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dec 22nd 2015

December 20th Village of Brown Deer
An 82-year-old woman called police requesting an officer  because she says she heard someone chanting, "ISIS is good, ISIS is great" while they were having sex. Police advised the woman to call back if she heard the chanting again. When later asked about the incident, Brown Deer Police Chief Mike Kass replied, "maybe we’re taking see something, say something a little too far?"

December 2nd Town of Menasha
A resident on East Shady Lane called police for assistance in speaking with his adult son about hygiene issues as he does not wash his clothes or bathe very frequently.

December 3rd City of Waukesha
A caller who was eating in her car with her children in the parking lot of Culver's told police she witnessed a couple engaged in oral sex. The female in question called the responding officer that after getting into an argument with her boyfriend while in their vehicle she made up with him by "hugging his lap" before going into the restaurant.

December 14th Village of Jackson
A 28-year-old man called police and reported that earlier in the day his wife became upset when she found a receipt for condoms and a teddy bear in his possession. The man told police his wife was now drunk, angry and throwing baby socks at him.

December 1st City of Menasha
A 15-year-old boy was given a kitten by his girlfriend, but found his older sister is allergic to cats and he then gave the cat to another person. The boy later found out that his girlfriend wanted the cat back and asked for police assistance in retrieving it. Contact was made with the person who now had the cat and he reluctantly said he would return the cat.

December 5th City of Menasha
Two men on Plank Road were in a confrontation involving much pushing and shoving during a celebration of their uncle's life.
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dec 18th 2015

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of Week... 57-year-old Phillip K. Buck of Adell in Sheboygan County who is facing charges this week after allegedly going into a drunken rage and threatening to cut off his girlfriend’s head and place it on a stick in front of his mother’s house. This is not Buck’s first brush with the law. He served prison time in the late ‘90s for hosting a series of “bizarre vampire parties” with minors that led to sex, ritualistic self-mutilation and drinking of blood, in what the judge in that case described as a “bizarre funhouse.” Buck was also sentenced to jail in 2007 for threatening to kill his mother because she had her cats fixed.


For being even more twisted than Larry’s McCarren’s pinky finger.

For reportedly threatening to put a human head on a stick in someone’s yard…or as it’s known in Plainfield, Wisconsin…landscaping.                                         

For being the most repellent creep in the world with the last name Buck…who doesn’t work with Troy Aikman.

We are proud to name Phillip Buck as this week's Rick and Len Show...WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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dec 10th 2015
There are two types of people in this world. The type who find this video be delightful. And the type who wish these people would drown in a giant vat of elf poop! WHICH KIND OF PERSON ARE YOU?

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dec 8th 2015

The green and gold-tinged music you hear on WAPL every football weekend can be yours...and cheap! You can get the self-titled debut release The Wedgies or Brat Out of Hell
Both cds by The Wedgies are available. They contain great rock and roll done up Packer-style by some of the best rockers in the Fox Valley. Songs like MVP, Green and Gold Haze, Packanoid, Green Bay Pack City, Welcome to the Tundra, We've Got Another Ring Comin' and more! Cds cost $5.00 each (or both for $9), postage included.
Send a check or money order made payable to Len Nelson to the following address and he will send your Wedgies cds upon receipt.
Len Nelson. C/O WAPL, P.O. Box 1519, Appleton, WI 54912
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dec 7th 2015

November 20th City of Germantown
Police responded to the Fed-Ex Office Print Shop after an employee reported a female came into the business and complained about someone stealing her eyebrows.

October 29 City of Wisconsin Rapids
A man called police to report his wife was throwing spaghetti, and soaked the phone in the spaghetti.

November 20th City of Waukesha
A resident called police and reported seeing a suspicious male dressed in all black clothing stopped in front of his house and move around his leaves with a pitchfork. A search by police failed to locate the man.

November 21st City of Oak Creek
A female was taken into custody for domestic violence/disorderly conduct after she punched her mother in the arm repeatedly while her mother was driving her to work. The woman allegedly started punching her mother because she forgot her work at home, and she blamed her mother for allowing her to forget it.

