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nov 6th 2013
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nov 1st 2013
Sometimes there's someone deserving of recognition but not quite a big enough weenie to be our Weenie of the Week. They are our Rick and Len Show...COCKTAIL FRANK!

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Cocktail Frank… 33-year-old Antonio J. Brown of Kenosha, who after reportedly, after getting drunk at a Halloween party, took his girlfriend’s two sons, ages 8 and 13 for a walk, allegedly forcing them to drink until at least one threw up. Brown then reportedly dangled the 13-year-old upside down from Kenosha’s 50th Street overpass and threatened to drop him. Brown reportedly then grabbed the 8-year-old by the hair and tried to pull him up a train ladder before dangling the him from the train, holding his neck and ankle. Oh, and did we mention, he was dressed as clown the whole time? Yeah, that’s right. A frickin’ clown!!!


For figuratively giving clowns the black eye many of us wish we could give them literally.

For doing the most anyone has done to make clowns look bad since John Wayne Gacy.

For allegedly dangling a child from a great height while wearing white make up that made him look like a clown which either makes him a drunken psycho or the best Michael Jackson impersonator ever!

We are proud to name Antonio J. Brown as this week’s Rick and Len Show Cocktail Frank!

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Weenies of the Week….the two men, who according to police, were using a slingshot to shoot marbles at vehicles on I-43 between Mason Street and Manitowoc Road in Green Bay competing against each other to see who could hit 15 vehicles first. Their "game" resulted in smashed windows, vehicle dents and at least one injury. At least 30 people have reported being victims of the attacks. And frankly, they’re just lucky it wasn’t worse.


For not realizing that it can be a lot more fun to stay home and play with your balls than going out and shooting them at passing motorists.

For doing even more to make driving area highways dangerous than the Wisconsin DOT.

For behavior that if convicted should get them hard time in “sling-sling”.

We are proud to name the two guys who apparently lost their marbles and were shooting them at drivers on I-43 as this week’s Rick and Len Show…Weenies of the Week!
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oct 25th 2013

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…the Appleton school bus driver who was busted for operating while intoxicated. The 51-year-old driver allegedly finished his route before being observed parking the school bus and buying alcohol at a store. When officers arrived, they gave the driver a Breathalyzer test, and he failed it.  It is not clear right now if the driver was drinking before dropping off the 25 to 30 children who had just been on the bus but since he was already intoxicated just after just buying alcohol, well, you can make your own assumptions.


For possibly putting more children in harm’s way than the social secretary at the Neverland Ranch ever did.

For apparently not understanding that while the sound of 25 to 30 noisy children may drive you to drink, you shouldn’t actually drink while you drive them.

And or not realizing that while the wheels of the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round…the cop car siren goes…Woooo woooo woooo. Woooo woooo woooo.Woooo woooo woooo.

We are proud to name the Appleton school bus driver who was busted for operating while intoxicated as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week.
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oct 23rd 2013


10. Threaten to drop it on North Korea and give entire country some kind of cooter-borne yeast infection.

9. Sell it to the city of Green Bay. Let the Mayor shimmy up it to get things off the top of his desk.

8. Give it an honorary degree in gynecology since it’s seen more women’s private parts than an OB/GYN nurse, a Planned Parenthood doctor and Charlie Sheen combined.

7. Relocate it to Menasha where among all the Shutkoskis, Lingnofskis and Povlowskis, it’ll blend in with all the other poles.

6. If it could hold up thousands of big Wisconsin strippers for 40 years, it should be able to hold up the sagging Leo Frigo Bridge.

5. Lend it out to women to use as the ten foot pool they won’t touch Rick with. 

4. Sell it to Kanye West so she can use it as a blinged out replacement for the stick he already has up his ass.

3. Let NASA send it on first manned plight to Mars. Use it as a flag pole claiming Mars on behalf of the United States and spreading to another planet American democracy and a particularly virulent strain of space herpes.

2. Use it to replace the main frame computer for the Obamacare website. While the Paradise Club stripper pole has no actual computing power, neither, apparently does the main frame computer for the Obamacare website.

