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feb 10th

January 29th City of Neenah
Police were called to a Green Street residence where they cited a 19-year-old man with property damage and disorderly conduct after he allegedly hit another man with a vacuum cleaner.

February 2nd City of Hales Corners
A man called police to ask an officer to respond to Confucius Restaurant because they put his sauce upside-down in his to-go bag and sauce spilled all over his car. The man was upset because the manager refused to do anything about it when he complained, so he wanted police to go to the restaurant first "before the cops are called on him." The caller was advised it was a civil matter and did not warrant police intervention.

February 1st City of Marshfield
A 24-year-old man was cited for second offense drunken driving after he was found sleeping in his vehicle in the Taco Bell drive-thru. The vehicle was running and in drive when police found the man. It is not clear whether or not the man received his Taco Bell order before being taken to the police station for a blood draw.

February 6th City of Shawano
Police responded to a report of an alleged domestic dispute at a residence on East Lieg Avenue. A woman at the residence told police her husband had thrown a soda at the wall, tossed a rabbit cage and bent her wallet.

February 5th City of Shawano
A 911 call that is believed to be a pocket dial was received. According to the police record, the 911 dispatcher heard a man talking to someone named Scotty and belching very loudly.

February 2nd City of Portage
A man called 911 and told police he had outstanding warrants and wanted to be taken to jail. When police arrived, the man gave them a false name. Per his wishes, he was taken to jail on the warrants and also on a charge of obstructing an officer for lying about his name.

February 3rd City of Waupun
A woman at Our Bar on East Main Street called police to report concrete was poured down the toilet and she knows who did it.

February 1st City of Beaver Dam
A man told police a group of woman approached him at Wall-Mart and one of the woman used her phone as a “kiss cam.”

February 1st City of Beaver Dam
A resident called police because a man on East Main Street was yelling at another man to leave. When police arrived, a 35-year-old man said he was invited over to the other man’s house. The man at the residence said the other man was NOT invited over to his house.

January 29th Town of Jackson
A man called police to complain that his 28-year-old stepson was intoxicated, disorderly, and refusing to sleep in the basement. The officers found the son sleeping on the couch in the main level. The man complained that he had swine flu because of how cold it is in the basement. Much of what the man said didn’t make sense because of his intoxication but he INSISTED that the responding officer check out the basement for himself so he could see just how cold it was. The officer went down to the basement where he found the man's marijuana stash and paraphernalia in plain view, earning the man two citations.

January 25th City of Waukesha
Police responded to a disturbance where neighbors were arguing about where a snow plow driver was moving snow. One resident said the plow driver tried to run his wife over. The caller later admitted he was upset the plow was pushing snow to his side of the street so his wife stood in front of the plow as it was trying to clean a driveway. The residents were advised on their behavior and told to let the snowplow driver do his job.

February 3rd City of Waukesha
A man at Price Point Inn called police because he believes someone was in his room. The man told police he found a clump of hair. Police, could not find any signs of forced entry but reported that the floor was "filthy."

January 28th City of Brookfield
Two women were arrested at Party City after one woman reportedly distracted employees while the other concealed items. When police arrived, they found the women, ages 21 and 25, attempting to leave the store with a variety of Justin Bieber merchandise.

February 2nd City of Brookfield
Police were called to the Factory Card Outlet where two 24 year old woman were caught in the act of attempting to steal $66 of cups, plates, napkins, balloons, bags and invitations all bearing the likeness of Justin Bieber that they told officers they wanted to use for a Super Bowl party.

January 27th City of Brookfield
A man called police to report that the neighbors below him were pounding on their ceiling. Police contacted the neighbors, who said they were just trying to tell him to "shut up" because he was talking on the phone so loudly they couldn't hear their television.

January 26th city of Cudahy
A 53-year-old woman was cited for disorderly conduct. The woman reportedly confronted her 26-year-old son and his girlfriend. According to the woman's husband "there was some tension about hockey tickets and who was going to use them." The son accused his mother of pushing his girlfriend. The mother denied pushing her, but "stated she did push her son just to show him how she would push someone."
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feb 7th

Image: Wikipedia Commons

We are proud to name as this week's Rick and Len Show Weenies of the Week...heroin users. Yes, heroin users.
Now, while we realize that drug addiction is a disease and isn't an easy thing to people are doing more and more heroin. Heroin!