November 10th City of Waukesha
A woman, who had been drinking vodka from a water bottle in the tanning room for two hours, was given a cab ride home from Sun Tan City.

November 14th City of Waukesha
Staff at Marco's Pizza called police to report a man called the business 33 times offering to sell them marijuana. Police left a message on the man's phone telling him not to contact Marco's unless he actually wanted to order food.

November 23rd City of Oshkosh
A caller reported waking up in the middle of the night and finding a stranger touching their feet.

November 20th City of Germantown
A 22-year-old woman was cited for disorderly conduct after an incident. According to police reports the woman was quarreling with her mother, threw a banana at her and hit her with a shoe.

November 25th City of Sheboygan
Police were called to the intersection of Fond du Lac Avenue and Leavens Avenue where traffic was being blocked by two Chihuahuas.

November 21st City of Waukesha
A caller told the police he saw a male wearing a dark-colored jester suit and a clown mask. He didn't say or do anything but the caller felt the person was intentionally trying to scare people.

November 24th City of Wauwatosa
An unarmed 65-year-old man threatened to "shoot everyone at Sam's Club" in a dispute over a pan he was returning.

December 5th Winnebago County
Police were called to the scene after a man fell and hit his head while attempting to carry a case of beer on his bicycle.

December 1st Dane County
An unidentified man called police and told them he was a "psychic" and that he thought there was an "elaborate conspiracy" involving a white car he saw in a motel parking lot. He told police he believed the car's occupants had a strange 'aura' about them." Responding officers discovered the car had been used in a series of thefts and arrested the driver and passenger.
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nov 23rd 2015

A listener sent us an article about "Wisconsin problems". You know, like "first world problems" but... Wisconsin. It had things like "The bubbler isn’t working". And "How do you pronounce Eau Claire?" Nice. But we came up with OUR OWN LIST of Wisconsin problems".


10. Company is coming and you don’t have enough cheese sauce for guests to dip the deep fried cheese curds.

9. You’re about to attend a formal wedding and your best blaze orange coveralls are in the wash.

8. The cup holder on your snow blower is too small for your brandy old fashioned glass.

7. You were going to pick up some sexy lingerie for your romantic weekend but Fleet Farm is closed.

6. In the dark, you can’t tell if your have verbal mice or somebody is eating your fresh cheese curds.

5. The rising price of Friday fish fries making it harder and harder to afford your cholesterol medication.

4. Dust starts to accumulate on your toilet paper each year in the days right after Little Chute Cheese Fest.

3. Your wife blows the snow more than you. 

2. Whenever you need a favor from one neighbor it seems the other neighbor has already eaten them or turned them into lampshade.

1. Starr, Favre or Rodgers? Which jersey do you bury dad in?
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nov 20th 2015
The spinning and winning with the Wheel of Christmas Wonder continues throughout the season on the Rick and Len Show! In addition to MANY on air opportunities to win a spin between now and Christmas, there will be a number of EXCLUSIVE chances to win for those who have LIKED the RICK AND LEN SHOW FACEBOOK PAGE!

Here's some of the prizes on this year's Wheel!

WAPL Christmas Bash Tix/some include a Meet and Greet with Bret Michaels.

EXCLUSIVE OPENING NIGHT tickets to Star Wars: The Force Awakens 12/17 at Hollywod Cinema-Appleton.

Asus Laptop Computer from Milwaukee PC.

Playstation 4 Star Wars Battlefront console and game bundle.

Sphero Star Wars BB-8 app enabled Droid.

iPad air 2 gold.

Digital gift cards from Cabelas for $50 to $250.00.

Tech things from Cellcom including...

...Sol Republic Tracks Air Wireless Headphones.

...Belkin Netcam with Nightvision.

...LG Tone Pro Wireless Stereo Headsets.

2.5gram gold bar.

Go Pro waterproof action cam.

Doc's Harley and Timeline Saloon gift certificates.

Hallmark 2015 Clay Matthews Christmas ornaments.

Jay Cutler drinks wine cooler shirts.

Green and Gold Until I'm Dead and Cold shirts.

Aaron is My Free Pass Shirts

Uncle Eddie Sh*tters Full Xmas Sweater

Exploding Cats game - NSFW edition.

