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oct 2nd 2015

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenies of the Week…The Wisconsin DOT who have delayed completion of the U.S. 10/State 441 construction project by two years and the members of the Wisconsin legislature who caused the situation with its poor handling of the state budget.


For pissing off more Wisconsin drivers than a car with Illinois plates.

For being responsible for more blockages than the concessions at Little Chute Cheese Fest.

And for making driving an already dangerous stretch of highway more risky than unprotected sex with a Kardashian.

We are proud to name the Wisconsin DOT together with the governor and the state legislature as this week’s Rick and Len Show…WEENIES OF THE WEEK.
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oct 2nd 2015
It's not enough to be a Packer need to live the Green and Gold Life!
Check out the Green and Gold Drinking Game plus green and gold cocktails, cool merch and other fun stuff at the Green and Gold Life website.

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sep 28th 2015

September 14th City of Greenfield
Police responded to a residence after a caller reported having issues with ghosts in his apartment. The caller stated the ghosts are not threatening, but he is frustrated because they do not say anything or have any purpose or reason for being there. The responding officer was unable to locate any ghosts inside the apartment.

September 22nd City of Oshkosh
Police responded to a report of a naked man taking an afternoon stroll near the Walgreens on Murdock.

September 21st City of Beaver Dam
A man called police from the movie theater to report he had fallen asleep while watching a film and when he woke up everyone was gone. The man needed someone to come to the theater and let him out so he would not set off the alarms.

September 3rd City of Greenfield
A resident called police to report he paid money to a telephone psychic to get rid of evil spirits but they are still there.

September 2nd City of Greenfield
Police received multiple 911 calls concerning a man in a convenience store slapping other customers with money.

September 22nd City of Wisconsin Rapids
Police responded to a report of a woman in the parking lot of Wal-Mart lying under a parked semi trailer. Responding officers discovered the woman was lying under the semi trailer because she was fighting with her boyfriend who was still inside the store.

September 11th City of Glendale
Officers were called to the Boston Store where a customer was caught in the act of stealing clothes off a mannequin.

September 19th City of Greenfield
Police received a report of somebody drawing swastikas with poop.

September 25th Brown County
Officers responded to a report of a theft of a 300 pound rock.

September 7th Town of Harrison
A man on Shepherd Lane called the Cellcom call center to complain and made the comment that he was going to the Cellcom store in Appleton and cut the sales representatives fingers off and send them to Cellcom. The man later apologized and said he was just kidding.

September 8th City of Greenfield
Police responded to a report of an elderly man who ate a large quantity of shrimp at Pick N Save and then refused to pay. According to police, there was not enough evidence to cite the man for theft, but he was told he would be cited for trespassing if he returned to the store.

September 25th City of Sheboygan
Police responded to a report of a young female screaming "help me!" as an older man was trying to get her into his car. Police discovered it was just a girl who didn't want her father taking her to school.

September 18th City of Greenfield
Police received a report of a man wandering around a neighborhood with a rifle. When police arrived, they located the man who did not have a rifle but was carrying an umbrella that looked like a sword.

September 13th City of Waukesha
A male was reportedly heard yelling that he was going to kill someone, cut them up, and throw their body in the Fox River. Police determined the argument was between the man, his sister and her boyfriend over the phone that was a result of the male moving out after an argument about the Green Bay Packers defeating the Chicago Bears.

September 21st City of Bayfield
A caller complained to police about a an ostrich running around his residence.

September 15th City of Greenfield
A caller reported hearing a female screaming in an unknown apartment in his building. A responding officer discovered the sound was coming from two people having a "tickle fight" near an open patio door.

September 16th City of Rice Lake
A landlord reported that after refunding a tenant their security deposit, the tenant returned to the apartment and stole the toilet.

September 8th City of Greenfield
A man called 911 to report he was overcharged for coffee and was "disrespected" by employees at a convenience store. An officer spoke to employees and it was determined the caller was charged the correct price for his coffee. The caller was also advised that even if he was overcharged for coffee it was not an emergency and hence, not a suitable reason to call 911.

