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oct 20th 2014

You have a better chance of catching…a record setting blue marlin fishing in Lake Winnebago…than you have of catching Ebola.

You have a better chance of catching… a buzz from bong full of oregano…than you have of catching Ebola. 

You have a better chance of catching …the eye of a one-eyed  super model with glaucoma…than you have of catching Ebola.

You have a better chance of catching a beat down...from Dr. Stephen Hawking…than you have of catching Ebola.  

You have a better chance of catching… a case of crabs from that old nun on the catholic channel…than you have of catching Ebola.

You have a better chance of catching…the seventh game of the World Series…as a catcher for the Chicago Cubs…than you have of catching Ebola. 

You have a better chance of catching…me in the act with a woman you don't have to inflate…than you have of catching Ebola.

You have a better chance of catching…a Super Bowl winning pass from Jay Cutler…than you have of catching Ebola.  

You have a better chance of catching…The Packers after going down 21-zip in the first quarter…than you have of catching Ebola.  

You have a better chance of catching…that tiny, little wiener of yours in your pants zipper…than you have of catching Ebola.

You have a better chance of catching…the roadrunner with an Acme hot air balloon and an anvil…than you have of catching Ebola.
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oct 17th 2014

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenies of the Week…Lakeshia Van Straten and Andrew Schucknecht. They are the Waupaca County couple caught allegedly of trying to burglarize a business in Helvetia Township about 3am Tuesday morning while leaving their frightened and crying toddler behind by himself in Van Straten’s car. The pair reportedly already has 20 pending burglary and theft charges against them.

For apparently exhibiting  the worst judgment since the one at the OJ trial.

For allegedly leaving their young boy in a car alone...which sounds to me like a desperate attempt to reboot a series of McCauley Culkin movies.

For trying to break in to a business while also breaking their toddler in by letting him experience the cold hard reality of what it's like to have atrocious parents. 

And for giving Adrian Peterson a run for his money in the parent of the year competition.

We are proud to name Lakeshia Van Straten and Andrew Schucknecht as this week’s Rick and Len Show… WEENIES OF THE WEEK!
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oct 13th 2014

September 30th City of Waukesha
A woman reported that her apartment had been repeatedly entered by someone over the past year and a half. The woman told police that the person who has been illegally entering her apartment keeps taking her "better quality chicken breasts" and replacing them with "lower quality" chicken breasts.

September 27th City of Menasha
Officers responded to a report of two females on 6th Street arguing. Officers learned the women were planning a party and when guests declined to come, one of the women wanted the other to provide 12 of the leftover brats for her to host her own party.

October 8th Village of Clyman
A woman called police from the hardware store to report being attacked by an angry dancer named...Serenity.

September 28th City of Neenah
A Green Acres Lane caller reported receiving "continuous" phone calls from someone stating that they are her worst enemy and they are coming for her. She later discovered that she knew the person calling her and told police he was probably just playing a trick.

September 28th City of Waukesha
A resident called police to report seeing a couple having sex atop a picnic table in a recreation area in the middle of the afternoon. The couple had reportedly "come and gone" before police arrived.
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oct 10th 2014

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Weenies of the Week… Travis Husnik of Luxemburg and Heather Basten of New Franken who this week were sentenced following an incident back in August where the two reportedly had sex in the back of a squad car while being transported by an deputy to the Oconto County Jail.


For not understanding that conjugal visits usually don’t start until AFTER you get to the jail or prison.

For doing the pokey-pokey while being taken to the pokey. 

For apparently thinking the deputy said to slam her when he said he was going take them to the slammer.

For having what can only be called K-Mart sex…which is doing it beneath a flashing blue light.

And for proving that unlike some places in the country, in Oconto County, you don’t get screwed by the cops so you apparently have to do it yourself.

We are proud to name the Oconto County squad car humpers as this week's Rick and Len Show...Weenies of the Week.
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oct 8th 2014


10. Ill-Tempered Tulip 

9. Pissed Off Peach

8. Bent Out of Shape Sunshine

7. Cheesed Off Cherry Blossom 

6. In a Snit Citrus

5. Bitch is Back Basil

4. Butt Hurt Butterscotch

3. Panties in a Bunch Breeze

2. Sand in her ‘Gina Ginger

1. On the Rag Rosewood
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oct 8th 2014

September 23rd City of Waukesha
The police and fire departments rescued a man who was stuck inside a trash bin behind Dunkin' Donuts. The man told police his wife left her dentures at Dunkin' Donuts earlier in the day and was looking for them. While standing on a pallet and looking in garbage cans for the missing dentures, he fell in and was unable to get out.