1. Give it to Jay Cutler so he can use it to work out once his sprained vagina heals.
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oct 21st 2013

October 7th City of Waupun
A man on Wilcox Street called police to report a man he knows stole $10 from him. The accuser later called police and said he found the $10 in his couch when he sat on it and withdrew his complaint.

October 6th Town of Menasha
Officers responded to a report of a male and female yelling at each other. Upon arrival, the officers found a mother and son were arguing about God. The son was trying to get his mother to follow Jesus.

October 9th City of Waupun
A man on West Franklin Street complained to police that the county owns the property next to him, and that the property has an apple tree on it that is attracting bees. He asked police to file a complaint against Fond du Lac County for not keeping the bees off his property.

October 14th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman reported a skunk with a jar stuck on its head, banging on her steps.

October 16th Village of of Rudolph
Police received a call from a woman reporting her neighbor’s goats were walking on her newly planted grass.

October 16th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A caller reported a group of five people wanted to start a fight during rapping conflict that had gotten out of hand.

October 10th City of Germantown
Police responding to a report of a domestic dispute at a residence discovered the source of the “argument” was actually the resident, who had his headphones on and was singing a profanity-laced song in the kitchen.

September 27th City of Nekoosa
A caller reported someone trying to break in through a bedroom window. An officer determined it was probably just the sound of a box falling in a back room.

October 10th City of Greendale
An apartment manager was cited for disorderly conduct after he became intoxicated and stole a pair of women’s underwear out of a washing machine.

September 29th City of Wauwatosa
A manager at Jimmy John’s was arrested after getting into an argument with an employee. The employee said the manager pushed him and punched him after getting into an argument about the proper way to clean a wall.

October 17th Town of Burnett
A woman called the sheriff’s department to report seeing an elderly woman sitting alongside the roadway and waving at passing motorists.
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oct 15th 2013


10. Too hard getting his helmet on over his big pope hat.

9. There’s no pocket for his holy water bottle in his assless chaps.

8. Figured he didn’t need it anymore since he popped that 1450 V Twin engine into the Popemobile. 

7. Kept getting his rosary beads tangled in his wallet chain.

6. Getting more and more difficult finding affordable black leather cassocks.

5. You try getting up for 6am mass on Sunday morning after a long Saturday poker run.

4. Always getting his vestments caught in the g-damn crankshaft.

3. Got tired of people asking him he we was with the Holy Rollers.

2. Caught a lot of flak for letting Full Throttle Saloon use the Vatican baptismal fountain for wet T shirt contests during this past summer’s bike week.

1. Just like most guys, his wife is making him!
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oct 14th 2013

September 24th City of Menasha
An Appleton Street woman called police because she couldn’t “parent” her son. Police eventually found out she was upset because her 16-year-old son took a glass of wine away from her. She received a warning for 911 misuse because it was the second time she called that day when there wasn’t an emergency. Police also advised her they weren’t going to raise her teenager for her.

September 28th City of Glendale
A 32-year-old man was arrested for disorderly conduct after punching another man in the face during Oktoberfest at the Bavarian Inn. The two men were reportedly fighting over which one could speak better German.

September 22nd Town of Charleston
A Debra Court resident told police a male subject came to her residence twice in the past week, looked in the door…and laughed.

October 2nd City of Mequon
A 51-year-old Evanston, Illinois woman was warned for driving the wrong way on a divided highway. The woman said she was just following instructions from her GPS and was “not impaired… just confused”.

September 28th City of Mayville
Police responded to a domestic dispute. According to people at the residence a 49-year-old man and his 74-year-old wife were celebrating an anniversary and had been drinking. The woman’s son, a 52-year-old, got into an altercation with his younger stepfather. The 49-year-old stepfather injured his 52-year-old stepson in order to avoid getting hit in the head.

October 6th City of Waupun
An anonymous caller told police marijuana could be smelled coming from an apartment on West Jefferson Street. Police made contact with the renter who allowed police in. They observed three incense sticks burning, but no evidence of marijuana.