September 11th City of Waukesha
A woman called police and said her boyfriend pinched her leg and then locked her out of their apartment after they had a disagreement over what type of music to listen to while driving home from a restaurant.

September 20th City of Greenfield
A manager at Olive Garden called police after a customer refused to leave the restaurant because his "grill," which he had wrapped up in a napkin, was accidentally thrown away by an employee.
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sep 25th 2015


10. Could have shared a ride on the Zippin’ Pippin with an area religious figure like Aaron Rodgers.

9. He cmight have helped save Door County from the forces of evil by vanquishing the FIBs that stayed past Labor Day.

8. He could have performed the world’s greatest miracle by creating a hat big enough to fit Tom Milbourn’s head.

7. Just as Jesus turned water into wine, he could have participated in sacred local tradition of turning beer into urine.

6. He could have taught that St. Vince dude some manners by showing him you take the big post hole digger hat off when you’re sitting in front of people at the game.

5. He could have checked to see how the Ten Commandments stack up against the new code of conduct for the Green Bay City Council.

4. He could gotten drivers on 41, 43, and 172 to use their directionals and drive the speed limit and that, my friends, would be a miracle.

3. He could tried to heal the lame, and what could be more lame than the WIXX morning show.

2. Some holy water, a little laying on of hands and a good word with the guy upstairs, he could have had Eddy Lacy and Jordy Nelson back in the game this week.

1. Just as Jesus fed the multitudes with just a loaf of bread and a couple fish, He could have tried to feed everyone at Paul’s Pantry with just the stolen meat from Green Bay Alderman Guy Zima’s pants.
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sep 25th 2015

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week… Gideon Swartzentruber of Neillsville who was in Clark County court in central Wisconsin this week after being arrested earlier this month when he was caught having sex with a donkey. When asked why he had intercourse with the donkey, Swartzentruber explained that he “got crazy and carried away” because his “privates were out of control”.


For taking the term “piece of ass” a little too literally.

For proving himself to be a ho-mule-sexual.

And for having sex with a donkey which is only considered weird in central Wisconsin because the donkey was not his sister.

We are proud to name Gideon Swartzentruber of Neillsville as this week’s Rick and Len Show…WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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sep 18th 2015

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…a 22-year-old LaCrosse area man, Vaughn Rothering, who this week was in court on charges stemming from an incident back in May. According to police, Rothering accidentally shot his roommate while using the laser sight of his 9mm pistol to tease his cat.


For shooting a hole in his buddy’s leg…which should be a good match for the one he apparently has in his own head.

For not realizing that a gun isn’t anymore a cat toy than a ball of yarn is a defensive weapon.

And for being like a virgin who accidentally discharges at his very first site of a pussy…cat.

We are proud to name Vaughn Rothering as this week’s Rick and Len Show…WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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sep 16th 2015


10. As a child was under the mistaken impression that there were female Pop Tarts called Mom Tarts.

9. During post game showers, occasionally peeks.

8. He’s only dating Olivia Munn for the free tickets to X-Men: Apocalypse.

7. Came in SECOND in poll about what person named Aaron area women most want to have sex with due to a Channel Five news anchor’s resounding popularity with lesbians.

6. Has an uncle who was a professional blackjack player until a debilitating head injury left him unable to count to 21 without taking off his shoes and dropping his pants.

5. After sustaining a brain rattling concussion in 2010 game against the Lions, spent about three hours mistakenly believing he was Captain Crunch.

4. College roommate operated an illegal drug lab until he blew all his money on cocaine and eucalyptus in an effort to create the first batch of menthol crack.

3. Is haunted by recurring nightmares about making a pinky swear with Larry McCarren.

2. His farts naturally smell like rainbows and sandalwood.

1. As a child, his family couldn’t always afford new clothes, so for Christmas one year his mother gave him an empty box that she claimed contained an invisible belt that he still puts on after every touchdown.
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sep 15th 2015

After seven seasons, American Ninja Warrior had it's first ever contestant  complete the either course. Then...another guy did it! Sounds to me like maybe it's gotten too easy.


