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apr 9th

March 28th City of Waukesha
A man called police to report his dog found a stick in the woods that looked like it was made into a weapon. The caller requested that an officer come to pick up the stick. An officer came and found the item to be “Just a stick; nothing more, nothing less.”

April 4th Wood County
Police received a call from a woman complaining that her nose hurt. When police arrived at the woman's residence they found the woman was actually a man and was wanted on a Juneau County warrant. The woman, er man, was taken into custody.

March 31st City of Oshkosh
Police arrested a man for his seventh drunk driving offense after he crashed into a telephone pole and drove away. Officers located the man by following a trail of fluid and car parts.

March 31st City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police report her neighbors had glued her mailbox shut. The responding officer found there was just something wedged in the mailbox.

April 3rd City of Wisconsin Rapids
An employee at IGA Quality Foods called police to report a theft. He told police that EVERY Wednesday a man comes into the store and steals a newspaper and buttermilk.

April 4th City of Wisconsin Rapid
Police responded to a report of a man in Perkins Restaurant throwing the non-dairy creamers.

March 29th Village of Weston
A 31-year-old man was arrested on charges of possession of marijuana. The man was found behind the Qwik Trip  where he was reportedly dancing around his vehicle while urinating.

March 30th City of Wausau
Police were called a restaurant were a man was throwing pizza.

March 26th City of Oak Creek
Police were called to a stopped Amtrak train at a railroad crossing. A railroad employee found a 38-year-old woman topless in the vestibule of the forward train car and asked  her to put her shirt back on. A short time later, the train conductor found the woman in the same location but this time she was completely nude. When police arrived, the naked woman was sitting on the floor of the train car with her eyes closed holding onto a beaded necklace.

March 3rd City of Platteville
University officials reported the theft of cake pans, cookie sheets, cookie and cake mixes, muffin mixes and frosting all stolen from a 19-year-old student's locker.

March 26th City of Greenfield
A 44-year-old woman was arrested for disorderly conduct after she became intoxicated and began yelling at her neighbor’s wife and called her neighbor’s daughter fat.

March 29th City of Greenfield
A man was cited for misuse of 911 after he called the emergency line three times to report his wife was trying to take his cellphone away from him.

March 29th City of Franklin
An employee at Whitnall View Motel called police after discovering that customers who had been thrown out of the motel a couple hours earlier had damaged a bathroom and left a can of tuna in the ceiling.

April 1st City of Oak Creek
Police and responded to Pennzoil Plus after receiving a report that a woman fell in the oil bay area. The woman was reportedly looking at her cellphone and walking behind her car while getting an oil change, and she stepped into the oil changing well, dropping about six feet to the bottom.

March 28th City of Oak Creek
Officers responded to a call from a customer in Woodman's parking lot.  The owner stated he parked in the lot and when he returned his car was covered in toothpicks. The officer spoke to the store manager, who reported a lot of juveniles had been in the store but she was unsure if any of them purchased an unusually large number of toothpicks.