October 6th City of Waupun
A man on West Jefferson Street said his neighbor has a smell of incense coming from their residence. The resident said he does burn incense but would not let police in. Police sniffed around but did not smell any illegal drugs. It is unclear from the police report, if they did or did not smell any incense.

October 6th City of Waupun
A Park Street resident called police to report “strange things” happening to their property and that someone had burned holes in their trampoline.

October 7th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman reported a man, who identified himself  as “Jimmy Beam”, said he was going to blow up her daughter’s house.
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oct 11th 2013

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Weenie of the Week…Detroit Lions offensive lineman Dominic Raiola, who before Sunday’s game against the Packers allegedly taunted several band members for being overweight, questioned the sexuality of at least one band member and used a highly derogatory slang term for the female genitalia toward a woman in the band.


For acting like he’s under the impression that the word “punt” is spelled with a “c”.

For being a 300 plus pound lineman calling a band member fat which is…

…Like Lindsey Lohan calling an Amtrak crash a train wreck.

…Like congress calling a Swiss cheese condom ineffective.

…Like Mylie Cyrus calling the bread from Little Caesar’s crazy.

And for calling at least one band member “gay”…which is pretty rich coming for a member of a team that has been sucking hard during games in Wisconsin for 23 years!!!

We are proud to name Detroit Lions band taunting offensive lineman Dominic Raiola as this week’s Rick and Len Show…Weenie of the Week.
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sep 30th 2013

September 23rd City of Waukesha
Police were called to the library on a report of a man wearing a mask and telling people he wants to change their diaper. Police advised the man on his unusual behavior and told him that wearing masks in public will draw attention.

September 14th City of Menasha
Officers were dispatched to a tavern on Tayco Street for a report of someone taking money from a tip jar. The bartender said a man let himself behind the bar and started pouring drinks. When the bartender noticed, she told him he had to leave. A short time later, she noticed $10 missing from the tip jar. Police found the man and searched him, but didn’t find the $10.00.

September 21st City of Portage
Police received a report of a man illegally trying to enter a locked retail store. The man, who registered a blood-alcohol concentration of .328 percent, mistook the store for his home.

September 27th Village of Port Edwards
A man called police and reported "having bad thoughts" at a park. An officer gave the man a ride.

September 15th City of Brown Deer
A woman was arrested for disorderly conduct after making threats because she was unhappy with her take-out order from Applebee’s. The woman had ordered spinach dip and when she got home it was cold so she called the restaurant demanding a refund. When told she could get a new order but not a refund, she returned yelling and swearing threatening to cause damage. When asked to settle down, the woman replied, "I can do what I want."

September 21st City of Germantown
A resident of an apartment building called police to report he heard a group of elderly females in the community room discussing "what a drunk he is," and would like an officer to respond to stop the rumors before they escalated. The responding officer made contact with the caller and one of the females, and both were advised to stop interacting with each other.

September 22nd City of Waukesha
Police were called to unplug a curling iron. The caller said they left for the airport for a week-long trip and realized they forgot to unplug their curling iron and were hoping police could help. Police reported the curling iron was successfully unplugged.  

September 28th City of Nekoosa
A  resident reported all the mailbox flags were up on mailboxes on her block. As a result, the caller’s mother was afraid to open her mailbox.

September 27th Town of Saratoga
A caller reported seeing a man on a horse was chasing another horse. Deputies determined the man was trying catch a runaway horse. 

September 28th City of Nekoosa
A woman called police and reported her son had called about four hours before, saying he would be home in about 10 to 15 minutes but that he had not yet returned home. The woman later called back to say her son had been out milking cows with a friend. 

September 19th Town of Dexter
A woman called the sheriff’s department and reported receiving a "scary" scam call. The call came from New York. Deputies told the woman they would NOT be going to New York to knock on that person’s door and tell them to stop.

