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jun 30th 2011
Jessi is back at the Skyline Comedy Cafe in Appleton this week. And back on the Rick and Len Show. Hear her tomorrow at 8am. And see her Friday or Saturday night at 8 and 10:15 at the Skyline. It's a great way to top off a day in the sun!

Call and make your reservations at 920-734-JOKE or book on-line by clicking here.
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jun 24th 2011
We are proud to name as this week's Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week...Joseph Sloma of Denmark, a former charter boat captain, who this week was sentenced after having been found guilty of blowing up several other charter fishing boats in Kewaunee's Salmon Harbor Marina in 2009. The only reasons Sloma ever gave to investigators for his actions was the fact that he didn't like some of the charter boat captains who owned the boats and "peer pressure".


For blowing up boats which is only acceptable behavior when it comes to inflatable dinghies.

For thinking he could destroy fishing boats and not be found gill-ty. (I am sooooo ASHAMED!)

For not understanding that if everybody in Wisconsin just blew up whatever they didn't like, Soldier Field would be nothing but a smoking crater and a pile of ash.

We are proud to name Joseph Sloma, the Brown County charter fishing boat captain who blew up his competition's boats as this week's Rick and Len Show...WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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jun 23rd 2011
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jun 23rd 2011
Fresh off multiple appearances on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, It's Paul Morrisey at the Skyline Comedy Cafe. Paul will stop by the Rick and Len Show at 8am Friday morning for fun and frivolity.

Get your tickets by calling 920-734-JOKE or by clicking right here!
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jun 21st 2011
Woolite and Rob Zombie (Yes, that Rob Zombie!) Two names that don't normally go together. But check out this new commercial Rob directed for them.
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jun 20th 2011
We bid farewell today to The Big Man.
The yin to The Boss's yang.
Wailing on that saxophone
While Bruce played guitar and sang.

Handling that golden horn
With his enormous, but so agile hands
As Springsteen told the 10th Avenue tale
Of when the Big Man joined the band.

Clarence blew notes that sounded like release.
Like escaping from a place you didn't want to be.
They were the sound of hitting the road and going places.
The sound of leaving it all behind and being free.

Together he and Bruce took us places.
Down Thunder Road to Jungle Land
Reliving all their Glory Days
He was Born to Run with the rest of the E-Street band.

He was the last great sax man of the rock era
Which really is a bloody shame.
Then again, no one was ever going to do it better than him.
To even try would have been in vain.

So, farewell to New Jersey's "Minister of Soul".
He played with power, control and class.
And the only thing that blows harder
Is the fact that now he's passed.
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jun 20th 2011
June 1st City of Brown Deer
Police responded to an incident at Brown Deer Middle School where a girl left a classroom with a plastic bag holding a dead frog. Her teacher told her she could not take the frog and must return to class. The girl kept walking saying the frog was hers because she paid for it. An officer at the scene and told the girl if she left school she would be arrested. The girl left and was arrested.

June 15th City of Appleton
Police were called to the Taco Bell at the intersection of Richmond Street where a man suspected to be drunk was passed out behind the wheel of his running vehicle in the drive-through lane. When police finally got the man to wake up by knocking on his window, he turned up the volume on his car stereo and started bobbing his head to the music while ignoring officers. During the incident, the man repeatedly referred to a female officer as "baby" and "honey". When the officer asked the man to submit to field sobriety tests he replied, "C'mon, we're not all stupid here. Do you even need to do these on me? Serious. C'mon."

June 8th City of Oak Creek
A 48-year-old woman was arrested for drunken driving after she was seen getting out of her car and pooping in the bushes outside of Fleet Farm.

June 10th City of Wisconsin Rapids
Police received a report that a man on Pepper Avenue threw a chair in the garbage!
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jun 18th 2011
Clarence Clemons--the Big Man with the big horn-- died today of complications from a stroke he suffered last weekend, said Bruce Springsteen's spokeswoman. He was 69 years old.

Here's a clip of Clarence with the E-Street Band in London in 2009, playing Jungleland, which has the greatest sax solo in rock history, played the way only Clarence could play it.
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jun 17th 2011
Yesterday, the Packers finally got their SUper Bowl rings.

And here are some factoids about all the symbolism and what-have-you involved in the ring.

* The 'G' logo in the middle of the ring includes 13 diamonds, one for each of the Packers championships.
* Football-shaped diamonds dot the corner of the top of the rings, representing the 4 Super Bowl titles.
* A total of 92 diamonds surround the crest, representing the 92 years that the franchise has existed.
* On the inside of the ring, the scores of all the Packers playoff wins are included, as well as the logos of the opponents (congratulations, Eagles fans, you're on a Super Bowl ring!).
* Also on the inside is a '1' alongside the words "Mind, Goal, Purpose and Heart", a sort of mantra that the Packers used on their way to the title.
* One side features the Lombardi trophy and the player's name a number, with the number encircled as it was on the Packers throwback jerseys this year. On the other side is a rather exquisitely crafted likeness of Lambeau Field.

As for size and gaudiness, the ring checks in with 3.35 total carats of diamonds, falling just behind the 3.61 carats the Steelers crammed onto their rings for winning Super Bowl XLIII. Comparing it to other recent champions, the Saints got 2.2 carats on their XLIV rings, and the Giants, comparatively tasteful and restrained, went with 1.5 carats after XLII.
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jun 17th 2011
Rob Brackenridge returns to the Rick and Len Show this morning. Rob has performed for our troops in TEN different countries, bringing a little bit of Wisconsin all around the world. Perhaps even more impressive, Rob's been appearing on the Rick and Len Show since a time when all three of us had full heads of hair. Oh for cry aye aye!