From 2000 to 2007, our state averaged 29 overdose deaths related to heroin use.
in 2012, we had 93...and last year, there were 199 deaths from heroin in Wisconsin. 199 of our people OD'ed on horse, junk, black tar, smack.

Whatever you call it, that is just plain stupid.

So, for ignoring the heroin lessons our nation learned through the 60's and 70's, when drug-related crimes skyrocketed, children had to play in needle littered parks and entire neighborhoods ended up as mere shells of know, kind of like what Detroit looks like now.

For thinking that it's a good idea to use heroin to catch a buzz...when these days you can get your hands on all kinds of high grade and realtively harmless marijuana...all for the price of a bus ticket to Colorado..

And for apparently never watching TV, listening to a radio or reading news on the internet because they're so busy jamming needles in their arms that they missed the news about all the celebrity ODs...and for never watching that scene in that olne movie which shows what happens when you do too much get recklessly driven to an apartment where the guy who played the deformed kid in Mask has to ram an adreleline shot right through your breastplate.

I mean, really, people? Heroin? Let me put it to you this way...Philip Seymour C'mon, man!

We are, truth be told, not so proud to name area heroin users as this week's Rick and Len Show Weenies of the Week.
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feb 7th
Healthy feet

January 25th - Lake Oswego, Oregon
A woman called police because she became suspicious when she discovered a wet footprint on her front porch. Upon investigation by police, they discovered that the footprint was her own.

February 4th - Miramar, Florida
A charter school went on lockdown and a main road and adjoining side streets were blocked for over two hours after suspicious items discovered in the street in front of the school. Police eventually determined that the suspicious items were several decorative pillows.

January 30th - East Greenwich, Pennsylvania
Authorities are searching for a man who tried to rob a Hallmark store.  According to  police,  the suspect presented the store's cashier with a Hallmark birthday card in which he had written his own lovely sentiment. Written inside of it were these words..."Give me all the money or I will kill you." Unfortunately for the criminal wordsmith, the store cashier was unimpressed - that person called another employee over, and the suspect ran off without any money.

January 25th - Dutch Harbor, Alaska
A man called police and reported his television remote had been stolen the previous day. An officer responded to the victim’s residence and quickly located a remote in the house, but the victim advised the officer that the remote he found was his back-up remote and his primary remote which had clearly been stolen since he was unable to find it. According to police, the matter is not under investigation.

January 16th - Strongsville, Ohio
Police were called to Chase Bank after a woman demanded $10,000 and threatened to put a curse on the employees if they did not give her the money. The woman, who was a former customer, said the curse involved both a stomach illness and "constant diarrhea." When police arrived, the woman was gone. However, when she returned the following day, for the $10,000 or to enact her curse, the woman was arrested by police. No word on whether her stomach flu spell worked.

January 1st - Jensen Beach, Florida
A 30-year-old man was arrested October 1 in the drive-thru of the Taco Bell. Deputies arrived to find him either passed out or sleeping — and smelling of booze — with his foot on the truck’s gas pedal. According to police, when they asked the man for his I.D., he handed the officers a taco.
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feb 3rd
January 29th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A man called police and reported he bought cigarettes and gas from a service station, and the attendant was mean to him.

January 25th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police and reported her boyfriend bit her and stole her cigarettes.

January 26th Town of Menasha
A 28-year-old man on West Wilson Avenue man was cited for loud music after neighbors called police. The man told officers he was “livin’ it up” because he did not have his child. He was upset the neighbors called police and said that he was the scapegoat for other issues. The man became agitated with officers, swore and crumpled up the ticket and threw it on the floor.

January 25th City of Greenfield
A man called police from the Aldi parking lot to report he had blocked in a driver after she almost struck him while she was talking on her cellphone. The woman in the car also called police to report a man was standing outside her car door and screaming at her.

