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oct 27th 2017

October 13th City of Oak Creek
A man was cited for retail theft after a manager reported that he shoplifted items, including baked goods, and left the store on foot. Police located the man who initially denied taking the items, but according to the police report, “the proof was written all over his face in the form of cookie crumbs.”

October 17th City of Green Bay
Police receive the report that a man on Riverside Drive is taking off his clothes at an office building. According to the complainant, the man is trying to trade his clothes for food.

October 18th City of Green Bay
A woman on Military Avenue purchased two bottles of beer and now wants a free one after she dropped one of the bottles in the parking lot the woman eventually threw the other bottle in the parking lot and left.

October 8th Village of Omro
A caller on Tyler reported seeing two suspicious male subjects with flashlights behind the grade school. The suspicious male subjects were found to be two police officers doing a security check.

October 10th City of Waukesha
A woman reported to police that her sister gave some money, her Social Security number and a picture of her pay stub to someone posing online as a male country western singer.

October 12th City of Waukesha
A Taco Bell employee reported that a woman took a receipt out of the trash and got an $18.51 refund from the store over an unspecified complaint, under its 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.

October 15th City of Brown Deer
A man called police when his fiancée woke up suddenly and ran out of their house screaming at 1:21am. The woman was found hiding in the bushes on the side of the house. She told police she had a bad dream and fled because she woke up thinking there were people breaking into their house.

October 13th City of Oak Creek
A police officer patrolling the parking lot of the South Shore Cinema, observed a parked vehicle with the windows steamed up. When the officer looked in the window, he observed a couple, completely nude, engaged in sex in the backseat. The two told the officer they were NOT there to see a movie.

September 26th City of Menasha
A caller on Third Street reported seeing two males fighting armed with a baseball bat and a sword.

October 2nd City of Cudahy
A 54-year-old man was issued a citation for disorderly conduct after he allegedly entered the high school auditorium, interrupting student activities and threatened a teacher on stage, saying the teacher disrespected his son. The man reportedly said he and the teacher should “take it to the woods out back and settle this like real men”.

October 7th City of Oconomowoc
A resident reported the theft of one of the two golf carts he keeps in his yard. According to the caller, theives made off with the golf cart that plays the song from the Dukes of Hazzard.

October 10th City of Delafield
A resident called police to report a “suspiciously friendly” man who wouldn’t stop staring at his groin.

October 9th City of Greenfield
A member of the fire department requested that the police check on the welfare of a man who walked into to the fire station wearing a fedora, a cape and a Spiderman costume and inquired about how to become a volunteer firefighter.

October 13th City of Brookfield
Police responded to a report of an intoxicated man wandering around Walgreens in just his boxer shorts.

October 19th Wood County
A caller reported to police that everyone at their residence has been “freaking
out...since 2009”. Police responded to the call and arrested a man on probation hold.

October 19th City of Beaver Dam
Police responded to an East Lincoln residence in reference to an out-of-control 16-year-old girl. The girl reportedly hit another minor female over an argument about a cellphone and mashed potatoes.

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oct 27th 2017

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week… 38-year-old Jeremy Van Ert of Marshfield who police say decided to buy beer Wednesday at Kwik-Trip but was accidentally locked inside a cooler when the store stopped selling alcohol at midnight. Apparently realizing that it was then too late to buy more beer, Van Ert decided to stay in the cooler and drink it there.

According to police, Van Ert could have easily tapped on the glass cooler door where someone would have certainly heard him and let him out at any time.

Van Ert reportedly remained in the beer cooler for about 6 hours until a customer just happened to see him just before 6am through the glass cooler door. When employees opened the door, Jeremy reportedly left quickly without paying for the beer and malt beverages he had consumed in the cooler.

He also reportedly had fallen over a stack of 30-can beer packs, breaking open three of the cases. Police issued Van Ert a citation for retail theft for not paying for what he drank.


For having a few drinks and chilling...literally.

For spending one night in the cooler which could lead to a judge sentencing him to do another 60 to 90 days in the cooler.

And for actions that could only be more Wisconsin-like if he had done it with a brat in his hand and a cheese curd in his left ventricle.

We are proud to name 38-year-old Jeremy Van Ert of Marshfield as this week's Rick and Len Show....WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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oct 26th 2017

Each day we tell you stories of crimes
Of every type imaginable.
Stories of such ridiculousness
The stupidity is unfathomable.

There’s so many stupid crimes
We even have a contest called “Dumb Drunk or Stoned”.
But seldom does someone do something so idiotic
It deserves to be memorialized in a poem.

A 29-year-old woman named Sierra Coleman
Did just that at an IKEA store.
Where she tried her hand at shoplifting
And actually, made it out the door.

