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jul 16th
Small Town Crime Wave - 7/16/14

July 7th City of Shawano
Two 911 calls were logged that were believed to of been placed by the same person. On the first call, no one spoke and all dispatchers could hear was the sound of a female singing Bad Company. On the second call, the Poison song Talk Dirty to Me was playing.

July 2nd City of Greenfield
A man called police to report he was being "taunted" by a coyote. He also told police the coyote was after his wife.

June 27th City of Waukesha
Police responded to a disturbance. a responding officer said they did not arrest the man, who was just angry over the CD player in his vehicle not working and was swearing and beating the dashboard.

June 6th City of Shawano
Police were called to the swimming park on South Sawyer Street. A caller complained that a child was throwing mud in the river and had called a lady "fat".

June 5th City of Shawano
A caller told police a drunk man he does not know is pounding on his door and peeing on his porch.

July 2nd City of Waukesha
A woman called police and reported that while she was away some people played with her son's games, messed up her bed and let her cockatoo out.

June 10th City of Beaver Dam
A West Davis Street resident told police his neighbor was swearing at him. An officer talked to the neighbor and he said he swore at the caller because the caller kept looking at him. The officer advised the two men to avoid contact with each other.

July 9th Town of Emmett
A woman called police to report her daughter was "out of her mind". The woman explained to the police that she believed this because her daughter wanted to move to California to be with her boyfriend. Police explained that there is no law against making bad decisions and no further action was taken.