Rolling Stones LIve at the Tokyo Dome 1990 DVDs

Queen Live at the Odeon DVD

Eric Clapton Slowhand at 70 DVD/CD sets

Roger Waters The Wall Live Soundtrack CD set

The Who Live at Hyde Park DVD

Lenny Kravitz Let It Go DVD

Brian Setzer Orchester Rockin' Rudolph Christmas CD

Def Leppard's new CD Let's Go 

AND MORE!!!!!!
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nov 20th 2015

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week….the 18-year-old man who sucker punched an Oshkosh bus driver. A group of high-school-aged teens on the city bus were swearing and being disruptive,. The driver told them to stop, as there were younger children and an older woman on the bus. When the bus got to the terminal, the teens got off, and one of them the 18-year-old man sucker punched the driver. The driver was treated at Aurora Medical Center for back and neck injuries. After making video of the assault public, police were able to locate the kid and arrest him. (see assault in clip above)


For going from bus rider to bus-ted!

For dinging the driver…which I suppose is still better than beating the bishop, punchin' the Munchkin or slappin’ your least while surrounded by children on public transportation.

And for not realizing that the bus requires exact change…and the exact change he should make is stop behaving like such useless douche nozzle.

We are proud to name the 18-year old guy who punched an Oshkosh bus driver as this week's Rick and Len Show...WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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nov 12th 2015


10. Wolfing down a 32-ounce jar of mayonnaise perhaps not the best pregame regimen.

9. That sneaky prankster Aaron Rodgers keeps tying his shoelaces together.

8. It’s hard to run fast when you’re doing a teammate a solid by hiding LeTroy’s handgun down your pants.

7. Is pledging a college fraternity that requires him to run while clenching an ice cube between his butt cheeks.

6. After learning that Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson took an abstinence pledge, has been exhausted from banging Russell Wilson’s girlfriend.

5. Didn't realize that PED stands for Performance Enhancing Drugs NOT Performance Eliminating Donuts.

Number 4. Leave number 4 out of this. We don't want to piss him off before he comes back at Thanksgiving.

3. Watching presidential candidate debates has sapped him of all his strength to say nothing of his will to live.

2. Bunions!

1. Just like the rest of the team, finds himself feeling sluggish after drinking the Gatorade whenever new team trainer Bill Cosby refills the bucket.
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nov 11th 2015

October 30th City of Oak Creek
Police responded to a complaint from a resident at an apartment complex. The caller told police he was going to play his guitar in a commons area when another resident walked up to him and told him that, if he did, he was going to take the guitar and "shove it up his ass".

November 2nd City of Oshkosh
A bundle of dolls were found floating in the Fox River near the railroad bridge on Pioneer Drive. The dolls were wrapped in a pink chiffon blanket and had ropes tied around them with a brick.

October 30th City of Oak Creek
A man called police and reported his ex-wife came into his home and left feces all over his bathroom. According to police, the feces was in the toilet, on the floor, and on the walls. The ex-wife admitted it was her feces but claimed it was an accident.

November 1st City of Waukesha
A caller reported a domestic disturbance after hearing a lot of yelling and things being thrown around at a neighbor's apartment. Responding officers determined the noise just stemmed from a man's TV remote breaking. As a result, the man started yelling at the television because he was unable to switch it from the World Series to the Packer game.

October 26th City of Mequon
Two Concordia University students were arrested for theft of Halloween skeletons taken from neighbors' yards the previous week. One of the students admitted to police that she had taken one skeleton. She then wrote the names of all the bones on that skeleton and was using it to study for one of her classes.

November 2nd City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police and reported a neighbor trying to get into her house. According to responding officer, the neighbor was trying to get his partially-used bottle of body wash.

November 1st City of Sheboygan
Police responded to an emergency call from an 8th Street location where a resident was choking on a Dorito.

October 26th City of Whitefish Bay
A woman was issued a loose pet citation after her cat "jumped out of a pumpkin" and bit a boy.
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nov 10th 2015

Presidential candidate Ben Carson has the personal belief that the pyramids of Giza in Egypt were actually grain silos, not tombs of the pharohs. This is based on....well, actually nothing. Just a hunch, I guess. So, we thought it would be interesting to see what else he may believe.