But she didn’t get much further.
She didn’t really have a chance.
Of security not noticing her hiding a frying pan
in her skin-tight yoga pants.

That’s right, this genius thought,
A place to hide a frying pan that would be super
Was between some flimsy, tight-fitting fabric
And her considerable pooper.

It left her posterior mismatched,
With a right, round and curvy right cheek.
And the left one looking like something made by Williams Sonoma
Like she's some kind of skillet-assed circus freak.

She might have gotten away with it.
And avoided a brush with the cops.
If only her other buttock
Was also shaped like something in which you’d fry up a nice pork chop.

But she couldn't slip away
From her unfortunate circumstance.
If only she had been coated with Teflon
Like the non-stick pan she slid down her yoga pants.

The lesson to be learned
If you're going to shoplift something lumpy.
Don't wear skin tight clothing.
You're better off with frumpy.

But despite her illegal efforts
Being just downright laughable. 
Perhaps we can make a love connection
And pair her with someone quite compatible.

Maybe we can make a perfect match
For this idiotic frying pan thief
With our own Green Bay Alderman Guy Zima
Who's pants were once filled with beef.

They could have a lovely evening
And compare their criminal acts
By preparing a delicious dinner
Using just things found in their slacks.
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oct 20th 2017

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week… Cody G. Schultz, a 33-year-old Waupaca man accused of forging his grandma’s signature on checks and, aided by two friends, draining all the money from the 86-year-old woman’s bank account leaving it empty as a whore's promise.


For reportedly leaving his dear grandmother as broke as Aaron Rodger's right clavicle.

For allegedly forging his grandmother’s checks and stealing all her savings instead of just waiting for her to give him her money in $10 increments every birthday and Christmas.

For reportedly draining an old woman, something Wisconsin's own Ed Gein was particularly known for.

We are proud to name Cody G. Schultz, as this week’s Rick and Len Show…WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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oct 16th 2017

October 28th City of Menasha
Police were called to a Pleasant Road address where two adult males about to enter a vehicle got in a fight over who got to “ride shotgun”.

October 4th City of Waupaca
A resident called police and reported she needs her toilet flushed.

October 6 city of Brookfield
Police were called to intervene when a woman refused to leave the drive-through lane at McDonald’s after an employee failed to give her grandchild a napkin for her ice cream cone.

October 10th City of Beaver Dam
A man called police and reported that someone was trying to extort money from him because of a “groin picture”. The man was warned about the sexting ordinance and counseled on online safety. Police indicated there was no way to identify if the picture was actually his groin.

October 7th City of Marshfield
Police arrested a 52-year-old man on a suspected probation violation after receiving a report that the caller and the suspect had gotten into an argument over cooking venison.

October 12th City of Plymouth
Police were called an East Main Street location where a child was threatened by a classmate's grandma.

September 20th City of Menasha
A 4-year-old girl followed her older siblings to school. The siblings tried to contact their mother without success and told their sister to just go home. The 4-year-old girl was found crying on a corner by a stranger, who took her to the school. The girl is enrolled at the school, so they had her emergency numbers, but were unable to contact anyone. The home address was out of date, but the officer was able to use Google street view with one of the older siblings to find the address. The girl was returned home.

October 5th City of New Berlin
Investigation of a fire that caused damage to a kitchen in a home is believed to have been caused by a family cat that jumped on the stove and accidentally turned on a burner, causing a casserole dish to overheat and start the microwave above it on fire.

October 9th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police and reported seeing a man driving a vehicle with a clown mask on the passenger-side headrest.

October 8th Town of Farmington
A 25-year-old Random Lake man was arrested after he butt dialed 911 inside a bar and dispatchers overheard him admitting he wasn’t OK to drive. The man was overheard by dispatchers talking with a group of other people stating he could not see straight and was not able to safely drive a car but was looking for his car keys so he could leave. Police located the bar around 3 AM and arrested the butt dialer for bail jumping. As a result of the butt dial, deputies also arrested another customer who for violating his parole and cited the bartender for serving customers after hours.

October 7th City of Beaver Dam
A man was arrested after police received a report of him being intoxicated and “howling like a wolf.”
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oct 13th 2017

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…the stripper from The Other Place in Fond du Lac who last week stopped to use the automated teller machine at the Walgreen’s next door to the strip club and left behind her container of pot brownies.

When confronted by police, the woman admitted the brownies were hers.


For possibly being too baked to remember her baked goods.

For apparently paying more attention to her cash than her stash.

For going to the cash machine for some green when there was already plenty of green in her baked goods.

We are proud to name the Fondy stripper who was fond of pot brownies...but not so fond that she didn't leave 'em at the Walgreen's this week's Rick and Len Show ...WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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oct 12th 2017

(Recreation of what McDonald's culpirt may have looked like)

October 6th City of Fond du Lac
Police were called to the McDonalds on West Johnson. A white male in his 20's was reportedly walking around his car acting "strangely". According to the caller, all the man's car doors are open and his hood is up. The man also went into McDonalds and wrapped himself up in paper towels.