Contestants must simultaneously build AND CLIMB OVER a wall DESIGNED by Donald Trump to be impenetrable to anyone whose skin tone is darker than “beige” on the Sherwin-Williams color wheel.

Contestants have to crawl a rope ladder over a pool of hungry sharks after chugging a beverage provided by Bill Cosby.

Contestants must traverse a gulch, gripping overhead life-like dildos starting with ones molded from Tommy Lee and Ron Jeremy becoming progressively smaller down to Brett Favre.

Contestants are obliged to have sex with multiple Kardashians without knocking one up despite using only the Chicago Bears offensive line for protection.

Contestants must walk across a body of water on a course of spinning logs. The body of water is Lake Michigan and the logs are the ones that you find near the Milwaukee shoreline whenever the sewer backs up.

Contestants, armed only with a machete and an industrial strength Weed Whacker have to try to emerge unscathed after being airlifted into the middle of Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt's eyebrows.
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sep 14th 2015

September 4th City of Beaver Dam
A resident called police to report seeing a vehicle designed to resemble a squad car except, emblazoned on the side, were the words..."Booty Patrol".

September 12th Brown County
Police received a call from a blind man who said he was unable to remove his bowtie.

August 23rd City of Menasha
A Fox Trail Lane woman reported that her husband was trying to start an argument and she just wanted to go to bed. The woman was not concerned about a physical altercation, but told police her husband would not stop arguing with her and she wanted to sleep.

September 8th Sheboygan County
Police responded to a report of a man who had been throwing things but had now put a bag over his head.

September 10th Brown County
Police responded to a call from Wal-Mart where a female customer kept falling asleep at the checkout counter.

September 3rd City of Germantown
Police responded to a home after a resident reported someone rang his doorbell and left a plastic bag filled with water on his doorstep. The officer arrived and discovered the bag contained a live fish. The resident decided to keep the fish, but it remains unknown who left it on his doorstep.

September 8th City of Bayfield
A restaurant operator wanted to talk to police about an employee who walked off the job the day before and was now claiming on social media that she was fired for rescuing a juvenile eagle.

September 5th City of Marshfield
Officers found a 34-year-old man with his shirt torn off and multiple scratch marks, which he said were inflicted by his 24-year-old girlfriend. The man told police the woman was upset with him over a comment he made on Facebook.

September 5th City of Mayville
Police were called to the scene of a domestic disturbance. The disturbance started when an intoxicated 54-year-old man became upset that his teenage daughter had dyed her hair a color that did not match her eyebrows.

September 12th Brown County
A woman called authorities to report that her son was throwing cans of food at her.

September 6th Village of Saratoga
A man called police to report that someone was pounding on his door and when he investigated he discovered it was a strange female in yoga pants.

September 3rd City of Germantown
Employees at Wal-Mart requested police presence inside their electronics department during the release of the new Star Wars products after overhearing customers saying they would punch people in the head if they cut in front of them.

August 25th City of Menasha
Officers responded to a disturbance on Grove Street where a male and female were arguing about some beer being warm.

September 5th City of Bayfield
A caller told police someone is flying an airplane over area homes and throwing toilet paper out of the plane.
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sep 11th 2015

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenies of the Week…the Kenosha couple who mistakenly gave their 5-week-old child baby formula mixed with two shots of vodka. The baby had a blood alcohol level of .294, which police indicate is more than three times the legal limit for an adult driver. Thank God, the baby wasn’t driving!


For not just lacking in intelligence...Similac-ing in intelligence.

For mixing baby formula and vodka when everyone knows…baby formula goes better with brandy.

And for doing everything to endanger the safety of a child shy of putting it between to two halves Italian herb and cheese bread and giving it to Jared.

