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may 28th 2013

May 18th City of Waupun
A resident called police to report that a woman about a block away keeps taking pictures of her daughter. Police talked to the photographer, who said she is only pretending to take photos, so people feel they are being watched so they follow the rules. Police advised the woman to stop doing that.

May 22nd Village of Bonduel
A East Bowler Street woman called police at 4:00 am to report her sister and some guy were at her home and wouldn't leave. While the woman was still on he phone to police, the sister started throwing beer bottles at her.

May 21st City of Shawano
Someone called police to report the smell of marijuana coming from an East Fifth Street residence. Responding officers found the smell was actually coming from a skunk.

May 20th City of Waukesha
Police received a report a missing envelope that contained a $5 bill. The caller said the envelope was on their kitchen table and when they returned, it was missing. After a search by police, the missing envelope was located on a kitchen chair where it had apparently been blown by a ceiling fan.

May 20th  City of Nekoosa
A woman reported someone got into her residence and spilled jelly on her clothes.

May 20th City of Wausau
Police responded to a report of a woman shoplifting beef sticks. When confronted by police, the woman apologized and offered to pay for what she had shoplifted. She then began pulling merchandise from her purse, including a bottle of lotion, two packages of beef sticks, a stuffed animal and several bookmarks before pulling a number of scarves from her bra. As she pulled the scarves out the scarves, several thousand dollars of heroin popped out of her brassiere.

May 17th Village of Biron
A woman reported people at her door were refusing to leave unless she bought them cigarettes.

May 19th City of Wisconsin Rapids
An officer responded to an anonymous report of a man on a four-wheeler, followed by two pedestrians with open intoxicants. The officer determined the "open intoxicant" they were  imbibing was...iced tea.

May 22nd City of  Shawano
Police responded to a report of a vandalized vehicle on East Division Street. The culprit left behind a note on the car reading, "Sugar daddy, you are blocking our view".

May 11th City of Neenah
Police were dispatched to Cameron Way for a man who checked into a hotel with his daughter and was acting strange. Employees at the hotel were concerned for the child’s safety because he drove to a motel in a car that had a tire that had been flat for some time. Then the man asked an employee to throw away a bag of clothes and he was in possession of pornography. Officers determined nothing criminal was going on.

May 21st City of Shawano
An Acorn Street woman concerned about her brother called police after finding several text messages on his phone that used the word "grits". She was concerned that "grits" was slang for drugs. The brother claimed it was slang for cigarettes.

May 20th City of Shawano
Police received a report of a 5-year-old girl in a blue dress on Lincoln Street climbing up a power pole.

May 23rd Town of Hubbard
A man called the sheriff's department to report someone rang his doorbell.

May 21st Town of Chester
A woman called the sheriff's department to report that the belt came off her tractor and she believed it might have been an act of vandalism. A responding deputy determined it was not vandalism. The belt was just old and cracked.

May 12th City of Shorewood
A resident called police after picking up “several pieces of dog feces” from their yard. The caller wanted police to do a DNA test on the pieces of feces so the dog could be located and the owner punished.

May 10th City of Fox Point
A woman was cited for damage to property after putting a 12-inch scratch on the side a car. The woman told police that she lost her balance as she walked past the car and scratched it by accident. The car belonged to the woman’s ex-husband.

May 16th City of Franklin
Police were called to the Salvation Army Store where they arrested a man for shoplifting a Beavis and Butthead video tape, valued at 49 cents.

May 16th City of Oak Creek
Police and firefighters responded to a fire alarm at Tanglewood Apartments. An officer spoke to a resident who stated his wife accidentally triggered the alarm as she attempted to hit a cockroach that was climbing up the wall near the fire alarm. An officer spoke with the apartment manager who confirmed the apartment building does have cockroaches.

May 14th City of Waukesha
Police received a report of two women and a man having sex in front of a window with the blinds open. When police arrived “sexual relations” were taking place just inside the window. When police tried to contact the people inside, one of the women slammed the door in their face.

May 14th City of Waukesha
A resident called police to report that people who they reported were having sex in their car the day before are now driving past their home and honking their horn and flipping them off.
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may 20th 2013

After high life savings on Powerballl tickets, Rick didn't win Saturday's $590 million dollar Powerball drawing. Seriously! How could he not win with 5 sets of  numbers? Worst of all, he was so certain of winning, he already shot the wad and spent of $590 million,.


