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jul 29th
LINDSEY LOHAN should be at Airventure 2010...because she could get really high without setting off her ankle bracelet.

MEL GIBSON should be at Airventure 2010...where perhaps some experienced stunt pilot could advise him how to pull his a career out of it\'s nosedive.

SARAH PALIN should be at Airventure 2010... to explain how every time a plane takes off it "refutiates" Newton\'s Law of Gravity.

THE OCTOMOM should be at Airventure 2010...because they need someplace big enough to park the Goodyear blimp. (and if the pilot could find his keys, he\'d fly it out of there)

DICK CHENEY should be at Airventure 2010...because the air shows are so exciting they could give him a pulse.

SCARLETT JOHANSSON should be at Airventure 2010...because most attendees really appreciate a great set of nosecones.

PRESIDENT OBAMA should be at Airventure 2010...because listening to the loud, droning sound of the engines could help prepare him for sitting between Barbara Walters and Joy Behar during his Friday appearance on The View.

TEA PARTY FOUNDER JUSTIN PHILIPS should be at Airventure see if it\'s even possible to get something off the ground that only has a right wing.

AL GORE should be at Airventure 2010...because it appears that after a "hard-landing" on Tuesday, NASCAR team owner Jack Roush is going to be okay giving that story a happy ending and as we recently learned, Al Gore loves a "happy ending"!