September 18th City of Menomonee Falls
The owner of Thomas Orthodontics called police to report an unknown subject had illegally left food scraps on his property at. The caller told police he was having ongoing issues with this problem since Aug. 20, 2012, and during the latest incident an entire crock pot with chicken soup remnants was left at the front door of his business. This was the fourth documented complaint of a similar nature since 2012.

September 29th Town of Hubbard
A woman called the sheriff’s department to report seeing what she believed to be an alligator running in a corn field.

September 24th City of Beaver Dam
A called notified police of seeing a man swearing and singing to himself and then went into a house. Police contacted the man and found everything was okay.

September 22nd  City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police to report the smell of charcoal and lighter fluid. A responding officer discovered that the smell was from her neighbors were barbecuing .

September 25th City of Manitowoc
Police arrested a 44-year-old man on Mirro Drive after two people called to complain that he was walking around outside naked, urinating in a fire pit and playing his music too loud. When officers arrived, they could see the man naked in his bedroom through an open window. He put on his shorts, came outside and denied being outside in the nude. He told police he had been drinking bourbon.

September 23rd City of Waukesha
Police were called about a suspicious person. The caller said the man was laying down next to their car with a plastic bag and a large butcher knife. Police found the man who had fake knives for Halloween and said he had just laid down next to the car because he wanted to rest. 

September 21st City of Portage
Police were called to the scene of a disturbance at the Spinning Wheels Skate Center roller rink. A 34-year old woman was ordered to appear in court on a charge of battery to a child after police said she intentionally stuck out her arm and clothes-lined a an 11-year-old boy causing him to fall and bite his lip.

September 23rd Town of Lebanon
A woman called the sheriff’s department to report a theft. She told a deputy someone stole green beans from her freezer.

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sep 6th 2013

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…Mark Utsby, the former technology coordinator for the Random Lake School District who yesterday was charged with felony theft for allegedly stealing iPads and other tablet computers from the district. And when I say iPads and other tablet computers, I mean over FIVE HUNDRED iPads and other tablet computers…valued at about $180,000.

District officials reportedly told investigators that Utsby abruptly had “resigned last week and that they were aware he’d been having money troubles in recent months, while staff members had voiced concerns about him acting ‘weird.’”


For allegedly taking 300 tablets from the school district when even Moses only took two down from the mountain.

For reportedly stealing iPads which could get him locked up in a place where he’ll be the Apple of some bigger inmate’s eye for several year.

And for actions that even other Sheboygan County residents thought was weird which is like being a Kardashian and doing something that makes your sisters think you’re the slutty one.

We are proud to name Mark Utsby who allegedly stole over 500 tablet computers from the Random Lake School District as this week’s Rick and Len Show…WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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sep 3rd 2013

August 3rd City of Menasha
An officer responded to a report of a heated verbal argument between and man and wife that started because her brother made an offensive comment about Bears fans in front of his children. The wife told the officer they are “having trouble adjusting after moving here from Chicago five days ago”.

August 28th City of Shawano
Police and an ambulance were dispatched to a home of South Lincoln Street where a woman was struck with a broomstick while trying to break up a fight between her two sons. The son were reportedly fighting over the possession of 3 cigarettes.

August 17th City of Menasha
An officer responded a Ninth Street resident who called to report birds making excessive noise.

August 31st City of Marshfield
A resident called police to report the suspicious behavior of an unknown male. The caller reported the man would frequently bring items to her residence while occasionally wearing a fake beard and wig.

August 24th City of Beaver Dam
A caller reported a man on the front porch of a property kicking a bicycle chained to a porch. The caller asked the man what he was doing and he told him to “never mind” and then left in his vehicle. Police made contact with the man and he denied being at the residence.   

August 4th City of Menasha
A resident called police to report a group of three children were on his property, one of whom pooped on his porch.

August 24th City of Marshfield
A caller reported a 54-year-old neighbor was shouting inside his home and seemed to be arguing with someone. The man locked the door and refused to speak to officers who arrived on the scene. He was arrested when he attempted to exit the home but resisted and attempted to break free from the arresting officers. Police were not able to locate anyone else inside the home and it is believed he may have been arguing with himself.