October 6th City of Fond du Lac
A Walgreens employee called police after an exotic dancer from a nearby strip club used the automatic teller machine and accidentally left behind her container of marijuana brownies.

September 25th City of Greenfield Two people were cited for theft after stealing a live lobster from Red Lobster and then posting about the incident on Facebook.

September 29th City of Waupaca
The Green Bay Police Department requested a check of the Waupaca Ramada Inn parking lot for a red Ford Focus with Illinois plates. They were looking for a husband who left his wife at Lambeau Field after an argument.

October 5th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman told police her 12-year-old daughter was chased by a clown at a bus stop and was afraid to go back. Officers went to the high school to see if any clowns got off a bus.

October 4th City of Beaver Dam
A man called police and reported that a child threw an acorn at the side of his house.

September 27th City of Waupaca Police received a report that someone on State Street tied a red balloon to the sewer.

September 29th Village of Germantown
The Germantown high school pom-pom coach reported that some of the plastic flamingos used in their fundraisers had gone missing from the school. Pictures were posted online of several Menomonee Falls High School students in possession of them earlier in the week. Officers spoke with several Germantown High School students who confirmed the flamingos had been returned the next night. According to the report, "No birds were harmed during their disappearance."

September 27th Village of Germantown Police
responded to the scene where a man was arguing with the manager at KFC after not receiving the mashed potatoes or coleslaw he paid for. KFC provided him with the food he paid for, and the man was warned for disorderly conduct.

September 28th Village of Germantown
A caller reported to police that two boys were spraying shaving cream on shopping carts at Pick 'n Save. The store manager requested the boys return and clean up all the shaving cream.

September 23rd City of Mequon
Police received a report of 52-year-old Chicago woman who was “walking around naked” while throwing trash on the ground and defecating on private property.

September 26th Village of Saukville
A woman told police they had been drinking vodka as they watched TV and then fell asleep. The man awoke at 3:30 a.m., she said, "just lost it" then began dumping water on her school papers and urinating on her stove.

October 1st City of Oak Creek
Police were called after a man and his wife got into an argument about a message on her Facebook account. The woman said her husband slapped her on the back of her head and then slapped the computer.

September 28th City of Greenfield
A male reported to police he was assaulted by a man who punched him in the face for not crossing the street fast enough.

October 4th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A resident called police and reported seeing two children walking on Eighth Street slap a bus when it was stopped.

October 6th City of Sheboygan A woman on Huron Avenue called seeking assistance because she believes she might have an insect in her ear.

September 28th City of Waupaca
Police received a report that two people in a parked blue Volkswagen Jetta are “getting it on” in the Kmart parking lot.

September 25th City of Manawa
A woman on Esther Drive called police and reported her house was toilet papered.

September 26th City of Manawa
A woman on Esther Drive called police and reported her house was toilet papered. She thanked the officers who watched her house last night, but said that after the officer left the kids returned and toilet papered her house again.

September 27th City of Manawa A woman on Esther Drive called police after receiving threats on her phone from a group of kids. The threatening text indicated the senders are going to harm her husband because she has been calling in complaints that they have toilet papered her house the last few nights.

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oct 11th 2017

Sunday, a married couple in Florida made a bet on the game. The wife; a Packer fan, bet her husband; a Cowboys fan, that Green bay would prevail. If she was right, he'd have to burn his Dallas jersey. If Jerry's kids won, she'd have to burn her green and gold. As you know, the Packers pulled it out with a late come from behind victory. So, the hubby went outside, took off his Cowpoke's jersey and set it ablaze. However, with it still burning, he changed his mind and PUT IT BACK ON...while it was still on fire! He was rushed the hospital and treated for 2nd and 3rd degree burns. 
This proves...the Cowboys have the stupidest fans in the NFL! With their safety in mind, here's the...


10. Razor blades should not be taken orally.

9. Avoid putting your testicles in a workshop vise.

8. Removing a fleck of debris from your eye should not be done with an X-acto knife.

7. Firecrackers are not suppositories. I repeat, firecrackers are not suppositories!

6. Never let a grizzly bear check your prostate.

5. Don't kiss a porn star’s cold sore.

4. An electric iron should not be used to remove the wrinkles from your ball sack.

3. Don't stick Red Hots in your pee hole.

2. Never bet against Aaron Rodgers down by 3 with 1:13 left.

1. Do not put on clothing that's more flaming than an episode of Rupual's Drag Race.

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oct 9th 2017

Aaron Rodgers can run a 4-minute mile in one minute and thirteen seconds.