10. Bought myself a 14 karat gold, jet powered Zamboni.

9. Paid to have the Washington Monument circumcised.

8. Purchased the rights to the TV show The View. Recast it with five angry, brain damaged monkeys. Will wait as long as I have to for someone to notice the change.  

7. Had one of those flying Ironman suits made in a double X. Okay, 3 X.

6. Hired Aaron Rodgers to mow my lawn to supplement his measly 110 million dollar contract.

5. Contracted a team of bounty hunters to locate the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio and force her to turn my inflatable doll into a real girl who will inevitably leave me in two months for some douchebag.

4. Bought Rome’s priceless 400-year-old Trevi Fountain and filled it with Schlitz.

3. Got painful series of Botox injections to get rid of all the unsightly wrinkles in my face and ball sack.

2. Stupidly pledged to donate 11 million to some sketchy charity every time Ricky Week’s strikes out.

1. Filled Soldier Field to the rim with Spaghettios so Bears fans will have a reason to say “Oh-oh” other than when Cutler throws another interception.
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may 14th 2013
A new survey revealed 10 things that 90% of Americans can agree on. Such as: 90% believe in God, oppose cloning, and beleive it's wrong for married people to have affairs. But what kind of things can we ALL agree on?


10. That guy who held the three girls in Cleveland, it wouldn’t be so bad if a pitbull used his testicles as a chew toy.

9. No matter how much he denies it, Ryan Seacrest’s picture should be on a $3 bill.

8. We all hope we live long enough to see Justin Bieber have his career crash and burn, lose everything and eventually get arrested for breaking into vending machines for small change.

7. Kim Kardashian is more attractive when she’s not speaking.

6. Would rather party with Charlie Sheen than the late arch bishop Fulton Sheen.  

5. Rum Chata taste like the milk left in the bowl after eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.

4. Jay Cutler always looks like he would be more at home in a Twilight movie than a football game.

3. The Star Wars prequels sucked harder than a toothless whore.

2. Governor Walker’s eyes are so crossed he has to sit sideways at movie theaters.

1. It would be easier to get your partner to go downtown if our genitals tasted like bacon.

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may 13th 2013

May 2nd City of Portage 1:16 AM
Police responded to a report of a man who was incapacitated and lying in a hallway on E. Howard Street. The 41-year-old man, Sean Pendergast, was reportedly intoxicated. Officers took Pendergast to the police department to spend the rest of the night in the lobby. However, in the morning police found that Pendergast allegedly had urinated over handmade baskets that were provided to him and on furniture. The blankets had to be disposed of and the furniture was sanitized. Pendergast was cited with criminal damage to property.

May 2nd City of Portage 12:49 PM
Police received a report of a man who was allegedly intoxicated and urinating in public. When police arrived, they found the man passed out inside a portable toilet. The man, Sean Pendergast, was charged with disorderly conduct.

May 7th City of Portage
Police investigated a report of the man on West Albert Street who allegedly claimed that he was robbed by two people. Responding officers found the story was false and arrested the man, 41-year-old Sean Pendergast, and charged him with obstructing an officer.

May 9th City of Portage
After keeping his nose clean for two days, police responded a report of a man on Conant Street who was allegedly intoxicated and bleeding from a cut on his nose. Police arrested the man, Sean Pendergast on a charge of bail jumping and with being  intoxicated in violation of a court order.

(Prior to last week, Pendergast was no stranger to altercations with the law. Among his previous brushes with police, in November 2010, he was charged with felony battery of a police officer after allegedly kicking a policeman in the head while intoxicated. The assault allegedly occurred a mere six hours after Pendergast had been released from the Columbia County Jail where he had just served over a year. At the time of the arrest Pendergast had a blood alcohol level of .384.)

In other Small Town Crime Wave news....

May 7th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police to report her neighbor was raking yard waste into her yard and throwing pinecones at her house.

May 8th City of Appleton
A Walden Avenue woman called police to report someone had thrown eggs at her home several times in the past week. A beer bottle was also left on her porch with an egg balanced on it and a note left that read "move bitch before I kill you." A neighbor's surveillance video showed a 62-year-old man committing the acts. When confronted, man initially denied the crimes, then reportedly admitted his guilt to police. He also said he did not know the woman and made the threat against her life because "it just something to do."

May 1st City of Germantown
A resident called 911 to report that her neighbor’s motion-activated yard light shines into her bedroom, making it difficult for her to sleep. The woman was advised to close her drapes and was also warned about misuse of 911.