He believes the Roman Coliseum was once filled with colorful spheres and was the ball pit to an ancient Chuck E. Cheese. 

He believes the gigantic heads on Easter Island are actually enormous fossilized peeps.

He believes the Tower of London was the site of a medieval dentist office that was fortified by 18-foot walls and a 15-foot moat designed to block generations of Britons access to proper dental care.

He believes the Gateway arch in St. Louis is the one half of the entry way that remains to what was once the world’s largest McDonald's.

He believes the Space Needle in Seattle is the actual needle Kurt Cobain shot up with right before he thought it was a good idea to ask Courtney to marry him.

He believes that little used United States Postal Service mailboxes are actually secret storage facilities for America's vast resource of killer midgets.
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nov 9th 2015


10. Porn Hub crashed just as the girl in the video opened the door for the pizza delivery guy.

9. Was THIS close to beating level 33 on Candy Crush.

8. Got email from Olivia Munn saying no to a three-way. 

7. Just finished watching the last clip of Trump on Saturday Night Live and realized what a laugh-free waste of time it was.

6. Learned his effort to get Carolina defense to stop sacking him by friending them on Facebook failed when they all denied his friend request.

5. Associate Head Coach Tom Clements told him he had video that showed an exploitable weakness in the Panthers defense but Rick rolled with that damn "Never Going to Give You Up" song.

4. Brett just sexted him.

3. He didn't think the limited supply of Bret Michaels tickets would sell out that fast.

2. Airline just sent seating assignments for the flight home. Middle seat between Raji and Guion again.

1. Saw he would've won $57 on Draft Kings if only he had started Cam Newton instead of himself.
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nov 6th 2015

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show…WEENIE OF THE WEEK…Brian Blair of Racine who is accused of beating his own daughter with a clothes hanger. Why? Well, because she failed to collect enough candy while trick-or-treating on Halloween.


For proving that when it comes to being the worst father, he, unlike his daughter, can’t be beat.

For allegedly committing an act for which a razor blade in an apple actually seems like a fitting punishment.

For reporting doing something for which I hope he gets locked up a long time where he has to be a violent cellmates “Bit O’ Honey”.

We are proud to name Brian Blair of Racine as this week's Rick and Len Show WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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nov 4th 2015

This video perfectly compliments this week's first story!

October 23rd City of Oak Creek
Police responded to a home to investigate a report that a local man using Twitter, threatened to kill a co-host on the Home Shopping Network. The resident, who told police he was from Switzerland, stated he was mad at the Home Shopping Network host because he was making fun of Switzerland. He admitted sending three tweets stating, if the host didn't stop making fun of the Swiss, he was going to murder him. After speaking with the suspect, officers contacted police in St. Petersburg, Florida (where The Home Shopping Network is located), and advised them that the suspect was just upset and had no intention of going to Florida and murdering anyone.

October 19th City of Glendale
A man threatened a shoe store employee with a pair of scissors and ran off with a pair of pink "Breast Cancer Edition" UGG boots valued at $155.

October 31st City of Green Bay
Police received a report of a suspect dressed as Batman stealing others Halloween candy.

October 30th Wisconsin Dells
Police responded to a report of a man in a dress throwing lipstick at cars.

October 22nd City of Rice Lake
A caller reported finding a box of live chickens on the front seat of his vehicle and doesn't know what to do with them.

October 16th City of Glendale
An intoxicated 17-year-old Fox Point boy was arrested during a high school football game after he ran naked onto the field wearing only a black mask. He was arrested as he attempted to get dressed. The boy was reported stumbling around and when asked how much he had to drink replied, "Does it matter? I drank a lot."

October 31st Town of Vinland
Police and fire crews responded to a report of a semi full of cheese on fire.

October 15th City of Glendale
Police were following up on a suspicious car when they saw the man in a patio door window naked and screaming. The man was next seen running naked in the hallway while continuing to scream. Police found Oxycodone in the man's room along with heroin and cocaine "packaged for sale."

October 13th City of Oak Creek
A white male in his 40s, stole a "Sale" sign and an 8-foot-by-13-foot "Open During Construction" banner from outside an adult toy store and fled in a silver pick up.