Aaron Rodgers can do a 6-minute ab workout in one minute and thirteen seconds.

Aaron Rodgers can do a 10-minute oil change in one minute and thirteen seconds.

Aaron Rodgers can have 15-minutes of fame in one minute and thirteen seconds.

Aaron Rodgers can watch 60 Minutes in one minute and thirteen seconds.

Aaron Rodgers can process all the stimulants in a 5-hour energy drink in one minute and thirteen seconds.

Aaron Rodgers can take one day at a time in one minute and thirteen seconds.

Aaron Rodgers could have spent 30 days in the hole in one minute and thirteen seconds.

Aaron Rodgers could have won the Hundred Years War in one minute and thirteen seconds.

And Aaron Rodgers can crush the hopes of every Dallas player, fan and most importantly owner in one minute and thirteen seconds!!!
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oct 6th 2017

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenies of the Week… 21-year-old Bailey Puttkemery and his 20-year-old girlfriend Emily Scott both of La Crosse who woke people in surrounding homes while having loud sex in his car early Monday morning.

When an officer arrived, he reportedly heard loud moaning emanating from a gold Pontiac Grand Am. The vehicle’s windows were “partially fogged” and it was “rocking back and forth.” The officer illuminated the car’s interior with his flashlight and confirmed that the couple was “naked and engaging in sexual intercourse."

The officer gave the couple about five minutes to get dressed while he stood with his back to the car but the couple just continued having sex. When the officer again ordered the couple to get dressed, Puttkemery reportedly kept going and yelled at him, “No. I’m trying to f**k!”

Puttkemery finally stepped out of the car, naked and accused the officer of “c-blocking” him and “giving him blue balls.” The officer again ordered Puttkemery to get dressed, to which the young man reportedly replied, “It’s just a penis. Nothing to be afraid of.”


For continuing to have sex with the police officer on the scene which really puts the cop in cop-ulation.

For accusing the officer of “c-blocking” him when if he doesn’t stop being such a jerk, "C-Block" is going to be his new address.

And for not realizing that the officer probably would have let them go with a warning if they hadn’t been so uncooperative. In other words, they might have gotten off if they weren’t so intent of getting off.

We proud to name Bailey Puttkemery and his girlfriend Emily Scott, both of La Crosse as this week's Rick and Len Show...WEENIES OF THE WEEK!
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oct 2nd 2017

September 22nd City of Green Bay
A motorcyclist on Lime Kiln Road was reportedly seen speeding and driving recklessly while wearing a large rabbit head for a helmet.

September 13th Village of Jackson
Police responded to a report of a 42-year-old man who is wandering around outside an apartment complex talking incoherently. The man, who may have been on crystal meth told police he had been walking around the courtyard of the apartment complex looking for a friend and calling out his name. The man said that because the friend's name is unusual, it was possible people thought he was looking for a parrot.

September 22nd Village of Jackson
A woman called police to report that a child playing outside accidentally threw a small rubber ball against the garage door belonging to another tenant. That person, a 56-year-old woman, came outside and started screaming at the children. When the caller intervened, the woman called her a “barren whore”.

September 24th Village of Jackson
A woman told police that someone had thrown chicken bones onto their driveway. The woman suspected the neighbors, with whom they have had issues with in the past. During an interrogation by police, the neighbor said they had been grilling chicken but denied being responsible for the littering their neighbor's driveway with the bones.

September 27th City of Green Bay
At approximately 3 PM, police received a report of a man in a white pick-up truck "doing inappropriate things to himself" while driving.

September 30th City of Plymouth
Police responded to a call placed from a residence on South Pleasant View Road where a woman's children had locked her in the bathroom.

September 17th City of Muskego
A 37-year-old man was cited for drunken driving, fourth offense, after he was reportedly doing “burnouts” with a golf cart.

September 25th Town of Richfield
A 65-year-old man was cited for disorderly conduct after a couple reported seeing the man performing yoga naked on a platform in the Historical Park. The sheriff's department used an unmanned aircraft system, equipped with a forward-looking infrared camera, and located the naked yoga practitioner just before 9 p.m.

September 13th Town of Saukville
Police tracked a thief who had fled from the grocery store and were able to recover his loot; ice cream bars, marshmallow dip and a Piggly Wiggly T-shirt from a swamp.

September 18th City of West Allis
About 7:30 PM, a man was seen breaking the front window of a women's clothing store, groping the breasts of a mannequin and then calmly walking away.

September 19th City of West Allis
Police were called after a man was seen peering into the front window of a laundromat while masturbating. (I beleive he was doing a load by hand)

September 18th City of Brookfield A woman called police because she believed a gang had taken over her neighborhood. The woman's belief was based on the fact that someone had slung a pair of sneakers over a telephone wire.
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