January 20th City of Waukesha
A woman called 911 to report her boyfriend was "bugging her". A responding officer found the "bugging" that led to the emergency call was the result of the two having a disagreement about what to watch on television.

January 10th Town of Brookfield
A representative from a business that sells custom made clothing for clergymen called police to report that a man who bought four priest's cassocks and bishop's cape paid for the vestments with a stolen credit card.

January 20th City of Greenfield
A male suspect entered Subway, implied he had a weapon in his pocket and attempted to rob the business. The suspect, who was wearing a dark hoodie, blue surgical mask and some type of bandana over his eyes, took a black vegetable container before fleeing the business.
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jan 24th

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…the alleged drunk driver who reportedly struck a 56-year-old Manitowoc cyclist Monday and continued driving home with his victim stuck in the windshield of his car, eventually parking the car in his garage with the dude still stuck in the windshield.


For being harder to stop than Colin Kaepernick facing the Packer defense.

For allegedly hitting the guy so hard, the victim is just lucky that the last thing to go through his head wasn’t his butthole.

For reportedly continuing to drive despite having a view more obstructed than a theatergoer sitting behind Tom Milbourn.

We are proud to name the alleged drunk driver who continued to drive home with the cyclist he just hit stuck in his windshield as this week’s Rick and Len Show…WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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jan 21st
The Jets Kellen Winslow Jr. was arrested in November for possession of synthetic marijuana. Now it comes out that has allegedly masturbating in his automobile in a Target parking lot at the time. Winslow explained yesterday that he wasn't masturbating, just changing his clothes...with two empty jars of Vaseline in the front console. Riiiiight!


10. Roughing the li’l passer.

9. Committing illegal use of hands.

8. Beating his opponent off the line.

7. Committing a personal foul.

6. Doing a pump fake.

5. Muffing his own punt.

4. Pounding it right up the middle

3. Engaging in illegal motion downfield.

2. Running a short AND curly route.

1. Getting the ball off just in time.
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jan 20th

January 11th City of Beaver Dam
Police responded to a call from the employee of the Community Library reporting a 51-year-old man was bathing in the restroom. The responding officer spoke to the man who explained he was just cleaning up after pooping his pants.

January 13th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A resident called police to report someone with a loud radio was smoking “weed” and “hacking up a lung”.

January 16th Town of Grand Rapids
Police responded to a report of a man standing in a driveway and yelling at a house.

January 10th City of Waukesha
A woman called 911 to complain to police that she is “tired of being controlled by Tom Cruise and Will Smith".

January 10th City of Waukesha
A concerned father called police to report his ex-wife was “putting an Irish/Native American curse on his daughter.”

January 7th City of Waukesha
A man was arrested after running through an apartment building, kicking doors and screaming. According to callers, the man was screaming, “I have weapons, I have ammo.” Another caller said the man was yelling that he was going to use the ammo and weapons to protect everybody from the blizzard conditions.

December 20th Town of Jackson in Wood County
Police received a call from people concerned about a 23-year-old man who was talking to a snowman an oranges.

January 16th Town of Beaver Dam
Police were called to check on a 31-year-old man who drank a large quantity of whiskey and threw himself into a snowbank.
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jan 17th

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Weenie of the Week… Sheboygan Falls School District Administrator Jean Born who suspended two brother’s from the basketball team for their big game against rival Plymouth because when posing for a picture for the Sheboygan Falls News, one pointed with his index fingers while the other held up three fingers like so many NBA players do when they make a three-pointer. (see above)

Born suspended them because she and some parents think those were gang signs. The boys only posed that way after the Sheboygan Falls News photographer told them to act goofy. Responding to criticism that Born probably wouldn’t have taken the gestures for gang signs if the students were…I don’t know…white, Superintendent Born stated “This decision that was made here for these students has absolutely nothing, nothing to do with their race.”


For apparently not knowing a gang sign from a gangbang.

For being about as knowledgeable about gang signs as Stevie Wonder is about photography.

For claiming the suspensions had nothing to do with race which couldn’t have made me laugh more than if she had made the statement dressed in red fright wig and home of the Whopper undershorts.