We are proud to name the Kenosha couple who gave their  month old child baby formula mixed with vodka as this week’s Rick and Len Show…WEENIES OF THE WEEK!
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sep 8th 2015

August 28th City of Waukesha
A caller told police a newspaper delivery person has been stalking him and also "put some boogers on his newspaper".

August 16th City of Menasha
A caller on Appleton Road reported that a boy took a construction cone from the street. The boy was contacted and had the cone in his possession. The boy told police he was going to use the cone…as a laundry basket.

August 26th City of Ashland
A resident called police to report that someone has been throwing "booze bottles" into the recycling dumpster at the Little Friends of Jesus Daycare.

September 7th Town of Beaver Dam
A woman called police to report a 17-year-old girl "flipped out" and threw a cup of watermelon at her.

August 27th City of Ashland
A woman called police to report a possible Internet scam involving a man in Texas she met online named Hung Wang.

August 23rd City of Fox Point
A resident came home around 7 PM and found a 62-year-old man, who was dressed in women's clothing, attempting to take additional women's clothing from the resident's wife's closet. The suspect fled in a car but crashed it into a tree nearby and was apprehended by police.

August 5th City of Sheboygan
Police respond to report of a 17-year-old boy who tried to cut a cup with a machete but instead chopped off his own thumb.

September 2nd City of Neenah
A caller on second street told police they saw a man who was running down the street, stop and climb a tree and is now just sitting quietly in the tree.

August 31st Wood County
A corrections officer reported a woman at the Wood County Jail swallowed a pen.

August 27th City of Waukesha
A woman called police and reported a possible burglary in progress at her residence. Someone was turning her door knob and knocking on her front door. Police determined the person at the door was a neighbor who really needed to borrow some toilet paper.

August 31st City of Wisconsin Rapids
A caller reported seeing a man with a sign asking for money and a baby.

September 2nd Town of Port Wing
A caller requested police find the owner of a motor home that is parked in front of the old fire hall, because they are trying to get ready for the annual fish boil.

September 3rd City of Germantown
Officers responded to a report of a man standing outside a grocery store yelling about "evil things".

September 1st Dane County
Police arrested a 20-year-old man and charged him with indecent exposure for allegedly exposing himself at a funeral.

September 7th City of Fox Lake
A man called to report seeing a plane with a bomb flying from Fox Lake to Beaver Dam. Police checked and found no plane and no bomb.
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sep 4th 2015

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…the as yet unknown person who stole a handmade butterfly sculpture…from a 6-year-old North Fond du Lac girl’s grave in Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery.


For being so low, it’s amazing they could take a break from milking pregnant snakes to find time to steal.

For being such a disgusting piece of dung, even a stray dog wouldn't stiff 'em.

For being such a parasitic bottom feeder, if they were found in the Fox River the Navigational System Authority would make them indefinitely close a lock.

We are proud to name whomever stole the butterfly sculpture, handmade by her father, off a the grave of a 6-year-old girl at the Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery as this week’s Rick and Len Show…WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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sep 2nd 2015
This man is my new hero! He has his priorities right!
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aug 31st 2015

July 26th City of Greenfield
Police responded to the Budget Cinema after employees reported a man standing by their mailbox was pulling down his pants and showing his underwear. Police spoke to the man, who said he was waiting for his movie to start and admitted that he pulled down his pants and fixed his underwear several times because it was riding up on him and giving him a Grundy. The man was advised to find a more proper place to fix his underwear.

July 23rd Wisconsin Dells
A dog reportedly escaped its owner's room at a retirement home and is terrorizing the residents there. Police are having difficulty finding the owner as none of the residents can remember who owns the dog.

August 15th Town of Menasha
An employee on Plaza Drive called police to report that two women had just entered the business and immediately went to the bathroom and walked out very quickly a short time later. The employee became suspicious and checked the bathroom and noticed the bottle of hand lotion missing was missing from the bathroom. A police lieutenant located the car in the parking lot. The women initially denied any knowledge of taking the lotion but later admitted to it. 

