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jan 25th 2013
     We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Weenies of the Cristi Sturgis and Stacy Gengler, two 35-year-old women who, following an argument inside Hank’s Bar in Menasha back in November, reportedly stole a 175-pound buck with a 19 1/2-inch spread out of a man’s pick-up truck. Sturgis and Gengler allegedly got into their car and tried to run over the 8-pointer to break off its antlers but the deer got caught underneath the car, half the rack broke and they drove down the road dragging it until they realized something wasn’t right. They eventually dragged the deer all the way to Jefferson Park in Menasha and with the help of a friend tossed the deer in Lake Winnebago. The deer just recently washed up, and last week the antlers were returned to their rightful owner. 


For being responsible for the biggest waste of good meat since the time Tommy Lee briefly became celibate.

For apparently not understanding what every good plastic surgeon knows…you don’t mess with a nice rack.

And for doing what may very well be the dumbest thing EVER done in Menasha which is an accomplishment akin to doing the most underhanded thing ever done in Washington, the most sleazy thing ever done in Vegas or the most pathetic thing ever done on Soldier Field.

We are proud to name Cristi Sturgis and Stacy Gengler of Menasha as this week’s Rick and Len Show…WEENIES OF THE WEEK!
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jan 21st 2013
December 30th City of Neenah
A Chestnut Street resident asked for police assistance to investigate footprints going from her back yard to her father’s truck. An investigating officer determine the footprints were rabbit tracks.

January 4th Town of Menasha
An officer was called to American Drive and Watermark Court to check on the welfare of a 42-year-old man sitting in the roadway with both arms raised to the sky. The man, told police he had been driving through the area and a powerful spiritual energy came over him and he felt the need to pray. The man was warned not to sit in the lane of traffic and that he could continue on the side of the road. A short time later, police got several more calls about the man, and the officer returned to find him still on the side of the road. He was asked to pray elsewhere since people were concerned for his wellbeing.

January 13th City of Shawano
Sheriff’s Deputies were called to the scene of a disturbance on North Moh He Con Nuck Road. A party was in progress at the address and someone apparently vomited on the floor. Physical force and threats were reportedly used to try to get someone to clean up the vomit.

January 14th Town of Grand Rapids
A woman called police to report seeing a strange object with a string attached in the snow by a mailbox. The responding officer found the mysterious object to be a broken appliance.

December 30th City of Glendale
A 23-year-old woman was arrested for disorderly conduct and criminal damage to property at the bowling lanes. The woman made an obscene gesture at some women, threw bar glasses on the floor breaking them, kicked and broke a glass monitor and next picked up a bowling ball and acted as if she was going to throw that as well.

January 15th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police to report being bitten while she and her dog were fighting over a pork chop.

December 20th Town of Larabee in Waupaca County
Police received a report that someone entered a garage on County Road DD and stole some bacon and a cheese and sausage tray from a refrigerator.

January 12th City of Portage
Police cited a 50-year-old Poynette with disorderly conduct at Papa Murphy’s after he became upset and knocked over a container of red pepper flakes during a delay in customer service.

January 6th City of Chilton
A theft was reported on Diane Street. The caller told police someone entered their unlocked home and stole a ham out of their freezer. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that the caller’s sister had stopped over and took the ham. No charges were filed.

January 17th Town of Grand Rapids
A girl phoned 911 after her parents ordered her to clean her room.

January 17th City of Juneau (Dodge County)
Dodge County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to the scene of a fight at the Silk Exotic Gentleman's Club. Two dancers reportedly got into a physical fight on stage over a one dollar. A customer was trying to give the dollar to one of the dancers but the other took exception to it and felt she had 'earned' that dollar. The strippers punched and slapped each other, and some hairs were pulled out, before other dancers and customers broke up the fight.

January 1st Town of New Holstein
Police received a report of a horse running loose. The horse had just recently been sold and it was believed he was just running home to his original owner.

December 27th  City of Waukesha
A woman called police to report her boyfriend hit her with a roll of toilet paper. The woman did not sustain any injuries from the impact of the toilet paper roll.

