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jun 19th
This is wrong and everyone involved should be abolutely ashamed of themselves! It's also very funny!

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jun 19th
A big thanks to everyone inviolved in yesterday's Woor Radio Forgotten Fire Winery Golf Outing! We raised a ton of money for the Old Glory Honor Flight program and had a blast on the course at Mid-Vallee.
We saw lots of really bad golf shots at the WAPL hole (they had to be bad because lot sof teams ended using Len's drive) but met lots of really generous and nice people.
Props to Joe Callow and his crew at Forgotten Fire Winery for stepping up as the event's title sponsor. Thanks also to our associate sponsor, Certa Pro Painters who presented a $2500 check for the charity. And we appreciate the Oval Office Gentlemen's Club for sponsoring the Rick and Len Show broadcast from the clubhouse and to Eis Implement for sponsoring the hole-in-one contests and the great food during and after the golf.
It looks like the final tally will be in the neighborhood of ten grand for the Old Glory Honor Flights and that means another 20 WWII and Korean war veterans can take the flight they so richly desereve!
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jun 19th

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenies of the Week… Clint Stutzman of Kaukauna, the 53-year-old man police believe has been letting air out of the tires of vehicles in Kaukauna, Little Chute, Wrightstown and Kimberly over the last several weeks.


For apparently going to great lengths to prove he's got what it takes to work for the New England Patriots.

For reporoedly giving a new meaning to PSI...Prison slated individual.

And for allegedly releasing more stagnant air than the winner the day after the Van Camps Baked Beans eating competition.

We are proud to name alleged tire deflator Clint Stutzman of this week's Rick and Len Show...WEENIE  OF THE WEEK.

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jun 19th


Golf was invented in the early 19th century by a California man named Todd Golf.

The chances of making two holes-in-one in a single round of golf are one in 67 million which is roughly the same as your odds of driving through the Fox Cities without encountering road construction.

Tiger Woods scored his first hole-in-one at the Winter Haven Golf Course during the second trimester of his mother’s pregnancy.

Per the United States Golf Association, regulation golf balls must to be 1.68 inches in diameter, weigh no more than 1.62 ounces and have no more than 240 calories.

The putter is so named because, in the early days of golf, after the ball reached the green, golfers were required to knock it in the hole using only their penises.

Scientists have proven that not only do balls travel significantly further on hot days but they are also 90% more likely to stick to the inside of your thigh.

The depth and circumference of a standard hole on a a golf green is based on the exact dimensions of King Henry the 8th's anus.

Golf is the only sport ever played on the moon… Not including astronaut Eugene Cernan 's ill-fated attempt at topless curling.

Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt worked his way through college caddying at miniature golf courses.

Woodrow Wilson was such an avid golfer he had balls painted dark colors so he could play in the snow making him the only president until Barack Obama to play with black balls.
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jun 19th
Michael Palascak appearing at the Skyline Comedy Cafe in Appleton this weekend. Tune in FRiday morning 'tween 8 and 9 and find out what unusual thing Michael and Rick McNeal have in common?

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jun 18th
In honor of today's Woodward Radio Group Golf Classic, let's take a look at the ultimate collection of golf fails.

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jun 17th
--Posted by Len--
I got the bad news this week that my Aunt Evelyn died. She was the last of many aunts and uncles I've had. Both my parents were the youngest in families of seven siblings. They're already passed away and now so are all of the others.
This sad fact left me with the sobering realization that I am now a member of the oldest generation on both sides of my family. I'm not the oldest of that generation but still it's a bit of a reality slap in the face.
Don't get me wrong, I don't necessarily feel super old (I'm just 54). I still rock and roll and I'm able to be quite active plus I'm not significantly incontinent...but the years are rapidly flying by. The passing of the last of my aunts and uncles is a stark reminder to enjoy life each day, live it full-stop, show lots of love and do meaningful things.
I don't see my mortality in the rear view mirror yet...but I know it's headlights are approaching. Damn.

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jun 17th

After the Brewer hit the beloved Bob Uecker during batting practice causing a concussion, you have to wonder what..


10. Bernie Brewer decapitated during bizarre chalet slide accident.

9. Cinco, the sombrero and beard wearing chorizo arrested mid sausage race and deported after Naturalization and Immigration finds he snuck into this country disguised as a hairy wiener.

8. Hank the Dog ejected from a game for dry humping an umpire’s chest protector. 

7. Miller Park quarantined by the CDC after Ebola found to be closely linked to Brewer Fever.

6. Ball boy grows a foot taller and a second head after accidentally stepping on a needle that fell out of Ryan Braun's duffle bag.

5. Life-like sculpture of former owner Bud Selig revealed to actually be just a pile of empty beer cans.

4. Brewer great Rollie Fingers kicked out of Hall of Fame after it's revealed that during his playing years, he used illegal steroid-based mustache wax.

3. It's revealed that pitcher Will Smith who was tossed from a game last month for having pine tar on his forearm got it from non-consensual sex with an evergreen tree.

