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aug 13th 2010
We are proud to name as this week's Rick and Len Weenies of the Week...two of the strippers involved in an altercation this week outside The Other Place, a Fond du Lac strip club. Two dancers in their 30's allegedly roughly grabbed and spit on a 21-year-old dancer whom they accused of allowing men to inappropriately touch her during lap dances so she could make more money. The 21-year-old told police the altercation started in the club's dressing room where someone, presumably one or both of the two older dancers, glued her curling iron shut.


For gluing the other stripper's curling iron shut when they obviously really wanted to glue her legs shut.

For getting into a 3-way all stripper cat fight outside the business proving once and for all that the streets of Fond du Lac are way too classy to be known ONLY for public urination.

And for using glue on the curling iron which proves there is, in fact, something in a strip club even stickier than the pole (and presumably the pants of the 21-year-old dancer's customers!)

We are proud to name the fighting Fondy strippers as this week's Rick and Len Show...WEENIES OF THE WEEK!

(Picture not of the actual Fondy fighting strippers!)
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aug 12th 2010
From Janesville to Last Comic Standing, it's been a wild ride for the wildly funny Pete Lee. He may be the only comic we've ever had the show that was on a soap opera. (a doctor on As the World Turns!)

Pete will join us in the studio Friday morning about 8 for some smart ass hijinks! See him at the Skyline Comedy Cafe in Appleton. Tonight is WAPL night, slip that little nugget into the conversation when making our reservations at 920-734-JOKE (5653) and get 2 for 1 admission.

Or check him out at the still very reasonable 1 for 1 admission on Friday or Saturday nights.

Here's a little of the man in action!
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aug 11th 2010
In the interest of fairness, let's examine the claim made by the website Deadspin that Brett Favre texted photos of his penis to cheerleader tuned sports reporter Jenn Sterger while he was with the Jets. Here's are the pros and cons...

They claim you can tell it's Brett because he's wearing the same wristwatch he wore at his first retirement press conference.

Con: It's probably not Brett because hundreds of men probably have the same watch.
Pro: It could be Brett because the watch's big hand is on the 12 and it’s little hand is...throwing an interception.

The woman he reportedly sent the pictures to was a sports reporter.
It's probably not Brett because there were never any reports of him sending pictures of his penis to sports reporters when he was in Green Bay.
Pro: It could be Brett because if Larry McCarren had received a picture of a twisted, fleshy appendage he probably would have assumed it was a photo of his own finger.

In one of the photos Brett is reportedly masturbating.
It could be Brett because he is kind of a jerk off.
Con: It's probably not Brett, since we've only heard about him having a cannon for an arm, not a penis.

The pictures were supposedly sent while Brett was a member of the New York Jets.
It could be Brett because he did have regular interaction with the woman in question during that period.
Con: It's probably not Brett because if he was with the Jets and not Minnesota at the time, why does the penis in the picture reportedly have a purple helmet?

One of the pictures reportedly shows Brett groping his genitals.
It could be Brett because it reportedly does look like it could be his hand.
Con: It's probably not Brett because he’s only holding his balls not throwing them to an opponent’s defensive back.
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aug 10th 2010
Last week, the website Deadspin claimed that while with the Jets, Brett Favre was texting photos of his penis to a former cheerleader turned reporter. According to the report, the woman received several pics from Brett including one were he was wearing a pair of Croqs and pleasuring himself.

Here's a little tune about it...with pictures (but not THOSE pictures!)
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aug 9th 2010
July 18th City of Glendale
Three woman were arrested for disorderly conduct after a fight with a 22-year-old a woman outside La Quinta Inn. All of them had been at a party at the hotel and the fight started over a man also at the party. The three said the 22-year-old started the fight when she swung a portable pink stripper pole at them.

July 24th City of Mayville
A 74-year-old woman contacted the police to report the theft of three solar yard lights...and a pink flamingo from her yard.

August 4th City of Shawano
A woman called police to report she heard her car making funny noises. When she got out of her car and checked, she found tin cans tied to the car with fishing line.

August 3rd City of Beaver Dam
A 24-year-old woman called police to report that a children's pool had been stolen from her home on Washington Street. Investigating officers found that the pool had actually been at another woman's residence for the last two weeks because the 24-year-old caller had taken it there. The caller admitted to lying about the pool being stolen and was warned about obstructing an officer.

August 3rd City of Shawano
A woman on Richmond Street found a mother pine snake with babies in the her front lawn. He landlord was instructed to either leave them alone, or just smack the them over the head with a shovel.

August 2nd City of Beaver Dam
A woman called 911 and reported that she had a drinking problem. The woman would not give her name but said that she would meet police in a parking lot on Madison Street. The woman hung up the phone and when police called back she became very uncooperative. She never showed up in the parking lot and police tried to contact her several times unsuccessfully.

August 4th City of Shawano
Police received a report of a disturbance at the KFC restaurant. A woman called to report that her chicken tasted like fish and restaurant employees refused to give her different food.

July 26th Village of Fox Point
A 21-year-old woman was cited for reckless driving after two people said she almost hit them and then made an obscene gesture. The woman initially denied driving saying it was a friend behind the wheel and she was in the back seat with a dog and the witnesses might have seen her raise her hand to control the dog. She finally admitted to being the driver but still denied making an obscene gesture, saying she'd have known if she had done so adding "because, believe me, I know how to flip people off."
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aug 6th 2010
Join us in the week ahead for your chance to with tickets to Farm Aid 25 in Milwaukee with John Mellencamp, Neil Young, the Dave Matthews Band and, of course, Willie Nelson.