And for not just being thankful that a “scandal” involving her students and a photo at least had nothing to do with Brett Favre’s penis.

We are proud to name Sheboygan Falls School Superintendent Jean Born as this week’s Rick and Len….Weenie of the Week!
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jan 15th

Bank First is putting a new office in the old Paradise Club location...with that in mind, here's some....


If there are chest high smudge marks on the window at the drive-thru…your bank may have been a strip club.

If you have to make your mortgage payment by stuffing singles in the bank manager’s thong…your bank may have been a strip club. 

If your teller is named Destiny and she keeps referring to the vault as “the champagne room” …your bank may have been a strip club.

If the loan officer arranging your loan to buy a Mercedes is herself actually named Mercedes…your bank may have been a strip club.

If they refer to five dollar bills as a ”fin” not because they’re using outdated slang but they all smell like fish…your bank may have been a strip club.

If after cashing your paycheck, the teller gyrates on your lap until you’ve given most of it back…your bank may have been a strip club.

If they have a pole vault…but it’s not the Olympics…your bank may have been a strip club.

If on all the $20 bills they dispense, Andrew Jackson has a boner…your bank was definitely a strip club.
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jan 10th

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…the Lac du Flambeau woman who, when her 2007 Dodge Caravan wouldn’t start in minus-23 temperatures Tuesday morning, shoved a big mound of hot coals under the van hoping to warm up the engine chamber, predictably setting the vehicle on fire.


For having almost as many briquettes under her car as she apparently has rocks in her head.

For not realizing that just because she’s living in Lac du Flambeau does not mean it’s a good idea to make a Van du Flambé.

And for apparently not understanding that while tailgating frequently includes grilling it should not involve actually grilling your tailgate.

We are proud to name  Lac du Flambeau woman who accidentally set her vehicle on fire by putting a big mound of hot coals under it in an attempt to warm up the engine chamber as this week’s Rick and Len Show…WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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jan 6th

49er's lineman Anthony Davis Tweeted Saturday calling Appleton, where he and his teammates were staying, a "sh*thole". He doesn't explain how he came to that conclusion. Here's some possible reasons...


10. Was disgusted by living conditions in the primate house of the downtown Appleton zoo, not realizing he was actually looking in the window of the NBC 26 valley bureau.

9. No matter how many quarters he stuck in those thin four foot tall slot machines that are about a car length apart on the curb all along College Avenue, they never once paid off.

8. Despite her solid performances in the Hunger Games movies, can’t believe we named a whole university after Jennifer Lawrence.

7. Visited both Houdini Plaza and the Houdini Museum and never found out who or where Dini is.  

6. What kind of city has a crappy downtown that has only one retail store dedicated exclusively to Caged Mixed Martial Arts clothing and fight gear?
5. Only chalk markings downtown are on sandwich boards listing restaurant specials and not on the street marking where dead bodies were found like back in New Jersey where he’s from.

4. Grand Chute hotel whores won’t take a debit card from an out of state bank.

3. Despite seeing a building that clearly said Trout Museum, it didn’t have so much as one stuffed and mounted fish in its entire collection.

2. Despite seeing a building that clearly said Children’s Museum, it didn’t have so much as one stuffed and mounted CHILD in its entire collection.

1. Believes city puts mental health patients to work instead of caring for them after accidentally tuning into Saturday morning edition of Best of Rick and Len.
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jan 3rd

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenies of the Week…The NFL who with temperatures expected to be below zero and wind chills WAY BELOW ZERO… still insist on a sell out or they’ll black out the game.

In any other circumstances, people would be told to stay inside for their own protection. You’ll hear meteorologists saying it until they’re blue in the face for the next few days. “DON’T GO OUTSIDE UNLESS YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO”. But the NFL requires 80,000 people to do so or they won’t let their game be broadcast here. However, because football fans are supposed to be macho and we, as Wisconsinites, are supposed to be hale and hardy and impervious to cold weather, nobody seems to point out how IRRESPONSIBLE it is for the NFL to keep pushing ticket sales and threatening blackout despite the danger of attending the game.