April 27th City of Oak Creek
A man received minor injuries after he drove his vehicle off the roadway and into a ravine. The man told police he was turning when his pizza slid off the seat and he reached for it, causing him to swerve off the roadway. The man injured his nose in the accident but refused medical attention.

May 2nd City of Waukesha
A woman called 911 to ask why police were at her door earlier. She began shouting and using profanities at the dispatcher indicating that she had been sleeping. When the dispatcher told her that calling 911 for a nonemergency was grounds for a citation she told the dispatcher to write  her a citation and to  “Stick it up my butt!”

May 9th City of Shawano
Police were dispatched to aide a 15-year-old who was babysitting two children who were apparently stuck in the bathroom.

May 7th City of Shawano
Police responded to a report of a vehicle illegally parked in an Amish buggy spot at the Wal-Mart.

May 4th City of Beaver Dam
Police responded to a report of middle school kids catching fish and throwing them back in the water. They were also heard to be making loud sexual remarks. Police made contact with the students and gave them a warning and their parents were notified.

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may 10th 2013
We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…the person at Valley Transit, the Fox Cities regional bus line, who, according to my reports, decided that their drivers can no longer listen to the radio while on duty because it’s too big of a distraction. That’s right. All day behind the wheel with nothing to listen to but the sound of their voices in their own heads thinking about how much they hate their employer for not letting them listen to the radio. This should end well.


For making their drivers turn off their radios…when making people turn their radios off is something at which WE already excel.

For not caring that if everybody behind the wheel of a moving vehicle had to turn off the radio, we’d have fewer listeners in the morning than the Kardashian family has virgins.

And for trying to prevent any distractions on the bus by outlawing radios, when if they really wanted to eliminate distractions to the drivers they’d eliminate passengers…which from the sight of some of the empty buses I’ve seen around town, they may have already started doing. 

We are proud to name whomever banned drivers on Valley Transit from listening to the radio as this week’s Rick and Len…WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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may 10th 2013

Here's Rick and Len chating with Leslie Spoon, Erin and Zalaski during the 6pm news.
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may 10th 2013
See Rick and Len doing the 10-o-clock sports on Local 5.

Part 1:

Part 2
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may 7th 2013
May 2nd City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police to report finding a suspicious gallon-size zip-lock  bag with a thick, cloudy yellow substance inside laying on the grass near a busy intersection. Investigating officers determined it was a 5 pound bag of macaroni and cheese.

April 15th City of Omro
An Adams Street resident reported a person sitting in a vehicle outside their residence and wanted police to check out the situation. An officer made contact with the subject who said he was “just wasting time” before work listening to the radio.

April 25th City of Greenfield
A resident called police after someone made an inappropriate request in regards to an ad she posted on Craigslist. The resident told police she was selling a pair of pants on Craigslist and a subject replied to the posting and asked her if she would sell him her underwear.

April 25th  City of Greenfield
A caller reported a suspicious male was “lingering” around the park. The caller told police the man, described as a white male about 50 years old went in the Porta Potty near the back end of the park and when he exited he had changed from his work clothes into a white dress. The caller further stated that when the man noticed he was being watched by the caller and her family, he “high-tailed it out of there”. Police checked the area but were unable to locate a man wearing a white dress.

April 25th City of Waukesha
A resident in an apartment called police to report their neighbor is shining microwave frequencies inside their apartment. They said the frequencies travel through their body and are irritating their body.

April 28th City of Waukesha
A woman told police as she was leaving her residence when a man started walking toward her with something in his hand, possibly a meat thermometer and car key. The woman said the man walked up to her residence and said, “I just came to look at your cat” and then left in a blue vehicle.

April 27th City of Franklin
A man reported his neighbor called him a derogatory name and "flipped him the bird". The neighbor admitted to "flipping him the bird" after the other man was "staring him down." Police advised both men to avoid contact with each other.

May 2nd Village of Rudolph
Police received a report of a woman who had gone missing after going outside with the dogs. Responding officers located the woman in her home taking a shower.
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may 6th 2013
We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…the pastor of the Wisconsin church who canceled retired Packer Leroy Butler’s speaking appearance on bullying because Leroy refused to delete a Tweet congratulating NBA player Jason Collins on coming out, then apologize for the Tweet and beg for God’s forgiveness. After the story went public and Leroy declined to name the church or the pastor, the pastor reportedly thanked him for keeping it quiet. Gee, way to own it! It’s nice the pastor could have the courage of his convictions.