See Rob this weekend at the Skyline Comedy Cafe in Appleton. Click here to get your tickets on-line or call 920-734-JOKE (5653) to make your reservations old school.

And check out this clip of Rob talking about his wiener!

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jun 17th 2011
This 24-inch tall plastic bank in the shape of Dr. Zais from the original Planet of the Apes movie is one of the five items that will be featured on today's edition of the Rick and Len Budget Battle. If you think you can guess what it costs, it could help you win some big monkey, I mean, money!

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jun 17th 2011
We are proud to name as this week's Rick and Len Show Weenies of the Week...Jonathan and Jared Pippert, the 32 and 27-year-old Sheboygan brothers who live with their mother and were charged Monday with disorderly conduct for fighting over a bottle of shampoo.


For letting a little shampoo get them worked into a lather.

For getting into a physical altercation that left them both black and Selsen blue.

And, for in a week with many solid Weenie candidates, engaging in behavior that put them Head and Shoulders above the rest.

We are proud to name Jonathan and Jared Pippert, the adult Sheboygan brothers who were arrested after getting in a fight over a bottle of shampoo as this week's Rick and Len Show...WEENIES OF THE WEEK!
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jun 16th 2011
The PGA's Ben Crane, Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler and Hunter Mahan have teamed up to create the first all pro golfer boy band. It's called Oh, Oh, Oh. Buy it on iTunes. All proceeds go to charity.
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jun 16th 2011
You can win ONE THOUSAND BUCKS in cash or one of the other great prizes by participating in the Great American Ball drop. Buy a ball (or several balls) today by clicking here or by visiting your nearby Community First location.

On July 15th, at the Rick and Len Two Putz Golf
Outingwe'll be dropping up to 2,000 consecutively numbered golf balls from a helicopter at Mid Vallee Golf Course in DePere. If your ball lands closest to he pin you win!

Get your balls today!

All proceeds will benefit the American Red Cross.
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jun 3rd 2011
Don't miss The Big Fling this Sunday at Telulah Park in Appleton! The Big Fling is a disc golf competition and fundraiser for the Fox Cities Sibling Support Network. The Big Fling is bigger and better than ever in 2011 with the addition of BIG yard games to the disc golf fun for a family-friendly day at the park. For more info on The Big Fling, click here!
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jun 2nd 2011

Legendary Fox Valley guitarist Chris Aaron's yearly return to Wisconsin starts this Friday night (6/3) at The Cove in Sheboygan. It's going to be off the hook as Chris is joined by Wisconsin blues legend Jim Schwall (Siegel-Schwall Blues Band).
WAPL's Len Nelson emcees the show, which also features a wicked stringer named Noah "Kid Fantastic" Engh, bass master Tony Menzer and drummer Jeff Cohen.
Showtime is around 9:30. The Cove is at 1235 Indiana Ave. in Sheboygan.
For additional Chris Aaron dates, go to
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jun 2nd 2011
Would it kill you to go see Doug Mellard this week at the Skyline Cafe? I suppose there's always a chance but you won't know until you go. And who wants to live with that hanging over their heads?

And you think you've had some bad Valentine's Days? We'll see if Doug can bring himself to tell us about his worst. Trust me. Doug's story is pretty good (unless it happened to you, then it's pretty bad!)

TONIGHT is WAPL Night at Skyline with 2 for 1 admission to see Doug Mellard. You can make reservations by calling 920-734-JOKE or on-line. To get the 2 for 1 deal, you should mention it's WAPL Night on the phone or enter WAPL where it says "coupon" on the check-out page when ordering tickets here at the new Skyline website.

Or check out Doug Mellard Friday or Saturday night. It's still pretty damn cheap and he's pretty damn funny.
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jun 1st 2011
A new paper by Brown University Department of History researchers attempts to explain why The Viking's disappeared. They claim it was a result of climate change. We have our own ideas...ten to be exact.


10. Tribal council failed to approve bonding referendum to build them a new coliseum even after the old one was damaged by heavy snow as a punishment from the gods.

9. One of their elders was accused of sending etchings of his horn to unknowing maiden.

8. Many lost interest in raping and plundering after no longer being allowed to bring in out-of-state talent for their debauched longboat parties.

7. Incompetent guidance from their leader Brad the Bald.

6. Despite coming close on several occasions, could never pillage the big one.

5. Under-utilized their greatest warrior Adrian the Fast while relying too heavily on aging Brett Graybeard.

4. Left longtime ice covered homeland for warmer Valhalla like land called Los Angeles.

3. Spent too much time sacking port cities of the North Atlantic instead of opposing quarterbacks.

2. Same reason all the other barbarian tribes vanished...couldn’t reach Collective Pillaging Agreement.

1. Could no longer stand being viciously plundered twice a year by superior tribe just 275 miles to their east.
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jun 1st 2011

You have only until 9:50 am today (Wednesday) to make a bid on a foursome at the Fore the Kids golf outing for the Max McGee Juvenile Diabetes Foundation at Childrens Hospital of Wisconsin.
You'll get 18 holes with cart for four golfers at High Cliff Golf Course, dinner, prizes and beer!
The event is Thursday, June 9th with a 10 am shotgun start.
To place a bid, call the Rick and Len Show at 271-7625 from Green Bay, 281-7625 from the Fox Cities, or toll free 877-453-7625 from anywhere else.
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