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sep 16th
Some weeks we have a runner up to Weenie of the Week. It's someone who's not quite a big enough weenie. They're our Rick and Len Show...COCKTAIL FRANK!

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Cocktail Frank…Fond du Lac cat hoarder Timothy White, from whose home, police seized 33 cats this week including some which were living in the walls of his home. This is nothing new for White. Police removed 23 cats from his possession in 2009.


For going through more cans of pet food than an entire senior citizen housing complex.

For having more disgusting hairballs around his house than you’d find in Robin Williams’ shower drain.

And for having more breeds of small, furry mammals than a Korean smorgasbord..

We are proud to name Fond du Lac repeat cat hoarder Timothy White as this week’s Rick and Len Show…COCKTAIL FRANK!!!