For being about as responsible as Lindsey Lohan driving home from an open bar.

For wanting people to pay money to sit outside when it’s colder than the reception Jay Cutler would get at the Packer Hall of fame.

For not knowing frostbite if it bit them on the ass....

We are proud to name the NFL as this week’s Rick and Len Show…WEENIES OF THE WEEK!
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dec 20th 2013

Went to Anchorman 2 yesterday. Was kind of disappointed. Didn't love it. When I first saw the orginal, I found it amusing and it became even funnier upon additional viewings. However, most of this one I found only sporadically funny except for the last 10 minutes or so which upped the ante on my favoirte scene from the orginal movie. The most disappointing thing about this one was Brick, the dim-witted weatherman played by Steve Carrell. He was my one of my favorite parts of the first movie and this time I found him mainly annoying. Instead of funny lines, they just had him making irritating sounds. Was it just me? Let me know if you disagree. -Rick-
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dec 13th 2013

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenies of the Week… Ryan Walloch  and Stephen Schnabel of Sheboygan who were both cited for OWI late last Thursday night after one of the drivers rear-ended the other, who was stopped at the blinking red light and both were found to be intoxicated. Or should I say….We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenies of the Week… OFFICER Ryan Walloch  and OFFICER Stephen Schnabel of the Sheboygan police department who were both cited for OWI late last Thursday night after one of the two off duty police officers rear-ended the other, who was stopped at the blinking red light and both were found to be intoxicated. According to the arrest log, Walloch’s preliminary blood alcohol content was 0.10 and Schnabel’s was an impressive 0.23.

For being members of the Sheboygan police department…but acting more like they’re the Sheboygan mayor.

For slamming into each other so hard they damn near knocked the donuts out of each other’s mouths.

And for one cop allegedly rear-ending another which is verboten on the streets of Sheboygan and yet, oddly, encouraged backstage after Village People concerts. 

We are proud to name Sheboygan police officers Ryan Walloch  and Stephen Schnabel as this week’s Rick and Len Show…Weenies of the Week.

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dec 9th 2013

(Giant corn on cob pictured NOT the actual stolen giant cob of corn!)

December 3rd Town of Stockton
A who called the sheriff's department told deputies that a 20-foot tall corn on the cob and trailer were stolen from his residence. Thankfully, the 20-foot tall corn on the cob and trailer later were recovered.

November 29th City of Oak Creek
A resident of an apartment complex called police to report there was the smell of "burning flesh" coming from somewhere in her building. An officer dispatched to the building and reported that he detected the smells of fresh baked bread, taco seasoning, pumpkin pie, ham seasoned with brown sugar and cloves, several Asian spices and various candle scents. However, the officer did not detect any smell of burning flesh.

November 19th Town of Menasha
Officers were sent to a residence on Bel Air Court after receiving five 911 calls from an intoxicated female who wanted to report that her son had taken the car keys, presumably because she was too drunk to drive. The dispatchers told the 52-year-old woman she should call the non-emergency number in the future. After she made several more 911 calls after that, the woman was cited for disorder conduct.

November 27th City of Fond du Lac
An officer was following a vehicle near the intersection of Hickory and Arndt Streets when he noticed its loud exhaust. During a traffic stop, the officer smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle. Inside were two women with red, watery eyes and two young children. While speaking with the passenger, the officer noticed a bulge in her shirt. When the officer asked her if the bulge was hidden contraband, the woman grabbed her bra and exposed her breasts to the officer, proving the bulge was just boobs and not drugs.

December 1st City of Waukesha
Police were called to Family Dollar about a customer that had been in the store for the last four hours staring at a blank computer screen. The man told officers he was using the computer in an effort to apply for a job. He said it was taking him so long because of “spiritual issues” he is dealing with. A clerk told police the man also tried climbing up on one of the store’s coolers.

December 4th City of Shawano
A girl called 911 to report a girl on Prairie Street would not give her her blanket back. The girl told the dispatcher that her father had suggested she call 911 about the blanket. The dispatcher informed the girl that her blanket problem did not constitute an emergency.

