boobs and not drugs.

December 1st City of Waukesha
Police were called to Family Dollar about a customer that had been in the store for the last four hours staring at a blank computer screen. The man told officers he was using the computer in an effort to apply for a job. He said it was taking him so long because of “spiritual issues” he is dealing with. A clerk told police the man also tried climbing up on one of the store’s coolers.

December 4th City of Shawano
A girl called 911 to report a girl on Prairie Street would not give her her blanket back. The girl told the dispatcher that her father had suggested she call 911 about the blanket. The dispatcher informed the girl that her blanket problem did not constitute an emergency.

December 3rd City of Manitowoc
Police arrested a 17-year-old high school student in connection with a series of graffiti incidents. The boy admitted to the graffiti and told police he went out on a spray-painting spree to calm himself down because was frustrated with his multiplication problems.

December 1st City of Marshfield
Officers responded to a report of a person screaming inside an apartment. When police arrived, the man residing at the address refused to open the door. Based on the circumstances of the screams, the officer forced entry into the apartment. It was determined the man was alone and was screaming at himself.

December 3rd City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police to report another woman came after her with a flag.