2. Brett Wurst, the racing brat changes name to Kaitlyn and becomes a racing clam.

1. Most famous fan scandalized by sleazy porn parody… Backdoor Amy.
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jun 16th


10. The Jesus on your car’s dashboard finally got use his scuba mask and water wings.

9. Sure the sewers may have backed up, but, hey look, there are free Baby Ruth bars floating everywhere.

8. By the end of the week, the gajillion mosquitos that hatch as a result will be large enough to saddle and ride.

7. Washed the dirt off headlights to make them easier to see on the cars whose drivers didn’t feel the need to turn them on during the storm.

6. Think about all the gas that was saved by the flooding shutting down the only area streets not already closed by road construction.

5. Parking meters in downtown Appleton are perfectly located to tie off your boat.

4. Much harder to hear Rick and Len’s voice over the sound of your sump pump.

3. Installing a waterslide in your basement cheaper than a weekend in the Dells. 
2. The pouring rain masks Rick’s lonely tears and raging incontinence.

1. Those furry creatures living above Mayor Jim Schmitt’s eyes… they drowned.
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jun 16th
The Rockin' Apple congratulates the girls of Eminence for winning the 2015 Les Paul Lanchpad Award! The Fox Valley band beat all the others in the statewide battle of the bands. They are the first all-girl group to do so.
Singer Colleen Cline is a junior at Appleton North. Drummer Caitlin Sweeney is a sophomore from Menasha. Guitarist Molly McCarthey is an Appleton East sophomore, guitarist Kenzie Dupey a junior at Oshkosh West and bassist Alex Stricker is a senior at Neenah High School.
Here's the press release from Launchpad:
At our 11th Launchpad Finals show last Saturday night at UW-Madison Union South - The young all ladies band Eminence took home the 2015 Les Paul Launchpad Award.
Les Paul would have loved this band - Les was putting henna in his hair at age 14 to make it even redder when performing with his first band (Red Hot Red and the Red Hot Ragtime Band) with his buddies in Waukesha in the 1920's.  Les Paul the original high school punker.  When I told him one time that his first band was Wisconsin's first and original high school garageband he said "You're God Damn right!!" and he said it in a very funny way.  I loved the guy.
Emnence was only the 5th all girls band to ever perform in Launchpad out of over 600 bands performing in our first 11 years at the cumulative 59 statewide regional and finals shows. Eminence is the first ever all ladies band to win the Les Paul Launchpad Award. 
In addition Eminence will perform a 2nd Summerfest gig at the BMO Harris Pavilion on July 5th opening for Kansas. Eminence will also represent Launchpad at the Les Paul 100th Centennial Birthday Celebration on August 6th at the Waukesha Bluesfest grounds at Naga-Waukee Park in Delafield.
The 2015 Launchpad Runner-Up band was Distant Cuzins from Oregon High School.  This four piece all boy rock group of 16 year old high school sophomores will perform at the Summerfest Launchpad Madison Regional Showcase on July 3rd at the Johnson Controls World Sound Stage.  In addition, Distant Cuzins won a 2nd Summerfest gig at the BMO Harris Pavilion on July 5th opening for Kansas.
Audiophilia, a hard rock punk group, from Elkhorn & Badger High Schools will represent Launchpad at the Vans Warped Tour Milwaukee stop on July 28th at the Summerfest grounds.
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jun 15th
I have a dirty secret. I'm now a music festival pussy.
This past weekend I traveled to Eau Claire for the inagural Blue Ox Music Festival but I only lasted one night.
The bluegrass festival started Thursday in the rain and by the time I got there on Friday evening, the concert bowl was a muddy mess. I found some relatively mud-free space to stand and enjoyed a great show from Sam Bush, Pert Near Sandstone, Greensky Buegrass and and perky little group called the Pistol Whipping Party Penguins.
But it started raining again overnight amnd through Saturday morning. At that point the concert bowl was all ankle-deep mud so I bagged it and headed back to the Fox Valley. 25 years ago...hell, even ten years ago...I would have stood in that mud for hours to see bands. But not anymore. Because I am a music festival pussy.
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jun 15th

June 10th Village of Jackson
An officer was dispatched to an apartment building, where a 43-year-old man complained that his older brother, who lives in another apartment, said the word, “Bang!”, which he took as a threat. When interviewed, the brother said that he didn’t say “bang”, although he did mutter to himself “douche bag”. The man told the officer he has no intention of injuring his brother but does believe he’s a douche bag.

June 12th City of Green Bay
A woman called for assistance after inadvertently gouging her eye with a makeup applicator.

June 7th City of Beaver Dam
A woman on North Main Street called police and reported that her husband refused to go to bed! An officer informed the woman that her husband is an adult who can decide when he wants to go to bed for himself and this is not a police matter.

June 2nd City of Waukesha
A caller reported hearing loud noises coming from an apartment. Police determined the noise, which was not excessive, was just people watching "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and eating pizza. 

June 1st City of Franklin
A 61-year-old woman was taken into custody and cited for disorderly conduct after she yelled profanities at children and pushed a child. The woman was upset the children were walking on the lawn outside her apartment because it makes her dog bark.

