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may 7th
May 2nd City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police to report finding a suspicious gallon-size zip-lock  bag with a thick, cloudy yellow substance inside laying on the grass near a busy intersection. Investigating officers determined it was a 5 pound bag of macaroni and cheese.

April 15th City of Omro
An Adams Street resident reported a person sitting in a vehicle outside their residence and wanted police to check out the situation. An officer made contact with the subject who said he was “just wasting time” before work listening to the radio.

April 25th City of Greenfield
A resident called police after someone made an inappropriate request in regards to an ad she posted on Craigslist. The resident told police she was selling a pair of pants on Craigslist and a subject replied to the posting and asked her if she would sell him her underwear.

April 25th  City of Greenfield
A caller reported a suspicious male was “lingering” around the park. The caller told police the man, described as a white male about 50 years old went in the Porta Potty near the back end of the park and when he exited he had changed from his work clothes into a white dress. The caller further stated that when the man noticed he was being watched by the caller and her family, he “high-tailed it out of there”. Police checked the area but were unable to locate a man wearing a white dress.

April 25th City of Waukesha
A resident in an apartment called police to report their neighbor is shining microwave frequencies inside their apartment. They said the frequencies travel through their body and are irritating their body.

April 28th City of Waukesha
A woman told police as she was leaving her residence when a man started walking toward her with something in his hand, possibly a meat thermometer and car key. The woman said the man walked up to her residence and said, “I just came to look at your cat” and then left in a blue vehicle.

April 27th City of Franklin
A man reported his neighbor called him a derogatory name and "flipped him the bird". The neighbor admitted to "flipping him the bird" after the other man was "staring him down." Police advised both men to avoid contact with each other.

May 2nd Village of Rudolph
Police received a report of a woman who had gone missing after going outside with the dogs. Responding officers located the woman in her home taking a shower.