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sep 29th 2017

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…Chicago Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan who last night intentionally and unnecessarily dropped his head, using his helmet as a missile and smashed into Packer Davante Adams’ facemask after the play was essentially over.

The hit left Davante motionless for several minutes before being carted off the field and transported to a local hospital.


For administering a hit as unnecessary as a trophy case in the headquarters of the Minnesota Vikings.

For delivering a blow as stomach churning as a Chipotle beef, bean and e-coli burrito.

For committing a shot so cheap, the shot actually consulted with Len to find a restaurant it could take its wife to for a free birthday dinner. That's how cheap it was!

We are proud to name Chicago Bears linebacker Danny “I'm not a dirty player so it wasn't a dirty hit” Trevathan as this week’s Rick and Len Show…WEENIE OF THE WEEK!

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sep 27th 2017
Well, summer has come to an end and so has Len's Big Summer Bike Adventure. It's been a wonderful couple of months thanks to my pals at Tytlers Cycle of DePere. They've allowed me to try out such a wide variety of motorcycles, many of which in styles I would not have dreamed of riding, let alone liking so much.

Here's a rundown of the bikes I spent significant time on:

Ducati 939 Hypermotard
Indian Roadmaster
Ducati Multistrada
Ducati X-Diavel
Indian Scout
Indian Vintage
Indian Chieftan Dark Horse
BMW K1600-B

I went into this whole thing as a diehard V-Twin guy so my preferences were tilted toward the Indian models but as Michael and Red and the rest of the gang at Tytlers knew, all it would take was for me to get into the saddle of some other styles and I'd be hooked on them, too. It was  kind of like how a drug dealer works it...I got the first one free and they knew I'd be back for more!

That was certainly the case with the big BMWs. I was able to take a four-day spin around the state on the 1600GTL and I fell in love with the power, the nimble handing and the sophisticated electronics, especially the navigation system. I packed a ton of stuff for the trip but had plenty of room for more had I been traveling with a passenger. The newest BMW, the bagger model 1600-B has everything the GTL has except for the trunk. It still has plenty of storage, though, and it adds the super sleek look of a bagger. It rode so nice that it was easy to forget that there is 160 horsepower underneath that thing from the in-line six cylinder power plant. Often I had to temper myself because in a split second you're going way faster than it feels. What I'm saying is that you big V-Twin guys need to try the BMWs to experience a whole new world of comfort and performance. You're going to be surpised (I was) that the price point on these beauties is well below the cost of many big V-Twins with fewer features.

I had an absolute blast on every one of the bikes I was on and the experiences I had. That includes the opportunity to try to tame the four-mile track at Road America on a Ducati 939 Hypermotard. It was mometarily scary at times but mostly exhilerating to be able to take corners at much higher speeds than I've ever done before and to crank it up to a blur on the long straightaways. I've described myself as "old and in the way" on the track but I wouldn't trade that day for anything.

If I had to narrow the entire Big Summer Bike Adventure down to the motorcycle I enjoyed the most, the winner would be the Ducati X-Diavel. That rip-snorter with its 156 horsepower, 95 pounds of torque and the forward peg/wide handlebar look with Italian styling flair just tripped my trigger. It didn't hurt that the Tytler's bike magicians gave it a few custim touches, either. No bike I rode turned more heads or prompted more questions than the X-Diavel. It was just riding for the pure enjoyment of riding.

Well, that said, I encourage you to get into Tytlers Cycle and test ride some bikes. Get out of your comfort zone a little and I know you'll discover a  whole new something about your love of motorcycling. Tytlers has a bike for every kind of riding and every kind of rider...even the kind you didn't expect you'd end up loving.
My thanks to everyone at Tytlers involved in Len's Big Summer Bike Adventure. I had more fun on two wheels in two months than I'd had in four decades of riding.

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sep 26th 2017

Monday, the Green Bay City Council's Protection and Welfare Committee discussed what some think is a growing rat problem. Here's our suggestions of....


Fit them with tiny, little saddles and let Mayor Schmidt ride them around city hall like he’s Roy Rogers of the Rodents.