For courageously standing up for his religious beliefs just as long as nobody finds out who he is.

For apparently thinking the Golden Rule is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you…unless you can keep it on  the down low.”

And for not living by the credo of “What would Jesus do?” because, I’m pretty sure what Jesus would do wouldn’t be act like a cowardly douchebag.

We are proud to name the pastor who cancelled Leroy Butler speaking appearance just because he congratulated Jason Collins as this week’s Rick and Len…WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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apr 29th 2013

April 16th City of Waukesha
Police were dispatched on a call of two people apparently panhandling between Arby’s and US Bank holding up a sign that read “Hungry, Hungry, Hippies.”

April 8th City of Menasha
A man on Willow Lane called police to report that someone entered his wife's car overnight and stole her owner’s manual.

April 20th City of Shawano
A woman on South Main Street called police to report seeing a red vehicle that had some kind of plastic tubing hanging out of it. The woman said she thinks it looked suspicious and should be investigated by police, however, she added that she may just watch too much television.

April 22nd Wood County
A woman called Wood County Jail, swore about random things and then hung up.

April 22nd City of Franklin
An employee at a dentist’s office called police after a man she did not know called the business, addressed her as “sweetie,” and then asked her to hold on while he tied himself to a door.

April 17th City of Oak Creek
Officers responded to a home after the resident called to report a female subject, whom he knew, came into his room while he was asleep and started screaming at him at about 1 a.m. The officer spoke with the female who stated she was upset because she sat on the toilet seat which had been urinated on by the resident.

April 17th City of Oak Creek
An officer responded after receiving a call that a young child was riding a bike in the rain. The officer located the bike rider, a 14-year-old boy, who admitted that he was running away from home because his computer just locked up while he was surfing for porn. His mother had recently put an anti-porn security device on their computer, and had warned the boy it would cost $300 to unlock the computer if he attempted to surf for porn. The officer called the boy’s mother and came to the scene to pick up the boy and his bike.

April 22nd City of Shawano
Police responded to a call from a resident on North lake Street indicating that a neighbor lady was spitting at her family and their vehicle.

April 4th City of Fox Lake
A woman called police shortly after noon to report she was locked inside a business. The business owner returned and let the person out. The owner told the officer he did not know a patron was in the store when he locked the doors to run to the bank.

April 4th City of Fox Lake
An officer responded to a Forest Street location for a report of someone “smoking dope in a car.” The officer made contact with a woman who admitted she had been in her car but said she was not smoking marijuana. However, she admitted to the officer that she “wished she had some to smoke.”

April 16th City of Waukesha
A woman called police to report someone threw “spit wads” at their window. She told police it’s a “continuous problem”.
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apr 26th 2013

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…a 49-year-old man who, according to police, accidentally dropped his bag of marijuana in the lobby of Wells Fargo Bank in Waupun Tuesday afternoon while conducting a transaction. Officers were called to the bank after a teller noticed the man had dropped the bag of marijuana on the floor while opening an account. Later that evening, officers located the man who dropped the marijuana and he was cited for possession of a controlled substance.


For apparently not understanding that a bank is a place you bring your cash…not your stash.

For going to the bank to make a deposit but possibly ending up going through withdrawal.  

For reportedly dropping his weed in front of a TELL-er instead of dropping it in front of a keep-it-to-her-self-er.

And for allegedly being in possession of marijuana and but not being able to hang on to it making him the Jermichael Finely of controlled substances.  

We are proud to name the Waupun man who got busted after allegedly dropping his marijuana while opening an account at Wells Fargo as this week’s Rick and Len Show…WEENIE OF THE WEEK.
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apr 25th 2013


10. An industrial strength shop vac so he has something that sucks almost as hard as he does.

9. A weekend at a nice B&B where he and broadcast partner Troy Aikman can finally consummate their forbidden man love.

8. A set of extra-large forceps that can be used to extricate his head from his ass. 

7. A box so tiny it could fit on the head of a pin to store everything he knows about football and baseball.

6. Something to improve the quality of his play by play commentary during NFL broadcasts…like a ball gag or muzzle.

5. A case of anal herpes so he can be just as a big of a pain in his own ass he is in everyone else’s.

4. A name that he doesn’t share with the male prostitute played by Jon Voigt in Midnight Cowboy who was still not as big a whore as he is.