September 6th City of Neenah
A Congress Street resident called police to report hearing people yelling and screaming. Officers responding to the report found a group of people engaged in a spirited pillow fight.

September 21st City of Neenah
A caller at Fox Point Plaza reported seeing two males in the parking lot who were messing around with a paper box. Police determined the two males were just out walking.

September 20th City of Waukesha
Police received a report of a 50-year-old man, who looked intoxicated, was sitting on a curb smoking a cigarette and making gun gestures with his hand at passing cars and pretending to shoot them with his finger. Police talked with the man, who admitting to putting his fingers in a gun-like shape.

September 24th Village of Shorewood
The resident called 911 because a nut got stuck in her teeth while she was eating a Hershey bar with almonds. Police instructed the woman to contact a dentist.

September 21st City of Waukesha
A domestic disturbance was reported after the caller thought she heard someone get hit and saw a female outside crying. The female said she wasn't crying and went to the car to think after a verbal argument with her niece over macaroni and cheese.

September 22nd City of Waukesha
A caller reported that a woman and her mother came to her apartment. the previous night and dumped mashed potatoes in front of her door. One of the accused women firmly denied playing a part in the mashed potato dumping.

September 28th Village of Nekoosa
A resident called police to report a man who fell off another man's roof three years ago drove by yelling obscenities.

September 21st City of Waukesha
An intoxicated man came home dialed 911 and gave the phone to his son. The confused son told the 911 dispatcher he didn't know why his father called.

September 24th City of Franklin
A 42-year-old man arrived at work at Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company and subsequently stripped down to just a necktie and boxer shorts in what was described as a "creative way to get fired". The company terminated his employment and called police to have him removed from the property.

October 2nd Village of Saratoga
A woman called police to report seeing two men wearing the same clothes she saw them wearing the previous day.

September 30th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A caller reported a man sitting on a chair on her porch with a laptop computer. The man told her someone was sending microwaves to him.

October 5th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police to report that someone broke into her apartment and…ran up her cable bill.
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oct 7th 2014

This couple was sentenced this week in connection with doing it the backseat of an Oconto County Sheriff's vehicle while a deputy was driving them to jail. Seriously!


10. Will these handcuffs make it more difficult…or more kinky?

9. Can I heighten the experience by attaching the officers’ Tasers to my nipples?

8. If I put on the officer's Kevlar vest, would this still be considered “unprotected sex”?

7. How will being known as the guy who’ll do it anywhere affect my social life in prison? 

6. Will doing it so close to the cop’s big, black night stick make me feel inadequate?

5. Is there a police code for sex in the back of a squad car and if there isn't, shouldn't it be a 10-69?

4. Will doing it doggie style make the K9 officer jealous?

3. What are the chances that a woman willing to do it in the backseat of a squad car doesn't have more viruses than a Liberian Petri dish?

2. Since this is Oconto County, is it wrong for me to be doing this with a woman who isn’t even my sister?

1. Will this leave a stain on my permanent record and/or the backseat upholstery?
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oct 3rd 2014

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…"That one guy". Let me explain. Saturday was, of course, Octoberfest in downtown Appleton. Organizers estimate that it was the biggest crowd ever and evidence suggests that they set a record this year for beer consumption. As many as a hundred thousand people and a virtual river of alcohol on a hot day can be a recipe for disaster. Yet, the total number of arrests at this year’s Octoberfest in Appleton….ONE! Yep. The only person arrested during this year’s Octoberfest was" that one guy" who was arrested for disorderly conduct. You know the guy I’m talking about. "That one guy" who gets a couple-three beers in him and is suddenly filled with enough bravado to pick a fight with lamppost. "That one guy" who when he’s drinking doesn’t realize that his hands belong in his own pockets and not on some stranger’s ass. "That one guy" who after a couple beers, has the manners of a cranky, brain damaged Doberman.


For being "that one guy" who's trying to prove that one bad Apple-tonian can spoil the who bunch .