Take advantage of their taste for raw meat by luring them into Alderman Guy Zima’s trousers and have him walk them into the bay like some kind of Pied Piper of Pantaloons.

Put them on shish-ka-bob sticks with bell peppers and onions then sell them for $18 a pound to foolhardy tailgating FIBs looking for a new delicacy before Thursday night’s game.

Scare them away by showing them something even creepier than they are… Larry’s McCarren’s pinky fingers (which are the only things in the city even more crooked than the mayor).

Train them to eat only brains then let them loose in the city council chamber to starve.

 Relocate them to Suamico where they can feast on dismembered Juggalo fingers.
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sep 25th 2017

August 29th Village of Jackson
Police were called to an apartment building regarding tenants who were having a fight. The 53-year-old woman said that her husband became upset because she was going to serve her friends a bottle of wine. Her husband said that his wife had taken HIS bottle of vintage 2014 Cabernet which can ONLY BE PURCHASED at Costco. The husband said that it was HIS bottle and his wife had no right to it, so he took it away from her and locked himself in his bedroom. The wife tried to enter the bedroom and get the wine, but the husband blocked the door to prevent her entry.

September 11th City of Greenfield
A man reported to police that his neighbor has a voodoo doll in her driveway pointed at his house and it has a nail in the chest. Police spoke with the neighbor. She said she has the doll there to watch her neighbor because he videotapes her and reports back to her soon-to-be-ex-husband. She also says it’s therapy for her so she feels the neighbor doesn’t have control over her. She was not willing to take it down.

September 19th Village of Fox Crossing
A man notified police after a stray potbellied pig wandered up to him while he was mowing his parents' lawn. According to police, they've had no reports of anyone missing a potbellied pig in Fox Crossing.

September 19th City of Wisconsin Rapids
An employee at IGA Quality Foods call the police and reported a teenage boy eating whipped topping out of a can.

September 11th City of Antigo
A crossing guard called police and reported a rider on a "gold silver ninja crotch rocket" with no plates was revving his engine loudly behind a bus and had "whipped the bird" at the busload of children next to him. The following day, Police located the culprit. He told officers he had only been "flipping off" his friend that was on the bus next to him and not the entire busload of kids.

August 14th Village of Jackson
Police stopped a vehicle with two men in their 20s who said they were just "Driving around looking for “cool places to explore”. When an officer asked why the odor of marijuana was coming from the vehicle, the driver claimed that it was probably his new air marijuana scented freshener.

September 17th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police and reported a clown walking around and looking suspicious. The clown told an officer he was just trying to make people laugh. 

September 15th City of Antigo
Officers went to a residence in an attempt to arrest a female subject with an open warrant. The woman was not at the residence. However, while searching for her, officers found a male subject with an open warrant...hiding under a big pile of pillows.

September 23rd City of Plymouth
A caller from Wild Shots Pub complained to police that someone from a neighboring apartment building keeps leaving a freezer full of rotten food in front of the bar.

August 23rd Village of Jackson
An intoxicated 71-year-old man called the police station to report that, an hour earlier, his cigarette set off the smoke alarm and it was still sounding. The fire department was dispatched and discovered that what the man was hearing was the characteristic “chirp” indicating the smoke alarm battery was low.
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sep 22nd 2017

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…a man who goes by the name Naughty Chimpy who was cited for NOT stealing bananas from a West Milwaukee Wal-Mart this week. Police responded to reports of a man in a diaper and gorilla mask bothering customers and humping their carts inside the Wal-Mart. When asked to leave by management, Naughty Chimpy reportedly grabbed bananas off a display and headed for the exit, eventually running from the store as though he had stolen them.

However, police eventually determined that Naughty Chimpy had paid for the bananas ahead of time and believe his furtive movements and fleeing were designed to fool them into thinking he was stealing the bananas which lead to Naughty Chimpy being cited for obstruction.

However, according to a friend of Naughty Chimpy, he's not bad, rather, "Naughty Chimpy just misunderstood".