August 29th City of Sheboygan
A caller on seventh Street reported that someone nearby let a bunch of pigeons loose and now they are "terrorizing the neighborhood".

August 25th Wisconsin Dells
Police are reportedly investigating a woman who allegedly seized a tourist family's selfie stick mid picture and, after a small chase, viciously smashed it on the ground.

August 13th City of Waukesha
A resident called police to report finding "a quivering chipmunk".

August 12th Village of Harrison
Police received a report of a teenage boy doing cartwheels on the roof of his home. The boy's parents explained to police he is a gymnast but they were unaware he was doing cartwheels on the roof.

August 24th City of Wisconsin Rapids
An 11-year-old boy called 911 because his friend...used the “F” word.

August 13th City of Menasha
A caller on Ahnaip Street reported several people were responsible for placing fingernail polish on swing seats at a playground and breaking a bottle on the black top.

August 12th Village of Harrison
Police received a report of a suspicious vehicle parked on Evan Street. The car was parked in the driveway, the lights were on and car alarm kept going off. Responding officers determined it was just a couple trying to watch a meteor shower.

August 14th City of Waukesha
A UPS driver called police and reported that while driving down the street, several packages fell out of the back of his truck. When the driver turned around to retrieve the boxes, he saw a man run into the street, pick up the packages and run into his residence. The driver told police the man would not give the packages back.

August 28th City of Marshfield
Garbage bags fell into a toaster and started a fire at McDonald's.

August 25th City of Marshfield
A woman from Plover called police and expressed concern about someone posing as a female, stalking blondes at a local high school and taking pictures of feet.

August 24th City of Wisconsin Rapids
An anonymous caller reported a group of children threw a brick down the sewer.

August 13th City of Ashland
A caller told dispatch that she couldn't find her son and she's done looking for him. The woman said wants police to find him and for there to be "repercussions" for him going missing. The woman told officers she's not looking for him anymore and that he was last seen on his bike wearing black shorts and a blue shirt...10 minutes ago.
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aug 28th 2015

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…Detroit Lion Glover Quinn who this week blamed God for Jordy Nelson’s season ending injury. According to Glover, "If [Nelson] wouldn't have got hurt today, if he wouldn't have played in that game, if he wouldn't have practiced anymore, and the next time he walked on the field would have been opening day, I feel like he would have got hurt opening day”…because it was God’s will.


For making God sound like a real a-hole.

For investing his religious beliefs with all the logic of the Final Destination horror movies.

For not realizing that you can't blame god for every single thing that happens in the world that you don't like...that's what Obama is for!

We are proud to name Detroit Lion Glover Quinn as this week's Rick and Len Show...Weenie of the Week.
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aug 24th 2015

July 31st City of Waupun
A police officer met with a 33-year-old woman who said she wanted to report rude behavior that happened at the Waupun County Pool. The woman talked to the officer about the rude behavior as well as her family stressing her out, possibly moving to Chicago or Green Bay, her junior prom, 50 Shades of Grey, and her Zumba class.

July 30th Town of Menasha
A 60-year-old woman was cited for indecent conduct after several neighbors reported that she was taking the trash out while wearing only a T-shirt.

August 20th City of Sheboygan
Nobody answered the door when police arrived at the residence of a man who had called police and reported the theft of some talking fish.

August 6th City of Marshfield
A man whose probation terms required him to refrain from consuming alcohol was arrested after admitting to police he consumed "two sips of warm Pabst".

August 6th City of Oshkosh
A 20-year-old female came to the Police Department wanting to see an officer. The female stated she believed there was a warrant out for her arrest. When informed that there was no warrant, the woman lunged at an officer and attempted to grab his gun. The officer was able to push the female away and she was placed under arrest and taken to jail.

August 21st City of Green Bay
A man called 911. He told the dispatcher he just wanted to just to find out if his phone works.