Plus, we'll be giving away tickets to the Living Wild Outdoors Festival 2010 coming to Appleton August 20th through August 22nd.
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aug 5th 2010

Fox Valley guitar legend Chris Aaron is coming home with The Bandallamas! This supergroup is opening for Loverboy at Waterfest in Oshkosh Thursday, August 12th and you have a chance to party with the band!

Special Bandallamas V.I.P. packages are available now at the Rockin' Apple rate of $105.70.

Packages include Waterfest admission, admission to the V.I.P. meet and greet at Beckett's after the show, the new double cd from Bandallamas, access to a special pre-release download at, a limited edition V.I.P. poster, a Bandallamas t-shirt, a Safe Ride ticket for those in Sturgeon Bay, Waupaca or Waupunplus two drink tickets and appetizers.

You'll meet Chris as well as Jane Wiedlin (the Go-Gos), Victor DeLorenzo (Violent Femmes), Rob Wasserman (Bob Weir, Van Morrison), Wally Ingram (Sheryl Crow, Jackson Browne, David Lindley), pat mAcdonald (Timbuk 3), Ken Saydak (Johnny Winter, Koko Taylor, Lonnie Brooks), Richard David (Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis, Steve Miller), Pauli Ryan (Garbage, U2, L7, Son Volt) and the incomparable Bobby Bryan.

Plus, $10 from each package sold goes to the Guitars for Vets program.

Click Here to order your V.I.P. package or to see additional Bandallamas merchandise!

To learn more about Chris and Bandallamas, check out this great cover story from the August issue of The Scene!
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aug 5th 2010
Appleton authorities are considering changing the name of Smoketree Pass because stoners apparently keep stealing the street signs. Here's some option of new names for Smoketree Pass.

10. Reefer Road

9. Blunt Boulevard

8. Cannabis Court

7. Ditchweed Drive

6. Chronic Crossing

5. Toker Trail

4. Homegrown Highway

3. Joint Pass

2. Sweet Leaf Lane

1. Wacky Tabacky Terrace
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aug 4th 2010
By my estimates, over the years, we've had between 400 and 500 comics on the Rick and Len Show. Auggie Smith is in my top 5! In fact, now that I think about it, he may very well be #1. See the Aug Man tonight through Saturday night at the Skyline Comedy Cafe in Appleton.

And tune in Friday morning at 8 when Auggie joins us in the studio! Until then, enjoy this very funny clip of the man in action...


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aug 2nd 2010

10. Did your mother help you pick out that bridal pant suit?

9. That old silver haired guy playing the saxophone just grabbed my ass.

8. When they said there would be a lot of single ladies, I didn't realize they meant Janet Reno, Donna Shalala and Madeline Albright.

7. Whatever you do, don’t start giving Al Gore a massage.

6. When it came to making the hors d'oeuvres, Hilary said she really enjoyed sticking the toothpicks through all those wieners.

5. I know it was a great bachelor party but for the love of god, will somebody please wipe the smile and stripper glitter off her father's face.

4. Why does Bill keep laughing during the wedding vows?

3. He may not have inhaled the marijuana at Oxford but he sure inhaled that wedding cake.

2. Seriously, the groom's not blind?

1. Why did your dad look so guilty when I pointed out that the chubby bridesmaid had a gooey stain on her dress?
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aug 2nd 2010

July 27th City of Beaver Dam
A woman on Carrington Street told police that a woman in Las Vegas claimed she was sending an FBI agent to her home to get information about a scam involving the Australian lottery. The Las Vegas woman called again while an officer was at the Carrington Street home and after the police officer identified himself to the caller, she became very irate and began telling him she would cast a spell on him that would make him start bleeding out of the eyes.

July 11th City of Neenah
A caller on Honeysuckle Lane told police she was "play wrestling" with friends shortly after 1 a.m. when her boyfriend came downstairs, got angry and punched a hole in an outside wall.

July 10th Village of Howard
Police were called to a Velp Avenue bar where a 32-year-old man was cited for allegedly slapping the eyeglasses off another man's face.

July 22nd City of Waupun
A woman on Franklin Street called police to report that her children, ages 4 and 7, were playing outside and cars were driving by and splashing water on them. Police found the cars weren’t doing it on purpose; the street was flooded and the kids were playing next to the road. Police advised the children to play by the house and not by the street.

July 21st City of Omro
Police issued a warning to a 17-year-old boy who was spotted throwing a traffic cone into the Fox River. After talking to police, The teen retrieved the cone from the water.

July 12th City of Neenah
Officers responded to a retail theft report from a business in Fox Point Plaza. Two Oshkosh women were caught in the act of shoplifting. A 26-year-old woman was cited for stealing 19 packs of Kool-Aid and a package of cookies. Her 50-year-old accomplice was cited for taking four rolls of toilet paper and a cinnamon streusel.

July 29th City of Portage
Police investigated a report of a possible breaking and entering attempt by cutting a window screen and breaking a lock on a window at an apartment. The responding officer found a naked man walking on the fire exit steps of the building. The man told police he was locked out after taking the garbage outside and said it was his birthday.

July 17th Village of Pulaski
Police responded to a call from Village Auto where someone had stolen a 25-foot inflatable orange gorilla.

July 18th Village of Shorewood
Police took a 56-year-old man to a hospital after he was seen walking down the street with a badly bleeding hand. The man told officers he had purchased a bottle of wine and had to break it open because he didn't have a corkscrew and that's when he cut his hand.
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