June 7th Village of Jackson
A 43-year-old man called police to report receiving a harassing text message from the boyfriend of his ex-wife. An examination of the text messages revealed that the ex-husband had texted his ex-wife, criticizing the new boyfriend and suggesting that she join a church group to find a better boyfriend because all this one wants is sex. The new boyfriend texted back calling the ex-husband’s new girlfriend fat. The ex-wife was also sending texts. The officer told all three parties if they kept it up they would ALL be cited.

June 13th City of Sheboygan
Police were called to the religious bookstore on Broughton Drive to help someone get out of a pair of handcuffs.

June 8th Village of Saratoga
A caller reported seeing a man buying a bottle of vodka and then...pouring part of it into a bottle of soda.

June 5th City of Beaver Dam
Police received a call to help a 15-year-old child with their hand stuck in a cup holder. Responding officers removed the child’s hand from the cup holder.

June 8th City of Marshfield
A man call the police and reported he was walking in the street when something wet hit him. The man turned around and looked up and he again got hit with something wet. The man said the liquid came from a second-story window and smelled like urine. An officer made contact with the female resident. The woman was upset because her landlord had shut off her water and power. She said she didn't have any other way to dispose of her urine, and she did not think anyone was below her when she threw it out the window.

June 8th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police and reported that someone put a fish in her mailbox.

June 11th City of Marshfield
A 29-year-old man's pants caught fire while he was riding a city bus because he was using a lighter near sunscreen-soaked clothing. The bottle of sunscreen had leaked in the man's pocket, causing his clothing to become saturated as he rode on the bus. The man then accidentally ignited the sunscreen while he was operating a lighter.

June 12th Town of Grand Rapids
Police investigated a report of an attempted burglary where a person wearing a black mask showing only eyes rang the doorbell at his home. The attempted burglar entered the home, said he was very thirsty, and left when asked to.

June 5th Town of Rome (Adams County)
A man called police and reported that he is blind and his wife, who was on top of a table, was screaming that there was a large snake in their residence. A responding officer removed the snake.
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jun 15th
Dave Grohl broke his leg falling off the stage at a gig in Sweden this weekend. Drummer Taylor Hawkins sang some covers while Dave went to the hospital. However, he was eventually brough back on stage on a stretcher to finish the show. AND THAT'S ROCKA ND ROLL!

Here's Dave telling the crowd is leg is broke and then being brought back on during the Under Pressure.

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jun 15th

Are ants in the pants this years Ice Bucket Challenge? Given his reaction, I sure hope not!
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jun 12th

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…44-year-old Lisa Marie Badchiong who was charged with her NINTH, yes, NINTH offense drunken-driving after she was found unresponsive with her foot on the brake of her red 2004 Pontiac Aztec, in the drive-thru lane of a Burger King in Chippewa Falls…with a half bottle of vodka on the passenger seat....and count ‘em, not one, but two...infants in the back seat. The infants, who are reportedly just a few months apart in age, are her daughter and granddaughter.


For being not just a bad mother (shut your mouth) but also a bad GRANDmother...something not even Shaft could pull off.

For getting busted for nine standard DWI's but waiting until she was at Burger King drive thru to commit a real Whopper.

Making boner almost as big as the one LaBron James showed last night during the NBA finals.

For making 9 unforgivably stupid decisions...10 if you include buying the Pontiac Aztec.

We are proud to name alleged NINE time drunk driver Lisa Marie Badciong, this time with two babies on board, as this week's Rick and Len Show...WEENIE OF THE WEEK.
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jun 12th
If you don't have a local band playing withing several feet of you this weekend, perhaps you don't exist. Music is everywhere...from the Electric City Experience Festival in Kaukauna tomorrow wiuth 55 band and 10 the Steel Bridge Songfest in and around Sturgeon Bay featuring a tribute to the late Chris Irish Fest in Oshkosh featuring cool ethnic music and great beer and the Big Backyard Bar-B-Que at Short Branch Saloon in Neenah Saturday featuring four bands including the Cool Waters Band performing songs from the brand new cd! I'll be at the inagural Blue Ox Music Festival in Eau Claire.
If you stay in all weekend, the Rockin' Apple is going to revoke your rock and roll pass.
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jun 12th


10. A sedated black mambo

9. An overly girthy licorice stick

8. An unusually large, swarthy toadstool

7. A thick stalk of dusky asparagus

6. A didgeridoo carved from dark ebony

5. A night crawler on steroids

4. A dark chocolate souvenir of downtown Appleton's Hadzi sculpture

3. “Franks and beans”

2. I’m not sure but even American Pharaoh was a little envious

1. A white penis...only bigger.
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jun 12th
A tank can protect you from a lot of things...just not some ugly, winged insects!

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jun 12th

Back in 1977, the late Nicolette Larson was in the studio recording Neil Young's song Lotta Love, which would go on to be her biggest hit.

However, the members of VAN HALEN were at the same studio and when they heard the track, they convinced the engineer to let them lay down they're own vocals.

I'm assuming their lyrics were more autobiographical.

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