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nov 20th

One of my most vivid memories from our first five International Incident trips was from year # 2 in Ixtapa. Each evening, the sunsets over the Pacific Ocean were bright, brilliant and extraordinary! To this day, I have a photo I took from the balcony of my room posted in the WAPL studio. It\'s my "happy place"! Dozens of guests have commented on the photo. All are, at the very least, impressed by the sheer beauty of that breathtaking sunset that was a daily occurrence in that part of the world.

Ever since we learned that this year\'s tip is taking us to Puerto Vallarta, which also rests on the Pacific coast, I\'ve been wondering if the sunsets were as stunning. Well, I need wonder no more.

Here\'s a couple photos I snagged from Tripadvisor, taken by guests from their balconies at the all-inclusive Golden Crown Paradise Resort where we\'ll be staying.

I\'m counting the days until March 6th!

There\'s still time left to join us by clicking here! But act fast. It\'s filling up!

- Rick -