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aug 15th
Thanks to all of you who donated during the Rock for Kids Radiothon for Children\'s Hospital. If you didn\'t hear the final hour on Friday afternoon, you missed a great story.

One of our phone volunteers took a call from an Appleton man somewhere over the Pacific. He was on a flight to Hawaii for vacation and found himself seated next to a man from Dallas. After exchanging unpleasantries over how much they hated each other\'s respective football teams, the Appleton man took out his laptop, and thanks to the wonders of Wi-Fi, started listening to the radiothon on-line here at WAPL.COM. Moved by some of our patient stories, both the Appleton man AND the Cowboy fan next to him called in Miracle Club donations of $20-a-month.

That would be a cool story in-and-of itself. But it doesn\'t end there. The two men then began walking up and down the aisle of the plane, collecting contributions from other passengers. They called back 10 minutes later to pledge the $257 they had collected. On top of that, they convinced another passenger to make her own call and make a $20-a-month Miracle Club donation.

The hour came to an end with one more call from 30,000 feet. Intrigued by what was going on on-board his flight, the plane\'s pilot called! He too, pledged $20-a-month.

So, I guess it just goes to show there are two types of people in the world. Those who choose to pass the time on a long flight becoming Mile High Club members and those who choose to become Miracle Club members.

Again, thanks to all of you gave. And for those of you still haven\'t done so, it\'s not too late. Donate NOW on-line by clicking here!