August 8th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A caller told police that he was being called names by a man who was whistling down the street. According to the police report, the two men had argued before the alleged whistling incident.

July 30th City of Waukesha
A resident called police and reported finding a blood covered t-shirt in a tree. Police determined the blood in question was actually chocolate stains and not a sign of a crime but rather just sloppy eating.

August 9th City of Oak Creek
Police arrested a woman for domestic violence after she allegedly threw a screwdriver at her boyfriend because he was snoring.

August 4th City of Phillips
The police department received a complaint from a male adult who reported working at a residence when another male entered the garage and urinated on his tool belt.

July 31st City of Beaver Dam
A Weyland Street resident told police that a naked intoxicated man was running around and hissing at people.

July 27th City of Whitefish Bay
Police responded to a report of people yelling in a car. Responding officers found the man was delivering sushi and his friends were just trying to give him directions.

August 9th Dane County
Police arrested a 25-year-old man on charges of trespassing after he climbed to the top of a 10 story crane to take a selfie.

August 9th City of Rice Lake
A resident called police to report there was a man hiding in their bushes. When police arrived they found the man who told them he was hiding in the bushes to avoid an argument with his girlfriend.

August 3rd City of Sheboygan
Police were called to a home where a boy was spraying his parents with a garden hose because they were trying to take away his cell phone.

August 4th City of Waukesha
A woman in an apartment called police and reported that children in another unit were harassing her. The woman told officers the children were looking at her and said "wonder whose car that is" when her friends picked her up. Police informed the woman this is not harassment.

July 27th City of Brown Deer
Police arrested a 25-year-old man with pork chops in his pants.

August 9th City of Marshfield
An officer arrested a woman after a caller reported she was pounding on the caller’s front door, scaring the caller and waking the caller’s husband. The woman told officers she was pounding on the door because she just wanted to meet her neighbors. Why she felt like meeting her neighbors at 1:54 AM remains unclear.

August 21st City of Sheboygan
A 911 dispatcher did a call back following a hang-up. The man who answered the phone told them he called because his mother pushed him. He then changed his story saying he just fell over a bucket.

August 6th City of Shawano
Police were called to the beach near North Riverside Drive on a report of a creepy man asking females what kind of underwear they were wearing.

August 13th City of Waupun
A resident called police to report finding a cell phone and wallet on his lawn. He told police they were apparently left behind by a couple of drunken strangers he saw having sex in his yard the night before. Police contacted the owners of the wallet and phone to determine if the drunken sex was consensual.

August 15th Dane County
A man was arrested for allegedly slapping the buttocks of a police horse. According to police, the man struck the horse's "left rump area." The police horse's human partner described the slap, on a scale of one to 10, as sounding like a seven. When police apprehended the culprit, he pleaded his innocence saying "I didn't know it was illegal to slap a horse."

August 6th City of Waukesha
Police responded to an apartment after a man's medical alarm was activated several times. On one of the activations, a male could be heard saying, "I'm going to kill you." When responding officers arrived at the man's home, he told them he only activated the medical alarm because he was upset no one would push him in his wheelchair to a convenience store.

August 9th Village of Jackson (Washington County)
Police were called to a tavern that was the scene of a fight involving about nine people and included bottles being thrown. The fight allegedly started when a man attempted to put money in the jukebox. A woman objected, thinking it would disrupt her jukebox selections, and took a swing at the man. The woman missed and struck the man's fiancé instead who responds by pouring her drink on the angry jukebox lady because she said she thought "it would defuse the situation".
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aug 8th 2015
My final full day in Sturgis for the 75th Annual Bike Rally was a blast. Got into downtown Sturgis and stopped in at One Eyed Jacks where I got an ice cil bottle of water (yes, water, believe it or not) from this little devil. I don't know why she would wear a shirt if she isn't really going to wear it for its intended coverage.

Some other patrons were having an interesting lunch consisting of a shot, whipped cream and a cherry served on the finest dinnerware imaginable.