For not realizing he should have eaten the bananas and tossed the peels on the ground if he was serious about giving the police the slip.

For putting the folks behind the website "People of" in the position of having to consider changing their name to the "PRIMATES of".

For wearing a diaper...when it would have been a way better story if, like any good "naughty" monkey he'd have been flinging poo at fellow Wal-Mart shoppers.

We are proud to name the gorilla mask and diaper wearing, alleged cart humper and banana theft faker “Naughty Chimpy” as this week’s Rick and Len Show…WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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sep 21st 2017

This "Packer Party House" on Shadow Lane, in the shadow of Lambeau Field, is now on sale for $999,999! Nice view and good location sure, but...


Include a state of the art digital counter that automatically subtracts a number every time somebody ahead of you on the season ticket list dies.

Come with a den with the mounted heads of Dick Butkis, Richard Dent and William "The Refrigerator" Perry.

Be haunted by the ghost of Vince Lombardi who regularly shows up at game day parties and shouts (“What the hell’s going on out there?")

Come with a shower that has two drains that separate your displaced pubes into two piles based on whether they are Fuzzy or Curly.

Not only have a spacious master bedroom but a sound system that automatically plays Todd Rundgren’s Bang the Drum All Day whenever YOU score.

Be furnished with real feather pillows and a tar pit just in case Ted Thompson gets any crazy ideas about forcing another star quarterback into an early retirement.

Have room to bury Mike McCarthy’s dog…you know, just in case.

Have a lawn maintenance guy who looks strangely like what you would imagine Tony Mandrich looks like at age 50.

Come with a soft padded stool so you can sit comfortably every time you add the number of another Packer Super Bowl victory to the Lombardi Trophy tattooed on you taint.

Feature a fully staffed operating-theater prepared to remove Defensive Coordinator Dom Capers' head from his ass at a moments notice.

Include a private quarters and stash hamper for on-site Party Coordinator Letroy Guion.

Have enough room in the backyard to dig shallow graves for Troy Aikman and Joe Buck.
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sep 18th 2017

August 26th Village of Fox Crossing
A business owner called police and reported finding spray painted graffiti on his building. When the surveillance cameras were checked, the caller found that the damage was done by a man in a Batman mask.

September 9th City of Port Washington
Police were called to the scene where a 31-year-old man and a 42-year-old man we're engaged in a lively disagreement over the unwritten rules of fishing. Police ended what they referred to as a "fishing kerfuffle" when the two men agreed to fish in different areas and stay away from each other.

July 14th Village of Jackson
An officer was refueling his squad car at gas station when another car pulled up. The officer and the other man exchanged pleasantries. The man said he’d never met the officer before, so the officer introduced himself and asked the man’s name. The man told you officer his name…which the officer recognized and arrested the man on an open warrant.

September 7th City of West Allis
Police responded to a report of an argument occurring at a residence. When police arrived, they found a man with outstanding warrants “hiding in the closet playing guitar.”

September 13 City of Baraboo
A caller reported to police there were “over 300 inflatable people handcuffed” in her yard.

September 14th City of Green Bay
A caller notified police that there was a naked man outside in his front yard on Brosig Street. The naked man eventually went inside his own home and stood in front of his windows naked. The caller told police this was an ongoing problem.

September 10th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman reported seeing a man in a van with snot coming out of his nose not responding to people. Police checked on the man, who was fine.

September 15th City of Green Bay
Officers were called to Kwik Trip on Shawano Avenue where a man who was playing the ukulele was refusing to leave.

September 6th City of Hales Corners
An employee at Walgreens reported to police that there was an intoxicated female staggering around the store. Police determined the woman was not intoxicated and was staggering around the pharmacy because she had a broken foot.

September 4th City of Delafield
Police advised a man on his behavior after he reportedly walked out of his hotel room at Holiday Inn naked and entered a neighboring room where cleaning staff was working. Responding officers spoke to the naked man through his door because he refused to answer it.