3. An ounce of anything to fill the spot where the once of talent would be if he had it.  

2. Packs of extra coarse sandpaper which is still less grating that his on-air personality.

1. A couple cases of Shamwows that might help wipe that smug, self-important smirk off his douchey face.
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apr 23rd 2013


10. Turn off your cell phones and communicate the old fashioned way…with smoke signals you can easily make by burning old car tires.

9. Instead of using over the counter sleep aids that are manufactured creating dangerous chemical by-products, try getting to sleep using natural means like drinking warm milk or watching Fox 11 news.

8. Get rid of your energy-burning air conditioners and come summer, reduce your own body temperature the natural way…by eating steady diet of Cool Ranch Doritos.

7. Don’t stand with the refrigerator door open while you decide what you want to eat when you can conserve energy by simply climbing  inside.

6. The next time you change the oil in your car, recycle the old stuff by using it to deep fry a turkey.

5. When grocery shopping, instead of using non-biodegradable shopping bags, just cook and eat all your purchases in the store.

4. Be like WIXX and get people to save energy by airing a morning show so lame they can’t help but turn off their radios.

3. Don’t flush your toilet every time you have to use the restroom when you could save thousands of gallons of water each year by simply driving to Fond du Lac and taking a leak on the sidewalk.

2. Do like we do, and preserve important natural humor reserves by continually recycling the same jokes.

And the number one thing you can do today to save the planet and celebrate earth day….

1. Put on your scarf, stocking cap, heated gloves, winter coat, snowmobile pants and fur lined boots and plant a festive spring garden.
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apr 22nd 2013

April 11 City of Waukesha
A resident called police to report someone was feeding waterfowl in front of a sign with a posted warning that read "Do not feed the waterfowl." Police investigated and found there was no law against feeding the waterfowl in the area where the "Do not feed the waterfowl" sign was posted.

April 14 City of Oshkosh
Police arrested a visibly intoxicated 34-year-old woman who struck three vehicles while pulling her car into the driveway. What's more, the driveway she pulled into was the wrong one.

April 2 City of Neenah
An employer on Lyon Drive called police to report that someone made calls to their business seeking information about one of their employees. When the information was not given out, the caller called back...hundreds of times!

April 6 City of Neenah
A 43-year-old woman reported that her boyfriend's niece had stolen money from her purse. An officer contacted to girl and her mother. The nine-year-old girl told police her mother told her if she found any money at her uncle's home she could take it. The mother admitted she told her daughter she could take any loose change she found.

April 18 City of Wisconsin Rapids
A McDonald's employee called police to report three males mooned her at the drive-through window.

April 18 City of Wisconsin Rapids
Police received a call from a man who asked to speak to an officer regarding his dreams.

April 17 City of Wisconsin Rapids
A caller reported her neighbors kittens were having sex in our yard.

April 14 City of Wisconsin Rapids
Police received a report of a man in a parked van waving his arms around.

April 10 City of Waupun
A woman on E. Main St. called police to report that the tenant in the upper unit is angry and calling her name is through the floor.

April 14 Village of Wittenberg
A Robin Road resident called police to report they were concerned that someone might be living in their garage. They told police that they thought this might be the case because their grandson had found a pile of poop by the door.

April 7 City of Germantown
Police responded to a residence after receiving a report of an unknown male yelling and causing a disturbance. Officers located the male subject and found he was having a loud conversation with himself while listening to the metal band Machine Head on his headphones. He was advised about yelling along with his music.

April 13 City of Germantown
Police responded to anonymous report of a man riding a horse and screaming a woman's name. When officers arrived on the scene, they discovered a man was using his horse to propose to his girlfriend. According to police, the girlfriend said, "yes ".
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apr 19th 2013

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenies of the Week…the eight members of the Menasha Common Council who this week voted to select a new Council President and when the vote ended in a 4 to 4 tie, revoted ....another 165 times all ending in a 4 to 4 tie before finally coming up with the brainstorm to just pick a name out of bag.


For setting a new standard for futility that even Cub fans would find embarrassing.

For wasting more time voting than anyone whomever cast a ballot for Ted Nugent as president of PETA.

For being responsible for more ugly ties than a menswear sale at the Family Dollar.

We are proud to name the Menasha Common Council as this week's Rick and Len Show...WEENIES OF WEEK!
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apr 9th 2013

March 28th City of Waukesha
A man called police to report his dog found a stick in the woods that looked like it was made into a weapon. The caller requested that an officer come to pick up the stick. An officer came and found the item to be “Just a stick; nothing more, nothing less.”