For apparently being "that one guy" who has a harder time holding his alcohol than 90-year-old Betty White has holding her urine during a sneeze.

And for being "that one guy" who, like a virgin in Peoria, is one in a hundred thousand .

We are proud to name "that one guy" who got arrested at Octoberfest as this week’s Rick and Len Show….WEENIE OF THE WEEK! 

(Police have not released the identity of "that one guy".)
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oct 2nd 2014


10. Walking past a trophy case that isn’t as empty as a Kardashian brain cavity.

9. Expending all that energy that comes with celebrating the catching of touchdown passes.

8. The sheer boredom of having the ball thrown to him damn near every week by the same quarterback.

7. Playing alongside running backs who don’t make Michael Jackson’s dad look like Father of the Year.

6. Having to play games after the end of December.

5. Not playing for an owner who seems shadier than a picnic spot in Redwood National Park.

4. Not wearing a uniform that looks like Barney the Dinosaur splooged all over him.  

3. The fresh and clean feeling from a good Packer brainwashing.  

2. Watching BJ Raji scrubbing his taint during post-game shower.

1. Having to use two hands to count a single season’s wins.
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sep 26th 2014

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenies of the Week…Your 2014 Milwaukee Brewers who yesterday completed their near historic collapse with a loss to the Cincinnati Reds officially eliminating themselves from playoff contention after leading the division for almost the entire season. Hell, they even had the best record in baseball for a good chunk of the year. In fact, I remember at the All Star Break, based on their record, one statistician put their chances of making the play-offs at something like 93%. But nooooooo, not the Brewers.


For failing as massively as Ryan Braun taking a drug test.

For folding faster than a speed origami-ist.

And for being such as major disappointment, every Brewer fan must now know what it was like to be Rick’s parents.

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenies of the Week!

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sep 24th 2014


10. People coming south from Green Bay and North from Oshkosh not sure how to drive on rare section of highway 41 not currently under construction.

9. In hind sight, replacing  concrete and asphalt on stretches of state highways with Teflon slathered in Wesson oil perhaps not the best idea.

8. With summer officially over, Wisconsin drivers confused driving on highways that are suddenly no longer filled with speeding, tailgating FIBS weaving in and out of traffic.

7. Many people driving with disregard for their own lives since the pending onslaught of 2014 campaign ads has sapped them of their will to live.

6. Lots of area residents preparing for the trip home from Oktoberfest chose Tuesday morning to start practicing their drunken driving.

5. Chain reaction accident caused by Mayor of Green Bay not being able to see over the dashboard while driving without his booster seat.

4. Too many people trying to drive while using their smart phones to search for pictures of the supposed three breasted woman.

3. Scads of people lost control of their vehicles at the same time lunging for their radios to turn up the guy so they wouldn't miss a single word.

2. Folks were just rushing to get to work before the snow fall after seeing commercial with Scott Walker in that hole and mistakenly thinking that if he crawled out and saw his shadow it meant winter would arrive six weeks early.

1. One driver actually used their turn signal and confused the hell out of everyone else on the road.
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sep 22nd 2014

September 9th City of Waukesha
A caller told police she saw a man carrying a baby in a dog kennel. When police arrived at the scene, they discovered it was a small dog in the kennel, not an unusually ugly, hairy infant.

September 20th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police and reported that a bird feeder was tipped over at her mother's residence the previous night. The caller told police her mother has some "very shady" neighbors whom she suspects of tipping the bird feeder. The woman requested additional patrol to assure the safety of her mother's bird feeder.

September 16th City of Shawano
A man called police to report findings traffic cones in the roadway. The man told police no construction was going on so he assumed they were put there by someone who was "just goofing off".

August 23rd City of Verona
A man flagged down a police officer to report his intoxicated friend had gotten lost…and fallen through a barn roof.

August 23rd City of Verona
Police received a 911 call where they could only hear children and adults talking in the background. It was eventually determined that the family's seven-year-old daughter had called 911 because she had overheard family members discussing how thankful they were that they never had a reason to call 911. The responding officer explained to the girl what 911 is.

September 16th Village of Biron
A man called police and reported that he could hear people trying to break into his home. The man called police back three more times before police arrived at his residence to investigate. Responding officers believe that what the man heard was actually several falling pinecones.