August 28th Town of Beaver Dam
A woman called police to report a couple she did not know came to her door looking for cigarettes. When a deputy located the couple, they explained that they had gotten lost walking from the hospital, were in need of cigarettes and just thought they could locate some in the trailer park where the caller live.

July 26th City of Menasha
A 71-year-old Menasha woman called 911 more than 150 times since April. The woman reportedly called 911 regularly — sometimes several times a day — and hung up the phone when a dispatcher answered. When Menasha police called back to make sure everything was all right, the woman would deny having placed a call.

August 22nd City of Franklin
A resident called police to report that a maroon van with Voodoo dolls in it and dirty underwear hanging in the back was driving around the parking lot at gas station. Police found the van in a nearby parking lot and questioned the driver, who explained she was looking at the business because she was possibly buying it. She had no explanation for her Voodoo dolls and dirty underwear.   

August 25th Town of Beaver Dam
A resident called police to report finding an unknown woman cleaning the caller's vehicle. The woman was reportedly intoxicated and believed the vehicle she was cleaning was her own.

August 25th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A resident called police to report a man would not leave his residence despite being asked to do so. The man told a responding officer he couldn’t leave the residence because he had a headache.  

August 24th Town of Theresa
A man called police to report that sometime during the night… someone painted his mailbox.

July 28th City of Waupun
Police responded to a report of a man and woman having sex on the corner of East Main and Mill Streets. The responding officer observed a man and woman pressed up against a building. The woman swore at the officer and laughed while trying to put her clothes back on. The man, who was pantsless, with his genitals exposed, refused to identify himself and told the officer he was invoking his fourth, fifth and six amendment rights.

August 21st City of Oak Creek
A 44-year-old man was arrested after a witness reported that he was walking around naked near the tree line. Responding officers found the man was not naked. He just looked naked because he was only wearing a light pink thong.  
August 25th City of Wisconsin Rapids
An anonymous caller reported a vehicle traveling through the city that had children sitting on the floor because they were wearing wet swimming suits. 

August 25th City of Waukesha
Police were dispatched to a report of three men jumping on top of a Maserati in a car dealership lot. When police arrived they found the men who said they were up-and-coming rap artists filming a video for their latest rap song.

August 27th Town of Seneca
Police received a phone call from a man who said he accidentally stabbed himself in the leg AND set himself on fire. The call was discovered to be unfounded. 

August 21st City of Waukesha
A woman called police to report there were animals in her house and she would like a net put over them. The woman said there was one small animal by her washer and another one sitting on her purse. An officer checked the woman’s home and assured her there were no animals in the house.

August 23rd City of Greenfield
Police responded to a report of an argument between a man and a woman. The two told police they got into an argument over their children throwing sand at each other.
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aug 23rd 2013

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Weenie of the Week…whomever stole the defibrillator from the Fugleberg boat launch in Oshkosh. It was one of 24 automated external defibrillator purchased through a community fund raising drive and one of 10 placed around town to save the lives of persons in cardiac arrest.  


For both stealing a life saving device and proving some people’s lives don’t deserved to be saved.

For not behaving like decent human beings…which might be a bigger shock than you could get from the defibrillator.

And for stealing something for which they certainly have no use since they clearly have no heart…which would be

Like Larry Flynt stealing dancing shoes.

Like Barbara Walters stealing tampons.

Like Justin Bieber stealing a belt hanger.

Like Bradley Manning stealing a suitcase…and men’s clothing.

Like Jay Cutler stealing a jockstrap.

Like the Duggar family stealing birth control.

Like the Vikings stealing trophy polish.

Like the Duck Dynasty guys stealing aftershave.

We are proud to name whomever stole the defibrillator from the Fugleberg boat launch in Oshkosh as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week.
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aug 21st 2013


10. “My dog ate my activation button.” 

9. “The storm was at 12:30 in the morning and I was afraid those noisy sirens might wake someone”.