April 4th Wood County
Police received a call from a woman complaining that her nose hurt. When police arrived at the woman's residence they found the woman was actually a man and was wanted on a Juneau County warrant. The woman, er man, was taken into custody.

March 31st City of Oshkosh
Police arrested a man for his seventh drunk driving offense after he crashed into a telephone pole and drove away. Officers located the man by following a trail of fluid and car parts.

March 31st City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police report her neighbors had glued her mailbox shut. The responding officer found there was just something wedged in the mailbox.

April 3rd City of Wisconsin Rapids
An employee at IGA Quality Foods called police to report a theft. He told police that EVERY Wednesday a man comes into the store and steals a newspaper and buttermilk.

April 4th City of Wisconsin Rapid
Police responded to a report of a man in Perkins Restaurant throwing the non-dairy creamers.

March 29th Village of Weston
A 31-year-old man was arrested on charges of possession of marijuana. The man was found behind the Qwik Trip  where he was reportedly dancing around his vehicle while urinating.

March 30th City of Wausau
Police were called a restaurant were a man was throwing pizza.

March 26th City of Oak Creek
Police were called to a stopped Amtrak train at a railroad crossing. A railroad employee found a 38-year-old woman topless in the vestibule of the forward train car and asked  her to put her shirt back on. A short time later, the train conductor found the woman in the same location but this time she was completely nude. When police arrived, the naked woman was sitting on the floor of the train car with her eyes closed holding onto a beaded necklace.

March 3rd City of Platteville
University officials reported the theft of cake pans, cookie sheets, cookie and cake mixes, muffin mixes and frosting all stolen from a 19-year-old student's locker.

March 26th City of Greenfield
A 44-year-old woman was arrested for disorderly conduct after she became intoxicated and began yelling at her neighbor’s wife and called her neighbor’s daughter fat.

March 29th City of Greenfield
A man was cited for misuse of 911 after he called the emergency line three times to report his wife was trying to take his cellphone away from him.

March 29th City of Franklin
An employee at Whitnall View Motel called police after discovering that customers who had been thrown out of the motel a couple hours earlier had damaged a bathroom and left a can of tuna in the ceiling.

April 1st City of Oak Creek
Police and responded to Pennzoil Plus after receiving a report that a woman fell in the oil bay area. The woman was reportedly looking at her cellphone and walking behind her car while getting an oil change, and she stepped into the oil changing well, dropping about six feet to the bottom.

March 28th City of Oak Creek
Officers responded to a call from a customer in Woodman's parking lot.  The owner stated he parked in the lot and when he returned his car was covered in toothpicks. The officer spoke to the store manager, who reported a lot of juveniles had been in the store but she was unsure if any of them purchased an unusually large number of toothpicks.
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apr 8th 2013

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…a 26-year-old Brownsville man who was cited for disorderly conduct early Sunday morning after attempting to sit in an occupied City of Fond du Lac squad car. According to the report, the man walked up to the passenger side of the squad car and pulled on the door handle several times. After failing to open the door, the man allegedly walked to the driver’s side where an officer was sitting and started pulling on that door handle. After failing to open the squad car’s doors a second time the man gave up and walked away. Officers reportedly followed the man and he was issued a citation. The man told officers he just wanted to sit in a police car.


For wanting so badly to sit in a police car but apparently lacking the balls to commit a crime serious enough to make that happen.

For failing to realize one dream by not actually getting to sit in a police car, while fulfilling another dream…assuming he dreamed to getting cited for one of the lamest crimes in the history of Fond du Lac County. (What was the charge? Attempted relaxation?)

And for attempting to enter a parked police car where he could very well have damaged delicate police equipment and, even more likely, awakened on duty police officer!

We are proud to name that 26-year-old Brownsville man as this week’s Rick and Len Show….WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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apr 1st 2013

March 17th City of Ashland
Police received a call from someone at a bar reporting a female acting strange. The caller said that when someone asks the woman a question she only answers by saying "Bob Dole". Dispatchers asked if the woman was harming herself or anyone else and the caller said no. Dispatchers then advised that it is not illegal for someone to answer "Bob Dole".

March 2nd City of Ashland
Someone accidentally dialed 911. Dispatchers could hear a female saying “Every time we have soup he always finds a bone in it and he says I am trying to kill him. I told him if I was trying to kill him he would be dead a long time ago.” She then goes on to mention life insurance. Police called the number back and the woman said her young daughter had her phone and must have accidentally dialed 911. Dispatch was still concerned due to the nature of the conversation in the background.