September 9th City of Waukesha
A resident called police to report they thought a person might be hanging from a tree in front of a house. The caller believed it was a Halloween decoration but couldn’t be sure. Police found that it was in fact a mannequin Halloween decoration in the tree.

September 8th City of Greenfield
A resident called police to report her live-in boyfriend called her “retarded and stupid” while standing in her “she-cave”. Police determined nothing physical took place and told the two to leave each other alone. The same resident called 911 again 35 minutes later to report her boyfriend called her “stupid.” Officers again advised them to leave each other alone and both were warned about misusing 911.
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sep 19th 2014

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week… Vanngeoli Arreguin, the 27-year-old Sheboygan woman who is facing more than 21 years in prison for a string of misdeeds including allegedly stealing her boyfriend's truck while drinking, forcing her boyfriend’s 11-year old cousin to steal donuts from Kwik Trip, and beheading her boyfriend's pet peach-faced lovebird. When the 11-year-old told Arreguin she shouldn’t be drinking and driving, Arreguin reportedly told her that it was okay to do so because she was from Texas.


For reportedly not understanding that forcing an 11-year-old to steal donuts is cruller and unusual punishment. 

For thinking that being from Texas entitles you to drink and drive when it's been my experience that the only thing being from Texas entitles you to is being an a-hole, and that's only if you also own a pro football team in Dallas.

And for allegedly beheading her boyfriend’s pet peach-faced lovebird which means she's either the ISIS of the avian world or she seriously misunderstood the boyfriend's request for "a little head".

We are proud to name Vanngeoli Arreguin as this week’s rick and Len Show…WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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sep 15th 2014

August 28th City of Waukesha
A man called police to request an ambulance for a 55-year-old woman. Police learned the woman wanted an ambulance because she was bleeding after picking a pimple on her face.

August 30th City of Waukesha
A woman called police to report ongoing problems with her neighbor who was flipping her off, spitting in her direction and saying she is going to beat "the crap out of her." Both women said they were good friends until about two weeks ago after a falling out over the woman undercooking some chicken she made for her neighbor. The neighbor told her not to make her food anymore, but the other woman keeps making it anyway.

September 8th Village of Port Edwards
A person calling from a business reported a job applicant became upset when she learned she needed a resume to apply for a job so she went outside and hit her own car with a baseball bat and then left.

September 6th Dane County
A 23-year-old woman was awakened by the sound of her front door crashing in. Unsure what to do during a burglary, the woman grabbed her cell phone, hid in a closet and Googled "What to do during a burglary?". Google advised her to call police so she did.

August 27th City of Waukesha
A man called police to report finding strands of blonde hair in the back of his pickup truck. The man told police he was unable to tell if the blonde hairs came from a human being or an animal. Police determined the blonde hairs...were actually hay.

September 1st City of Waukesha
A woman called police to report receiving a phone call from a man who asked her if she wanted to hear him slap his genitals.

September 5th City of Whitefish Bay
Police were called to check on the well-being of an elderly woman who was seen walking down the street carrying deer antlers and a clown picture. The woman told responding officers she did not need any help and was just coming from a rummage sale.

September 5th Dane County
A man reported to police that while his 2000 Ford Taurus station wagon was parked, someone stole the brand new right front tire from the car and replaced it with an flat balding one. The victim filled out an official police report noting "This hot rod of a car of mine seems to attract petty thuggery, obviously due to envy. I'm sure the perpetrators imagine (rightly so) a balding, middle age potbellied family man proudly cruising the city, his comb-over flowing out the half open window. I can understand their jealousy but can't condone it. I think fair punishment would be for them to one day find themselves balding and middle aged."

September 1st City of Portage
Police took a report of a 53-year-old man who urinated on the side of a building. Police said they spoke with the suspect who denied the accusation. Police arrested the man however, after receiving a second report of him urinating on the entrance to another building.

August 19th City of Greenfield
A caller reported a Port-A-Potty was knocked over sometime between 6 and 7 a.m. The caller told police the same Port-A-Potty was also knocked over on August 6th and August 18th. The caller requested a special patrol watch to keep an eye on the Port-A-Potty.

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sep 12th 2014

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…the Hobart man who was so “appalled” he wrote to the Green Bay Press Gazette this week to complain about the Packer organization because when he attended a pre-season game at Lambeau the Jumbotron camera operator scanned the crowd and some woman lifted her top and flashed her… sports bra. What if children would have seen that?