September 16th City of Green Bay
An angry resident called police to report a group of people had kicked in their screen door. The caller was reportedly so upset they could not remember their own address.

September 12th Sheboygan County
Police received a call from a Wisconsin Avenue location where an old man said he'd been on toilet for 3 hours and is too weak to get up.
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sep 15th 2017

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Weenie of the Week… Damon Laru, the Marshfield man who, while possibly under the influence of alcohol and meth, allegedly broke down the door of his ex-boyfriend’s apartment Saturday before assaulting the ex-boyfriend, setting his bed sheets on fire and trashing the place before reportedly using a steak knife to cut off his own finger tips and then trying to claim his ex-did it.


For seemingly not fully committing and giving his boyfriend the finger but drawing the line and just giving him the tips.

For apparently not realizing you can't use a cigarette lighter to reignite the passion between the sheets.

And for reportedly being drunk and claiming he didn’t start the fire…for which he should have at least been charged with impersonating Billy Joel.

We are proud to name Damon Laru, who reportedly set assaulted his ex-boyfriend, set his bed sheets on fire and then cut off his own finger tips so he could try to claim the ex attacked him as this week's Rick and Len Show...WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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sep 13th 2017


BETTER…not only be able to recognize you by your face but also tell you when you've got a piece of spinach in your teeth.

BETTER…have an alarm clock feature that wakes you by tickling your balls.

BETTER…not only provide you with up to the moment scoring updates on your favorite sporting events but also allow you change the outcomes.

BETTER…not only survive unscathed when dropped in the toilet but also clean the bowl.

BETTER…give you the real love you never received from your alcoholic mother.

BETTER…not only allow you to pay bills with the tap of a finger but do it with someone else's money.

BETTER…give you the option to change Siri’s voice to that of a horny Asian school girl...who's been naughty. very, very naughty.

BETTER…not just be capable of taking 12 Megapixel digital photos but also X-rays and MRIs and mammograms.

BETTER…come with a pre-loaded app that allows you send a painful electrical shock to anyone who asks you to connect on Linkedin.

BETTER…automatically send a birthday greeting to the Chinese girl who made it every single year until she reaches the age of 10.
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sep 12th 2017

(Actual stolen hydrant pictured. Please contact DePere
police if you see a hydrant that resembles this one that
is not in the ground)

September 8th City of DePere
Police are searching for someone who stole a fire hydrant from the corner of North Washington and Franklin streets. The hydrant had been damaged the previous evening in a car accident. When city crews went to fix it the following morning, they found it was gone. Police remind citizens that fire hydrants are city property and should not be claimed or removed by anyone other than city employees.

August 28th City of Menasha
Officers were dispatched to an Appleton Street location where a woman claimed she had been threatened with a knife. Upon arrival, contact was made with a man who stated he was eating spaghetti with his dog when he asked the woman to leave the residence. The man was apparently holding a knife at the time and the woman believed he was using it to threaten her. However, the man told police he was just holding the knife together with a fork to cut the meatballs on his spaghetti for his dog. After discussing the matter with both parties, police concluded that the man was, in fact, using the knife to cut his dog's meatballs and did not intend to threaten the woman with it.

September 8th City of Green Bay
A man at the Motel 6 in Shawano Avenue called police to report that he had a verbal disagreement with an intoxicated man who took the caller's vehicle and told him he was "going to Lambeau Field to sleep it off".

September 5 City of Green Bay
Officers responded to a call from Kohl's in Bay Park Square reporting two individuals peeping under dressing room doors.

August 31st City of Waukesha
A real estate agent called police after he received a call from a man who was standing outside a house that's for sale and demanded the agent show him the house "right now" so that he could buy it today and move in immediately.

September 3rd Village of Germantown
Police received a call about possible drug activity in a blue sedan in the back parking lot of McDonald’s. An officer found a blue 2008 Ford Focus and talked with two males in the car. One of the men told the officer that he had been picking off scabs from an infection on his arm, which may have been confused with drug use. The officer confirmed the infected arm and found no drugs in the car.

