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sep 22nd
KFC has been paying college co-eds $500 a piece to use their butts as human billboards for their Double Down sandwiches (which, ironically, have no buns). A KFC spokesman says it\'s some of their least expensive but most effective advertising.

Here\'s some other "non-traditional" ways KFC could advertise.


10. Get Mel Gibson to angrily scream about the two-piece white-meat combo during next phone call to estranged wife.

9. Give money to dying celebrities like Zsa Zsa Gabor to say that when she kicks the bucket it will be one of theirs.

8. Because their barbecued wings are artificially orange-colored hunks of meat, get them roles on Jersey Shore.

7. Get Paris Hilton hooked on their food. If questioned by police, make sure she tells them it’s not her bucket and she thought the drumstick was gum.

6. Offer choice of Extra Crispy or Original Recipe to Brett Favre. Cash in on six months of free advertising as the news media camps outside of his Mississippi home waiting for him to make a decision.

5. Send some of those Mashed Potato bowls to a couple morning radio guys who didn\'t have breakfast and they\'ll talk about nothing else until 10am.

4. Get tea party activists to claim they suspect the Variety Bucket is a secret Muslim just because it\'s half dark meat.

3. Create misleading rumor about ingredients in their pot pies by making Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg their new spokespersons.

2. Five words: Colonel Sanders celebrity sex tape.

1. Pay Calumet County D.A. Ken Kratz to start including the phrase "finger licking good" in his creepy texts to vulnerable women.