October 28th Village of Hartland
Police responded to a report of two men fighting at a local bar. When police arrived, the instigator of the fight was gone. Police eventually located the man hiding behind a tombstone in the village cemetery.

September 18th Village of Oregon
Police responded to a report of horseplay in the cart corral at the grocery store. A 17-year-old boy reportedly told a 16-year-old boy that he would punch him if he sat on a grocery cart while he was trying to collect it from the parking lot. The 16-year-old sat on the grocery cart and the 17-year-old reportedly delivered on his promise. Police warned both boys about their behavior.

October 30th City of Green Bay
Police shut down part of Shawano Avenue after a very drunk woman thought she heard gunshots in her basement. A search of the basement by police turned up no evidence of shots being fired in the building.
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nov 2nd 2015


10. Several players spent bye week in Nevada precisely following Lamar Odom’s “training regimen”.

9. Due to confusion over daylight savings time, Packer offense showed up an hour late AND left an hour early.

8. The team thought it was settled by winning the coin toss and didn’t realize they still had to play the game.

7. After spending a night in weed friendly Colorado, team was too R-E-L-A-X-ed.

6. Their Damarious was more effective than our Demaryius.

5. If only the Broncos had committed more roughing the passer penalties, Packers could have extended more drives.

4. Not actually the Packers. It was the Bears dressed in Green and Gold for Halloween.

3. Receivers found it hard to catch the ball at the same time they were having their asses handed to them.

2. Distracted by Peyton Manning quietly singing under his breath "Chicken Parm you taste so good".

1. Defense would have been less lethargic if they hadn’t accepted those complimentary pre-game drinks from Bill Cosby.
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oct 30th 2015

We are proud to name as this week's Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week...22-year-old Nicholas "Dopey" Rost of Oshkosh... was charged Monday in Winnebago County Circuit Court with three counts of manufacturing or delivering marijuana.

For dealing marijuana as Dopey which I can only assume means the coke must be coming from Snow White and Sneezy.

For getting caught dealing a substance that turns his customers from Grumpy to Happy.

For having a nickname so right on the nose it could be a witches' wart.

We are proud to name Nicholas "Dopey" Rost of Oshkosh...ass this week's Rick and Len Show Weenies of Week.
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oct 27th 2015

October 12th City of Beaver Dam
A Gould Street resident called police to report that a woman near the Family Center Ice Arena was dancing on the sidewalk and “shaking her booty” at passing vehicles.

October 20th City of Rice Lake
A deputy responded to a callers report of a "crazy" neighbor throwing stuff on the caller's porch. The deputy spoke with both neighbors who agreed to stay away from each other and their residences and to quit putting mental health counselors' business cards on each other's lawns.

October 4th City of Appleton
Police assistance was requested at the intersection of Plank and Midway Roads where a man and his son were trapped in a Porta-John by a large dog.

October 24th City of Sheboygan
Police were called to handle a disturbance involving "the most uncooperative 10-year-old girl I've ever met".

October 17th Hales Corners
A customer at A&W ordered a root beer and then stole the mug it was served in. When the customer, a 51-year-old woman, returned the mug to the Hales Corners Police Department and ask them to return it to the business, she was cited for theft.

October 21st Town of Marshfield
A resident called 911 and requested to go to prison.

October 20th City of Marshfield
Police responded to the parking lot of Pick 'n Save for a report of a physical altercation. A cabdriver told police that when he reached toward the back seat to accept cab fare, a passenger told him “you think you’re god’s gift to men” and then slapped him in the face. The cab driver said he did not know why the woman was mad. A witness confirmed the story to police, and a disorderly conduct citation was issued against the woman.

October 9th City of Beaver Dam
A man called police and reported that a student in Beaver Dam Middle School was shining a laser pointer at other students.

October 17th City of Beaver Dam
A 55-year-old man reported that a 62-year-old man was yelling insults at him. The 62-year-old man was upset because, he said, the other man was staring at him.

October 16th City of Juneau
An officer responded to a report of a loose rooster. The officer reported he had no means by which to capture a loose rooster and was unable to determine where the loose rooster came from or how it became loose.