March 26th City of Portage
Somebody stole a 150 pound 2' x 4' granite slab with the names of the past members from the lobby of the Elk's Lodge.

March 18th City of Mellen
A caller told police that a subject known to her walked into her house and pushed her then left. The caller said that she believes the person is in a van with the ladder heading toward "the house poor people live in  by the Dollar General".

March 28th Village of Biron
A sheriff's deputy and a police officer responded to a report of a man punching an aquarium.

March 18th City of Wauwatosa
Police were called to Home Depot where they arrested a 46-year-old man who was trying to falsely return two buckets of screws.

March 18th City of Waukesha
A man called police and asked to have his girlfriend removed from their apartment. He said they weren’t getting along because she’s a heroin addict and he’s a vampire.

March 20th City of Waukesha
Someone called police to report that “two people dressed as Batman and Robin” had walked into a convenience store. When police arrived, they found the two people were actually dressed as Batman and Spiderman (not Robin) and they told officers they were just having fun.

March 26th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman reported the driver of a vehicle in front of her in line at a car wash backed into the car wash and stole a wash she paid for. When she confronted him, the man called her obscene names and left.
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mar 29th 2013

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Weenie of the Week…the 21-year-old man who was driving north on Linwood Avenue in Appleton early Saturday morning when he ran a stop sign at Marquette Street, hit a snow bank and a tree, causing his car to overturn. When police arrived, they found the man had crawled out of the wreck and was yelling and dancing naked around his crashed vehicle.


For proving that WTF stands for something other than Wisconsin Tourism Federation.

For dancing naked and driving fast then crashing which makes the guy a regular Magic Mich-ael Waltrip.

For dancing naked outdoors in about 15 degree weather which will make a guy’s penis disappear faster than a fart in a fan factory.

We are proud to name the guy who rolled his car in Appleton early Saturday morning and then danced around the wreck naked as this week’s Rick and Len Show….WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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mar 25th 2013

March 7th Town of Menasha
A resident contacted police requesting officers to check his home between 3:50 and 4:10am  for Aliens. An officer was able to check the home during that time he did not notice any aliens on the roof or in the yard.

March 10th City of Greenfield
A 22-year-old woman was arrested for disorderly conduct after she shoved a waitress during a loud argument at Grainger's Pub. The argument allegedly began when the waitress told the woman the restaurant was out of mozzarella sticks.

March 20th Village of Gresham
A resident called police to report receiving a threatening email from their Avon lady. The caller said that they had sent the Avon rep a check for more than the amount of their order. When the caller asked the Avon lady to reimburse them she said that she belongs to a gang and that If the caller didn't watch out the Latin Kings will mess her up.

March 17th City of Beaver Dam
Police responded to a report that three subjects were being loud and possibly fighting. Police found the subjects to be arm wrestling outdoors for fun. Police told them all to go inside.

March 21st City of Nekoosa
A woman called police to report that a man stole $600 from her and said she couldn't have it back until he got out of jail because he didn't want her to leave him while he was incarcerated.

March 20th City of Wisconsin Rapids
Police received a call from woman reporting pornographic material blowing all over the area.

March 8th City of Menasha
Police responded to a report of harassment from a man who said his neighbor texted him in an ongoing dispute asking if he "needed to call the cops or load his shotgun to end this dispute." When police questioned the neighbor he said he made the comments out of anger. The neighbor was angry that the respondent blew his car horn  at his deaf dog to get out of the driveway.

March 18th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called 911 because her car was stuck in the driveway. She mumbled something unintelligible and hung up. When the 911 dispatcher called her back, she said she would find someone else to get the car out of the driveway.

March 19th City of Portage
A man on Pinery Road called 911 to report receiving incorrect change from a vending machine.

February 28th City of Sauk City
A subject called police and reported that his friend asked him to go out for a cheeseburger and the caller said he did not want to go.

March 16th City of Portage
Police responded to a report of an extremely intoxicated man driving through the drive-through area at McDonald's. Police said the man, while at the order microphone, told the employee he might be difficult to understand because he was drunk. The man then pulled forward and struck the side of the building.

March 11th City of Waukesha
Police received a report from someone at a railroad company of a man walking down the railroad tracks carrying a kitchen sink.
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