8. “Didn’t realize managing response to emergencies was responsibility of Director of Emergency Management.”

7. “I did activate the sirens, but being exposed to all that loud music during Mile of Music left most county residents too deaf to hear them. Oh wait, the storm was before Mile of Music. Oops. Never mind.” 

6. “Was watching a rerun of my favorite episode of Nancy Grace, the one where she was upset about something and didn’t hear the storm approaching.” 

5. “The storm did not occur during regular business hours and Outagamie County had not authorized overtime.”

4. “Pushed the wrong button repeatedly. Turned out I wasn’t activating the sirens, I was just playing with myself.” 

3. “Activation button not easy to find when you have your head up your ass”.

2. “I’m a big Packer fan and figured if I really dropped the ball people would think I’m Jermichael Finley”.

1. “I was in my basement for my safety because, in case you hadn’t heard, there was a big storm coming.”
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aug 20th 2013

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenies of the Week… The Manitowoc Department of Human Service who (as best as I can tell from the Herald Times article) are the ones who attach the ankle monitor bracelets to juveniles in secure home detention. They are so chosen as Weenies of the Week after a 16-year Manitowoc boy allegedly burglarized a neighbor’s home on Saturday taking an iPad while he was wearing an ankle monitor bracelet.

The monitor bracelet didn’t register anything as suspicious since they had apparently set it to allow the boy to roam 150 feet around the residence. The neighbor’s home was only about 30 feet away giving him about 120 feet of leeway. After the incident, a worker reset the monitor bracelet, so the boy could only roam 75 feet…which, by my calculations, means he would still have about 45 feet of leeway if he wanted the break into the neighbor’s again. (That ought to hold ‘em!)

Of course, there is no way the Manitowoc Department of Human Service could have known the boy might be trouble other than the fact that police records show that since 2005, there have been... 216 police calls involving the same juvenile!!!


For giving the kid enough rope to hang THEMSELVES.

For being as clueless as a cold case file.

And for having a harder time seeing this coming than Stevie Wonder with a bag over his head despite it being as predictable as an episode of Murder She Wrote.

We are proud to name the Manitowoc Department of Human Service as this week's Rick and Len Show…Weenies of the Week!
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aug 19th 2013

August 12th City of Portage
Police cited a man who made in abrupt U-turn to yell and swear at a driver  who stopped to allow a turtle to cross the road.

July 24th City of Chilton
A girl wanted to speak to an officer because her friend threw a rock at a duckling. It is unclear as to whether or not the rock struck the duck.

August 11th City of Marshfield
A 19-year-old man was cited for disorderly conduct after he upset two women by dancing under a parking lot light while wearing thong underwear with small American flags attached to the front and back. The man admitted to police that his actions were inappropriate.

August 13th Village of Stratford
Police responded to a report of a 45-year-old man who loosely wrapped his dog in blue packing tape. The man initially told police he let his dog out of this fenced backyard and someone took it. He said he searched for the dog and when he found it, it was wrapped in the blue packing tape. The man eventually admitted that he actually wrapped the dog in blue packing tape himself. The dog was not injured in the incident. The man blamed his actions on "personal issues".

August 7th City of Waukesha
A dispatcher received an open 911 call and heard “a lot of yelling and laughing but also hearing someone say something about getting a knife and another say he would get his gun.” When police arrived at the house, they found a man who accidentally dialed 911 on cell phone while he and others were playing video games.

August 8th City of Waukesha
A caller reported seeing a man walking back and forth between Subway and George Webb’s yelling at people through the windows. When police found the man, he said he was just “thinking out loud.” George Webb staff said the man was in a bad mood, but had not caused any problems.

August 8th City of Waukesha
A caller told police that they found a note in their mailbox that said, “Sorry for stealing from you. I love you and you’re amazing” along with $30 cash. The caller was advised to check if anything had been stolen and to call back. Police also advised them to check if the $30 is counterfeit.

