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jun 25th
We are proud to name former Wisconsin assemblyman and current state senate candidate Frank Lasee, who, according to one of our listeners, took a leak in the backyard of the home of a Chilton woman after leaving a campaign flier in her mailbox.


For apparently not understanding that just because you\'re running for senate in District 1 doesn\'t mean you’re entitled to go number 1 in any potential constituents yard.

For reportedly not understanding that just because you’re a Republican, it don’t mean you have to be a G.O.P\'er.

For apparently being full of urine when traditionally politicians are full of crap.

For apparently not realizing that you can\'t just pee anywhere you want in Chilton. I mean, it\'s not Fond du Lac for god sake.

And for allegedly peeing in yard after leaving a flier in her mailbox leaving her to thank her lucky stars it wasn\'t the other way around.

We are proud to name Frank "Leaky" Lasee as this week’s Rick and Len...WEENIE OF THE WEEK!

We are proud to name as this week\'s Rick and Len Cocktail Frank...Painter Mike Sandmire from Neumann Company in Romeoville, Illinois who, when painting the 6-foot high letters on the new water tower in Stoughton this past week, forgot the second "T" .


For being a sign painter who is bad at spelling...which is a little like being a chef who\'s bad at cooking, a carpenter who\'s bad at building or a politician who\'s bad at lying.

For at least getting 8 of the 9 letters correct which is really far more than we should expect from a FIB.

And for doing something that was idio-ic, no- smar- and frankly, s-upid, s-upid, s-upid...

We are proud to name Mike Sandmire as this week\'s Rick and Len...COCK-AIL FRANK.