December 3rd City of Manitowoc
Police arrested a 17-year-old high school student in connection with a series of graffiti incidents. The boy admitted to the graffiti and told police he went out on a spray-painting spree to calm himself down because was frustrated with his multiplication problems.

December 1st City of Marshfield
Officers responded to a report of a person screaming inside an apartment. When police arrived, the man residing at the address refused to open the door. Based on the circumstances of the screams, the officer forced entry into the apartment. It was determined the man was alone and was screaming at himself.

December 3rd City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police to report another woman came after her with a flag.
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dec 6th 2013

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenies of the Week… “The Friends of Scott Walker” who on Black Friday sent out a fund raising letter that encouraged people to donate money to the Governor’s reelection campaign instead of spending it on toys and electronics for the kids this Christmas. The letter read:

“Instead of electronics or toys that will undoubtedly be outdated, broken, or lost by the next Holiday Season, help give your children the gift of a Wisconsin that we can all be proud of.”

Here, here!


For potentially disappointing more children than the company that promotes giving raisins for Halloween.

For working to reelect a governor who claims to be a friend of business, but I guess that’s only if your business isn’t Toys R Us or Best Buy.

For making the Governor seem less gubernatorial and more Grinch-a-torial.  

For using the word “Holiday” making me wonder just what side the governor is on in the “War on Christmas”.

We are proud to name “The Friends of Scott Walker” as this week’s Rick and Len Show….Weenies of the Week.
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dec 6th 2013

On Black Friday, the "Friends of Scott Walker" sent out this fund raising letter encouraging people to donate to the governor's reelection campaign rather than waste money on toys and electronics for the kids this Christmas. Some people think this idea stink, stank, stunk. For those people, here's....


Every Sconnie who lived in Wisconsin liked Christmas a lot.
But the Scott who lived in Madtown…simply did not.

The Scott hated Christmas. The whole Christmas season.
Now please don’t ask why. No one quite knows the reason.

It could be that his head wasn’t screwed on quite right.
It could be, perhaps, that his shoes were too tight.

But I think that the most likely reason of all at long lost.
May have been that the Scott’s…eyes were too crossed.

You see, on Black Friday, a message was sent to the whole Sconnie nation.
Soliciting from them, a monetary donation.

Instead of buying your Sconnie children toys and what not.
This Christmas give them the gift, of four more years of Scott.

"Instead of venturing into the cold this Black Friday" it read.
"Stay in and give your children the gift that will keep giving", instead.

"Electronics or toys will be outdated, broken, or lost by the next year" was his reason.
Instead give your children the gift of a Wisconsin that we can all be proud of” this season.

Imagine little Bonnie Sconnie and her tiny bro Johnny.
Waking up on Christmas morning, expecting a present Tsunami.

And instead they are greeted by their parents with their eyes all aglow.
“No toys from Santa this year. We gave The Scott all our dough”.

In a flash the Sconnie kids dreams of games, dolls and toy cars.
Replaced with the promise of a brighter Wisconsin future…and of course the deep psychological scars.

While way back in Madtown, The Scott is counting his money like crazy.
Because the Scott is as hard working, as the Scott’s left eye is lazy.

And they say that The Scott’s election coffers grew three sizes that day.
Much to all the Sconnie children’s dismay.

Still the Sconnie children will have cause for celebration.
Cuz maybe they’ll receive a photo of The Scott as a thanks for the donation.

And from that the Sconnie children all can take heart.
They can ask Santa, next year, for a nice set of darts.

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nov 18th 2013

November 5th City of Waukesha
Police were dispatched on a report of a man and woman fighting. The caller said there were items being smashed. When police arrived they discovered the woman was screaming because there was a mouse in the house. The banging was apparently the mouse being pummeled by a broom. The mouse carcass was observed and confirmed by police.

November 3rd Town of Menasha
Police responded to a theft at a Holly Road hotel. Hotel management told police one of their guests pawned the room's television, microwave, and mini fridge.