Never mind that the camera operator couldn't have known that the woman was going to lift her shirt. And never mind that kids see more revealing sights than a woman in a sports bra at beaches and swimming pools, on TV, on billboards and probably even in their text books.


For being so tight assed, his time would be better spent sticking coal up his butt to turn it into diamonds than writing appalled letters to the Press Gazette.

For not realizing that if his child has never seen anything as revealing as a woman in a sports bra, he should probably be arrested for having kept them locked in a closet their entire lives.

For not realizing that this week, NFL teams are just happy if a "controversial video" involving their team doesn't show one of their players using his wife or girlfriend as a punching bag.

We are proud the Hobart man who wrote to the Press Gazette to complain about the Packers because he was "appalled" that a woman was shown lifting her shirt and showing her sports bra on the Jumbotron as this week's Rick and Len Show...WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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sep 9th 2014

August 23rd City of Greenfield
Police received a 911 call from a woman reporting a robbery in progress at Starbucks. The caller stated her 14-year-old daughter went inside and then texted her mom that the business was being held up. A police investigation revealed the girl actually texted her mom, “Hold up at Starbucks,” meaning the line was long and the number of customers inside was holding her up.

August 15th Village of Harrison
A resident on Fire Lane 10 called the sheriff's department to report a theft. The caller indicated that their neighbor keeps stealing their garbage.

August 31st City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman reported that another woman got out of her vehicle and spit on her because she was taking too long at a business.

September 1st City of Beaver Dam
Police responded to a call from a 78-year-old woman who was upset about the price of her haircut at Cost Cutters. The woman's husband eventually intervened and paid for her haircut.

August 12th City of Verona
Police responded to a missing juvenile call from the senior center. Upon arrival, officers located the boy in the parking lot. The boy explained that he had come to the senior center to play cards with his grandfather. But having never played that particular game before he made a mistake which caused the other elderly players to be mean and make fun of him so he left.

August 31st City of Oak Creek
Police responded after a 911 caller reported at least three vehicles were parked near his residence and the occupants were outside, yelling at each other. The responding officer found 15 people in the area, who stated they were just looking for ghosts. They were all told to leave and come back during daytime hours.

August 22nd City of Greenfield
A manager at Speedway called police to report a man wearing an orange shirt and khaki shorts enters the store every day, buys a cigar, picks up one of the lighters for sale off a display and uses it to light up his cigar and then places the lighter back on the display before leaving. The responding officer advised the manager to stop selling the man cigars if he didn’t want him using their lighters.

August 21st City of Waukesha
A caller reported seeing a suspicious man in a public park. The caller told police the man was in the park by himself and walked into the bushes where he appeared to be hiding. When the caller asked the man why he was hiding, he replied "I'm looking at the flowers."

(Photo NOT from the Greenfield Starbucks)
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sep 2nd 2014

August 24th City of Oak Creek
A jogger flagged down police to report that a dog being walked by its owner just bit him on the scrotum.

August 18th Town of Menasha
An employee of a business on Drum Corps Drive reported that someone vandalized a large trailer in the lot that is in the shape of a Green Bay Packers helmet. According to the employee, sometime over the weekend someone painted over the “G” turning it into the letter “C.”

August 21st City of Shawano
Police responded to a report of a man outside Shawano Square Apartments who had dropped his pants and was barking like a dog.

August 17th City of Shawano
Police received a report of a man on Prairie Street pulling down his pants and asking people to look at his underwear.

August 17th Shawano County
Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of an altercation at the Express Way restaurant. Two employees were allegedly in the parking lot threatening a customer who complained about a milkshake.

August 27th Village of Caledonia
A 28-year-old Milwaukee got her flip-flops caught on the brake pedal and “was unable to stop at the stop sign.” The woman's vehicle was then hit by a pickup truck pulling a trailer containing a camel named Eli. The truck driver sustained a broken leg. The woman and the camel named Eli were uninjured.

August 21st City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police to report the theft of four rings and a picture of Elvis.

August 21st Village of Biron
A woman reported her neighbor yelled at her daughter for walking down the street.

August 18th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman call police and reported a man killed fish and threw a hairbrush into a car.

