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apr 13th 2011
The week the Phallological Museum in Iceland, (yes, a penis museum!) added it's first human tallywacker to their collection.
Here are some other...


10. The main gallery is 60 feet long...40 when it's chilly.

9. When he dies, Tommy Lee is not only giving his to the museum, he's also donating the money to build a wing big enough to display it.

8. After receiving a donation purported to be Michael Jackson's, staff proved it wasn't his since the only fingerprints on it were from adults.

7. Museum has enough room to host two balls.

6. Men visiting the exhibit on history of Jewish penis's must first remove turtlenecks.

5. Most visits to the museum last about 90 minutes. Consult your doctor is yours lasts more than 4 hours.

4. Museum does not have a café but it does have a wiener stand.

3. Admission to the museum is $10 a person but open free to members.

2. Like most of the European male visitors, the sweatshirts they sell in the gift shop are hooded.

1. His American Idol paycheck was not the only thing Ryan Seacrest blew at the museum.
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apr 12th 2011

Thursdays are WAPL Nights at the Skyline Comedy Cafe, and now it's easier than ever to enjoy world class comedy on the cheap! A special Rockin' Apple coupon code is available at skyline
It gets you two tickets for the price on one on Thursday night. Just use the code "WAPL" upon checkout and save big. Nothing funny about that!
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apr 11th 2011

It's your last chance to see the band Len considers one of the best live bands of all time, The Radiators!
After 33 years, the original lineup is making its last tour, and the closest they'll be to us is at The Cabooze in Minneapolis May 12, 13 and 14.
Len has at least 16 Radiators shows under his belt and will make it one more. They get his highest recommendation.
For more info on the band, its history and to listen to some of their music, click here.
To order tickets, click here or email Todd Baker at
Len has turned on lots of people to the Rads' sound and not once, ever, has anyone of them failed to become a big fan.
Make the road trip to the Twin Cities and catch this New Orleans-based American treasure for the last (and maybe your first) time!
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apr 11th 2011
March 31st City of Waupun
A woman living on Carrington Street caught a live rat in a container and demanded police come over and shoot it. When police explained why they wouldn't shoot it, she said she was going to sue the city.

April 2nd City of Wisconsin Rapids
A man called police because his ex-girlfriend refused to let him leave Perkins Restaurant.

April 3rd City of Beaver Dam
Police received a report about a man acting suspicious outside of Park Avenue Sports Bar. The man was acting strangely inside the restaurant and then went outside and started peaking inside while hiding in a bush.

March 25th City of Glendale
Police were called to a room at the La Quinta Inn occupied by a 42-year-old man and a 21-year old woman on a report of possible prostitution. In the room, police found about $2,000 cash, two boxes of sandwich bags and an unusually large amount of lingerie. The man said he had the cash from his job cutting hair and said the bags were to make sandwiches for the woman although no food was found in the room.

March 30th Village of Bayside
Police and firefighters responded to a report of a child "stuck in a toy". The girl was found caught in the doorway of a plastic play kitchen. The plastic was cut and she was removed unharmed.

March 23rd City of Menasha
Officers were called to a Third Street location where an elderly man had stolen some salt.

March 24th Village of Fox Point
Police were called to a North Seneca Road residence where a man reported a woman who was his ex-girlfriend had thrown a bottle of spaghetti on the carpet.

March 3rd Village of Pulaski
A complainant reported feces and other items scattered in his apartment on West Pulaski Street. A police officer said the complainant appeared intoxicated and looked like he was in a fight. The apartment appeared normal except for the feces on the floor. The complainant said he didn't know how it got there, and no citations were issued.
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apr 8th 2011
I was grocery shopping today when for the first time I noticed something unusual in the TP aisle. Why are there dogs on all the Cottenelle toilet paper packages? Are the fine folks at Kimberly-Clark now attempting to expand their market by promoting their finest toilet tissues for use by canine-Americans? Genius!

What a great untapped market! So much better to wipe their doggie dupas with super soft aloe & E treated two-ply than having them drag their asses across the new carpet. Now, if they can just come up with a way to teach the dogs to use the paper to wipe themselves. Hopefully, they won't leave as many disgusting paper bits on their behinds as those darn Charmin bears.

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apr 8th 2011
We are proud to name as this week's Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week...Bryan I. Hutcherson, the Oshkosh man who reportedly let his dog, Snoop, starve to death because "it was becoming too stressful and costing too much money to feed him."


For caring for his dog by the book, assuming that book is How to Raise a Pit Bull by Michael Vick.

For thinking feeding the dog was too costly which will hopefully be nothing compared to the price he'll eventually have to pay for his actions.

And for making me hope that where ever they lock him up, it will be some place where it's just a little too stressful and a little too costly to feed him...other than a steady supply of meat on prison shower night.