August 12 City of Beaver Dam
Police responded to a report of a man dressed in women's clothing taking pictures of himself in the lingerie section of ShopKo.
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aug 10th 2013
An almost perfect Sturgis bike rally day, WAPL style. It started with a plan to ride the Spearfish Canyon.That meant first finding Nemo. Nemo, South Dakota. No problem there but the left turn from Nemo Road to Nemo Road got missed. That's not a typo. That meant we lost Nemo already. I can't dial in my usually automatic compass after fully one billion sharp turns. The photo here is the stop we made to make sure we were onto Nemo's trail again. So on to Deadwood, another missed turn and backtrack in Lead and we found it It was such an invigorating ride up the gorgeous Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway. Cruising at slow speed alongside babbling brooks within canyon walls geologically older than the Grand recharges a guy.

Rolled into Sturgis with an idea...put the broadcast unit in my backpack with microphone and headphone wires coming out of it (don't try this in an airport) so I could be on the air from anywhere, even while moving. It worked like a charm.

I chatted up the owner of the famous Knuckles saloon whose wife is from Stevens Point. This is the bar which puts up a boxing ring and invites bikers to fight each other. He told me that they don't let drunk people into the ring but wouldn't you sort of have to be?

I also had a bouncer and pretty waitress on the air. And some cops. All while the sound of thousands of bikes provided a fitting soundtrack.

After the show we found a bench on a corner of Main Street and sat there for an hour watching the freak show and admiring the stunning motorcycles going by in an endless procession. You have to take time to smell the roses. And Harley exhaust.

We had to hang tight for awhile because of heavy storms in the area but we managed to avoid the worst of it. That's been my good luck on the entire trip. Thank you, biker gods.

No work on tap for day four except to post some insightful words and inspiring pictures later. Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Memorial, Needles Highway, Sylvan Lake and Custer State Park are all on the route we have planned. Stay tuned. 

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aug 9th 2013
Joined Rick and Ross for an underwear-clad appearance on the radio followed by a marginal free flophouse breakfast which included a European lady, German maybe, who was just dominating the toaster area. Have to when surrounded by folks who, while as good and kind as anyone, are all wearing black shirts splashed with colorful words and pictures and all expressing the same thing. But everyone here IS sharing the same thing. Sturgis.

The communal and almost opiate nature of maybe 400,000 people connected by love of motorcycling and the instruments by which it is practiced must be a powerful glue because I interacted with nothing but friendly, engaging and pretty damned interesting people.

That so relatively few arrests and crimes (other`than those sort of things which might be criminal in most other instances but aren't when here) is a testament to hope that humans can coexist even when thrust together in the sometimes trying circumstance that crowds of this size present. Sort of like hippies, really. Only with bikes, not vans. But the twain do mix at Bike Week...and pretty well.
Okay, enough philosophical waxing for cripe's sake.

Had`a spectacular ride to Deadwood in the morning cool of slightly higher elevation. Short sleeves were enough. A chicken fried steak lunch (GRAVY!) served by an instantly joyous waitress with brown eyes as big around as the cholesterol number I was attaining instantly.

Out of Deadwood at a leisurely pace to Sturgis and the Full Throttle Saloon. Instant familiarity after three full days there last year. I told the office security woman who I was without saying, "Don't you know who I am?" and she radioed Jesse from Jackyl. In about two seconds she said go through the backstage gate. I did and got a warm welcome from Jesse. He said go ahead and set up in the Puh Pow Saloon. Yeah. Puh Pow!

Told tales with John and Elwood (I'll join them again Friday from 3 to 5). Saw incredible things which defy explanation.  Pictures sometimes say more than words and these certainly leave me without many words which would help.

So I guess I look nervous in pictures with pretty and outgoing girls.I get it. But don't mind the dork...enjoy the pretty girls. And the weird ones.
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aug 9th 2013

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…Green Bay Packer Jermichael Finley who started throwing wild roundhouse punches at teammates during practice in training camp this week. Fortunately, he failed to make contact, but still…not wise!


For throwing punches and risking injury to the hands he needs to not catch passes with.

For trying to punch a teammate but having that opportunity, not surprisingly, slip right through his fingers.