August 26th City of Menasha
Officers were dispatched to Tyler Court for a verbal disturbance between a man and his live-in girlfriend. Upon arrival, both parties stated that the argument was regarding a female actress from a television show the man watches. Both told police nothing got physical and the whole argument was "silly."

August 24th Village of Brown Deer
Police arrested an intoxicated 46-year-old woman with open felony warrants who was walking around the bathroom at the bowling alley naked from the waist down.

August 26th Village of Shorewood
A woman walked into the police department to report she had received a suspicious letter in the mail. The letter was addressed to her and was postmarked in New Mexico. The woman said there was a Pokémon card inside and that after looking at the Pokémon card, she became lightheaded and fatigued.

September 3rd Village of Pewaukee
Police were called to Wal-Mart where an assistant manager stopped four women walking out with several carts filled with merchandise. When the Wal-Mart assistant manager asked them to prove they had purchased the items, one of the women produced a receipt… From Applebee's.

August 17th City of Menasha
An Oak Park Drive resident told police her ex was threatening to post revenge porn online because she moved out and took the cat.

August 29th Village of Germantown
A resident called police and reported the building he lived in was shaking and he thought there might be a fight going on in an adjoining apartment. When police arrived, they spoke to a male at the residence who informed them it was just his 3-year-old daughter who was a having a tantrum over eating her vegetables.

September 5th Dane County
A 21-year-old woman out walking at 1:35 AM was robbed by two men wearing hoodies and armed with a lawn rake. After taking the woman's money, one of the muggers told her she shouldn't be out walking alone at that hour because it isn't safe.

September 10th City of Green Bay
A Kenwood Street resident called police to complain about music coming from a bar near Lambeau Field just after the game. The complainant was upset that the band was playing loud...and using curse words.

September 6th City of Green Bay
A caller on Jean Street, described as being "highly agitated", told police there are children cutting through their yard. The caller informed the officer that he's complained about this problem before and now it's happening again!
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sep 7th 2017
I spent much of the Labor Day weekend tooling around northern Wisconsin on this gorgeous Indian Vintage (pictured) from Tytlers Cycle of DePere.

It's got the hearty V-Twin power of the Indian Thunderstroke 111 under it and the classic look of a bike from decades ago...but don't let the looks fool you. The Vintage is modern in every way, including ABS brakes, cruise control and a quick-release windshield. Tytlers has a few 2017 model year Vintage bikes at tremendous savings. Remaining stock is $4100 off. That's right. More than four grand in savings on a beautiful American-made V-Twin motorcycle! Act fast!

While you're at Tytlers, check out the brand new bagger from BMW (see the video).

I rode the K1600-B for a few days last week and can assure you that BMW hit it out of the park with this one. Ultra-cool styling and state of the art engineering make for the smoothest and best handling ride I've ever experienced on a big bike. This bagger corners like a bike half its size but delivers a full 160 horsepower from its 1650cc power in-line six cylinder power plant. Careful, though. You might find yourself doing 90 when it feels like just 55. This bike has an electrically adjustable windshield and every other electronic feature you could possible want, too. And you'll be surprised when you find out that BMW bikes aren't as costly as you would expect them to be.

Visit Tytlers Cycle just south of DePere along I-41 or go to

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sep 1st 2017

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenies of the Week…the sports department at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel who this week in a story about Packer great Jerry Kramer claimed that during his years with the team, the center was …Ringo Starr.

Later in the week, the paper issued a correction admitting that they confused the affable Beatles drummer with NFL Hall of Famer and 10-time Pro Bowler Jim Ringo.


For mistaking the drummer who beat the skins for the Beatles from 1962 to 1970 with a guy who as a Packer only beat the Skins once, 21-10, during the 1959 season.

For being more confused than a chameleon in a bag of Skittles. …

More confused than a cow on Astroturf.

More confused than a hungry baby in a topless bar.

And for making the kind of mistake that will make legendary Packer coach Guy Lombardo turn over in his grave. We are proud to name the sports department at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel as this week's Rick and Len Show Weenies of the Week.
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