October 10th Village of Hartland
Police are seeking disorderly conduct charges against a 42-year-old woman after she reportedly got into a drunken argument with her husband and flung a DVD case down some stairs inside their home. According to the incident report, both the man and woman had been drinking in the evening while watching a DVD and started arguing when she threw the case the disc was in down the flight of stairs.

October 16th City of Wisconsin Rapids
The grandmother of a 34-year-old man called police saying he was hallucinating and sweating, under the influence of something, and running around the house in his underwear.

October 11th City of Waupun
Police received the report of someone in the National Bank outside of regular business hours. As they investigated, a woman ran and hid in another room of the bank. After police located the woman, they learned she was an IT employee working on a problem. She told them she ran and hid because she was startled there was someone else was in bank outside of regular business hours.
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oct 21st 2015


10. Free baskets of pig wings and hell ice collected when his party unites.

9. Use of the Harry Potter invisibility cloak that apparently Governors Bobby Jindal and Jim Gilmore have been using since they started running for president.

8. Free health care to treat the wounds sustained falling on his own sword.

7. Some of whatever Ben Carson’s been smoking.

6. A home swimming pool filled with the tears of the former Speaker of the House.

5. They'll stop playing the theme from the Munsters every time he walks into a room.

4.  Free career advice from Carly Fiorina, if this job doesn’t work out. 

3. The secret to immortality possessed only by former Vice President Dick Cheney.

2. A couple hours left alone to gently nuzzle Reagan’s corpse.

1. Unlimited access to the party's vast supply of Oopma Loompa blood Trump and Boehner use to keep looking like ripe papayas.
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oct 20th 2015


Han Solo…. used to make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. Now it takes him damn near a full parsec just to make the bathroom run twelve times every night.

Chewbacca…his hair would be totally gray if he wasn’t coloring it with “Just for Wookies”.

Princess Leia…still wears the metal bikini but keeps bruising her knees on the bra.

Luke Skywalker…Now, just to get around, needs a Skywalker-walker.

C3PO…to keep from rusting, goes through more lube than Hugh Hefner.

The Stormtroopers…despite them all now wearing bifocals, still can't hit the broad side of a Death Star.

Bobba Fett…still a bounty hunter in that he always seems to be hunting for his roll of Bounty to clean up embarrassing spills from his colostomy bag.

Admiral Ackbar…now when heard yelling his iconic phrase “It’s a trap”, he’s usually warning against buying the over-priced extended warranty on mobility scooter.

Jabba the Hut…despite slimming down with gastric bypass surgery, remains one of the most reviled characters in the universe after marrying a Kardashian.

The Force…while once was a metaphysical, spiritual, and ubiquitous power able to accomplish miraculous feats, now has to send Jedis to NuMale Medical just to help them get their light sabers up.

Yoda…the ever wise puppet is now almost 940 years old. Even Elton John hasn’t had a hand up his butt that long.
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oct 19th 2015

October 14th Village of Tigerton
Police were called to Tigerton High after someone Saran Wrapped a naked blowup doll to a post in front of the school.

October 11th City of Bayfield
A man called police to report  several people were drinking at the bar. He says it boggled his mind that he went to the bar to watch the game and he was drinking Pepsi while everyone else was drinking alcohol.

October 14th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A child called 911 and told police she was excited and happy about being a butterfly for Halloween and about being a big sister to a new baby.

October 6th Village of Pulaski
A resident called police to report a woman at whom he had hurled insults, "flipped him the bird".

October 13th Village of Biron
Police responded to a report of somebody in a park making howling sounds….and kicking leaves.

October 4th City of Waukesha
A caller told police her dog was being blamed for feces in the basement of an apartment building. However, the caller said it appeared to be human feces so she wanted officers to look at the feces and determine it came from a dog or human. Police determined the feces was from a dog but were unable to identify from whose dog the mystery feces came.

October 5th City of Germantown
A restaurant operator called police to report the theft of used cooking oil from a 2,500-gallon drum kept by the dumpster.

October 12th Village of Saratoga
A resident called police to report someone wrote "wash me" in the dirt on their car.
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