I checked out the bike manufacturers displays and drooled all over myself at the amazing bikes...especially the new Screaming Eagle line of Harley Davidsons. Then a stroll along the madness and stimulative overload which is Main Street. I  interviewed a couple of Skid Row fans working in nothing but paint for ticket money to the band's concert at one of the  campgrounds here. Mandy and Shelby even told our listeners that the radio guy wasn't too creepy at all. Thanks, girls. Here's your five bucks.

After the broadcast with John and Elwood on the road show, I hit the trail on the Harley Davidson of Appleton machine south to the Mount Rushmore area. The Needles Highway is one of the most incredible rides you can take.

Winding hairpins, otherworldly rock formations, dead presidents on mountains and really narrow one lane (barely) tunnels make for some amazing fun.

You have to be wary of the occupants, though.

I want to thank Festival Foods for sponsoring the trip and Harley Davidson os Appleton for providing the awesome bike. I also would like to thank my workmates at WAPL for picking up some of the slack while I was away...especially Ross Maxwell because he had to babysit Rick.
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aug 7th 2015
It has been a crazy Bike Week in Sturgis. I am so thankful that Festical Foods and Harley Davidson of Appleton made it possible for me to do this and actually call it "working."
Wednesday night I wanted to see Crobot at Full Throttle Saloon. The website said 7 p.m. Found out after arrival that they weren't going on until midnight. After an all nighter getting  here followed by some riding, the Road Show broadcast and the general mayhem which is the bike rally, I wussed out and cashed in my last few chips. Nothing left in the tank. I suck at this, right?
Thursday, however, fulfilled lots of what the Sturgis thing is all about. Went for a nice ride up to Deadwood and Lead and then back to Sturgis to hang at the Full Throttle Saloon some more.
I wandered backstage (security never really asked me who I was or what I was doing as I just kept acting like I was somebody important) where I was warmly greeted by the inestimable Jesse James Dupree of Jackyl. We shot the bull on John and Elwood's show and shared a few laughs about his week at FTS. I'd be dead if I tried to keep up with him.

I then just wandered around looking for weirdness. I was butt-deep in it, believe me. Midgets were part of it. As I was on the air, I noticed four lovely topless women with nothing but strategically placed little stickers to cover the naughty bits. They would pose for a photo with guys for tips. The girl I spoke to told me her name and then said, "We're working here." Then she promptly turned away and went back to her soft-core hustling. Why would she be the only rude person I've run into the entire trip? Seems to me that if you have a personality which allows you to walk around naked for all intents and purposes, you would be a little willing to have some fun with the well-intentioned radio guy. I wasn't even all that pervy.

A couple of nice fellas from New Jersey chatted me up a bit. They are renting a house  in nearby Spearfish with 10 guys for $7000 for the week. I need to buy some Black Hills real estate, I guess. They said they stopped for cheese in Wisconsin on their way out. Apparently they bought a while lot of good cheddar. They haven't pooped once since they got here last Saturday. I'm guessing.

People watching is, of course,  unparalleled in Sturgis. Some of them have managed to combine high fashion and literature.

I hooked up with some pals and headed out of Sturgis for one of my favorite rides in the Black Hills, the Spearfish Canyon run. Spectacular beauty at 35 mph. The temperature entering the canyon was about 85 degrees but must have dropped by 15 degrees instantly. It felt soooooo good. I parted ways with my riding companions at the road up to Rochford because I wanted to get out of the deep hills before dark because I know from previous night runs out of Sturgis that the deer are like mosquitoes in Wisconsin. Every where and mostly unseen until it's too late. Still, I had been advised by a Rockin' Apple listener back home that I should make pit stop at a place called  The Boar's Nest outside of Lead. Cool place on the creek with all of the amenities a dude could need. A cold beer and...

