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sep 2nd
We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…24 year old Christopher Parker of Eau Claire who was arrested in Chicago this past week. Police pulled Parker over during a traffic stop and officers found a handgun, a stack of cash, and a load of marijuana in his SUV. Parker allegedly offered police $100,000 and his vehicle if they would let him go.

After reading the story of Parker’s arrest on-line, Eau Claire police began wonder how a 24-year-old would have $100,000 to bribe an officer. This lead to an investigation that connected Parker to a string of robberies in which substantial amounts of cash and jewelry was taken from homes in Eau Claire in July. So, now in addition to the possession and bribery charges, Parker is also facing probable charges in connection to the robberies.

How did Parker get himself into this predicament? In his own words, that he used while begging the Chicago police to not arrest him, “I’m just a dumbass white boy from Wisconsin”.


For not realizing that the words “I’m just a dumbass white boy from Wisconsin” to a Chicago cop is like raw meat to a hungry lion.

For trying to bribe a Chicago cop with a hundred thousand dollars…which is like buying a gum ball with gold brick. (Seriously, you offered him a hundred grand when, I think most Chicago cops can be bribed with whatever change you find in your couch cushions and a half-off coupon from Krispy Kream.

And for going to Chicago and then passing himself off as a “dumb ass white boy from Wisconsin”…which could also get him charged with impersonating a member of the Wisconsin legislature.

We are proud to name Christopher Parker, "the dumbass white boy from Wisconsin" as this week's Rick and Len Show...WEENIE OF THE WEEK!