January 2nd City of Chilton
Police received a report of a male subject, possibly wearing a hoodie, running out of a store. The area was checked by officers and no males in hoodie were seen running in the area.
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jan 18th 2013
We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…A 36-year-old Fond du Lac woman who was reportedly hassling a man for money. When police arrived the woman claimed the man owed her money for “sexual relations”. When police told her to take up the matter in court and leave the property, the woman claimed she had no money for cab fare and asked police to drive her home. When the officer refused, she asked for an ambulance to take her to the hospital which is located near her home. The officer said she had to be injured for her to get an ambulance, so the woman reportedly threw herself down on the ground and claimed she hurt her knee and asked for an ambulance again. This time, an ambulance was called and the woman was advised she would be billed for the ambulance ride.


For apparently faking it twice in one night…once for an ambulance ride and once for money. (that she apparently wasn’t paid!)

For wanting a ride home in an ambulance. But since she claimed she was having sex with the man for money, we can only assume she is no stranger to either being in a prone position or under a red light.

For allegedly faking a knee injury, an act that could get her cited for both fraud….and impersonating Jay Cutler.

We are proud to name the Fond du Lac woman who couldn’t afford a cab and apparently faked an injury to get a ride home in an ambulance as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week!
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jan 8th 2013
December 17th City of Germantown
A passer-by called police to report a mannequin in a Chicago Bears jersey was hanging upside-down from a railroad crossing The Chicago Bear mannequin was removed and properly disposed of.

December 12th City of Neenah
Officers responded on a report from a business on Opportunity Way of a client threatening to shoot staff and making a gun with his fingers and yelling “bang” while pointing at people.

December 31st City of Shawano
A man called the Sheriff’s Department and asked to have someone take my drug addled wife. The man told the dispatcher that his wife is “all high” and being a “crabby bitch”.

December 30th City of Shawano
Police received a report just past midnight of someone in a red Chevy traveling down South Airport Drive on the wrong side of the road….in reverse.

December 25th City of Schofield
A 31-year-old man arrested on a charge of domestic disorderly after police were called to a report of a man who threw a potato peeler through the window of a home.

December 24th City of Menomonee Falls
A 48-year-old woman was arrested for disorderly conduct for ripping lights off a Christmas wreath at her mother’s house.

December 6th City of Brown Deer
Two 15-year-old girls were mailed citations for disorderly. One of the girls was drinking juice from a box when the other girl confronted her about which was the best juice to drink — a generic or a brand juice? That girl then knocked the juice out of the other’s hand. No injuries were reported.

December 22nd City of Waukesha
A woman called police about a domestic dispute over her husband being “unreasonable” in his requests regarding her cooking for his family for Christmas dinner.

December 23rd City of Waukesha
A resident called police to report hearing arguing and “things and/or people being thrown around” in a nearby apartment. Police made contact with a male and female who said they were arguing “over the fact that he did not propose to her.” The man said he was going to propose the in March when the couple goes to Las Vegas.

December 26th  City of Waukesha
Police responded to a report of a man in a Mercury reportedly yelling, swearing and throwing snow at a snow plow driver. The man told police he sees the snowplow drivers 'sloughing off' all the time and he was 'pissed' off about it.

January 2nd City of Portage
Police responded to a report of a 77-year-old woman who was yelling and throwing barstools because she was upset about ice in an ally.

January 3rd City of Portage
A 29-year-old woman was arrested on a charge of domestic disorderly conduct after she allegedly struck a man three times because she was upset at not getting what she wanted from Taco Bell.

December 30th City of Fond du Lac
A 54-year-old allegedly left a threatening message on the Fond du Lac public works director’s phone. On the message, the man stated he was very upset about the city pushing snow into his driveway while plowing. The man stated that “somebody is going to get hurt,” if snow continued to be pushed into his driveway by snowplows and he was “going to find the snowplow operator and it’s going to be ugly.”

December 31st Town of Grand Rapids
A caller reported a man on a riding lawnmower trying to get out onto the ice on Lake Wazeecha. An officer talked to the man, who said he was riding the lawnmower out to get his tip-ups.
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