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aug 12th
After a pretty long day in the sun in Deadwood Thursday I was planning to see Jackyl at Fuill Throttle Saloon but the place was an absolute madhouse. By the time I would have reached the place the show would have been half over. Oh, well. I'm sure those guys will be around NE Wisconsin very soon so I'll catch up with Jesse James Dupree then.

This morning I had a chance to visit the Black Hills National Cemetery. It's a humbling place. There were some honor guard guys waiting for a veteran's burial but otherwise just me. As we undertake military actions in the Middle East I was looking directly at what wars really cost. Let's not do that anymore.

Quite a jarring change in scene just a few miles away in Sturgis. The crazy that is the bike rally was in full swing as I set up shop at the Easy Rider saloon right on Lazelle Street. As I talked with Elwood on the Road Show I had tons of bikes to watch, tons of people walking right by, two incredibly buxom ladies serving beers to my right, a bad country band playing behind me and girls with little on hanging from the rafters doing sexy gymnastics on long fabric things. you know, just another afternoon in South Dakota.

I moved over to Main Street which is filled with thousands of bikes and people. I decided to interview a tattoo guy working on ladies in a storefront window. You get free shots of Jack Daniels with your tattoo. I'm sure that makes for some good decision making, right? The tattoo artist is named Spider. Of course he is.

When I say there are lots of bikes, I use the term liberally. Some of the "bikes" are customized so much they hardly look like motorcycles any more.

I hooked up with the WAPL contest winners, Bob and Janet Boehnlein of Brothertown. Nice folks who are really enjoying the trip...especially the Harley Ultra they get to use for the week from Harley Davidson of Appleton. It's their first Sturgis experience and they're loving it. We took in the sights at the famous Knuckle Saloon and they tagged along for some of the broadcast later on Main.

I'm going to miss this place...until next year's 75th Annual Bike Rally. It's going to be twice as nuts.
Ah, Sturgis. Where even the mannequins give it all they've got.