October 27th City of Cudahy
A 25-year-old man was taken to an area hospital, after he kept telling people that he was a horse and “everyone is pretty”. The man refused to cooperate with officers and medical staff but eventually revealed he had “injected mushrooms”.

November 9th City of Portage
Officers responded to a report of a man and woman fighting and screaming. The woman allegedly threw a bottle of ranch dressing spilling its contents.

November 15th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A woman called police to report hearing screaming from a neighbor's apartment. Responding officers discovered the screening was coming from a child who was upset over a video game.

November 13th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A resident called police and reported someone stole a lawnmower from his yard. A responding officer located the the resident's yard.

November 13th City of Monona
Recycling plant workers called police to report finding what appeared to be a severed human hand in the trash. A detective examined the hand more closely, counting six fingers but no thumb. A forensic anthropologist confirmed it was a bear paw. According to a police Sargent, “When it doubt, count the fingers, or in this case, the claws.”

November 14th City of Juneau
A woman called the sheriff's department to request a deputy check on the wellbeing of a friend who had been so sick for a couple days she was unable to get off the couch. The deputy checked on the woman and found her to be in better health and arrested her for violating her parole.
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nov 15th 2013

We are proud to name as this week’s Rick and Len Show Weenie of the Week…the 31-year-old Markesan man arrested by police yesterday for allegedly making a lengthy string of fake bomb threats in Waupun and other communities in Dodge County over the past week. Targets in Waupun included businesses, the public library, the high school and hospital. Bomb threats were also sent to businesses in Fox Lake, Ripon and Beaver Dam. The man, who police say is a registered sex offender has apparently been officiating area volleyball games and a basketball games when he was not calling in bomb threats.


For faking it more times than those South American hookers with Justin Beiber.

For claiming responsibility for even more bombs than Ryan Reynolds movie career. 

And for making people more nervous than a vasectomy surgeon with a twitch.

We are proud to name the Markesan man arrested for allegedly making a slew of bomb threats as this week’s Rick and Len Show…WEENIE OF THE WEEK!
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nov 11th 2013

November 5th City of Shawano
An employee of the AmericInn Lodge and Suites called The sheriff’s department to report a large rabbit of unknown origin was hopping down the hotels second floor hallway. A responding officer took the rabbit into custody without incident. (FYI: The rabbit in the picture above may not be the actual rabbit from the AmericInn in Shawano)

November 3rd City of Pulaski
Police contacted a West Crest Drive woman to inform her that it was illegal to burn her cat pee soaked mattress in her yard. The woman had apparently been trying to do so by piling tree branches on top of the urine soaked mattress.

November 4th City of Waupun
A woman called police to report a domestic dispute in an adjoining apartment. Police arrived and found the occupants, a man and wife, arguing over what temperature to set the thermostat.

October 2nd City of Mayville
Please responded to an altercation on Bridge Street where a 46-year-old woman and her 23-year-old daughter were fighting over a dirty dish.

October 31st City of Waukesha
A resident called police after their bowl of pretzels set out for trick-or-treaters was taken. The caller said she set out a bowl of pretzels and then went inside to take a shower. When she returned the bowl was gone.

November 5th City of Wisconsin Rapids
A caller reported seeing a man with a bicycle hidden in the bushes taking dark clothing out of a shopping bag. Investigating officers discovered the man was waiting for his girlfriend, and the dark clothing was her jacket.

October 21st City of Menasha
Officers responded to a report of three children on First Street running in the road with their pants down. Upon arrival, the officer saw two boys in the road with their pants down, revealing their underwear. A third child told police he was recording a video for YouTube. The officer notified their parents and they were warned for disorderly conduct.

October 22nd City of Menasha
Police received a report of a man who was intoxicated at Jefferson Park. The man was  harassing kickball players by sticking his fishing pole through the fence. An officer found an open bottle of vodka in the water bottle holder of the man’s bicycle. He was cited for having an open intoxicant in public and asked to leave the park.

November 4th City of Wisconsin Rapids
Police received a report of a man pounding on a door on Seventh Avenue and yelling that the home’s occupants didn’t “get him high.”
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