As dusk arrived and I was cruising Nemo Road's curves and scenery, There must have been at least a couple of hundred deer in the fields not far off the road. That is NOT an exaggeration. Kind of nerve-wracking but I made it back to Rapid City intact and hungry. I got some fantastically average Chinese food in my gullet and began contemplating my options. Kentucky Headhunters show downtown? A run back to FTS for Jackyl? A stop at a British Pub called The Wobbly Bobby just for he name? Nope. I watched post-Republican debate coverage because nothing could be more fun than that. I am pathetic.
Let's see what tomorrow brings.
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aug 6th 2015
I left home Tuesday afternoon and high-tailed it to South Dakota for a four day adventure at the 75th Annual Sturgis Bike Rally. I have a nice Heritage Softail to ride from the fine and beautiful people at Harley Davidson of Appleton (thanks Terry and Troy and the crew).
I got to Rapid City where my hotel is located but they didn't have my room ready,  dang it.

Once they got that squared away it was on to downtown Sturgis for the afternoon broadcast with John and Elwood. I decided (for purely research reasons only) to interview Rachel, a bartender at Easy Riders Saloon.

She seemed to be enjoying herself so I decided to ask her (for scientific purposes this time) if I could demonstrate for WAPL listeners what fishnet stockings sound like by rubbing them with my microphone. By the way, they sounded quite sexy.

I also ran into Tony Caldwell of Appleton. He won some contest in which the prize was an original 100-year-old brick from some Sturgis building. Can't wait to see how he straps that thing to his bike!

More to come tomorrow. Tune in during the 7 a.m. hour and from 3 to 5 p.m. on the Road Show for the moment to moment crazy that is Sturgis 75 made possible by  Harley Davidson of Appleton and Festival Foods...where all the cool bikers shop for groceries.
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aug 3rd 2015

July 20th City of Brookfield
A 44-year-old man was banned from The Ground Round after police were called to the restaurant. The man was belligerent and had threatened staff with physical violence after he had received sprinkles instead of cherries on his ice cream sundae.

July 29th City of Sheboygan
A teen boy called police to report his father was drunk. The boy's father called several minutes later and told police his son was a tattletale.

August 1st City of Green Bay
Police received a report of a shirtless man dancing in traffic.

July 16th City of Waukesha
And a woman called police to report that the newspaper delivery man always honks at her and waves.

July 22nd City of Hales Corners
A 30-year-old man was taken into custody for lewd and lascivious behavior and carrying a concealed weapon after he was seen sitting inside his vehicle at McDonald's watching pornography on his cell phone without his pants on.

July 31 Town of Menasha
Police were called to Kitz and Pfeil True Value to remove a customer deemed too drunk to shop for hardware.

July 21st City of Waukesha
A woman called police to report her neighbor's dog defecated on her lawn. The woman told the responding officer that she collected the feces on a paper plate and then put it on her neighbor's porch. The woman complained that the neighbor started yelling at her when he spotted the paper plate of the pouch's poop on her porch.

July 21st City of Waukesha
Police responded to a report of a male and female fighting inside an apartment. Both admitted to fighting, over concerns that the male not paying attention to the female and instead focusing on video games.

August 1st City of Sheboygan
Officers responded to a citizen's report of seeing a television in the river.

July 26th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police to report that her "sister is being stupid". Details of the sister's alleged stupidity were not made available.

July 29th City of Oshkosh
Police received a report that somebody on North Oakwood Road used an herbicide to write obscenities on a resident's lawn.

July 21st City of Waukesha
A woman called police to report that an electrician doing work at her home put a bucket of what was believed to be urine in the gutter. Police came to the area and indicated there was a strong urine smell in the gutter.

July 25th City of Oak Creek
An employee reported a man was masturbating in the bathroom at Menards. The employee told police another man went in the bathroom, saw that someone was holding a mirror underneath the stall next to his and could hear noises coming from the stall that sounded as if a male was masturbating. A security officer entered the bathe room and observed someone holding a mirror next to his stall. The suspect claimed he was just combing his hair in the stall and had dropped his mirror.
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