And for learning that it’s a lot harder to drop an opponent with one hand than it is to drop a ball with two.

We are proud to name Packer Jermichael Finley as this week’s Rick and Len Show…WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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aug 8th 2013
Because I got delayed by storms in Minnesota, some of them similar to the ones back home, it was a 17-hour trip here. I arrived too late to get to Sturgis in time for the Afternoon Road Show so I set up in my Rapid City hotel room and did the show from there.

My brother and I then got on the bikes and headed to action central. We rode through Vanocker Canyon to Sturgis and it was very cool. All hills and curves.

We met up with my cousin Kevin who is working here with Victory and Indian motorcycles. We had dinner with Kev at One Eyed Jacks.

We then wandered Main Street and took in the sights and, unfortunately, the smells of the 73rd Annual Bike Rally. There is excellent freak watching here. Who hauls a bike trailer full of wiener dogs to Sturgis? Then back to Rapidin this yea City for some much needed lie down prone time.

Day two will bring a morning ride, perhaps to Sylvan Lake and then into Sturgis to seek out Jesse James DuPree from Jackyl. He feigned real excitement at Rock USA when he learned that I was going to be here again this year. He's in residence at the Full Throttle Saloon as usual. We might catch the Jackyl show there Thursday night...or maybe Skynyrd elsewhere.

Then again, I might need more fish and, um, chips!
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aug 5th 2013

July 19th City of Neenah
Police responded to a report of a disturbance on Winneconne Avenue. When they arrived, a man would not allow officers to enter the home. An officer finally kicked in the door and discovered...two teenage girls arguing about a cell phone.

July 26th City of Wisconsin Rapids
Police responded to a report of a bag of vomit and needles. (Vomit and Needles – bad name for a band. Worse name for an entrée.)

July 26th City of Wausau
Police officers armed with assault rifles responded to a report of a man being held hostage. The man had sent a text to his mother asking her to wire some money because he was being held with a gun to his head. Police cordoned off the neighborhood for more than an hour before learning there was no gun and no hostage. Just a guy trying to trick his mother into giving him some money.

July 27th City of Marshfield
Officers responded to a report of a fight in progress. A 47-year-old woman reportedly became agitated and attacked a 38-year-old man. The woman was transported to the hospital after accidentally punching herself in the face.

July 19th City of Menasha
Police responded to a drug complaint. The man who called police told him that he had tried to buy marijuana from another person but the person failed to give him the marijuana he purchased.

July 30th Village of Port Edwards
A woman called the sheriff's department to report her teenage son threw a chair in the oven.

July 30th Town of Saratoga
A man walking in the woods called authorities to report encountering a cow named... Trixie.

July 29th City of Wisconsin Rapids
Officers who responded to a hold up alarm at an area restaurant, found an employee who had gotten stuck in the freezer and pulled the alarm to have someone come get him out.

July 26th City of Waukesha
A man called police to report strange and frightening noises outside his apartment. The culprit was identified as a bullfrog.

July 30th City of Waukesha
Police investigated a report of a man making employees at a Mobile station feel uncomfortable. Employees called police to say the man kept staring in the store and making Star Wars references by asking employees to join him on the “dark side.”

July 30th City of Waukesha
An officer reported disorderly conduct by the owner of a bicycle shop after he observed the man making rude gestures out the windows of his business at the passing officer. According to the officer, he was patrolling downtown and saw the bicycle shop owner, “jumping up and down in the front window of his store making obscene gestures and screaming obscenities.” The officer said the man would not exit his store to speak with him about what had angered him.

August 1st Town of Grand Rapids (Wood County)
A woman called police to report she believed her son might be drinking while playing mini golf.

July 27th City of Waukesha
A man called police asking them to remove his girlfriend from his residence because, “she is driving him crazy with gossip.”

July 27th City of Waukesha
An employee at the Academy Hair Salon called police to report a disorderly woman who became angry and started yelling and cursing and refused to leave because stylists were unable to dye her hair the color she requested.
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