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oct 12th

(Recreation of what McDonald's culpirt may have looked like)

October 6th City of Fond du Lac
Police were called to the McDonalds on West Johnson. A white male in his 20's was reportedly walking around his car acting "strangely". According to the caller, all the man's car doors are open and his hood is up. The man also went into McDonalds and wrapped himself up in paper towels.

October 6th City of Fond du Lac
A Walgreens employee called police after an exotic dancer from a nearby strip club used the automatic teller machine and accidentally left behind her container of marijuana brownies.

September 25th City of Greenfield Two people were cited for theft after stealing a live lobster from Red Lobster and then posting about the incident on Facebook.

September 29th City of Waupaca
The Green Bay Police Department requested a check of the Waupaca Ramada Inn parking lot for a red Ford Focus with Illinois plates. They were looking for a husband who left his wife at Lambeau Field after an argument.

October 5th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman told police her 12-year-old daughter was chased by a clown at a bus stop and was afraid to go back. Officers went to the high school to see if any clowns got off a bus.

October 4th City of Beaver Dam
A man called police and reported that a child threw an acorn at the side of his house.

September 27th City of Waupaca Police received a report that someone on State Street tied a red balloon to the sewer.

September 29th Village of Germantown
The Germantown high school pom-pom coach reported that some of the plastic flamingos used in their fundraisers had gone missing from the school. Pictures were posted online of several Menomonee Falls High School students in possession of them earlier in the week. Officers spoke with several Germantown High School students who confirmed the flamingos had been returned the next night. According to the report, "No birds were harmed during their disappearance."

September 27th Village of Germantown Police
responded to the scene where a man was arguing with the manager at KFC after not receiving the mashed potatoes or coleslaw he paid for. KFC provided him with the food he paid for, and the man was warned for disorderly conduct.

September 28th Village of Germantown
A caller reported to police that two boys were spraying shaving cream on shopping carts at Pick 'n Save. The store manager requested the boys return and clean up all the shaving cream.

September 23rd City of Mequon
Police received a report of 52-year-old Chicago woman who was “walking around naked” while throwing trash on the ground and defecating on private property.

September 26th Village of Saukville
A woman told police they had been drinking vodka as they watched TV and then fell asleep. The man awoke at 3:30 a.m., she said, "just lost it" then began dumping water on her school papers and urinating on her stove.

October 1st City of Oak Creek
Police were called after a man and his wife got into an argument about a message on her Facebook account. The woman said her husband slapped her on the back of her head and then slapped the computer.

September 28th City of Greenfield
A male reported to police he was assaulted by a man who punched him in the face for not crossing the street fast enough.

October 4th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A resident called police and reported seeing two children walking on Eighth Street slap a bus when it was stopped.

October 6th City of Sheboygan A woman on Huron Avenue called seeking assistance because she believes she might have an insect in her ear.

September 28th City of Waupaca
Police received a report that two people in a parked blue Volkswagen Jetta are “getting it on” in the Kmart parking lot.

September 25th City of Manawa
A woman on Esther Drive called police and reported her house was toilet papered.

September 26th City of Manawa
A woman on Esther Drive called police and reported her house was toilet papered. She thanked the officers who watched her house last night, but said that after the officer left the kids returned and toilet papered her house again.

September 27th City of Manawa A woman on Esther Drive called police after receiving threats on her phone from a group of kids. The threatening text indicated the senders are going to harm her husband because she has been calling in complaints that they have toilet papered her house the last few nights.