We are proud to name Bryan I. Hutcherson, or Oshkosh who reportedly let his dog starve to death because it was too stressful and costly to feed him as this week's Rick and Len Show...WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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apr 8th 2011
Will Farrell returns to his first love, the cowbell, in this trailer for the Beastie Boys sequel to their classic 1986 video for (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!). Also stars Jack Black, Elijah Wood, John C. Reilly, Seth Rogen, Jason Schwartzman, and many more!
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apr 7th 2011
You seen him on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Chelsea Lately, even his own special on Comedy Central. Maybe you've even heard him on the Rick and Len Show. Michael Kosta returns this week!

See him at the Skyline Comedy Cafe in Appleton. Order tickets on-line by clicking here or by calling 920-734-JOKE(5653). But hurry, some shows are already sold out!

And tune in to the Rick and Len Show Friday morning at 8:00 when Michael joins us in the studio for an hour of mirth and merriment!

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apr 7th 2011

10. To pay the bills, Vice President Joe Biden will have to return to former job as professional rodeo clown.

9. Interrupted waste disposal at the National Zoo means there will be another site in DC just as full of crap as the Senate chamber.

8. Lack of funds for daily tanning will cause Majority Leader John Boehner's skin to fade from bright tangerine to a muted salmon.

7. President of the United States and most powerful man in the free world will be spotted wandering down Pennsylvania Avenue scavenging for partially smoked Newports.

6. Locked doors at Presidential Libraries will mean many of George W. Bush's favorite books could go uncolored.

5. With no one to process visa applications, terrorists will be stuck having to try to blow up planes in their own countries for a while.

4. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson will be able to spend more time working on his pet project, digging a hole to China. (Johnson audio: "When you're in a hole, you've got to grab a shovel and start digging.")

3. With out anybody answering the 800 number hot-lines at the National Institutes of Health, there will be no one to tell you you have the wrong number when you misdial your phone sex line.

2. Delayed clinical trials and decisions on regulating new drugs and devices related to public health and safety means Americans may have to go weeks without the introduction of any new boner pills.

1. Will have to temporarily postpone invading any middle eastern countries no matter how much oil they have.
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apr 6th 2011
As of 10am this morning, the State Supreme Court race was still only 140 votes apart. 140 votes out of almost one and a half million!

This race is closer than...

A personal injury attorney and a speeding ambulance.

A rolled-up hundred dollar bill and Charlie Sheen's nostril.

65-year-old Dolly Parton's unteathered boobs and Dolly Parton's knees.

Ricky Martin and Ryan Seacrest on free lube night at the Beverly Hills' Manhole.

Governor Scott Walker's nose and financier David Koch's ass.

A tube of Valtrex and Snookie's cooter.

A pair of jockey shorts and Rick's nut sack on a humid day.
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apr 4th 2011
March 26th City of Franklin
A 37-year-old Illinois man, who was staying at a nearby motel, called police and reported he spent $1,000 on lap dances from two dancers at the On the Border Gentlemen's Club. The man told police that the women promised him they would come to his hotel room later that morning for private lap dances "on the house" but they never showed up and he felt cheated.

March 30th City of Waupun
Police responded to an alarm at the Dollar General store on Main Street. Responding officers found the alarm was triggered by a stray decorative balloon.

March 27th City of Waupun
A woman at the Waupun Citgo said a female pulled up with a baby in the back seat and the baby's hat was covering it's face. She thought police should investigate.

March 25th City of Beaver Dam
A 19-year-old woman on Walnut Street called police to report that her mother-in-law had some of her DVDs and is at work and the woman wanted to watch them now.

March 29th City of Stevens Point
Police were called to Ben Franklin Junior High School where two 13-year-old boys were fighting over whether or not "rednecks suck".

April 1st City of Fond du Lac
An East Second Street resident called 911 to report a fire at his home. The caller told the dispatcher a friend had called him and told him there was smoke coming out of a second story window. Upon arrival at the home, police and fire crews found nothing. That's when the friend called the homeowner back and told him it was an April Fool's joke.

March 12th Village of Howard
A 33-year-old woman was found wearing only her underwear on Tulip Lane. The suspect allegedly drank a few beers, two shots of tequila and a Red Bull with vodka earlier at an area bar. The woman drove her car, got out and damaged the outside property of three nearby businesses on Alta Street while taking her clothes off along the way.

March 31st City of Shawano
Police received a call from a resident indicating that someone on South Franklin Street has a video tape of their birthday party and they are now threatening to put it on You Tube.

March 18th City of Glendale
A 16-year-old girl was arrested for fighting with another girl at Nicolet High School. The fight started after a verbal argument over the correct way to spell and pronounce "twelfth."
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apr 4th 2011
Man turns co-worker's cubicle into a "Princess" bathroom.

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