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sep 24th
We are proud to name as this week\'s Rick and Len Weenie of the Week...for the second consecutive week (a feat unprecedented in Weenie of the Week history)...Calumet County D.A. Ken "The Prize" Kratz. Of course, Ken earned the distinction last week for repeatedly sexting a domestic abuse victim whose assailant he was supposed to be prosecuting.

However, this week we learned that "The Prize" allegedly shared confidential information about a police investigation into the whereabouts of a missing woman with a date he met on After the watch the autopsy of the of the deceased woman but only if the date would wear a skirt and heels and agree to be his girlfriend.


For apparently getting his dating advice from episodes of The Addams Family.

For being creepier than Dollar Store underwear.

For allegedly wanting to take a date to the morgue which is ironic since most women wouldn\'t be caught dead on a date with Ken Kratz.

And for finding a way to make himself even creepier which is comparable to water finding a way to make itself wetter, Jeff Foxworthy finding a way to make his neck redder or Sheboygan finding a way to make itself even weirder.

We are proud to name Calumet County D.A. Ken "The Prize" Kratz, for the second week in a our Rick and Len Show...WEENIE OF THE WEEK!

(Side note: I read Stephen King\'s book The Shining about a billion years ago. I remember that near the beginning of the book, the main character Jack Torrence is applying for the job as off-season care taker for the big, spooky Overlook Hotel. As the manager is interviewing him, Jack keeps looking at him and keeps thinking the same words over and over. "Officious prick!" That\'s the same reaction I have to the picture of Kratz on the above left--Rick)