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may 19th

April 29th City of Chilton
A caller reported a "bloody man" was walking around a store on East Chestnut Street. The man told responding officers, "This is what happens when you help your kids".

May 5th Town of Menasha
Police responded to a report of a 49-year-old Menasha man and a 51-year-old Appleton man fighting. The Appleton man was reportedly standing in a driveway when the Menasha man slowly drove in the driveway approaching the Appleton man and stopping when his car struck the man. Being struck by the car upset the Appleton man who approached the driver and punched the car and the two men proceeded to punch and kick one another.

May 3rd City of Chilton
Police received reports of an older gentleman rollerblading in the middle of the road on Madison Street. The man told responding officers he thought what he was doing was legal and said he was just entertaining the traffic.

May 15th City of Shawano
A mother called police to report a girl on her son's school bus called her son fat.

May 13th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A resident reported a man outside “doing karate” to very loud music and yelling at houses. Officers warned the man and later arrested him when he wouldn’t stop yelling.

May 4th City of Chilton
Police responded to a report from someone on Riverview Heights Court of a completely naked elderly man outstanding in a field.

May 8th City of Oak Creek
Police responded to an anonymous report of an angry goose.

May 3rd City of Cudahy
A 50-year-old man was arrested for violating terms of his probation by visiting his ex-girlfriend’s apartment. The man said he knew he was violating the probation terms by visiting her, but told police “the woman is crazy and the sex is amazing.”

May 6th City of Oak Creek
A 40-year-old man was cited for operating while intoxicated after his car struck a fence outside a home. According to police reports the man behaved in a bizarre manner while in custody and was wearing a football helmet while urging police to hire him as an undercover officer.

May 3rd City of Waukesha
Police responded to a report of a suspect trying to enter a business. However, the man, who was highly intoxicated, told police he was not trying to gain entry but rather was just urinating on the door. Police attempted to locate a urine spot to verify the man’s story but were unable to do so due to wet conditions.

May 14th City of Beaver Dam
A woman called police and reported that a bartender at a local tavern ripped a $10 bill in half. When an officer arrived, the bartender admitted he had ripped the $10 bill in half as a joke, then, taped it back together and placed it in the cash drawer. The bartender apologized for his actions.

May 7th City of Waukesha
A woman reported her cat was taken from her apartment. When police asked her details about her cat and its whereabouts, the woman became irritated, said the questions were “stupid” and hung up.

May 11th City of Marshfield
An employee of a business called police because there was an unsupervised 4-year-old child in their store. Store employees determined the child and his 8-year-old brother had been inside the store without a parent and the older child had left by himself. The mother of the 4-year-old was contacted and she told the store employee she was busy cooking dinner and did not have time to come get her child.

May 11th City of Wisconsin Rapids
Police received a call reporting a vehicle driving in circles in the technical college parking lot. Responding officers discovered it was a father who was having his daughter practice her driving skills.

May 11th Town of Saratoga
Officers responded to a report of children putting their toys in the middle of the road on Highway 73 so they could watch them get run over by cars.

May 10th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police and reported she was hosting a family gathering at her home when her neighbor came over uninvited and now wouldn't leave.

May 10th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A bartender called police and told them a man was outside the tavern talking to inanimate objects. Police told the man to leave and not come back.

May 10th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A caller told police “a kid keeps pacing in front of the house and they want him to go home.” Police talk to the boy and his cousin and they went home.

May 5th City of Whitefish Bay
Police were called after a man was seen in his front yard “practicing his bull whip” and it “looked suspicious”. According to the police report, the man “was not using the bull whip in a threatening manner” and no citations were issued.

May 5th City of Greenfield
A resident called police to report seeing a limping raccoon. They told police they feared the raccoon's limp would make it difficult for him to climb trees.

May 9th City of Greenfield
A 911 caller reported two elderly females were arguing with staff at the American Legion Post after they were allegedly caught cheating at bingo. The women then reportedly went outside and started yelling and banging on the windows. The disruptive bingo cheaters were last seen traveling eastbound in a silver Ford Expedition. Police were unable to locate the women.

May 9th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A caller from an elementary school told police that several children had complained that a 12-year-old male was hanging around the playground area and “flipping off” the students.

May 11th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A man called police to report his neighbor was calling him names. Officers warned both men to “be nice to each other".