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jul 23rd
Here are the Top Ten Signs that we\'ve had TOO MUCH @$*#&%! RAIN!

10) Waterfest is now calling itself Too Much Waterfest.

9) The Fox River Mall has taken the word "Mall" off the sign.

8) The S.S. Badger Ferry now serves the Fox Cities.

7) Two River is now Three Rivers (or "Trivvers" is now "Thrivvers").

6) Oshkosh has changed the city slogan from Oshkosh On the Water to
Oshkosh Under the Water.

5) You may now use Fox 11\'s Tom Milbourn\'s head as a flotation device.

4) The EAA grounds are the new host of the Tall Ship Festival.

3) Green Bay\'s new "Zippin\' Pippin" roller-coaster is being reformatted as
a waterslide attraction called "The Drippin\' Pippin."

2) WAPL\'s Roxanne Steele is getting rusty.

And the number one sign that we\'ve had too much rain...

BP is doing more deep water oil well Black Creek!