August 17th Village of Nekoosa
Police received a report of someone in an SUV swerving and throwing cookies.

August 19th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A caller reported neighbors smashed their window out, pulled a gun on them and took off. The gun turned out to actually be a pair of vice grips.

August 8th City of Waukesha
A caller reported a female child was crying for help. Police made contact with several houses and only found a 2-year-old throwing a temper tantrum in the backyard of one house and a 3-year-old crying because a Wiffle ball bumped him in the head at another.

August 9th City of Waukesha
Police responded to a report of a man who said he was "stuck in his brother's car" and kept honking the horn, while yelling "I just want to get out of the car. I can't get out of the car". Responding officers found the man was just extremely intoxicated and couldn't figure out how to open the door.

August 10th City of Waukesha
Please received a report of a shirtless man wearing a blazer who had been flipping people off as they walked by him for the last 10 1/2 hours.

August 15th City of Marshfield
A 70-year-old woman told police her neighbor made “sexual breathing noises,” comments about her buttocks and yelled at her through the window while she was gardening.  The man denied doing these things but did admit to yelling at his cat.

July 15th Village of Jackson
A man told police that he saw a woman in a vehicle intentionally try to run over a flock of geese. Using the license plate, police located the driver. The woman told the officer that she didn’t try to run the geese over but “thought it would be funny to drive at them fast so they would fly away”. None of the geese was injured. According to police, no further action was taken because “there’s no law against being an immature moron.”

July 5th City of Verona
A couple was warned for being in Community Park after they were found in the rear cargo area of their SUV…“cuddling”.

June 21st City of Verona
A 4-year-old girl was reported missing from her home. The mother reported that her daughter had been put down for a nap in the same bed as her sleeping mother, and when the mother woke up from her nap, the child was nowhere to be found. When the home was searched, the child was found sleeping in a plastic storage bin in the corner of the room she had originally been placed in.

August 25th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A resident called police to report that an unknown person had thrown pinecones in the road.

August 23rd City of Waukesha
A woman called police to report her boyfriend was yelling at her because he didn't like the way she was breast-feeding.

August 24th City of Waukesha
A resident at an apartment complex called police to report seeing three females outside taking some of their clothes off, splashing each other with water, taking pictures of each other and "giggling." The responding officer found three females in the act of doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

August 28th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police to report three people had thrown dirt at her in an effort to get her to break up with her boyfriend.

August 27th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A caller reported to police that a man in a wheelchair got out of his chair, performed a sexual act, got back in his wheelchair and left.

August 23rd City of Oak Creek
A resident called police to report receiving a phone call from an unidentified male who told him that he would "gut him and leave him in the woods" if he didn't pay his ex-girlfriend $80 for a cat toy.

August 28th City of Shawano
A man called 911, told the dispatcher that he liked the music on the radio, then hung up the phone.

August 25th City of Beaver Dam
A 29-year-old Maple Avenue woman called police and reported that a 32-year-old woman stole her plant, so she stole the plant back. When police arrived, both women were intoxicated and both were advised to cease contact with each other. It is unclear which ended up with possession of the plant.
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aug 18th 2014
Appleton Mayor Tim Hanna challenged the guys and they came through...but with beer, not water.
Please support the fight  against ALS (Lou Grehrig's Disease) by donating at

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aug 18th 2014

July 12th Dane County
A 26-year-old woman with a box full of guinea pigs walked into a pet store and tried to put her guinea pigs in with the store guinea pigs. When the store manager told her she couldn't do that, the woman became angry and told him it was not his store but rather it "belongs to the animals". When police arrived, they tried to coax the woman out of the store. However, the woman yelled "I am sorry, my babies" and hurled the box of guinea pigs at officers. Police arrested the woman. The box of guinea pigs were unharmed.

August 14th Town of Emmet
A resident called the sheriff’s department to report someone has left empty McDonald's bags in his driveway. The area McDonald's was contacted to have them check their surveillance video recordings to see if they could identify a suspect based on the time on the receipt left in one of the bags. Deputies were unable to obtain the security video needed to aid in the investigation at this time.

August 15th City of Sheboygan
Police were called to a residence where a drunk mother and daughter were cutting watermelon. The drunken mother reportedly became angry and grabbed the knife. When police arrived the mom was in the backyard and the rest of the family was hiding.

August 9th Town of Menasha
An officer was sent to a residence on Ann Street around 11:30pm after a neighbor called to report loud music. The officer had spoken with two women outside and told them to tell the people inside to turn the music down. A short time later the music was turned up even louder than before. A person looked outside but refused to open the door. When asked to turn the music down, the man replied that all cops are "fascist pigs" and proceeded to turn the music even louder. The man then began chanting on a microphone, "I know my rights. I know my rights." A citation for loud music was issued to the resident.

August 16th Dane County
Police were called to the Henry Villas Zoo after a 24-year-old woman who loves giraffes, climbed over a fence into the giraffe enclosure. Wally, a two-year-old, 12 foot tall giraffe, licked the woman's cheek before turning around and kicking her in the face. The woman was not seriously injured. It is unclear if the kick to the face dampened her love of the tall mammals.

August 7th City of Franklin
Several condominium residents called police and reported they were yelled and sworn at by another resident. Officers determined the man was angry over the placement of bird feeders.

August 5th Village of Shorewood
Police were called to break up a disturbance between two men who were fighting over one of them using the other man's laundry detergent.

August 6th City of Oak Creek
A man called police after he confronted an unknown male who entered his parked car in an apartment complex parking lot and stole a quarter. When the caller told him to put the money back the suspect fled on foot with the quarter leaving behind his bicycle.

August 7th City of Wauwatosa
Police were called to the Boston Store where they arrested a male construction worker for concealing lingerie and a bottle of nail polish in an empty cordless drill case while remodeling the store.

August 3rd City of Waukesha
A man called police and told them he had misplaced his prescription medication and wanted an officer to bring a drug sniffing dog to his house to find it.

August 4th City of Waukesha
A caller told police he could hear neighbors arguing and pounding on the walls. Police learned the argument between a man and woman was over whether to leave the back entry door open or closed.

August 4th City of Waukesha
A resident call police at 11:30 PM to complain that his neighbor was showering too loud. He also told officers that he felt 11:30 PM was an “unreasonable time for people to be awake”.

August 6th City of Waukesha
Four people called police after hearing a man screaming. The man told police he was just excited about having a winning scratch-off lottery ticket.

August 12th Town of Oak Grove
A man called the Dodge County sheriff’s department to report a stray chicken keeps coming on his property and defecating on his porch.
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aug 12th 2014
After a pretty long day in the sun in Deadwood Thursday I was planning to see Jackyl at Fuill Throttle Saloon but the place was an absolute madhouse. By the time I would have reached the place the show would have been half over. Oh, well. I'm sure those guys will be around NE Wisconsin very soon so I'll catch up with Jesse James Dupree then.

This morning I had a chance to visit the Black Hills National Cemetery. It's a humbling place. There were some honor guard guys waiting for a veteran's burial but otherwise just me. As we undertake military actions in the Middle East I was looking directly at what wars really cost. Let's not do that anymore.

Quite a jarring change in scene just a few miles away in Sturgis. The crazy that is the bike rally was in full swing as I set up shop at the Easy Rider saloon right on Lazelle Street. As I talked with Elwood on the Road Show I had tons of bikes to watch, tons of people walking right by, two incredibly buxom ladies serving beers to my right, a bad country band playing behind me and girls with little on hanging from the rafters doing sexy gymnastics on long fabric things. you know, just another afternoon in South Dakota.

I moved over to Main Street which is filled with thousands of bikes and people. I decided to interview a tattoo guy working on ladies in a storefront window. You get free shots of Jack Daniels with your tattoo. I'm sure that makes for some good decision making, right? The tattoo artist is named Spider. Of course he is.

When I say there are lots of bikes, I use the term liberally. Some of the "bikes" are customized so much they hardly look like motorcycles any more.

I hooked up with the WAPL contest winners, Bob and Janet Boehnlein of Brothertown. Nice folks who are really enjoying the trip...especially the Harley Ultra they get to use for the week from Harley Davidson of Appleton. It's their first Sturgis experience and they're loving it. We took in the sights at the famous Knuckle Saloon and they tagged along for some of the broadcast later on Main.

I'm going to miss this place...until next year's 75th Annual Bike Rally. It's going to be twice as nuts.
Ah, Sturgis. Where even the mannequins give it all they've got.

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